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It's funny how much better Rogue One's space scenes look


It’s the best new movie. It has so much attention to detail and I absolutely love the GoPro like camera angles in the space fight. It’s StarWars as it always should have been. Edit: correction, the mandalorian is the best thing that happened to StarWars. Rogue one is second


Every time I rewatch Rogue One I have to rewind and watch the scene of the X-Wing coming out of hyperspace with the camera right over the cockpit. Hnnnnnng one of my favorite scenes in all of Star Wars.


I also love how they used old footage of some of the pilots that were in ANH. They didn’t need to do that, but the commitment to continuity just amazed me.


Yeah, I think that I may have done an involuntary air punch when they turned up. Genius!


Kinda nice how it explains how they're so low on pilots that they're like, "Farmboy!" *tosses keys* "Try not to die, fuckface!"


and Dak recommended him too, probably the biggest thing




Good point


The shot of the Star Destroyer moving out of the shadow of the Death Star projector dish gave me chills in the theater.


Yes! That “sunseting” effect, greatness!


And let’s not forget that Vader scene. Man that had me sat up on my seat in the cinema. It’s amazing how much I like that movie considering my girlfriend told me we were ‘going on a break’ me right before going to see it with her so I sat there watching it alone next to an empty seat


It's even more incredible considering that scene almost never made it to the movie. It was just added in when filming was completed and the movie was like 3 months away from release.


how did giacchino and the music team get the score, choir, etc., together that quickly? Pretty amazing work, considering.


Giacchino amazingly scored Rogue One in [just four and a half weeks.](https://news.avclub.com/michael-giacchino-describes-writing-the-rogue-one-score-1798254672)


IMO, if someone's gonna succeed John Williams, it should be him. The music he made for rogue one definately had.the star wars feel, unlike solo where the music that wasn't composed by John Williams just sounded like ass


He is John Williams' successor. I honestly thought Williams did Rogue One, because it sounded so Star Wars. But Micheal not only emulating Williams' work perfectly, but doing it in 4 and a half weeks? He needs more credit.


I nearly wet my grown man pants in the last few minutes of Rogue One, was glorious


That transition is probably the best in the entire franchise.


It's fucking awesome isn't it?


It's the best new movie because it's the only one that adds to the OT. Showing how they got the DS plans and adding some depth to the Empire with characters like Krennic and Jyn's father build on the existing lore in a satisfying way. All the other Disney films retcon or cheapen the emotional value of stuff from the OT or prequels.


I don't care about adding to the OT. It was a well made movie that was designed around the universe, not the other way around. They even added to the the universe in a logical way with the Monks. You have non/low force sensitive people who train their entire lives and get some low level forms of force powers. Not only is that really cool and relatable to normal people, it allows for some of the crazy things they do in the movies to make more sense.


It also makes sense that even in the absence of the Jedi order, there would be small sects maintaining some traditions and training, especially so recently after the Empire's takeover. You wouldn't expect literally all awareness and connection to something so ingrained in a *galactic* society to vanish overnight, even with a dedicated government focus on erasing it. There are just too many people who would have had first-hand experience with the Jedi for it to be totally gone that fast. The monks were a pretty good way of showing some of the survivors keeping the flame going, even if it was dim and at risk of dying.


Nah I think people definetly would have forgotten about the few thousand years of Jedi order after a couple of decades, definetly need Han to confirm that the force is real.


But also, Rey knew intimate details of Luke turning Vader back from the dark side... despite it all being just stories?


I thought he was just a myth.


That line is honestly bs. Like dude, it has been 30 years. It's like saying the USSR is a myth


Well said. It also gives subtle nods to a lot of the fanbase. Rebels? Have a VCX 100 in the space battle. Prequels? Boom - grey affiliation force users. OT? This is the prequel you wanted. EU? A bunch of background characters we didn’t have to include but did anyway.


It’s actually the Ghost! They show it on the Yavin 4 landing pad, Chopper is rolling around in the background, and there’s an announcement over the PA for ‘General Syndulla.’


Well technically speaking we can’t say for sure. It was a nondescript VCX-100. But it’s heavily implied. Also correct me if I’m wrong but General Syndulla could also refer to Hera’s father Cham right?


Technically, yes, it could refer to Cham. I believe that Lucasfilm did state that it’s the Ghost + Hera. Chopper being there also indicates this heavily.


Plus we’ve already seen the Ghost and crew on Yavin 4, makes sense that they’d be there


I think it’s been stated that Cham Syndulla never affiliated with the Alliance, preferring instead to focus on solely Ryloth.


I liked Solo a lot. I know people don’t like it but I thought it was also enjoyable af and certainly better than the sequel trilogy


I don't think it added to the OT in much the same way that Solo did nothing to add to the character Han Solo. Yes, it told us a story with new details, but it was not one that really needed to be told. Why the Death Star has a weak point is not really all that important. It did. And arguably it was basically already explained in the OT: Hubris. TAGGE And what of the Rebellion? If the Rebels have obtained a complete technical readout of this station, it is possible, however unlikely, that they might find a weakness and exploit it. VADER The plans you refer to will soon be back in our hands. MOTTI Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they've obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it!> & OFFICER We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by? TARKIN Evacuate? In out moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances! All Rogue One does is tell the story of the characters that were created for Rogue One. That's not a bad thing necessarily, but I don't think it really does anything to expand the story of really any of the OT. It expands the story of one minor technical detail in the first movie of the trilogy. I mean, when you boil it down, we pretty much already got the story of Rogue One in the scroll of A New Hope.


I think it does a great job of adding to the stories of the Rebellion and Empire.


Because they fought like actual 3d space battles, where the sequel movies were 2d as if they fought like battleships


Don’t forget Poe’s handbrake turn in space.


Get out they didnt do that right


He literally drifts


Omg thats even worse then the moon walk stab from kylo


the saber combat was the most cringe shit ive ever seen. The back hand blocking and then waiting to hit killed me.


It doesnt beat the blaster dissaper tho


He Force skyped it lol, can we just press the reset button on these movies?


With Force Prime^TM you can get your lightsaber right when you need it instead of having to build your own!




Or the dagger disappear, where one of Snoke's guards has got Rey engaged at close quarters and had no visible reason not to just stick his offhand dagger into her back. So they edited the dagger out of the scene for a few seconds, his hand passes behind Rey and comes out the other side empty.


Oh that one was great too but i think its quite funny how they couldnt make the scene without some bs because hes got her in this hold and how she wins is by letting go of the lightsaber and grabbing it against and killing him but he just stops moving instead of stabing her in the head and just kinda waits to get get stabbed.


Fuck me, it feels like every so often I learn another horrible thing about RoS


I mean, that was in TLJ. But RoS has its own problems.


Damn, it was? I only watched TLJ once, so maybe I glazed over it. Thanks for letting me know about it though.


Don't forget the stupid B-17 inspired strategic space bombers with gravity propelled bombs (don't tell me it's magnetic, why the fuck else would they design the bomb bay like that). Remember how B-17s attacked battleships by flying directly over them? No, because they used light torpedo bombers to chuck concentrated ordinance at them from a distance so they wouldn't get immediately blown to shit by AA fire. Every other Star Wars movie seems to have figured this out. There's a reason the Y-Wing shows up so often in large naval battles featuring capital ships.


Arced laser turrets.


Rogue one is the only star wars movie that shows y wings actually filling the fighter/bomber role. By that I mean it actually drops ordnance like a bomber.


The amount of times I've put the RO space battle super cut on while drunk and baked off my ass, listening to everything from blues to thrash metal, is a million times more enjoyable than the blanketed horse circle jerk we got in ROS and the entire Disney trilogy combined. A ten minute video is better than a trilogy, and if you took those ten minutes out of rogue one, it would still be a better movie than 7,8,9.


Yeah, the render and composite is so, so much better.


Oh man, those damn Star Destoyers. The first images look so cool, when lots of people thought there was a fleet of mothballed ISD 1s coming back. Then they turned out to be super duper SDs with no rational foundation in the universe. Like where does all the power for the super gun come from? One of these is way smaller then a death star reactor! That kind of power on that ship should give it invincible shielding and enough turbo laser fire to take on the Executor! Damned lazy nonsense


They could have at least used a fleet of Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyers, but no, their story team has never heard of the EU.


Is that EU? Was the Executor a different class of Super Star Destroyer? I just wanted to see that thing in battle! Vader could have hyperspaced into battle with that thing in the battle over Scarif!


So in the movies, we only see the Executor, which is the OG Super Star Destroyer. In the EU, writers (being the creative types they were) wanted to present newer, bigger, and often more unique classes of Star Destroyers and Super Star Destroyers instead of just rehashing the same threats over and over. (Of course, I think the Imperial I and Imperial II classes of Star Destroyers were always the most popular).


I would imagine those Super Star Destroyers were prohibitively expensive! I can't even imagine what sort of threat they are designed for considering they are so much larger than even a Capital Ship!


Possibly the Yuuzhan Vong threat, just like the death star.


Exactly, an Eclipse SSD could have been taking out worldships left and right


"What the Empire would have done was build a super-colossal Yuuzhan Vong–killing battle machine. They would have called it the Nova Colossus or the Galaxy Destructor or the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose. They would have spent billions of credits, employed thousands of contractors and subcontractors, and equipped it with the latest in death-dealing technology. And you know what would have happened? It wouldn't have worked. They'd forget to bolt down a metal plate over an access hatch leading to the main reactors, or some other mistake, and a hotshot enemy pilot would drop a bomb down there and blow the whole thing up. Now that's what the Empire would have done." - Han Solo, *Destiny's Way*


The best the empire could do was blow up planets so the Vong couldnt have them. They weren't going to best them.


IIRC the New Republic had a SSD in service during that war but it didn’t do so hot.


>The *Lusankya* served in the New Republic fleet for nearly twenty years. She participated in the Battle of Borleias during the Yuuzhan Vong War, where she helped protect the Republic stronghold on Borleias over the course of a month. After taking heavy damage due to attrition, it was decided that she would be abandoned. The *Lusankya*'s crew was slowly taken off, while her weapons were dismantled and transferred to other warships. In their place, New Republic engineers installed a massive hollow spear, known as the Beltway that ran the length of the ship underneath her hull, which was then filled with high explosives. When the time came to finally evacuate Borleias, the *Lusankya* was sent to collide into the Domain Hul worldship. With a fleet of Republic warships escorting him, Commander Eldo Davip was able to reach the worldship and impale the *Lusankya*'s hull into it before escaping the doomed ship. Both vessels were obliterated, allowing New Republic forces to withdraw among the chaos. *Lusankya* was one of several Super Star Destroyers to serve with the New Republic, and it would have continued to serve with distinction if not for the severe damage it sustained defending Borleias.


Why didn't the captain just hyperspace jump into the enemy???


They had the *Lusankya*, but it was undergunned (many turbolasers being stripped off because of a time of peace). It was basically mothballed before the Vong showed up. General Wedge Antilles ended up using it as a giant ram to take out the biggest worldship (IIRC) the Vong had, so it served a big important purpose after all. That said, a Super Star Destroyer (Executor-class) like the *Lusankya* is an entirely different animal from the fucking *Eclipse*-class Super Star Destroyer. The latter carried a superlaser (like the terrible ones from TRoS), but the ship was slightly shorter than the Executor and MUCH thicker. Dummy thicc. The *Eclipse* would have made worldships its bitches.


tbh that's kind of the Empire way to intimidate any potential enemies so ig it makes some sense


The [Eclipse Class](https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Eclipse-class_dreadnought) was another type of Super Star Destroyer than the Executor Class. It would be more suited for the story, because it had a Superlaser as its central weapon. However, this superlaser made more sense than the ones in ROS, because the Eclipse was far, far larger than a stander Imperial class, and the laser was far weaker than the ones used on the Death Stars (according to Wookiepedia, "similar to but significantly less powerful than one of the component beams used in the Death Star's superlaser"). Also, it was introduced in the story of Palpatine being reborn with a massive fleet hidden over a Sith planet, sound familiar?


Dark Empire, right? I loved those books.


*Buzz Lightyear Hmmmm meme*


Well since they stole Dark Empire's story I think they knew they were just lazy.


Actually we would’ve seen an Eclipse SD in Trevorrow’s DotF. In the script the resistance steals one from Kuat.


Would we have actually gotten to see Kuat in the movies?


Probably some version of it had they not fired Colin Trevorrow


The more I hear about that script the more I whish it was the one that got made...


What a missed opportunity.


I was thinking “where did all these fleet commanders and enlistees come from?”


I still don’t know where they came from :(


Its shit like that that annoys me too, like "small" ships, although still capital, have carried death star tech before in the EU, that was the size of several ISD IIs - and theres max 14 years tech difference here from the empire Edit : i meant the eclipse class dreadnought


Rose figures out that they pull energy from the main reactor meaning one shot at the laser and boom! Luckily they had their shields off.


While recovering from the OT, Uncle Palpy read Enders Games and developed [little doctors](https://enderverse.fandom.com/wiki/Molecular_Disruption_Device). Not that the added firepower added anything to the story, all it added was a weakness to exploit so the shitty rebel ships could blow them up. Every 1 of 10 could be a planet killer, and rest could have large scale ion cannons and it would be even worse for the rebels.


Lmao also in 8 they just introduced this “miniature Death Star teach” that apparently only is strong enough to punch a small hole in a wall and then in 9 they have cannons the exact same size strapped to Star destroyers that can destroy planets.


Any laser larger than a turbolaser is now Death Star tech, apparently. Wonder if the Rebel's ion cannon on Hoth qualifies.


But they wanted consistency! /s


It’s totally different though! It has a mini-DS laser AND a red stripe!! That’s big brain changes! /s


That mini-DS laser is massive big pp


#incredibly #colossal #pp


Dong Destroyers.


Like, literally


And it's 20% bigger! Everything should have been way out of scale on the inside because you can't just scale up a ship like that without a complete redesign.


Yet, the Sith Troopers are based off of First Order design. I remember seeing the promo material in August for them and it said how Kylo Ren based them off a dark legacy, yet in the movie they’re from the Sith Eternal. They were fucking with that movie until the parents cam home.


Being consistently able to dissapoint fans is also consistency so they achieved that atleast .




_Perhaps_ Palpatine began the Final Order before the ISD-i was discontinued, and decided whatever upgrades the ISD-ii brought to the table weren't worth incorporating into his cultist-built death-fleet. I assume among those upgrades was the ability to tell which way is up without a navigation tower. And maybe some kind of roll thrusters in case some idiot decides to fight a space cruiser with cavalry. But, I mean, what are the chances that either of _those_ would be important?!


What you don't know about Zombie Palp's fleet is those aren't modified ISD-Is. They are the same design, but scaled up 20%. Like that would make any sense.


Where is this 20% bigger figure coming from?


No, you see they added the cannon on the bottom. It's a toooootally different ship!


Hey hey hey, it MUCH more than that! There’s a red stripe to.


I bet you didn't recognize me with this red stripe!


And its like...way bigger! Even the Windows.


Silly me, the bottom one is turned up, so I assumed the stripe was still there, but you're definitely right!


Weird that the final order would be using imperial 1 class star destroyers instead of ISD 2s.


I was just discussing this on r/Mawinstallation a few days ago. This just shows how incredibly lazily made this movie was. There isn't any excuse for it, either. ISD-IIs were in production before ANH since we see some over Scarif. Xystons are about 1.7 the size of an ISD-I so you can't even say they're recycled ships from the imperial era. That may seem like a huge nitpick, but it was shit like this that George paid attention to, no one cares about the details anymore. SW movies are not passion projects made by people who love the franchise, they're corporate money-grabbers churned out at an alarming rate.


> SW movies are not passion projects made by people who love the franchise, they're corporate money-grabbers churned out at an alarming rate. Very well put. Pretty much hits the nail directly on the head and was the reason why most of us were super skeptical when Disney purchased the franchise.


> they're corporate money-grabbers churned out at an alarming rate. Not anymore, they effectively destroyed the brand with that strategy


Honestly I could let that slide, I wouldn't even have noticed it myself. The big problem with this fleet was that they were able to miniaturize death star cannon tech 1000 fold in 30 years. What's next? A tie fighter than can blow up planets? A guy with a planet killing blaster? Why not make it so they built a dozen or so SSDs with planet killing tech? Way more believable and they could've reused the SSD model. Or heck just reuse the mega class Supremacy model. The threat is still the same. And you could even come up with a better reason for them not being able to leave Exogol. Like, I don't know, they're so big that they take extra time for their engines and shields to power up. But I guess that would've been harder than clicking copy and paste a thousand times on the ISD model.


Everything had to be dialed up to 11. Uncle Palpy could have just came back with 1000 regular SDs and that would have been enough of a threat, but no. Tier 2 Kardashev scale weapons are not enough, force powers bringing down fleets are not enough. 1000s of ships are not enough. The threats have to be so big, the powers so wild, that nothing means anything anymore.


A reminder that Palps tried to use planet destroying weapons 4 times. Death Star 1 and 2, Starkiller and those ships. And haven't worked as planned once. And then got defeated by his own lighting. Again. The old man never learns, does he?


The sun crusher is more original than the Xyston, and even that is just something from my childhood stories.


Felt like there wasn't much thought in updating any of the ships/gear used in the newer movies. We fast forwarded 30 years and technology is still basically the exact same. They couldn't even come up with a new looking bad guy troop they were just the same old storm troopers who wear armor that doesn't really protect them from anything.


Tech not moving isn't that crazy in a civilization as advanced as Star Wars. That's one gripe I don't have


Even the original trilogy introduced TIE Bombers, TIE Interceptors, the Executor, A-Wings and B-Wings gradually, to the point they the EU considered some of them technology that emerged after A New Hope.


Yeah, I'm on a different mental track than what you're all saying. I agree with you. I was in the mindset that "anything they made in Ep3 they could have made in ep1 if they needed to or thought to". I was thinking in universe and you're talking about out of universe


> I was in the mindset that "anything they made in Ep3 they could have made in ep1 if they needed to or thought to". This is true in universe, doctrine drives vehicle design in star wars, not tech change


To a point I can see that, as someone might be starved of resources (like we initially thought the first order was, especially after losing SKB) retrofitting old tech is understandable. But thanks to TROS we find out that nope, they got lots of resources. To point at the PT you can see a shift happen from TPM to ROTS. You still see older craft but new ones are introduced alongside them that compliment or eventually supersede them. From first order to the sith order (final order? Can’t remember the name of Palps new peeps) you only see heavily retrofitted ships. I know the Death Star destroyers are supposed to be new, but they address no shortcomings of the original ISDs from rogue one/OT. It also shows incredible laziness or lack of vision on Lucasfilm’s part that all they did was upscale the rogue one model and only added a super laser...seriously, the bridge windows are like 20 feet high now. They didn’t even adjust those...


The changes in tech during the 20 or so years from the PT to OT was evolutionary, not revolutionary, but it was still there. Would like to have seen at least some tweaking happen in the 30 or so years between ROTJ and TFA. But nope, we get the same x-wing, y-wing, and TIE fighters, as well as the same star destroyers.


> same x-wing Well, they did present a new X-Wing model (remember the split engine design?), but it looks like crap, so I personally consider it a step back.


It was literally a step back, as [it was based on the original concept art by Ralph McQuarrie](https://www.sideshow.com/blog/how-original-ralph-mcquarrie-concept-art-inspired-star-wars-the-force-awakens). Why come up with new ideas when you can scavenge from the past?


Props to the props guys for knowing about McQuarrie though, I guess. Lol


Well I don't have a lot of advanced civilizations to compare it with but just look at cars from 30 years ago to today. Have a hard time believing that technology was just at its peak and would never improve over three decades. But I get your point.




If you want your mind blown, look at how old the B52 platform is.


Our tech was stable before the industrial revolution, and it'll stabilize again after nuclear fusion. They've already discovered FTL travel in SW so we've got quite a bit to go.


Like I said I don't really have any hypothetical futures to really compare it to but to just change some designs would be pretty cool. I'm not a big Star Trek guy but at least they have a bunch of different looking ships whereas Star Wars has been pretty much the same for it's entire existence. Just seems lazy to me.


The old republic when hyperspace lanes were first discovered had different looking ships. And to be fair star destroyers were a new design when they were made for the clone wars. Considering the economic conditions of the galaxy under the Empire it makes sense they'd keep using them. They mass produced tie fighters instead of x wings because of budgetary issues.


Sure we can make excuses for why they didn't need to change anything but at the end of the day my opinion is going to be that they were lazy and didn't want to create anything new. I mean you have a movie where you can literally do anything creatively that you want and at the end of the day you just reuse the same ideas from the 70's. What's the fun in that?


The US still uses aircraft carriers from the 70s because capital ships are notoriously expensive, resource intensive, and take a long time to build. It doesn't surprise me that the Empire wouldn't refresh their fleet over the course of 30 years. Heck, it probably would take most of that time to vet a new design, build new shipyards, do research and development, gather the physical resources, etc.


It's true. USS Nimitz is the oldest carrier commissioned at the moment. Granted, my money is her versus, says, the much newer Admiral K. from Russia any day of the week.


It's not really making excuses though. It's what makes sense if you look at the whole thing as a real world that keeps existing even when you aren't looking. It literally makes more sense for a galactic empire to reuse whatever can be reused than to randomly build innovative new gargantuan ships just for the aesthetics.


I agree with this point as a star trek nerd myself the Enterprise was changed several times in design even in the span of 10-30 years


They invented FTL spaceships tens of thousands of years ago. If their technology wasn't stagnant they'd be so advanced as to be incomprehensible to us.


Tech stagnation is an actual thing, though. [Here’s](http://www.stardestroyer.net/wiki/index.php?title=Technological_stagnation) a thing I found with a quick search that’s a decent read. We’ve only just had such a huge technological boom in the last few decades that it seems like tech should be progressing much faster, but for a Star Wars example, Jedi have been using lightsabers for millennia. And blasters seem to be mostly the same throughout the Old Republic til the OT. (Tho whether or not ppl consider Old Republic fitting into the original canon is up to opinion, I guess.) IRL, horse drawn carriages seem to have been mostly of the same functional design for centuries, with small changes. I do agree that the ships should be different post OT though, since every civilization seems to like tinkering with things, whether or not they make big strides in improving them.


Sure but with the noticeable difference between the PT and OT, would it have been too much to ask for the ST to mix things up a little more? Doesn’t even need to be dramatically upgraded tech, just new and unique designs that can take center stage over rehashed x-wings and star destroyers and AT-ATs, etc


Pretty much agree, in the Star Wars EU you go back 4000 years and the technology is nearly the exact same. I’m more surprised/disappointed at how “fast” the tech jumps from the Death Star to the Starkiller base to the OP star destroyers.


I can excuse static tech, but the military doctrines and needs of the galactic powers should have changed. They did a good job in VII with the First Order’s new star fleet. It’s basically old tech reconfigured to suit new needs and we got a good glimpse of how the new TIEs and Star Destroyers are different with the two-man TIE/sf and the missile launchers on the SD. The resistance got nothing except different colored X-wings, but they could’ve fleshed that out more in the later movies. Instead we just got either impractical designs that make no sense (dreadnaught, star defender, and Death Star SDs) or new ships with no explanation as to how they’ve different than what we’ve seen before.


...the bombers that had to 'fly over their target'...and 'drop' their bombs... I remember playing the old X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter games and torpedoing the shit out stuff with Y wings, but I guess we regressed in technology.


Only TLJ shitty bomber might be a new thing in DT


That would be a cool ship if they could actually take a beating, because that is what I thought they were going to do. Just fly through a thousand TIEs and eat it up like a pro. If the Bombers are super strong, then the turrets on the dreadnaught could have been turbolasers, the only thing that can take the bombers down.


Ya, the B-17s and Lancasters they were inspired by could take far more of a beating than they could


I was given the "Complete Vehicles" book around the time TFA was released. I remember looking through it and realizing just how few original ships were included in the section on TFA (and how few vehicles there were overall). There are 8 vehicles in that section of the book, and of those 4 of them are practically identical to vehicles from the OT (Millennium Falcon, Poe's X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and SF TIE Fighter). The other vehicles are Stormtrooper Transport, Command Shuttle, Rey's Speeder Bike, and Han's Freighter. For comparison, the sections for the other movies have: * TPM - 14 vehicles (plus a few extra pages going into more detail on some parts) * AotC - 14 vehicles * RotS - 20 vehicles * OT (combined into a single section) - 24 vehicles


> Stormtrooper Transport A brick with a periscope. > Rey's Speeder Bike Rey's Speeder Brick. >Han's Freighter This one is supposed to be ugly so well done. > Command Shuttle Another brick but it flies horizontally, it is completely different! Yeah, I did not like the "new" vehicles of the sequels.


> Command Shuttle Let’s take the Lambda Shuttle, remove the center fin, make the side fins MUCH longer, and paint it black!


Xyston-class destroyer might be the laziest ship design in Star Wars history.


FO TIE Fighter would like a word with you. Literally just a color change.


and they have tons more guns now for some reason.


its like theres not way that they can use a few thousand foot long gun to destroy a planet when 30 years prior they needed one that was like 50 miles long


Something something Force


Thats not how the force works


Shhhhhh, we don’t care, we just want money




There was so much potential for exciting lore but instead they waved their hands and made something extremely uninteresting. Not only did they steal the design but they went and scaled it about 150%, making it another victim of the “OT but bigger/better” problem. The Xyston made planet killing cheap and dumb, something the empire always earned with the Death Stars. Then they made them comically easy to destroy compared to the fact that the rebel alliance has only ever destroyed an ISD-1 at the battle of Scarif due to luck and ingenuity. To top it off it’s really dumb that they just reused the design. It shows how lazy and rushed the movie was as a whole. Makes me, someone who cares a lot about ship design in Star Wars and was looking forward to either 1) a cool new design or 2) interesting lore about an old design, deeply disappointed and angry.


In the EU, and most content besides the movies, a single ISD could take on a whole fleet of rebels. In the ST, they made them vulnerable to some dude in an x wing who shot a beacon or some shit.


And they made it “larger”. Literally just upscaled it and said it was fine! Lazy at its finest


I like to imagine everything inside is scaled up as well and all the officers need stepladders to man the controls.


Maybe even the crew is upsized also? With JJ and this movie, anything is possible, including 12 foot officers


Can we all just backup a second to the fact that the Legends book *Darksaber* was the original flying Death Star weapon only concept? As well as the *Eclipse* Star Destroyer. No fucking original thought at all for the new trilogy, let alone TROS...


What really cracks me up about RoS is that one of these Star Destroyers got away, as it was deployed (and blowing up planets) before the final battle even began. Like, you have a planet-killing logistically-agile cruiser filled with cultists that now have a vengeance pact just zooming around the galaxy and nobody is even thinking about it. I feel like that's way more dangerous than the logistically complex and difficult to maneuver Death Star was.


The novelization says that the Derriphan [just went back to Exegol](https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Derriphan), where it was destroyed with all the rest. Because reasons.


As wack as it is, the Rogue One ISD model is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.


In my own personal fanfic I did have a star destroyer with a mounted death star laser but unlike in the movies, there were BIG draw backs to using it in anything close to a combat situation. In my fanfic the only way for a star destroyer to get enough power to attain critical mass to fire the thing was basically reroute all power from every system save life support to the laser and fire it. From there it took an entire systems reboot of 15 min to even get the lights back on. But somehow I feel like the fanfic I wrote as a high schooler had more thought and effort than the TROS team put into the movie




I am perfectly honest when I say I have heard of but never seen Babylon 5 nor this spinoff. But it DOES make sense: an oversized death laser designed for a moon sized battle station would have MAJOR drawbacks if mounted on a much smaller vessel.




I mean I have heard the name but honestly I mostly know the name from the old trading card game. We're going WAY off topic but I used to collect the old star wars TCG as a kid and would get a magazine called Scrye that would have all the card price listings. It would also cover other games like magic, the star trek tcg and Babylon 5. I would bring the magazine to summer camp and read every article


Yup. And painted it red so it's Sith!


Did they even ever TRY to explain how they overhauled the ISDs to generate enough power to fire the main gun? Like seriously, I’m pretty sure the DS reactors alone were 20 times the size of the entire ship, yet the new ISDs can fire while still retaining engines and life support.


They didn’t overhaul the ISDs. Apparently the Xyston in TROS is a completely new ship.




It's actually fucking hilarious how lazy these movies were. Can you believe they did this _after_ doing "Star Killer Base"?? It's so bad it's embarrassing.


They just stuck a dick on it and called it a day


ISD - Imperial (but also) Sith Dick


"When in doubt, add a superweapon!" -JJ Abrams


ROS is like if they made a season 9 of game of thrones this year about Bran’s first year on the throne... the damage was already done and they would just be puppeteering a corpse!


Haha no, they would try to sloppily undo everything about season 8. "Somehow, the Night King has returned."


Not the same model at all. They put a red stripe and a penis on it. Totally different! Edit: But in all fairness, why wouldn't you use the same model if you already had one and the creative execs literally just asked for "an old school SD with an extra laser," which I'm sure they did. I mean, the entire concept is stupid, but I wouldn't call it lazy execution, just a lazy idea.


And yet, far more effort was put into that canon model and the red line than was put into the script.


The closest the sequel trilogy ever brought me to tears was when I realised how terrible they were.


I don't think it's laziness on the teams part. They're doing the best with what they got. It was a horribly manged project with unreasonable deadlines and a director with a lazy sense of storytelling.


But they got a cool fire red strip, how can you not like that? /s


nuh uh it's grey and has a bit cannon on the bottom! I know because I bought all the toys!


I just hate how after 30 years there's no new ship design, only slight variations of existing ones. Like in the prequels you have the ARC-170, the AT-TE, AT-RT's and a lot more. If you make a silhouette of them you'd be able to tell these ships or tanks apart from each other. Compare a silhouette of the OT ships and the ST ships and most wouldn't even see a difference. These new writers are so devoid of creativity that it now looks like the only story they cared about is another empire vs rebels trilogy.


“The EU is lame because it brings back the emperor with clones and has too many stupid super weapons!” -Sequel trilogy fans before TROS came out


I find it hilarious how Rogue One which was literally in the same timeline as ANH was more creative than the Sequel Trilogy.


That’s a fact. New variants of TIE fighters and the U wing among others were cool to see.


There was so much loving attention to details in the Prequels, showing us how the OT ships and other military hardware evolved. I loved the little detail that the Venator-class lost its colourful exterior paint job when the Republic became the Empire. I was hoping Solo might show us something like a "transitional fossil' between the Venator and Imperial classes, which alas it did not.


It would’ve been better if they reused the First Order Star Destroyer, or if they just made something with some small differences.


They should made a whole new ship and uniform for the FO not a reskin Empire like we had.


The FOreskin you say?


It's like all those crappy mobile games, you know the ones I'm talking about, where you build/manage an "empire", make troops, fight baddies, gather gold/gems, then either wait for a day or pay a few dollars to keep playing it. They're all the same game, they just look a little different.


The rogue wan one looks even better too


>Brand new star destroyer with a gun that has the power to destroy planets... doesn’t have an on board navigation system to navigate off a planet And how did they even man all those ships??? They were buried under ground for god knows what reason since nobody could get to that location anyways. And let’s not even talk about how they were even going to feed the people on those ships


The ship design in the entirety of the sequel trilogy is just unforgivably lazy. The prequels gave us a ton of new and original ship designs whereas the sequels only gave us shittier versions of original trilogy ships.


As a Star Trek fan, I feel a kinship in this sub.