Definitely calm but confident (and humorous). I view it like this: With every cold call I interrupt people during one of their routines. There is no way around this. In this scenario I talk friendly with a person, even ask right away if I interrupted something serious. When I read "bottled-enthusiasm", I immediately think "annoying as f*ck."


So no enthusiasm at all works for you?


Enthusiasm is probably the wrong vibe. Friendly but professional is fine. People can smell fake enthusiasm a mile off and it feels salesy.


It's this fake elevator pitch voice. Then trying to get me to commit to something it's off-putting . Someone just shooting the shit and being genuine would get more of my time.


My bad, I should have wrote it clearer: confidence is basic enthusiasm in my eyes. When I'm confident I'm happy to talk, listen and make the person on the other end feel at ease. It's real emotion. Hyper-emotion on the other end I connect immediately with being fake and trying to scam me.


I think bottled enthusiasm falls under the confidence you’re describing. It’s “bottled,” therefore toned down but still enthusiastic through the confident demeanor and undertone. That’s how I’ve always interpreted it though.


Mirror your prospect, the psychology is proven.


This is true. From the second the prospect answers with "hello?," you should know from the tone of their voice what your approach should be.


>arent your prospects supposed to mirror you not the other way around Thats what the psychology says. When they mirror you then you are winning. Also mirroring happens naturally, so why do you even have to think about it?


It absolutely does NOT happen naturally for most people. And no, a prospect is never going to mirror you. If they're real laid back, they won't become super enthusiastic just because you are. If they speak slowly, they're not going to talk fast because you are.


Actually nevermind Idk why i asked it as a question. I am right. Just goes to show how amateur most of you on reddit are. I'll keep in mind to do the opposite. Mirroring happens naturally in humans. It's a rhythm your brain establishes synchronicity of brain waves. You are not aware or consious of it, and it's impossible not to happen. Unless you get kicked off the phone, and piss off the prospect within the first couple of minutes. If you are a good salesman they will mirror you. Period. It's not about being 'super' enthusiastic. Prospects only mirror good salespeople, and they get fresh with average and poor salespeople. People wont just mirror you because you work in sales. Thats not what i'm saying. You have to be GOOD, and most people aren't I agree, and by good I don't mean average


So if we’re talking cold calling, I would say start out the call whichever way feels more natural to you, definitely don’t overdo it on the enthusiasm part. Once they start talking back, I typically try to mirror how they’re talking. When it’s someone that’s actively looking to buy and they want me to pitch I do get pretty enthusiastic then, but it’s because I really do believe in what I’m selling


arent your prospects supposed to mirror you not the other way around. When they mirror you then you are winning. Also mirroring happens naturally, so why do you even have to think about it?


I sell mostly to IT, so a lot of people that I’m calling on aren’t the most extroverted or comfortable on cold calls. I come in with enthusiasm but once I see how they respond I take it back a notch because it makes them feel more comfortable. Outside of that I normally don’t think too much about mirroring, I just do it. Ideally I’d love it if they mirrored me, but on a single cold call that’s just not happening


>comfortable. Outside of that I normally don’t think too much about mirroring, I just do it. You either Mirror them naturally or they mirror you. Whoever mirrors first has the least power on the phone call. Thats why mirroring intentionally is nonsense. Salespeople think mirroring is this magical thing. Its the same thing as rapport, and its only used to gain familiarity. Mirroring just shows you who has the power dynamic in the comversation, and its unconsious, So you need acute awareness to detect all this. I'm not saying don't mirror. Just forget about it. You either have the charisma to get them to mirror you Or you just let it happen naturally. Doing it intenttionally ensures you are having less power on every call


Start off somewhere in between - I like to force a smile while I'm dialing but not to play it up more than that. And then when you're connected to the right person, I like the idea of mirroring, or matching the enthusiasm that you're getting. Being too bubble to a chill person will be off-putting, same with the vice versa.


Although my default is the smooth/magic-fm radio tone.. ..neither. Just match your prospect, ride their wavelength, more likely to close if the pace and mannerisms match


In my eyes, a lot of it also depends on who you’re talking to. A 65 year old guy who’s owned his machine parts manufacturing plant for 30 years is going to rock more with a more monotone no bullshit straight to the point approach. Whereas a 35 year old nerdy and slick COO is going to rock more with a little bit more pep in my step. While the approach might be different to both, I still am going to have to be overwhelmingly confident in both approaches.


Keep the enthusiasm bottled and be ready to react to how they answer the phone and roll with it. Calm with a hint of "I know I caught you at a bad time but there's so much I want to tell you about what we can do for you, when would be a better time?"


Always be a chameleon, young grasshopper. Match the energy on the other side of the line then pull some sleazy sales tactic to book the apt! I’m all serious, your first question or two (before you ever pitch ANYTHING) should be about what pain points they are experiencing and then go silent. While waiting for an answer you need to use that time to come up with a nice rebuttal. I can’t stress this enough , especially newer reps… NEVER ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. This is where your research comes in. You on auto dialer or do you enough time to research your prospect? Again, fine like between research and analysis paralysis before the call. Bottom line- pick up the phone. See what works for you in your industry. And for Christ sake have some confidence!!!!


Forget tonality. Just talk to these people like they’re… regular people. Idk if it’s because I came from the blue collar world or what, but people in corporate just talk so weird to executives and people they want to impress, etc. Spoiler alert, they’re regular people. Just approach these people like you would anyone else. Don’t even think about your tone. Conversational is ALWAYS best IMO.


I keep it really calm and relaxed, the same way I am all the time. I disarm them and just ask open ended questions that dig into pain points. Working well for me!


Not in SaaS so I will refrain from commenting but I’d have to imagine it really depends who you’re calling? Some personalities will prefer one or the other. If I had to guess most of the people you’d be calling in SaaS would react better to a calm and relaxed voice,


I start with a mild energy, there but not too much. Then I quickly match the tone, accent, and inflections of the person on the other side. Once I have successfully mirrored them, I raise my energy slightly higher than theirs, but not by much. If I know the area I'm calling has a strong dialect, I will also use that same dialect but to a lesser degree. They cannot tell you're doing it because to them you just sound normal.


Just be yourself, unless you’re a complete dick.


Be yourself, or you can't be authentic and consistent over time. I've been on the phone selling since 1979 so I've run into just about every situation possible. My advice is to always leave voicemail they get used to the sound of your voice and if you ever actually reach them they'll think you're an old friend. Leave pertinent voicemail that is speaking to some recent success of another client perhaps or the potential success that they have to be experiencing and why aren't they picking up the phone to experience it after all? I have two very strict rules when it comes to telephone sales calls. Smile when you say it it sounds so much better if you say it when you're smiling. And hang up last. Never hang up before the prospect they may just have one more thing they want to talk about and you definitely want to hear it. Finally I'm happy to share the world's smallest sales manual... https://worldshortestsalesmanual.blogspot.com/2019/08/worlds-shortest-sales-manual.html?m=1


Gravitas , always.


I’ve found recently that just plain direct sales emails work. No BS, hey you’re this, we do this so can help. Interested? No fluff, no virtue signalling or god awful left wing humour, just straight out sales.