I was at the dog park a few years ago. This lady lets her dog off the leash and it immediately runs and attacks my dog who had just laid down. I pulled her dog off mine and toss him back towards the lady. As my dog is still laying there, now bleeding from his head and neck, shes screaming at me for "abusing her pet". Then she put a leash back on it and left immediately before I could demand any info from her. Shit dog owners--fuck you! Take your garbage ass dogs back home.


I would have bit her dog till it bled.


You shoulda been there to be the hero then.


I shoulda, cant be everywhere at once.


I just came from a trip out of state and omg it really opened my eyes to just how shitty San Antonians are with their dogs. I hadn't been around so many well-behaved, leashed dogs with humans picking up after them before.


I don’t think shitty dog owners are on this sub, although I am pretty upset about shitty dog owners in my own apartments


Yeah, your idea isn't going to work b/c of the exact reason in your post. Shit dog owners don't think their dogs are aggressive dogs. I have dogs that are aggressive & guess what? I don't take them to the dog park.


You might rethink that. I'm not saying let the dogs loose, but I always try to get people with aggressive dogs to socialize with me and my dogs. The dog is usually cool after a bit. The only dog I can think of in my life that it didn't help was a foster and I guess he maybe ate cats or something while being a stray. In the month I had him, I could not control him if he saw a cat. Sometimes finding a foster a home isn't just satisfying, but relieving. Hobo was that dog.


No they don’t need to rethink that decision. It’s safest for everybody to not take an aggressive dog to a public place.


Yeah my dog is a bumbling giant with poor doggie manners. He is essentially that kid that picks his nose and then tries to shake your hand. Since he is offensive to other dogs, I can't bring him to the dog park. People really should try to see how their dog is around other dogs before letting them loose with a group of unleashed dogs. Sorry you are dealing with these bad owners.


My dog is a sweet, lovely old girl. Incredibly well behaved on the leash and off. She doesn’t like dog parks. My other dog I previously had LOVED them though. She liked to get other dogs to chase her and the only time she realized she made a mistake was with a greyhound. I don’t take my current dog to dog parks because she just doesn’t like it. Restaurants? Happy. Trails or regular parks? Happy. In my office with another dog? Happy. Dog parks? Miserable. Just know your dog. Pay attention to how they feel in different/new situations and act accordingly.




My oldest dog and I both had it rough growing up. As a result, he is always had the mentality that the world is out to get us both. Other dogs, other people are always iffy. He’s very protective - for years, if anyone, even family, opened the room to my door he would growl and attack them. I spent years training him and he has gotten better, but I would never take him to the dog park. He is, unfortunately, a nervous dog. And he is old now, so his patience with other dogs skates on thin ice.


I just stared bringing our Morkie (11mo) who is a very sweet submissive girl who rarely barks to few parks in the area , LOVES other dogs . I have been really blown away by a few owners dogs being completely unsociable- literally the dogs not even having fun !!! I don’t understand why they think it’s okay to do that .


It's not garbage dogs it's actually garbage dog owners.


was looking for this comment. at the end of the day we can only blame the owner, a dog acts out of its own nature and it’s our job as dog owners to put our dogs in situations where they will succeed. San Antonio is riddled in shit dog owners


Yup. They're oblivious how ill-tempered their dog behaves and actually think everything about themselves and their pets are simply amazing.


Some dogs are garbage though


fuck off, what does this help with? only justifying abuse and neglect


I have a buddy. He’s the best dog owner I know. He adopted a dog with really bad issues. He can’t find them to the point I couldn’t even stay with him cause he was concerned the dog would bite me. He paid to put me up in a hotel. The dog is a bad dog. He is a good dog owner. Normally this is not the case but I have seen another dog that needed Xanax. Good dog owners. Bad dog. My friend had to put his dog on Prozac. Mental disorders are not limited to humans.


My dog is on trizadone and has anxiety meds because evidently old dogs can go senile.


"He adopted a dog with really bad issues" how do you think this dog developed these issues? The previous owner was probably garbage and didn't bother to train or even treat the dog right. Again, garbage owners lead to this issue.


no-because the dogs don’t get traumatized by themselves but by people. I agree that behavior like you described is a major challenge to deal with. but putting labels of good and bad on the dog because of it is really irrelevant and something we need to collectively grow out of, because it’s only useful as a way of giving up.


He’s not a bad dog. If he was adopted there’s a reason for his behavior.


Fuck you


yeah I hate dog parks, took my first dog/rescue for a few times after he got his puppy vaccines, saw how it was actually like the worst way for me to “socialize” and “entertain” him and never ever went back. plus he’s pretty reactive himself so it’s a mixed bag throwing him inside a park with 7+ random dogs and assuming they’ll all get along. he definitely gets more enrichment doing long walks, long-leash play, and supervised dog play with trusted dog friends. lots of the folks at the park I used to take him to (hardberger, both dog parks) were full of people who went to mingle and actually treated me like a weirdo for constantly watching my dog. never again 😭 if others want to do it they can, but I am staunchly anti-dog park for my dog


Uh hundred percent! There's a lot of good dogs at the dog park but I'm consistently shocked by the amount of people who have untrained dogs that they think act right. mY DoG OnLy barKs aT MeN MuST bE beCAUsE I’m NeRvOuS HAHA 🤪 No fool, your dog barks at people that it's trying to assert dominance over. They've already dominated you, and you just don't know it. Smdh


I don't know why you think dog owners could be trusted to be honest about the behavioral patterns of their dogs.


I have tried so many times to get my dog not to bark at other dogs when she is with me. I have just given up, I hate putting a muzzle on her but it's the only way I can take her for walks anymore. I won't even attempt a dog park. She never barks at people just other dogs.


Do you use a basket muzzle that still lets her drink/bark. If not, I highly recommend it. I can look up the brand of the one we use with our pup.


She can drink water but it's harder for her to bark. The barking us the behavior I'm concerned about. She will often try to lunge at other dogs. When I walk her I have the muzzle off but when I see another dog I have her stop, try to turn her away, and I put her muzzle on. She will try her best to pick a fight and being a German Shepard she is pretty strong.


Here I am with my rescued German Shepherd mix that can’t be trained to “speak” because she literally doesn’t ever bark. Ever. Thankfully people thinks she looks scary so they leave us alone, but I really wish I could train her to bark. She loses her absolute mind whining when she thinks I’m leaving her somewhere though. I’ve heard that’s very common with GSDs. They just want to get their thoughts out lol


Mine almost never cries when I'm at home or leaving. She only cries when she can't attack something.


Lol, she sounds like a character. Sorry she’s a handful. I’d offer to do a meet up with the pups (my girl gets irrationally happy when she sees other GSDs) but it sounds like yours doesn’t like other dogs, so I’ll just wish y’all the best.


I had a friend with a German Shepard with a similar issue. She was supposed to be a service dog but ended up failing out of the program because that barking at other dogs or squirrels was just one behavior they couldn't totally train out of her. She had to be an only dog and was always very sweet with humans.


Do you use a chest-attachment harness? Ours is a GSD/Mal mix, so v large and v strong. We walk her around the neighborhood with just the harness, but when we're going to be in tighter quarters, I use a basket muzzle. She's not a fan, but she can drink/take treats/and still bark if she needs to. What she can't do is bite, which makes me much more relaxed, and in turn helps her relax. For the neighborhood walks, the chest harness pulls her off balance when she tries to lunge, so between the leverage and the space, I'm comfortable without a muzzle. When we see another dog, I will keep distance and then do what I can to redirect her attention (moving next to a car so she can't see the other dog as well help). When she starts to get riled up, I have her sit and shove a good treat in her face as soon as she plants her butt. It's been a process, but she's slowly improving.


now do this with bars


You should write this in your diary.


Found the irresponsible dangerous breed owner


Yeah my fucking cat is such a dangerous breed. Lmao




I absolutely agree.


It’s a dog park. Dogs will be dogs. If barking or unleashed dogs bother you maybe it’s not somewhere you should take your dog. Only dogs that shouldn’t be there are aggressive dogs.


Anyone have pointers for introducing dogs to the dog park? A time of day when your local dog park is usually very quiet? We have a small senior terrier mix that used to have a fair amount of other dogs and humans at home with him at all times. Now he's the last dog of the pack alive, and we are doing our best, but walking 4 small dogs at once wasn't right for us previously and we have a moderate sized yard with dog door to the utility room for potty and exercise. His last "sister" died during our covid work from home period, and now 4-5 days of the week, he experiences long stretches of time alone (6-8 hours, though with access to food, water, toys, shelter and outside). We're working on walking him more often and making intentional time for play, but it's plain that he's lonely. I've thought about dog parks but it seems so scary.


You might want to consider occasional doggy daycare. Like Camp Bow. All the dogs there get screened to make sure they are well behaved. They are also separated by size and when they are out for play someone is always supervising them. It's a good option for socializing if you can swing it. Dogs also need mental stimulation. If you can play fun games where they find a treat or they get a new type of toy. Things like that just a little bit every day. It makes a huge difference in their mood and behavior.


Yes, dog park is difficult because they don't really have a chance to relax. If they have difficulty it's usually immediate aggression with another dog and you can't really just let them go at it even though they might settle down eventually.


I think it’s good to bring them a few times and just keep them with you leashed. That way you can keep control of the situation until they get more comfortable.


Sounds like someone is a spoiled brat.. who tf cares? Might as well migrate this post to Facebook.. Go put up your own park so you can stand at the gate while you determine which canines can enter based by your biased and *righteous* opinion..


Totally agree. Some dogs aren't dog park ready.


So your dogs are perfect? Never bark or growl or anything that dogs do? Did you train your dog did he come trained? How do you get a dog adjusted to other dogs and people if he isn't allowed around other dogs and people? Before the hate I don't have dogs so fuck off with assumptions. Edit: downvotes for questioning? bunch-a-cunts the lot of you.


You keep your dog on a leash while they get adjusted to other dogs.


Thanks for the answer.


lmaooo don’t complain about downvotes. you wouldn’t be getting downvotes if you got rid of those rude ass unnecessary questions like “so your dogs are perfect?” and just left the last real question, prick.


I'm not complaining about them though, trust im not looking for approval from internet stranger's or anybody for that matter. It was a valid question sure a little snarky but valid. This person post all high and mighty like their dog/s are perfect no dog is nobody is.


Exactly. My dog is well behaved but I adopted her and she isn't used to other dogs. Perfectly fine around people but she goes mad around other pups. I had to muzzle her on walks and I can't stand doing that.


“Before the hate I don’t have dogs” Okay then shut up lol


That's it?


I can't ask questions so I'm prepared for when I do get a dog? Fuck out of here meatball


You started with “so your dogs are perfect?”. Obviously that’s not a real question so fuck off


I had a roommate whose dog was really bad with growling at ppl and had attacked other dogs on multiple occasions. She is a really well behaved dog but with others she’s vicious. My roommate would say it was our fault cause we wouldn’t be mean/ stern enough to his dog. There’s dogs who are not raised right. Those shouldn’t be brought to the park.


“Who’s a good boy? Whose a good boy? Yes, you are.” - Literally every dog owner to their dog.


It isn't garbage dogs dummy.. it's garbage owners.


This post reads like all the ones where ppl complain about drivers not using a turn signal.


I have a four month old giant breed puppy and every time I try to take him to the dog park some semi-aggressive dog comes at him and steamrolls him to the ground even when his tail is tucked and he’s clearly trying to get back to me. Today a man let his very stout bully breed do it twice and I ended up having to yell at him to get his dog off my puppy because he just stood there watching and letting it happen. This isn’t the first dog it’s happened with and has basically ruined the dog park experience. Puppy now seems too timid to even play with willing and playful other pups. Maybe I’m a helicopter dog mom but I wish there were like park lifeguards or something like at pools. You get a whistle or two and you’re out. Have verbal control over your dogs if you take them to the park. Make sure they will stop at your command. Have common goddamn sense when it comes to your animal.


The one I have is some kind of mesh that she can drink water from.


My dog loves to play and because he’s a mix of two herding breeds gets vocal when he does I put him on leash and walk him away for a quiet time. It’s a training in progress but the behavior is not okay and eventually he’ll learn. Unfortunately my other dog is the gentlest soul but she’s a Saint Bernard so other dogs run away/cower just because of her size


I have a 7yo Great Dane who is overly protective of me and can be aggressive at times. We don’t go to public dog parks but I do take her to my apartments little dog park when no one else is using it. It’s frustrating when people show up and don’t heed my warning or allow me to leash and leave so they can have a turn. They make excuses and try to tell me how it won’t end badly and it’s worth a try.. or their dog just needs a friend to play with.. I flat out have to tell them “I don’t care if your dog grew up with big dogs, etc. and ‘will be fine’. My dog can kill your dog in a second and then what?” My dog has never hurt another living creature but to ignore her capability is just foolish.