What nice thing can I do for nurses?

What nice thing can I do for nurses?


Starbucks gift cards. You can get several $5 ones and hand them out, I’ve always done it that way for my vet techs and they seem to really like it.


I hate to nitpick but I think more than $5 would probably be better because the pricing of the drinks makes $5 not cover some items on the menu


Then they can get something less extravagant, or pay a dollar or two.


yes! I love getting $5 gift cards!! Then my order is just $1-$2, most the time in spare change, instead of $7ish lol and I don’t even have to use my debit card for a coffee! 👍🏻


when trying to do something for a “group of nurses” $5 at a time adds up. I don’t know op financial situation so I wasn’t going to say $10 gift cards. And what if they just go once to use it for a snack or tea and then have a couple extra dollars they never use that’s wasted, while if you’re a coffee drinker you’d be more than willing to just pay the couple dollars over for your morning fix. It’s the thought that counts and most people would be happy with $5 off their order…


Yeah $5 is obviously fine, it's just funny lol I was a barista and sbux drinks are definitely up there.


Ask them what their favorite snacks are that they like to munch on during breaks. I’m sure they get tired of hospital food/vending machines.


We did that for my mom's nurses. Sandwich and fryut trays from Jason's Deli.


Chapstick, hand lotion, those starbucks VIA instant coffee packets, rolls of lifesavers or hard candies, those face sheet masks that come in multi packs 🧖🏽‍♀️


Get vaccinated, get as many people in your community vaccinated. Starbucks gift cards, cupcakes, cookies.


I just asked my wife who is a nurse and she said to bring any baked goods or snacks.


Yeah Tiff’s Treats is always a good go to, or edible arrangements


I had a former patient hand deliver a giant ‘thank you’ card that was signed by her and her family. Granted, u can’t hand deliver it now but maybe mail it to the hospital. It was the most touching gift by far that I ever received. I still have it.


Get your Covid Vaccine


My friend who is a nurse says that not everyone eats the food (diet or dietary restrictions), so she suggested flowers and a thoughtfully written thank you note. That way multiple shifts can enjoy them and they brighten up their common area.


Check first. Sometimes, flowers aren't allowed in ICUs.


A nice box of chocolates, maybe bakery cupcakes or muffins, makes a nice treat for those long shifts.


Tried this when my mom was in ICU. They wouldn’t take things that weren’t individually packaged and heat sealed.


Can’t go wrong with breakfast tacos. When I worked in a hospital we always loved when marketers came by with them. Donuts are a good option too.


What some nurses want now more than anything is to be heard. Many nurses are grieving or frustrated and feeling betrayed by the public. They've been striving to protect the public with very simple measures yet some refuse to believe a word they say, disregarding the horrors some of these nurses have lived...only to become their next patient, again and again, for the last 18 months. So, yes, write a card or bring gift cards! ...but with their permission, I suggest you speak up on their behalf, share their story, take up whatever message they'd have to offer. For example... https://www.reddit.com/r/nursing/comments/phydsk/a_genuine_thank_you_to_this_sub_from_a_reformed/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share browse that Reddit for a moment to grasp the sense of exasperation.


Food, and caffeine Source: spent 3 months in 2019 hospitalized for none of your business reasons


Get them pizza


Fuck that, they loathe pizza. It's the one shit ass "reward" they get for working their asses off. Furthermore any community type food is a bad idea in a hospital setting.


When I was in the ICU my wife always bought a bunch of flowers and gave one to each nurse. Not that expensive and always seemed to make them smile. Hope your mom gets better. The ICU is a drag except at least you are semi-private. Sharing a room with an angry sick person is even worse.


So sweet!! She is doing better, thank you!


Some kind of massage


Cash cards, if you can.


If there's a way to give them Door dash or Uber eats gift cards or something they can use to order food they will love you forever


Thank you cards. Money can be tight for most people so expenses can rack up pretty quick on other things. Most doctors and nurses just need a simple thank you to let them know that the work they do is recognize. Cards are always a way to let them know that they are appreciated. With all of the sadness I experienced working with patients, a simple thank you went a long ways to help me.


Bring day and night shift Jason’s deli sandwiches + k cups


Food!! Make sure you include the RT's. :)


Whataburger gift cards!!! Duh cmon who doesn’t love a free lunch! Tastes better for some reason and am honest look in the eye thank you


Nurses don’t expect anything but people saying “Thank-you”. If you want to do anything buy them snack foods that they can put in the break room and eat. Not huge meals…they don’t have time for that. Foods they can graze and eat in small amounts at a time.


A bottle of wine. If anyone needs a drink right now, it’s them.


Bring food. Sandwich assortment from Subway, etc.


Do not send community served food. Not a good idea in a medical environment. Send individually wrapped sandwiches that are clearly labeled. There are dirty ass nurses that finish wiping a patient's ass then pick through food seconds later. Dirrrrrty.


Have you seen some of these nurses? A lot of nurses I know are out of shape or straight up obese. Food is not a good choice. Maybe new shoes for them to walk, some new scrubs or just a simple "thank you".


Never get them any street food. I was dating a Nurse once and one of the nurses bought tacos for everybody. 4 out of 7 nurses on duty ended up getting the shits....which turned into mayhem. Good thing I told my ex not to eat them tacos. Simple snacks or gift cards are good or even just bring a big bouquet of flowers and place it at the main nurse station.


I know a couple nurses and they say same thing ….. Weed Just jokin..