94 is usually pretty clear between here and the cities, but the traffic comes to a near standstill as you approach, sometimes even on the best of mornings. Just give yourself an extra 20-30 minutes. If you really want to see what the drive is like get a hotel room here and commute a few mornings. Edit to add: Audiobooks are your friends


Thanks a bunch!


I used to commute from St.Cloud down to Edina all of last year and over the winter. I-94 is relatively clear until you get to about Rogers. Then you get into traffic. Every accident will add about 15 minutes and I saw at least 2 every week. The highways are relatively clear of ice and snow except when it's actually coming down. I hated the commute - it stole three hours of my life daily and 4 in the winter. So glad I'm not doing that anymore. Edit: Get proper winter tires for the winter. Do not risk your life on all-season tires when you're putting this many miles


It's fucking miserable. Expect 1.5hrs plus each way, even longer when it snows or rains. It's seriously soul sucking. From St. Cloud to Monticello is pretty clear, but everywhere south of Monticello is hellish.


My ex commutes from Monticello to Minneapolis also. And you’re right...winter can be hellish. If snow was predicted he’d pack a bag and stay downtown in a hotel rather than drive. It’s much cheaper to do that than pay the insurance deductible if he ended up in an accident or ditch.


fyi, if you're okay working 7-3 or whatever, you'll save thirty minutes each direction.


Damn, I can’t work any earlier than 830-5 :/ Might switch to 930-6, think I’ll avoid traffic by doing that?


yep, you'll miss most of it then. Depending on where you live and where you work in New Brighton, highway 10 may be a decent option. Not sure what industry you're in but seems like more places are being flexible for work remote at least a day or two a week! St. Cloud companies do pay okay but it's a fair bit lower than metro area, it was starting to get closer but it was anywhere between 10-30% less for a lot of stuff in my experience. Doesn't help that there are fewer options since we're a smaller area.


I work at a pharmacy, so I may find a job in St. Cloud if I just can’t take the commute. Just trying to feel it out. Thanks for the advice!


Got it, there’s no shortage of pharmacies anywhere so that’s always good! If you end up looking for local work, Coborn’s does have an ESOP so a lot of long time employees retire with good stock options.


I commute every day from Maple Grove. 94 is always clear. If it isn’t, then nothing will be clear.


If you like biking, the Northstar Link/Train can get you to Fridley, and then you can bike to New Brighton. You have to leave around 5.45 to 6am, though.


I commuted for years. It's not bad. I would suggest going into the metro earlier, maybe sign up for a gym near your work or something. The earlier you go, the better traffic is in my opinion. I would recommend giving 610 a try to get to the northern suburbs. Try out county 81 in Rogers to 610 also. And give high 10 a try. Any of those routes can work better some days, less so other days. Friday afternoons in summer are by far the worst commuter days. Whichever route you take, I recommend setting your cruise control, finding something you like on the radio, and staying chill. The people that want to weave in and out of traffic at 80+ mph are the people that seem to hate the commute the most.


From my experience, the ploughing begins right away during heavy storms on I-94. It’s a very easy drive between St. Cloud and Monticello. I have always hated driving on 94 during rush hour East of Monticello all the way through the twin cities. It’s always bad


Gotcha. What time of day (morning and evening) do you think is the worst for rush hour on that stretch of 94? I’m trying to figure out what shift I want to work once I move


From my experience, coming back on 94 westbound in the afternoon (4:00pm-6:00pm) was way worse than morning drive East (7:00am-9am). Maybe it’s because I was really tired going back home after work. I survived the brutal commute in the morning by leaving early, if I had a 9am shift I would always be out of St. Cloud by 7am. In the afternoon I usually hung around the twin cities until 6pm and hit the highway then. 2-4 hours wasted on the commute, it really sucked but until I got a good job in St. Cloud I was forced to be on the road. After the first 6 weeks, I got used to the shit commute and wasn’t bothered by it as much so that’s something to keep in mind if you have no other choice. you’ll get used to it!


Thank you for the great advice!! Much appreciated !