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This doesn’t belong in this sub. Not peer reviewed, zero internal validity, and a trash report from an unscientific outlet.


Science that says science is becoming more biased isn't science? Could it be that you're unable or unwilling to see the bias? Are we to ban all social sciences?


A non peer-reviewed correlational study that makes unfounded claims with zero internal validity isn’t science. Not sure what that has to do with social sciences. Could it be you are not trained to review studies?


no its a blog post from some lobbyist website.


>Science may be getting harder, but it seems unlikely that this is the sole, or perhaps even largest, cause of decreasing productivity. No, that seems pretty likely. It's easier to sequence DNA, but still incredibly difficult to figure out the multiple levels of information and control encoded in those strands. Similarly, we're examining subtler and subtler aspects of quantum mechanics.


This should be a surprise to nobody with common sense and a functioning brain.


its a blog post from Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology


If you want money fir your research organization, you write proposals that meet the terms and come up with findings that are in agreement with those handing out the money.