- Reputation. Dating Ariana Grande raised his status. It’s the same as when women see a guy with a beautiful girl and wonder what he has going on, on a much larger scale. It’s a snowball effect. - He’s polarizing. A lot of people think he’s annoying and ugly. A lot of people think he’s charming and hilarious. He embraces it and jokes about the negative perception - It seems has a ‘take me or leave me’ attitude and is relatively comfortable with who he is. - Has a unique look and sense of fashion. He has kind of a fuckboy/scummy look, but he pulls it off. Will probably be less endearing the older he gets. - He’s a comedian. Read an interview with Kim Kardashian about what he did before they hooked up. He did a lot of things right. He didn’t act thirsty, she said she was nervous about hosting SNL, he gave advice (women are attracted to men who can offer expertise and are competent) and offered his number. She couldn’t get it, and offered hers instead. He just left. He didn’t give permission for her reality show to film him, while all the other cast members did. He didn’t show up for their scene on SNL until the day of. He didn’t make himself readily available and didn’t give up his boundaries for her. Seems like he’s good attracting these high profile women, but can’t seem to keep them around long term, so maybe the damaged fuckboy appeal wears off a little. Who knows


I can definitely support the first point. I dated a smoking hot girl once who was popular and well known in my area. After we broke up I felt like I was swimming in women trying to date me. To this day her close friends at the time still act like they have crushes on me. All less physically attractive than she was of course. I think they believe if they can get a guy she was with it makes them more like her, or as good as her.


100%. Reputation and social proof is the most powerful component of seduction. Not looks, not money. If you have demonstrated within your social sphere that beautiful or high status women ( or even one woman) want to be with you, the momentum will work to your advantage. I notice it when I’m out with my girlfriend as opposed to when I’m out alone.


I am not sure if this is completely true. If a woman wants to be a home wrecker then that isn't the kind of woman you want to date. I would imagine good women would back off if they saw a guy with a wedding ring.


These women see men more like they do handbags. edit: I'm triggering the femcels. I'll spoon feed it: It's a playful analogy explaining how some women are MORE attracted to a man if he has been with other women they know, like seeing someone with a handbag and wanting it too. In contrast to guys who usually do the opposite.


Yup, it's the clout.


>edit: I'm triggering the femcels. Made me laugh. All hell breaks loose when that happens.




I think you are aguing with your imagination.


Lmao we would fuck her regardless of whether she was with a co-worker or homie, in fact it’s a bummer to know that she was with someone else. Almost opposite mindset to women who get off on seeing a guy get what he wants


I’m learning this, this is such powerful information.


I don’t agree. Unless your famous, 90% of women you interact with throughout your life will not have heard or known of you before you meet them. I have had relationships with models and strippers, it actually intimidates girls instead of making them more attractive. Looks, dress sense, being in decent shape and grooming will attract them. Being fun, having charisma and being charming will make them want to you. Money and security will make them want to marry you. And regular orgasms will make them they never leave you. And no matter what you have in the first 3, if 4 isn’t there they’ll cheat.


I think most men should remember number 4 is what it boils down to and it will help not take rejection so personal. If you know you can lay the pipe who gives af if she thinks your ugly. Just see it as her loss and have the mindset of your giving her the opportunity to experience great number 4 and if she can't see past your 3, 2, and 1 forget her. But, always work on your 3,2,1 as your marketing (which is what it is) is important.


As a chick, I didn’t realize it but this is spot on. Last guy I dated was really good looking but very selfish and terrible in bed. He wasn’t fun and was a total bore. I wanted to like him but it was agonizing trying to date him. Super relevant info!


In a the US the “male gaze” is very powerful if you’re with a women that is seen as the top woman and other men and women will literally research you to figure out why you’re so special. To keep your social dominance you keep dating up and make it seem who you were dating before isn’t the best.


Want to add footnote 1: if he/she is mentally unstable or wasn't really attracted to you in the honeymoon phase, all bets are off even if #4 is fulfilled.


Good comment except for this point >can’t seem to keep them around long term, so maybe the damaged fuckboy appeal wears off a little He’s the one who breaks up with his girlfriends nearly every time lol, not the other way around


What a great comment! Thank you!


A girl I talk to who is cute agrees with me that he is ugly though. He definitely doesn't have handsome face you would expect out of say Brad Pit or Chris Hemsworth.


He cant keep them around because he has borderline personality disorder. If you look it up you will understand why every relationship comes quickly to an end


>but you don't see any other celeb go through so many famous women DiCaprio has been doing it for 20 + years. Not necessarily A Listers but mostly Victoria secret models. Regarding Pete, I think it's all about charisma. Look at his colleague from SNL he is married to Scarlett Johansson. You would think they are just comedians but they must be more charismatic than that to interact with people, attract them, hold their attention etc


> , I think it's all about charisma. Nah, he dates women that others pump and dump. The public gets phased by the celebrity status but these women are not the the best out there. It's just an illusion. That's why true players for real like Leo don't bother with them.


Right? Kim Kardashian has a explicit sex tape all over the internet, a crazy ex husband, a bunch of kids and a crazy fanbase. She is not that high value Leo has been fucking multiple young 10/10's for years, it's not even close


Leo Dicaprio is my idol lol


He’s the king. Pete Davidson’s status as the “it” fuckboy will likely fade over time, but Leo is god-tier status. Love the the recent video of Jeff Bezo’s girlfriend melting into plastic over him right in front of Bezos. Bezos (in Dr Evil voice) thinking: But I have muuuuuhn-ney


Even if Bezos is ugly as fuck he should be pulling much better women with the money and physique he has. I really don't understand how a single billionaire is not slaying hot chicks left and right


I don't think he has very satisfying relationships with these women.


man that guy lives... what a fucking wonderful life


Really? Dating basically the same woman who’s at least 20 yrs your junior when you’re pushing 50?


No, dating tons of models. Leo is one of the world’s infamous “modelizers”.


They literally look like clones....


stop hatin...jeez


I mean to be fair most iPhones don't look too different from one another one year to the next /s


Models often look different from each other. Look at Gigi and Bella Hadid, it's not like both of them are blonde lol




> Dicaprio likely is gay and does that for publicity. You're the first person i EVER hear suggesting this. Sounds like projection to me. >And old and rich actor. Who isn't hot anymore. Ok, now it's clear. You're 15 years old. Got it.




No idea on all the gay stuff, but a model friend of mine long ago was contacted by his people to have a "date" with him. I think ol' Leo likes to lay the groundwork for what he's after up front, which is probably why he didn't get swept up in the Me Too stuff. Hard to claim you didn't know physical relations would be involved when the dude literally has people reaching out to you to fly in and bone.


Haven’t heard that about DiCaprio, but this is allegedly a thing in Hollywood. About a decade ago my Film professor said his friends in the business confirmed that this is true for Kevin Spacey (which we now know about), John Travolta, and Tom Cruise.


Kavin Spacey was an open secret for decades. He was in every gay bar, molesting young boys. The other two are much more nuanced. Travolta might be bisexual, but in general he's just a giant creep that seems to want to touch and fuck everything that moves his direction. Tom Cruise seems unlikely. He's been with tons of women, and there isn't a single time he's been seen with men. Seem that people that want to attack him in any way, including this way.


Because he's a young successful comedian that has a " I don't take anything serious" attitude. Plus good word of mouth from at one time the biggest female celebrity in the world. That's about it I don't think he'd physically attractive outside of being 6'3 He has some traits that guys can mirror that would help them in the dating world.


Care to elaborate on these traits?


100% not caring dude even makes jokes about he's dead dad. Not saying you have to go that far but instead keep the same energy.


The whole “not caring” thing is 100% fake. He copes with his depression by using humor. He’s got A LOT of problems and has contemplated suicide.


I guess the faking works because majority of people see it as him not caring.


TBF, I don't consider bagging a 40 year old divorcee who is famous for putting out a porn video a victory.


This lmao.


John Mayer has entered the chat.


one of life's great mysteries. ​ david spade also


Hollywood circle jerk. They all get famous off of each other, and then go make other people famous. Cash grabs for everyone except the people who go looking for this stuff.


He found out that some women are so attractive and high status that they are out of everyone’s league and nobody even asks them out. Now he’s just running though them


He’s funny and not ugly. Like he’s not conventionally attractive but he’s better looking than a lot of funny guys out there. Women want men who make them laugh.


He has a gigantic dong


Is that really why?






ya you can be unconfident in which case you wouldn't exude BDE even if you had the BD


This question is part of why he pulls


Yeah, it’s not like he tells these women he has a big dick and they fall in love with him. Maybe they stick around because of that, but how is he attracting them in the first place


I'm saying the fact that his personal zeitgeist includes the question "I heard he has a huge dick, do you think he has a huge dick?" That on its own is a factor that contributes to the absolute babes he pulls.


I'm saying the fact that his personal zeitgeist includes the question "I heard he has a huge dick, do you think he has a huge dick?" That on its own is a factor that contributes to the absolute babes he pulls.


Lol I’m sure it’s probably got to do with agents I don’t believe celebrity relationships are real for the most part


> is he more aggressive about pursuing these women? He is dating women nobody else wants. As in, yeah there's millions of simps but those who have game in the industry don't take these women seriously. He's basically a high level simp.


The average woman is quite high in the agreeability personality dimension and therefore more susceptible to find value in what others do. 1 high status female though he was hot so he's hot. And so on


He doesn't date anyone classy. Mostly trashy women who also happen to be successful and wealthy.


Excuse me, Kate Beckinsale??


Kate Beckinsale is ridiculously good looking but she's definitely not classy/fancy she pranked her mom with a dildo lol


Trashy, always has been


She is extremely hot and looks classy, but after her husband she dated some really trashy dudes, one even younger than her daughter I believe?


He is not at all concerned with what you think about him because he is already so honest about his shortcomings.


I keep reading it's because he has a huge tool. Not sure if it's true, a joke, etc, but he fact these relationships don't last tells me there likely isn't a whole lot happening upstairs.


If Ariana grande didn’t broadcast that to the whole world I can guarantee you he would not be experiencing the same level of success.




Matthew effect. google it


The only correct answer.


I had to Google him cause I had no idea who he was. Then I discovered I had already seen him before and that he's ugly as fuck. He must be super rich.


Dante Nero. He’s a comedian out of NY that’s known Pete since he started standup. Dante has a podcast called Man School 202, which used to be called The Beige Phillip Show. The podcast deals with relationships from mostly man’s perspective without the clown shit of a pua. He gave Pete game on how to set boundaries and never negotiating them and “laying the 5 bricks”, the method of talking to 5 women a day for 7 weeks. It’s on Apple podcasts if anyone is interested.


> but you don't see any other celeb go through so many famous women Scott Baio: Kristy McNichol, Brooke Shields, Heather Locklear, Melissa Gilbert, Nicollette Sheridan, Lesley Ann Warren, Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Erika Eleniak, Beverly D'Angelo, Denise Richards


Right but there are so many confident young attractive guys in Hollywood who have inherent social proof (Efron, B. Jordan, Hemsworth, etc.), I just wonder why Pete has been the only one to go through so many Hollywood A-list women. Is it because they are drawn to his dating reputation, or does he just approach these women way more than anyone else?


Well because most men who are in position to choose, prefer pleasant women over Kim Kardashian bitchy-type.


> I just wonder why Pete has been the only one to go through so many Hollywood A-list women. Because he's NOT. He's the only one fuckboy and attention starved enough to loudly announce every lay he scores. Like, you SERIOUSLY believe ALL the other male celebrities aren't literally drowning in pussy simply because they grew up in a time period where posting pictures of you sweaty in bed with your latest lay was considered rude and extremely out of place? Pete is only one of the first millennial stars that fully abuse the "no such thing as bad publicity" rule. That is why you think he gets laid more than any other. He does not.


Idk abt the others but Chris Hemsworth literally has kids while in a happy marriage in Hollywood lol, as far as I'm concerned he's winning.


Because he’s hideously ugly and he’s not funny and women have no taste.


XDD reinforcing the "he's polarising" statement.


Huge cockkk


He could remodel a bathroom with all the caulk he's packin'.


I am sorry, I am a women, but I absolutely do not see how anyone can find him attractive.


Because he's desperate to stay relevant.


Besides the “it” guys rn..how do you keep and raise status..date/marry Kim k and vise versa. She’s a billionaire btw


Because he follows the advice ridiculous men give here


Witt and humor are very attractive


I really could care less. Seduction isnt one size fit all. A newb could attempt to emulate \[what he percieves as being\] Pete Davidson's style and it not work at all. Best advice for anyone starting out is to find a good non-biased source for male dating advice, study it, and then go out and approach women. Following the 80/20 rule of course. 80% field work, 20% studying. Besides, it takes years to understand a particular guys style and what makes him great at seducing women. Sure Pete Davidson has been around for a decade or so, but we are just now finding out that he is a natural with women. He needs to go through a few more A-listers before we can put him up there with a Sean Connery or an Erroll Flynn.


Because, despite how the saying goes, it’s not the “motion of the ocean.”


Life is unfair. Idiots win, kind people lose. That's all, folks.


I feel like they more so go after him. When a really popular, attractive, and/or desirable girl dates someone who would most likely be overlooked otherwise, it makes you want to do a double take to see if you missed something. It’s kind of like “If SHE saw something in him, he must have a secret talent or secretly fantastic about him.” It makes the guy seem more mysterious/elusive so it’s like trying to solve the riddle for yourself. I remember seeing a lot of my friends geek and gawk over him after Kim started dating him. Looking up his birth chart and everything. I believe this is the same way they sell items that no one would want to buy otherwise? By utilizing influencers and creating a sense of emergency/limited supply, etc.


>I get that women find him attractive but you don't see any other celeb go through so many famous women. The only way we could know the answer to these questions is if we could observe him in action, and could have directly seen what he has been doing over a period of the last few years. We would have to see what's going on when the cameras aren't rolling, when the paparazzi isn't there to see, when he's not on various talk shows or at other public appearances. All we can do in the absence of the actual data, is speculate. Speculation doesn't really translate to a lot of practical, actionable advice because we can't be certain.