Network Rail issues warning on 'extremely dangerous' TikTok trend | Filming TikToks on a train track is dangerous because you might get hit by a train

Network Rail issues warning on 'extremely dangerous' TikTok trend | Filming TikToks on a train track is dangerous because you might get hit by a train


“The disturbing trend even recently saw parents place their toddler on a train track for a photo.” Alrighty.


DARWIN! The new game that's fun for the whole family!


Where are those parents? I want to T A L K


We need to bring back public executions for these people Jesus Christ


That's what the train's for


Sure but in this case that leaves a Toddler dead and parents who are excited to share their new liveleak video. We need a second train for the parents


*Dumb ways to die*


Dress up like a moose during hunting season Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason Stand on the edge of a train station platform Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing Run across the tracks between the platforms They may not rhyme, but they're quite possibly The dumbest ways to die The dumbest ways to die Dumbest ways to die-ie-ie So many dumb So many dumb ways to die


I bet we can make this into a movie that comes out once a year.


Stuck in my head for the rest of the week now https://youtu.be/IJNR2EpS0jw


Didn't South Park do a bit about this like 10 years ago?


Ohhh long johnson Faith hilling. Immediately what i thought of lol


I'm a train operator. I can't tell you how many times I've brought a train into a station and people have their phones out, selfie mode, with their backs to the train as I blow into a station. I can't stop this train immediately. You will get hit and I will not know.


I feel really bad for train drivers in situations like that, people don't realise how reckless they're being and the drivers can't do anything about it


I had an incident when I was a Conductor where the lady got her leg cut off. I got a 3 month vacation. I'm a well adjusted individual so that is how I see it. Next time someone jumps in front if my train, I'm taking a year vacation. I have plans.


Just wait until someone tries this on the subway in NY and steps on the third rail


Plenty of third rail systems here in the UK too. Anyone trying this on the tube is going to zap themselves into a new dimension


Already happened. Someone got cooked at West 4th over that dumb selfie shit


I remember seeing a video of a naked EDP that I think he pushed someone in the tracks, jumped down there to go after the guy, the victim kinda fought back, and the EDP hit the third rail and fried. It was something along those lines I wish I could find the video. Edit: [Found it](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-2334522/Naked-man-electrocuted-pushing-person-subway-tracks.html)


What’s EDP? Exceptionally Dumb Prick?


Emotionally disturbed person


Ah. Well I certainly look like an asshole now.


Can we stick with crazy? These stupid acronyms don't help convey meaning, instead, they only confuse the topic, and serve to make their inventors feel clever when talking about mundane things - like a crazy person jumped onto the tracks. When you said edp, I thought, electronic document processing? Emergency depot patrol? Elite dog panhandler? Exclusive Detail Promoter? Its just a crazy person, and that shit happens all the time in the city.


Crazy is not a very good descriptor because it has a lot of negative connotations and applies too broadly to too many mental issues. The problem is overuse of acronyms.


I'll give you that, so it might be more appropriate to just say disturbed person, mentally ill, disoriented or suffering from psychological problems, like actually use words that clearly describe instead of acronyms that confuse the topic


I have that video. I work in the NYC subway. It was sent to me from a co worker. You are correct, the EDP actually pushed someone into the tracks that he was trying to fight on the platform, and then someone jumped down to help him. He jumped down to fight that guy too and then got his ass fried when his body made contact with the third rail and a running rail and acted as a bridge. It is the same station where a fellow train operator died in a fire. The whole Lenox line and that area is just junkies and generally nastiness. It was 110-CPN on the 3. It's part of the reason I switched divisions.


Oh I [found it](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-2334522/Naked-man-electrocuted-pushing-person-subway-tracks.html)


It’s exhausting. This shit is exhausting. The photographer community has an uproar every few years or so because some kid is obliterated by a train doing graduation photos and everyone gets mad that folks take photos on train tracks and then it happens again and again to the point that now folks even consider taking photos on decommissioned tracks poor form. It’s the dumbest way to die. Best case scenario you took a photo on par with “flower with bokeh” or “my cat with bokeh” or “a landscape oriented portrait composed thoughtlessly with rule of thirds of a friend with 2/3 of the image being bokeh” that outs you as an amateur doing the usual uninspired “first set of photos” that everyone does. Not worth dying over a cliche.


So would you say they issued a warning against TikTok or they... *railed* against TikTok?


I honestly don’t know why these messages are necessary. Let Darwinian selection do its work.


Oooooooolong Johnson


Oh Don Pianoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


damn there go my plans


How exactly is taking pictures on train tracks a new thing? I saw emo kids do that in 2007 and I'm sure they didn't invent it either.


As long as they’re not Tebowing on the tracks.


I prefer Taylor Swifting


Just let it happen. Let nature take control.


Not particularly nice for the train driver, though.




Let them do it. Natural selection.


If they're stupid enough to do it then they deserve to get hit. Who doesn't deserve it is the driver.


What about the toddlers who are placed on the tracks by their parents?


The toddler doesn't deserve it but the parents do


Lmao wtf is going on. How does this need to be announced. Kids are lost dummies these days.


Not only kids. > The disturbing trend even recently saw parents place their toddler on a train track for a photo.


Dude... kids have been idiots for forever now. I guarantee you since the invention of the train idiot kids have regularly been getting hit by them.


Darwinism ftw