I’m sorry this happened. family can be cruel for no reason. It was not warranted. You deserve ur privacy. Got nothing to do but shit on their younger daughter/niece/nephew? It’s disappointing. You are worthy and loved.


I'm so sorry, its not right to make fun of somebody else's struggles. I'm sorry they're acting like children. I hope everything turns out okay though. Life will get better i promise


I'm so sorry that happened to you, that is absolutely awful. You don't deserve that shit at all! I don't know what i could say to make it any better for you, but you deserve way better than that. I really hope you can get back into your good mood, it really sucks when somebody comes along and ruins a good day like that, especially when they're the ones who should be looking out for you and taking care of you. I hope you stay safe, and remember that we care about you.