Fuck childhood cancer

Fuck childhood cancer


DIPG is probably the single worst childhood cancer I can think of. It wraps itself diffusely (hence the name) around the brain stem, or pons, and slowly takes away their ability to walk, talk, move, swallow, eat, and eventually breathe. They’re completely cognitive and aware during the entire time, too. I can’t imagine a worse hell to go through as a parent than watching your child battle DIPG. And since the tumor grows that way, it’s impossible to remove all of it through surgery, and chemo doesn’t do a whole lot for very long. Poor baby 😢


Wow, what an amazing kid. Although his time on earth was brief, he showed more heart and kindness than most in a long lifetime. May he rest in peace.


It's heartbreaking. It's important to remember making the best out of every day we have. it's not realistic to have a perfect day every day because we have bad days, but it's important to try to keep it all in perspective. My 3 year old niece is going through chemo right now. It's so hard.


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're getting the support you need as a caretaker.




Jesus, what a terrible thing. But that lead, and what a way to tell his story. My heart goes to this family.


I'd like to make a contribution to any charitable organization that helps parents in this situation. Please let me know.


I don’t swear very often, just not my thing, but the title of this thread is very appropriate. Very sad.