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Apple used to do the same to Microsoft with their "Hey PC" ads. That's what companies do.


Don't forget IBM. Steve Jobs himself took out a full page ad antagonizing the largest computer company at the time.


Exactly! It's cool when Apple does it but cringe when anyone else does.


Nah those nerd PC vs. hip Mac commercials were cringe AF.


This one commercial from Apple always sits in my mind and is always cringy to think about. The girl in her backyard with her iPad or something and someone says "nice computer" and she's like "what's a computer." the thing you're using right now you dope. Just about everything is a computer


That commercial made me wanna slap the stupid out of her.


That's cuz when Apple copies something, they make it out of aluminum with round corners and boxy edges.


And the aluminium is unfortunately the shittiest and is already bent :D


Key phrase "used to"


"I used to do cringe commercials. I still do, but I used to, too."


I like an iPad because it can never break. It can only become a writing pad. There would never be an "iPad out of order" sign. Only an "iPad temporarily Pad" sign. "Sorry for the convenience".


Apple does something similar with their switch to iPhone campaign. It's just the way companies are 🤷🏽‍♂️


You are talking about their folding phone, their twitter messages were a success


Because I follow tech news


Exactly their strategy.




I think the "let us know when it folds" is a good ad campaign slogan.


It's not cringe. It's actually very on point. Apple was known as an innovator at one time. They've not done that in quite a while.


True. The only thing that they lead in the last few years was eliminating the headphone jack.


I believe their new sos via satellite is the first smartphone capable of that


No, technically Huawei was the first.


Huawei released it first by a narrow margin, but features like this don't just spawn overnight. They were likely in development at the same time.


That why I said "technically" ;)


Hahaha fair enough


Did you forget their M1 processor? It's mind blowing.


100% agree. Apple has absolutely OBLITERATED the SoC market, it's insane. If only they made variants that could be sold to third parties, they could become quite a good SoC developer/manufacturer.


Developer yes but they don't have manufacturing capabilities.


I’m expecting a leap when they release their VR/AR device, it sounds like that has been their behind the scenes focus for a long time now.


It's cringworthy because with Sammy's track record, they will copy anything they mocked.


Yea, so yall ready for ~~Dynamic Island~~ Dynamic Park?


Nah, they don't copy the good things.




Might be Active Archipelago. Marketing always loves alliteration.


Welcome... to Dynamic Park! *recorder music plays*


Go YouTube jurrasic park woke/shook filter!


Dynamic island isn't really any different from how brief popups already work on Android... it just doesn't have a fancy buzzword attached to it


i honestly can't believe apple fan boys getting their dicks hard for a glorified notification bar


I laughed way too much after reading this comment


Brief pop ups have a ton of lag tho. I find them annoying and usually disable it on my S22U


I've never experienced any lag with them across multiple devices over several years, what are you talking about? So if a small pop-up annoys you on Android, why would it not on iPhone lol


First of all, calm down lol. You may not perceive something someone else might. No need to be so upset. Samsung has a history of laggy terrible animations. If you don’t see it, that’s ok. I do and im more sensitive to it than you may be that’s all.


Lmao okay bro whatever you say. Go be an iSheep somewhere else


But I own an S22U lol. You always this aggressive when people don’t agree with you? Slow down, take a breather man. Edit: Yea never mind. You’re a lost cause. Looking at your post history you make it look like Samsung is paying to fight so hard for them. Trust me, nobody cares about your crusade as much as you think they do.


Lmao and I own the moon. I ain't even being aggressive homie


Or no SIM card slot


This is the real answer. I'm fine with companies taking shots, but when you turn around the following generation and copy that decision, it's cringe. Also, Apple always has the "our phone doesn't catch fire" card. I was a Note 7 owner.


That one bummed me out. The note 7 was SUCH a good phone. I really didn't want to give it up, but I also didn't want a battery catching fire in my pocket.


Same. I was planning to keep it, since mine wasn't giving me any of the battery issues, but then the Airlines started banning the devices. I ended up switching back to the Pixel, but those are a pretty significant disappointment for flagship devices. I'm starting to warm up to the iphone lately since I have the 13 for work and they've really closed the gap in the software in the last few years.


I tried the S22 Ultra but found the battery life disappointing. Battery life is the only thing tempting me about the iPhone at the moment. I'm waiting on the S23 Ultra because I REALLY miss the 10x zoom.


I have the S22U now. The battery life got a lot better after 2-3 weeks of "learning" (Android putting apps to sleep). I'm personally over the boxy frame of the Note lineup, but I think I might hold off on switching and see what the 23 brings to the table.


I love the body, screen and cameras of the S22 Ultra, but I had mine for nearly 3 weeks and the battery life still wasn't cutting it for me. I was getting max 5ish hours SOT.


Definitely trading in the S22U for S23U. Never going to buy a Samsung Foundry powered device.


Meh, on that direction Samsung has "our phone does not bend in the back pocket" card. Also next year will have the "all our cables sold in the last 5 years are not obsolete now" card.


I was a note 7 owner too and mine never exploded neither did the vast majority of note 7s. Apple has had their fair share of design defects.


Not a single person died from the note 7, iPhones have actually exploded and killed people. So no, they do not have that card


Sammy really wants to be apple of the android world, and they fucking suck at it. They copy everything, except the hard to implement and actually good features. Samsung sucks, just look at their joke of a phone os, it comes with 2 default messaging apps, what a fucking joke. This is coming from someone firmly in the sammy camp for over 10 years.


Yes my friend. I tried to switch to Samsung from Apple once, so I got both phones, note 10+ and iPhone 11 pro Max and Android just sucked overall. It’s so generic yet they dare to charge the same an iPhone’s worth. I have that Note 10+ still with me, and it’s so slow, my iPhone 8 is way faster. But sure, a folding phone is innovative, in 2001, if you know what I mean.




Their fold commercial was hilarious.


Samsung’s marketing has always been a dumpster fire. They make good products that have their own strengths but instead of highlighting those strengths they mock others deficiencies. It’s marketing from a point of weakness rather than strength. Also the world knows that Samsung really wants Apple to get into the foldable game so every app developer will jump on the bandwagon (only a force like Apple can possibly do this).


>Also the world knows that Samsung really wants Apple to get into the foldable game so every app developer will jump on the bandwagon (only a force like Apple can possibly do this). Haha you're 100% spot on. Can guarantee if Apple ever releases a foldable, its software and third party apps will be more optimised on day one than Samsung's that's 4 generations old.


I mean. I don't think it would benefit Samsung all that much. Apps can be optimized amazingly on IOS but can run like garbage om Android. So if apps get optimized on IOS, they wouldn't necessarily so get optimized for Android.


If Apple builds a Fold, there will be way more interest across the board, including on Android. Once that happens, the Android app market will see a lot more optimizations for folding devices.


Fair enough


Don't forget that Samsung will provide Apple the foldable screens most probably.


Yep, and it'll be done with Apple's specs and the hinge will be apples design. Don't forget Samsung Display who manufactures Apple's screen isn't the same company as Samsung mobile who makes the phones.


They mock apple's deficiencies, then copy them smh. Also as an avid Samsung user, Samsung can mock apple all they want for the pixel count of their new phone but we know which camera will be better reviewed industry wide.


Uhh not so sure about that. The S22U camera was universally reviewed as better and more consistent than te 13 Pro Max.


>but we know which camera will be better reviewed industry wide. The Google Pixel, right?


Maybe we didn't watch the same reviews


Thank you! As someone who owns as an S22 and a new iPhone because my S22 stopped working, the camera quality (especially in the dark) is night and day.


Any curb on Apple arrogance is worthwhile.


A lot of companies do this now. If you step outside of the Tech Sphere. Wendy's twitter account does it, Chik Fil A, Cheesecake factory, Sports teams, Game specific twitters do it. I personally find it funny because it sheds the business is supposed to always be serious persona that companies always had. The meme "Sir this is a Wendy's" came specifically from Wendy's twitter talking spicy to McDonalds or Burger King. It's pretty funny watching Wendy's tell McDonalds that all they do is take frozen burgers and put them in the microwave which is true. I think calling it cringe is taking the ads too seriously. Apple uses Samsung parts after all and nobody high enough in either company cares about these little jabs which are par for the course on twitter.


Yeah And I know Apple did it too but still... If they would still ship charging bricks with the phone and the rest then it wouldn't be so cringe.


Doesn't bother me at all.


No! Next question


I think it's hilarious, fair play to them


What is there to be salty about? The iPhone 14 is literally the iPhone 13 down to the chip. The pro max copied Samsung cutouts and is trying to sell popup notifications and notification icons in the status bar like they're something new. They're both boring phones. Apple tries to pretend this company that innovates and invents on a regular basis, Samsung is just calling them out for being boring and behind the curve, as always


I thought it was funny.


i feel like its more about the lack of innovation from apple, rather than that specific quirk.


Samsungs marketing is often cringe worthy.


The notch ads were hilarious. Just ironic they copied them 6 months later.


But samsung never copied the notch lol. Unless you count the tab s8 The headphone jack though... hmm


And power brick..next up - sim cards


In all fairness, sim cards are hella archaic. Esim FTW.


Lol just because America is ready for esim doesnt mean the whole world is. And the world isnt just america.


You're making the assumption esim is a technical advancement. It isn't. Break open a Sim card. They've been the same size since 2008 for literal ease of use. Zero countries have a problem implementing the same technology they already have.


No, I'm just saying that around the world there are barely any phones that support e-sim. Its only the flagships, and in certain places almost everyone has a budget phone (which don't support e-sim). It will be a while until it will be adopted, so for now I think Sims are the way to go.


Woah, who on earth said anything about outlawing Sim cards? But esim IS better. More room for battery, software updates, less water ingress, less damaged pins Esim is better, easier, has zero downsides, and allows for better battery (when no tray is present.) >so for now I think Sims are the way to go. This is a fallacy. Don't get trapped by it. The future is a cheaper, more efficient option. Don't say the past is the way to go because it hasn't been phased out yet.


Really? On their current lineup they have the A23, A42, A13, A03, A32, A12, A20. That's just this years lineup in the US.


Notice how none of those are S


Did I specify S? What, the A series is outsourced? Don't pretend hipocracy is excused because it isn't on the flagship.


im strugging to understand here. Are you making fun of samsung or are you on samsung's side? I'm trying to say they made fun of apple for the headphone jack and then they removed the headphone jack.


What? I have to pick a side? Why? Because you argued with my fact that it's ironic Samsung copied something they made fun of?


lets just leave it here. Because I'm pretty confused at what your stance is


That cameras doesn't even count as a proper notch. They are around the same size than the hole-punch camera.


You really can't compare mocking a decision on a flagship to midrange/ budget phones when those phones exist to have budget cuts


It just comes off as immature imo, especially when you consider the fact that samsung has a record of copying the very things that they roasted apple for. This fact makes it seem like their marketing and development teams are on completely different pages when it comes to their products.


So Samsung next year is going to not have foldable phones? Lmao


I literally laughed out loud from that logical deduction of yours, thank you, I need to laugh like that more often (username checks out). But no, I was just referring to their roasting in general. Roasting someone for a bad hair cut just to go out and get the same hair cut is just a goofy look. As far as their foldables go, I can already see their twitter post "we've had folding phones for \_\_ years!" whenever apple does a foldable as they already did for the 8k recording feature.


You replied to a post about Samsung tweeting how Apple doesn't have a fold saying that the tweet was immature because they'll end up copying apple the next year. I'm missing where the hilarious leap in logic is


>I'm missing where the hilarious leap in logic is Sure, I can help you out with understanding the logic here. The post is actually referring to "Samsung's Twitter" which is full with all sorts of different tweets, including the folding one (but not limited to it). I was using examples from the past (them copying post roast and their Twitter in general) to help reinforce the idea behind the marketing team and development team being on totally different pages which comes off as immature (like the tweets weren't fully thought out by all the teams at Samsung cohesively before someone hit send). Your logical deduction was contingent on the assumption that I was using the copying example to help reinforce the immaturity of the specific tweet, them saying "Let us know when it folds" or whatever. I just found it funny because it was just a very odd deduction to gather from what was said (like they would copy Apple by NOT making a folding phone! lol) I can see your confusion now though, you thought the post was ONLY referring to the *one* tweet whereas I interpreted it as referring to their entire twitter page by usage of the words "Samsung's Twitter" in the title and not something like "Samsung's Tweet". Hopefully I was able to clear that up for you.


Agreed. It seemed desperate. Samsung is big enough and has its own customer base and they don't have to try too hard.


People are talking about it so they’re doing something right.


I thought they where just saying what everyone was thinking.


Tbf i kinda watched it thinking it was satire, But if it was serious its only gonna be aimed at a niche demographic. Although the Flip 3 and 4 seem to be selling heaps at the Phone Shop i work at, So the pace for flippy foldy phones does seem to be picking up


i dont know why people dont notice that not only samsung does shitpost, while they trashtalk about samsung when they find samsung's shitpost only


Apple can easily respond with the following 😂 Exynos 2200 or A16??


bro Samsung galaxy a23 has more megapixels than iPhone 14 a23 = 50 MP I14=48 source= searched it


Thankful I don't use Twitter, but to be honest that stuff doesn't bother me I just look for a phone I like then buy it. Usually a Samsung.


What's cringeworthy is op thinking this is a problem lol.


Nope! Apple perpetuates and profits off of bullying among youth in North America by creating the green vs blue bubble divide. They can get bent.


This social divide that they're intentionally fueling for profit is so crooked and nasty. They prey on the ignorance of their users, relying on them to blame Android for the poor cross-platform experience. Apple fanboys literally think the pixelated photos and videos sent from an Android are due to the camera quality, not realizing their own photos as videos look the same to Android users. And on top of it all, the shade of green is vile and causes headaches. Apple chose it intentionally to make their customers want to avoid interacting with Android users. Nevertheless, Samsung's ad is still cringe. More megapixels on a tiny phone camera sensor creates lower quality photos. Samsung is also preying on its customers by lying to them about this issue. It might not be as harmful as what Apple is doing, but mega corporations aren't *good*.


None of these companies are good, which is why I personally don't care about these types of ad campaigns.


Perpetuating it by ignoring it? Their SMS were green before iMessage existed.


Lol are you one of the "bullied" ones?


Yep! I actually was pretty badly bullied for having a Samsung when I was in late elementary school/early high-school.


I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully it's over now.


The "insensitive a-holes meeting" is over there, darling.


We just observed an example of the youth that was brainwashed by the green bubble v blue bubble problem.


Samsung is not shipping chargers with mid/ low tier phones, what shit are they trolling for.


Wasn't Apple supposed to unveil a folding phone? Was that just smoke?


As long as it's punching up (which it is in the mobile space) they can be as cringey as they want.


Samsung is getting a taste of that Apple money. So many iPhone users have been drawn in by the foldable phones. You can even see their fanboy attributes around as they show off their $1800 Samsung phones and their "bet you wish you weren't poor" attitude. Samsung probably wants to capitalize on it and it's hard to blame them. I truly do not understand why people are so competitive with their smartphone brands but I can't pull off pretending that I don't see that people are. Hell, your phone brand of choice sparks more tribalism than a nation flag these days.


I think Twitter as a whole is cringe worthy..


I didn't know the iPhone 14 had 48mp, now i do.. Thank's Samsung.


I mean, apple made such ads for Android as well. Remember the "your app store and apple app store" ads. Not to mention their campaign against windows during windows vista era


It doesn't matter if it's cringeworthy, it makes people realise that the new iPhone barely changes and there has been no innovation in some time


Yes it does and I have the s22 ultra that I love but I think apples are great too!




it's what they do and personally it doesn't matter all I wanna see is flagship phones cheaper. They can do anything they want to each other, we need to not personalize their madness, the Marketing guys probably eat lunch together don't be fooled by the show.


I mean honestly it really is cringeworthy. Like I get it Samsung and Apple are competitors but this over the top childishness needs to stop. Like it's not even funny anymore and it's not even clever jokes anymore it's just childish picking at this point


Take it as a light hearted attempt at a banter by Samsung. Nothing malicious or cringey in it


Beyond cringe. Given that samsung has basically become the apple of android (in the bad way) they dont have much to brag about. Last time they were mocking apple (no jack, charger or microsd), they ended up copying them about a year later, so i guess we can expect sammy to remove the sim tray and add their own buggy, unsnappy version of dynamic island with the S23.


I rather see this than straight up lies like apple is used to make. For example in their keynote they said the 14 + had the best battery among every iphones, and it's false, it's the 14 pro max, according to their own website... Of course the amount of Mpx on the camera doesnt mean anything, but the foldable thing is something you can't say apple is not late on.


According to Apple.com the iPhone 14 Plus offers 100 hours of audio playback compared to 95 hours on the Pro Max. How is that a straight up lie?


Video playing : +3h for the pro Video streaming : +5h for the pro Audio playback doesn't give a good look at a phone battery life as you will use your phone with its screen on, won't you ?


The max has VRR. It’ll be able to display 30fps as 30fps. Video is not a fair comparison.


I think apple isn’t worried about being late. They’re probably waiting for zero crease. Just like they didn’t do always on until it displayed full wallpaper without hurting the battery.


Zero crease exist since last year... Oppo made the fold n that has no crease.


Exactly! They really were clowns on that one...


Samsung should learn that megapixels mean squat when they can’t even get the shutter lag to disappear for years now.


Nothing is more cringe than "Dynamic Island" so I'd give it a pass.


[Samsung rep. commented on bringing iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island to Galaxy devices](https://www.sammyfans.com/2022/09/10/samsung-commented-on-bringing-iphone-14-dynamic-island-to-galaxy-devices/)


Did.. did you read the article? That's just a random beta moderator using PR speech. Can't believe I got clickbaited like that lol.


I understand the fold model its pretty nice as a working tool but the flip is just a gimmick


I use the flip and it's amazing form factor....some people want this, me included


Those of us who own the flip disagree. You can't fit a slab phone in a woman's pocket but you can fit the flip. That's huge for me it allows me to have a phone on me at all times when I'm outdoors. If personal safety is not your number one priority then it isn't a big deal to you but it is my number one priority. The fold is just too bulky and heavy to be my daily driver. I have a tablet for when I need a tablet. I don't need a tablet very often when I'm out and about. For instance I don't need a tablet when I'm riding my bike but I do need a phone. The flip is perfect.


As someone who owns a flip3 and flip4 and fold3/4, I actually agree with you. It takes an extra step to do any task, and to complete any task. I hate the flips. The folds on the other hand have FAR more functionality, and using it on the cover screen is the same as a regular phone, so zero downside.


It fits better in a pant pocket. I would venture this is the primary reason someone would get a flip. It certainly fits better in my jeans than my S22U.


No, it isn't. Don't knock it til you've tried it.


Happy to burst your bubble, it so is not!! Flip 3 & 4 owner here


the flip is a fashion statement ! ask any chicks ! my gf uses the flip :)


Yes very. They forget they have a non-fold line and that they tend to copy the following iteration. If only they put that much focus on optimizing their software


Samsung has been disappointing as of late. I've never been a fan of the folds or flips, my favorite was the Note which they discontinued. I'm typing this on a Note 20. I did recently consider getting a fold for the first time, looked at the fold 4, and decided not to. Still no s-pen silo, narrow main screen, and I'm not a huge fan of the hinge or how crooked it looks while it's closed. I'm not a huge fan of the crease either but I could tolerate it if everything else was there. For a $1.8k - $2k phone/tablet, it is not good enough. I still don't know why, after discontinuing the Note series, they haven't added a silo for the s-pen to any of their phones. The s-pen used to be a unique feature of the Samsung experience, at least for Note users, and now it's just some optional add-on accessory you gotta carry around if you want to use it. I'm really not an apple fan but I do recognize they are making some powerful devices. I think they're still overpriced and lack a lot of UI OS features but they make some neat stuff. I'm actually a bit interested in the iPad M2 version that should be getting announced soon. It'll likely cost a fortune and come with its own set of dumb OS UI issues but I'm interested to see what they do with it.


> I still don't know why, after discontinuing the Note series, they haven't added a silo for the s-pen to any of their phones. The s-pen used to be a unique feature of the Samsung experience, at least for Note users, and now it's just some optional add-on accessory you gotta carry around if you want to use it. Uhh, my dude, you do know the S22 Ultra has had an S-Pen + silo for the past 7 months? I'm pretty sure Samsung officials have verbatim said it's the new version of the Note going forward.


Yeah, my bad, I didn't realize that. I remember looking at the S22 recently to see if it had it, but I didn't look at the Ultra option. I see now they basically made the Ultra a Note which is a relief.


They didn't discontinue the Note, just renamed it to Ultra, which now has all the features that formerly the Note had.


Oh ok, and it actually has a silo for the s-pen, that's a relief. My mistake, didn't realize they put it on the Ultra.


I could not care less


Yeah I'm not a fan of Samsung doing this especially since Apple isn't taking shots back makes it look like Samsung is talking to themselves lol


Anyone else just think marketing is cringe


Well there was that big data breach, and Apple has a pen so... that's kinda the only selling point right now. You know, other than round watches.


I have had the Z Fold 2 since it came out and I still don’t really know why it folds. I think it’s really cool tech, but as a user I have a hard time actually taking advantage of the fold. The outer screen I never use and the inner screen is big but awkward. Occasionally it’s nice to fold and watch videos hands free, but it’s honestly better to just open it up with the full screen. Samsung often has cool tech looking for a reason to exist. I think their marketing fails to give us a compelling reason to have a phone that folds. Their strategy is “ours folds, yours doesn’t”. That’s why it’s cringe, it’s just empty. They’re acting like they’re the smartest kid in the class, but they’re not.


Seriously. A friend of mine got the new fold. I swear that thing is like an inch thick. It's comically awful. What are you going to go with your huge square screen? Watch YouTube the same size as everyone else but with more black bars? I swear, my tablet is more convenient than that folding brick.


Can't make a decent phone then makes fun of others


The S series of phones are really good


Bruh selling inferior exynos devices is borderline crime. I've been a sammy fanboy but I've grown out of it after getting screwed over multiple times by them


Yeah, I tried to S22 ultra and ditched it for other reasons, but having the "same" phone with an inferior chip just because I live in a different part of the world had a sting to it. The snapdragon even takes better pictures FFS.


Oh, I understand now


Yeah bro, same problems in all of my devices in the same pattern. Its extremely sus


Samsung ads have always given me a bad taste in my mouth to the point where I wish to avoid Samsung whenever possible


Yes. Super cringy and not just Samsung lot of companies doing it now. It just fuels the Samsung/android vs iPhone war/arguments.. Frankly I like Samsung.. I don't give a care what other people have as their phone. Their choice.. But sick to death with "my phone is better then yours" remarks back and forth.


Yeah I hate it. Just do you Samsung and let Apple be Apple


I think it's hilarious


For the most part Samsung has been pretty great with innovations and such, but their mainline has been pretty lacking the past 3 years or so. Not much improvements especially in areas that matter. This is even worse as they should be improving given how bad Qualcomm is falling behind. Their camera should literally be just as good as google/apple. Updates is something they deserve praise on, 4 years is pretty damn good for Android, but I do hope they push it 5 years, I think that is a very good sweet spot that you can't really complain about it compared to Apple at that point.


My first Samsung phone was the Epic in 2010.


I feel like samsung needs to continually let the public know that it's on Apple level of better. It seems like they've done this a lot in the past.


It's a perfect ad...not sure what you'd need to make it less...salty. maybe throw in some crackers.


Personally I don’t care to have a phone that folds. I never missed a flip phone and don’t particularly like them. That’s just me though. And I have both galaxy and iPhone


Meh. All these companies do that


Oh yes. As much as I like Samsung for the innovations they've been brewing, their social media is a mess for the most part, and it makes me cringe. Apple have, for the most part, marketed themselves in such a way that it seems that there is no apparent competition. For a company that innovates as much as Samsung does, I think if they can do the same with their marketing, they'd be doing much better than they already are.


As a Samsung user yes it cringes me. They copied apple and removed the SD card, headphone jack, chargers for no goddamn reason. Meanwhile they can put a goddamn stylus in the phone when they use said the phone can't have a headphone jack because it doesn't have enough space. Flip off seriously Samsung, off with your BS.


Samsung should be focused on Google and not worry what Apple is doing


The reality is, Apple makes a good $7-800 phone and a good $329 tablet, it’s more cost effective to purchase 2 devices that do their jobs well. Rather than 1 that is more expensive and not that great at either being a phone, or a tablet. The question should be, does anyone want Apple to make a folding device? By the sales numbers of the Fold 3 vs iPhone 13…..the answer seems it probably isn’t even worth it for them. It’s a gimmick.


Yes. Also a Samsung owner, never had an iPhone. I do have a MacBook. Basically whatever device works for me best kind of thing. Samsung should actually learn from Apple how to do marketing. Fixating on your competition is just utterly ridiculous, and they take it to extreme levels. It creates a very unhealthy dynamic where Samsung just focuses to up one on Apple instead of simply providing more value to customers. On the other hand, competition does not exist from Apple perspective, they just focus on changes and things and improvements they are bringing to the table vs their previous lineups. That is properly done product showcase and marketing. I might not like their phones, i can dislike how they approach engineering their devices on technical level, but they definitely do a really good job on how to approach marketing.


Yes I do, especially on the heels of a data breach on Samsung's end.


This is free publicity for the iPhone and Apple must be loving it. All those US$ spent on raising brand awareness of your rival. Love it!


"Let us know when it folds" well samsung let us know when the folds suddenly stop cracking in the middle and charges us 500 usd in the service center


I think the best explanation is Arun's video:[These Samsung commercials need to stop](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53Mq4tFDg_w)


I think it's hilarious.


The whole we had this for X amount of time definitely is. Apple's SOC has been ahead for years. Does folding or a 108MP camera make it a better phone? I don't think so...


But a 15% faster CPU from last year doesn't make the iPhone better either as long as it runs iOS that is basically a handicapped and a dumb OS compared to what Android 12L is on the Z Fold4.


Not really trying to pick favorites. Sometimes it's not about having a phone that folds or having an insanely detailed camera. That's the point I was getting across. There are things Apple implemented before Samsung; portrait mode, alternative to SMS, SOC improvements. And there are definitely way more things Samsung has implemented first. The whole we did this first, is all cringey marketing because it's about who did it better.