Just some ducks from Denman Estate Park

Just some ducks from Denman Estate Park


There’s a heron there who is the coolest damn thing I’ve ever seen! He catches little fish one after another for like an hour at a time. He waits for turtles to come grab the bits of food people throw to the ducks, then uses them to herd the fish into the water’s edge. It’s really cool to see!


I love the Denman ducks. I’ve never seen ducks with so much personality before. There’s this one that has one of those skull abnormalities so it looks like he’s wearing a badass crown of feathers?? He’s my favorite.


"Scratch my face"


His name is Usher.


Great park, seems to be under used. Did they finish the construction?


Are you talking about the construction on one side of the parking lot? I was curious about that—seems to be a new facility called FEAST which is park of some homeschool ministry? I was wondering why a Christian ministry is on city property, they don’t seem to be associated with Incarnate Word either which helps maintain the park. (Christian myself but wary about religion in government and publicly owned spaces.)