All three OT films have made it into the National Film Registry. No way the ST is ever making it in.


If Disney can game copyright laws, it can game anything.


A New Hope revolutionize special effects. It created a world that was thought to be impossible at the time. The ST just copied that. Empire gave people so much hype and most people thought of it as "The greatest movie of all time". Not to mention the most iconic plot twist that even decades after its release people still quote it. ROTJ amped up the special effects and gave us a battle that took place in three different locations all happening at the same time. And it gave us a satisfying ending for our heroes. These movies are TIMELESS. They're movies you can watch regardless of what era you're living in. The ST is not because of its political messages and other problems. The OT created a universe which fans all over the cherish and unite under. The ST divided those fans. The ST will never be as good as the OT


I really hope they’re being sarcastic. I don’t think anything will top the OT


Yeah I'd like to think it's a troll post but the upvotes tell me at least *someone* feels that way


The cope is strong with these pussies.


The Wizard of Oz had its time, but Oz The Great And Powerful with James Franco is a masterpiece with a deep story and outstanding effects.


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Peoppe like this are basically delusional if you ask me


Yep. Sometimes I honestly wonder if hardcore ST defenders like this actually believe what they're saying or if they're just trying to prove they're not "toxic fans" and taking it way too far. I can't imagine people legitimately thinking the ST is some deep work of art and the originals aren't.


The OT was about family. The whole speech by vader saying “tell your sister you were right” brings me to tears.


The sheer level of stupidity in these people is staggering.


Yeah I really loved that super creative parts where they found a orphan on a desert planet who becomes a Jedi, and the old mentor figure sacrifices himself, and the part where they blow up a giant planet destroying base. All super creative and original scenes.