I saw one comment there that said that we make fun of people who watches the ST and call them consumers. I don't speak for everyone but aren't some people just saying that because those people they make fun of are the ones who go and trash people who are critical of the ST? Like, yeah, go watch the sequels, okay, have fun, but if you're going to insult people for criticizing or even acknowledging the problems of the ST, then you should be prepared to get insulted as well.


some guy: stop calling me a consumer. and just let me enjoy the movies. me: ok. also i never said you couldn't enjoy them. im just pointing out the problems of the movie and trying to get you to realize that their not the perfect movies you think they are. guy: they are good movies, if you just focused on the good stuff and didn't waste any of your time on the bad, you would see. me: are you saying that i should just ignore the flaws of the movie, and consume the product. guy: yes. me: yeah, no thanks consumer.


Based on the merch sales, they aren't having fun.


This is what I will say for them. If you’re enjoying the sequels, awesome. Good for you! But if you don’t, you should have the right to give criticisms without being attacked by people


same, despite anything i've said, in the end i really don't care if someone likes the movies. if anything the thing i don't like is how they ignore the many problems with the film. i mean if you like the movie that's fine, but admit that it's not perfect and that it does have flaws. theirs nothing wrong with admitting that movies you like have problems in them.


Considering how few people actually like the ST and its offshoots IRL, I'd say those 3 people are pretty much it.


Yeah it's become very tiring for sequel lovers to pretend they're in the majority.


They need to get out more. The vast majority have apathetic to mildly dislike views of the ST (which might be just as concerning as the strongly dislike).


I like how someone said that the exact same problems people complain about in the ST are present in the PT......yet no one can seem to bring those problems up can they? Probably because if they did it would show how much the ST sucks oh and that those problems aren't present in the PT. Do the PT and OT have their fair share of problems? Yes. Does the ST? Yes. Cab we criticize all three? No apparently we can't. We can only criticize the PT and OT lol