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I would go with the Dic Dub. If you want good Voice acting then Choose dic, However if you want an Uncensored Version with kinda annoying voices then go with viz.


After watching the Dic dub and the Viz dub back to back and doing comparison videos on the voice acting, https://youtu.be/TfJHxMjsaus I can honestly say in my own opinion that Dic's voice actors were better than Viz. They made each character have a unique distinct voice with character that you can easily make out with your eyes closed. Brought more heart and soul to the character versus just monotone reading 1v1 translation of lines. A lot of the edited dialogue made more sense and was for the better. For instance in one ep Serena/Usagi sees a cup on Andrews table and Usagi says "it still has his manly scent on it" in the viz version which was weird and awkward, while the Dic versions Serena says "awww he still has the cup I got him for Christmas!" made way more sense for American kids. If you're American/Canadian I'd recommend the Dic dub (Seasons 1-2) then the original Japanese subbed to get the full story. People keep bashing Dic for the love relationship, but that was Cloverway. Dic only did seasons 1-2, I recommend watching those 2 seasons to get the charm of the show and hopefully catches your heart like it did to many including myself, and then I recommend watching the original Japanese subbed.


The OG dub is really funny to watch... but not a good experience for a proper viewing. It's campy and the writing is awful, and while most of the actors are clearly trying they just don't have good script to work with. The Viz dub is clearly the better product but I would recommend at the very least looking up some of the DIC dub just for the sake of how funny it is. Case and point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ff2qb6Qraw


DIC legitimately cuts out her brother from the story immediately and not even subtley


I’ll be honest it’s gonna be pretty [major bumsville ](https://youtu.be/sL2sAyYwYdk) if you don’t watch the OG dub at least a little




Although, I grew up with DIC… VIZ all the way. It is true to the story and the voice actors did an amazing job with bringing the characters to life. I wish some of the DIC soundtrack was used though!


This. I miss the music. I feel like the use the same song for every battle and it’s just such a bummer. Although I miss the voice acting too. I’m not a big fan of the new one. But I do think the story is closer!


As much as people hate DIC, thank them for birthing the cousins meme. The DIC dub basically censors Haruka and Michiru’s relationship to be cousins because they weren’t open about girl x girl relationships at the time.


As a child I read the manga before I watched the show and I remembered her saying 'we're cousins' and I was very confused about how I could have missed that 🤦‍♀️


Maybe it’s just me, but I loved the DIC dub. Sure, part of it is nostalgia, since I grew up with it. However, the music and the voice acting just bring an energy that I didn’t get with the viz dub. Yes, DIC is censored and Americanized. I ended up reading the manga to get the full story and seeing the show as more of an adaptation that wasn’t totally faithful (especially since the show has soooo many filler episodes). The DIC version just has heart and levity that I didn’t feel with the Viz one. Now, even if you start with DIC, you will have to switch since it doesn’t have all the seasons. For me, the music and atmosphere of the DIC dub just stand out for me as what I loved about the series. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy Sailor Moon!


Wholeheartedly agree here!


Dic is nostalgic but unfortunately it's not true to the whole story. I do love the music though so it's hard to say for sure.


I think that it really depends on what you're looking for because they both have a lot of good things to offer. If you want accuracy, you go with Viz of course, but I like to consider the Dic dub as almost more of a cartoon based on the original and a product of its time.


Hooonestly and I’m not doing this to be a snob but... I recommend subtitles. Usagi’s Japanese voice actress is so wonderful and energetic and sells her personality so well you don’t need to understand the words aurally. But otherwise I’d go with the newer dub for accuracy and lack of censorship.


People who say Viz are lying to themselves and the rest of the world. The DIC soundtrack was top tier.


The DIC soundtrack was awful. They wouldn't allow for a second of silence so everything had wacky sax music over it or 50 different refrains of the main theme song. Nothing will beat the jazz of the original soundtrack.


No doubt DiC had excellent music, but the translation and cutting out scenes!


Yea the cutting/rewrites were bad- but let’s be fair! We fell in love with the series because of DIC’s execution. We only found out about the changes later on. Also- the 90s culture (word like dweeb, sailor failures, bad puns, sailor says) also really tied things together.


Question is which Dub is best to watch for a first timer. Not which soundtrack is best


Thank you for stating the obvious? I just mentioned that as one of MANY reasons why the DIC version was better.


Your welcome lol. The DIC one was decent but Usagi was sooooooooo whiny and annoying and over the top sometimes. And it just makes going back to watch that version a lot harder to watch. Also the fact that they made Sailor Uranus and Neptune cousins Like even as a kid I could tell something was off about that. And Chibiusa just....I have not watched too much of the Viz Dub but I do remember her being even more annoying then Usagi sometimes. But I heard the Viz dub fixed a lot of these problems. Sure the DIC dub (And Cloverway) Are Nostalgic but From what little I saw of the Viz Dub it's not that bad.


The DIC dub is not accurate and many scenes are cut or edited. All original music has been deleted. However, the DIC voice actors are really good.


Viz. I grew up with the Dic dub and hated the voice acting and music as a kid. I spotted how goofy it was then; and I can't say I'm too fond of it now, though it is funny to go back and watch some episodes or clips every now and then. I get Dic holds a special place in people's hearts. I just can't :P


Viz if you want to experience the true story of Sailor Moon without any sort of censorship. The good thing about this dub, is that it’s finished all 5 seasons with an english dub. The actors are all very great, some of my personal favorites being: Mars, Venus, and Mamoru. However, if you would like to experience the cheesy lines, over the top voice acting, then the Dic dub is also nice. I grew up with that dub so it’s very special and nostalgic, however there’s a lot of censorship and many things were changed/altered.


Do Viz. Since they’re first time watchers they won’t have any kind of sentimental attachment to the 90s dub, and the Viz dub is objectively a better dub and is actually accurate with no censorship


Viz is where I started I have the recommended for new sailor Moon fans I only watched up the season 3 and finished Crystal


The viz dub has a great cast and unedited content and the skipped episodes and final season. But it feels so soulless. It legitimately had me convinced I no longer loved sailor moon. The DIC dub just has so much more character and charm. I recomend it but watch the viz dub for the skipped and heavily edited episodes too. And the final since it's the only option


Viz 100%. No censored LGBTQIAPK+ relationships, no censored death scenes and dialogue more accurate to the subtitles from the original Japanese version. Also more episodes since loads weren’t dubbed in DiC for various reasons. Basically watching Viz gives you the full story, DiC is a censored westernised mess-


Whichever version doesn’t censor >!the final battle death scenes in!< season 1.


So viz


Box, but DIC holds a special place in my heart. Power of Love still lives in my head rent free.


Viz because they don’t do the cousin thing.


Viz. The dic dub is super nostalgic because its what I grew up with but they edited certain plot points so badly like Uranus and Neptune being "cousins" instead of lovers. Guess they thought lesbian sailor scouts was too woke for the time. 🙄


That’s crazy cuz I never knew dic even dubbed it all the way to that season since I grew up with the dub up to the R season and the first movie (cuz I think toonami stopped showing it around 2002 or 2003)


They didn't...people are mistaking Cloverway as Dic. Dic only did seasons 1-2 and Cloverway did seasons 3-4


Oh okay that makes more sense


It literally was tho lmao


You’re getting downvoted because people obviously don’t remember what did and didn’t play in the 90s on tv. People were enraged by Pokémon being the devils work because it hade evolution in it, imagine the amount of phone calls whatever children’s station dared to play a show with *gasp* a same sex couple.


I didn’t exist in the 90s god damn Redditors will really try to start a fight wherever they go


Viz dub... However... It's missing some sweet, sweet power ballads of the DiC version. That's the only thing missing from the newer dubs. They had some great music in the 90s


I grew up watching the DIC dub but I honestly loved the Viz dub.


A lot of people are saying “DiC for nostalgia” but the truth is that a lot of us fell in love with Sailor Moon from that dub. It’s not just nostalgia. It has its own unique charm. The music is also better in the DiC dub.


100% this. It has a lot 0f charm and character. Viz ended up being a choir for me to watch even though I love the cast. I almost thought I didn't love sailor moon anymore but dic, crystal and the manga still have their charms.


The music ABSOLUTELY slaps in the DiC dub.


Having seen both, definitely choose viz. Dic heavily edited the show in content and aside from nostalgia, it's absolutely not worth it. Viz is more true to the original content.


Where do I find it because I live outside the US


Hulu has viz.


Not sure about outside the us but I think Hulu has it? You may have to search around.


The Viz dub. It's not perfect, but everyone is called by their real names and they don't censor anything.


See this is why I like the Dic dub. To me she's Serena. Any other name feels wrong. I'm also 35 and this was my childhood.


Viz is by far the best. Among the older dubs, DiC has better voice acting but the Cloverway dub is more faithful to the original dialogue and plot.


The people commenting DiC are only saying so because of Nostalgia. With the Viz dub, you're not going to get all of DiC's Americanization edits of Sailor Moon. The Viz dub will be the best way to watch the 90s series.


I like how you speak for everyone who prefers the DiC version.


There's honestly not much to argue for DiC being the better viewing experience.


There's plenty to "argue". You can be dismissive and minimizing about it, but it doesn't mean you are right. Again, don't think you can speak for everyone. That's vanity.


> There's plenty to "argue". Go ahead then.


Who wouldn't love cheesy synth music that never shuts up, a completely different story, completely different characterizations of every character in the show, painful 90s slang, poor timing of dialogue, cheap video toaster effects added in for no reason, censorship, entirely cut episodes, half the finale being outright missing, and LGBT erasure? /s


> painful 90s slang Go bleach your roots, creep!


To be fair that’s true


I only say Dic because it's all I ever saw growing up, but recently have learned they really cut out and changed things. The lovers are cousins......


DiC all the way! How else will your friend learn about the special bond only cousins have?! 👩‍❤️‍👩


Or have full storylines changed or entire episodes cut out- I feel robbed


Yeah "cousins"🤣


The DiC dub is mostly for us lol. Those who watched the show as kids and nostalgia watch, DiC is fun for that. For a newcomer, I’d say go with Viz. It’s just better. I prefer it even while still enjoying aspects of the DiC dub.


Yeah, this. If you didn’t grow up with it and appreciate the nostalgia, newcomers will just fine it cringey af xD.


I always considered the DIC dub a classic 😂


The Viz dub has better voice acting, the original music, and is not censored or Americanized. You’ll actually be watching the real Sailor Moon, just in English. The DiC dub is…. kind of it’s own thing. More of an adaptation than a translation. The characterization is different. A lot of things were heavily censored, butchered through unnecessary localization, or just cut out completely. The voice acting can be grating, and the writing can be cringeworthy. They also didn’t dub the entire series so you end up missing out on a lot. It has its funny moments and cheesy charm, but it’s not the one to watch if you want to experience the full story as it was meant to be told. The best thing I can say about it is that some of the original English music they came up with for it was actually pretty good (maybe this is a unpopular opinion, but I’m not a fan of the Japanese soundtrack in the early seasons). I would love to see a fan edit combining that music with the Viz Dub episodes tbh.


If that’s an unpopular opinion, who needs popularity! I agree, the OG soundtrack isn’t so much bad as very dated imo. The English songs they came up with are very lively and fun. I think that’s some charm the Viz dub lacks, even if like you I also prefer the Viz dub.


Depends on how serious your friends are with wanting to get into it. I’ve watched the old dub with some friends who have seen both versions. It’s incredibly fun to watch in a “so bad it’s good” way—poking fun at some of the acting and writing choices. I also really enjoy the music from the old dub. It’s often cited as one of the heigh points from that one. The localized names and other changes might be helpful if your friends aren’t particularly versed in Japanese culture or if that isn’t a big deal to them.


Viz is a much more authentic dub, in pretty much every possible way. DiC is absolutely more *charming*, of course, but unless you're watching it dubbed but with English subtitles of the Japanese, you're going to end up in the same boat as US fans in the mid-90s who had to run to forums to get the "uncensored story". Some of the voices (although *usually* not the voice work) are better in DiC, and not all of the changes are horrible -- some actually improve the episodes a little bit, and make it less jarring for a younger audience. If your friends have nostalgia for 80s and 90s cartoons **specifically**, you could go with the DiC dub. Otherwise, Viz.


DiC has the better voice cast and music by FAR. So unless you really are bothered by the subtle changes do VIZ, but quality wise DiC is better.


If you have no nostalgia from the 90s dub, watch the viz recent dub. It doesn't skip episodes, nor censor content. Personally I prefer Terrie Hawks voice for sailor moon in the 90s DIC but losing that is a small price to pay for the better quality overall of VIZ


I actually miss the DIC Luna voice. It felt so fitting back in the day


i only watch DIC for nostalgia but viz truly is better DIC gave Naru the worst accent of all time


Dic is hilarious, watch it sometime when you're under the influence and wanting a laugh, but, on the reals, don't let it be your true sailor moon experience when the viz dub exists and they take it serious and it's not localizing but is instead a true dub.


Viz if you want to watch a dub and not the original Japanese with subtitles. The DiC version is heavily censored and altered so I would not watch it except for nostalgia. There are entire episodes missing, relationships changed (most infamously the "cousins"), and genders altered (Zoicite and Fisheye).


Dic is going to censor a lot, change cannon relationships and even genders, and remove entire portions of the show that they deemed “inappropriate”. It’s also not going to have all of the seasons, as Dic only had rights up to I think Season 4, meaning Season 5 was never dubbed. I also heard Japan refused to give them rights to Season 5, but that may just be a rumor. Viz is going to have better voice acting, stick to “cannon” (insofar as the original show does), and actually have the missing season or two at the end that Dic was not able to dub. As well, it won’t be missing any episodes (as far as I know of).


Every time the answer is the original Japanese with subs.


For me I prefer the dub. I miss out on the amazing visuals when I am reading subs. It takes away from the experience for me. Viz did a really good job with the dub as well.


The sub is great but not everyone can read that fast. The dub is equally valid.


Agreed. I was essentially a sub only person (wouldn’t even consider watching a dub, despite growing up with the dub). This year I decided to take the plunge and try out the Viz dub since a loooot has changed in dubbing over the past 30+ years. I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised with the dub. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I think they picked really good voice actors (some are kinda cringy, but let’s face it they’re kinda cringy even in the original. I’m looking at you Umino)


Yeah there are certainly bad dubs but getting snobby about watching only subs is elitist and abelist.


Well the question wasn't which is best, it was which should someone watch for the first time.


Yeah, which *dub* to watch first. Sub clearly wasn't what OP wanted.


The Japanese dub is still a valid answer, as a dub is just recording audio over animation (anime is usually animated first with voice recording happening afterwards, so even the Japanese original is still a dub). I'm being obtuse on purpose, I know, but the point is that the OP u/DCAUBeyond should honestly watch the Japanese dub with English subtitles. There are great English dubs out there but the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon is iconic particularly for its voice acting.


You don't know why they asked for a dub. They could have a vision impairment or maybe they have trouble reading. Or hell maybe they just don't want to watch subtitles. Also totally valid.


For a first time watcher I don’t see a reason why anyone should watch the Dic version. There’s episodes cut and altered and censorship. The Viz dub is uncensored and faithful to the original content. For someone with nostalgia for the Dic dub and want to relive it, go for it if you want! I rewatched the original Dic in high school after not seeing it since I was in kindergarten and it was such a throwback. The viz dub has come out since then and I’ve watched that one too. Though I do miss some voice actors from the original Dic, I think I like the Viz dub more since the corniness and 90s slang isn’t all over it and there’s no cuts with entire episodes never dubbed. It’s not like you can’t watch both eventually. For someone who’s never seen either before, there’s no point in the Dic version because of episodes cut up or left out completely. It’s just not not faithful. Plus there’s no legit place to watch the Dic, it’s not streamable legally (if you care lol)


viz is underated but the best version of sailor moon in english, plus dic was innacurate in some parts and just sounded bad imo. I didn't grow up with it ether so i have no bias. Also dic's dub is a lot harder to come by. Im personally a sub watcher but if I had to watch in dub i would choose viz.


I love the DiC dub but that's mostly for nostalgia. For a first time viewer the Viz dub is superior in pretty much everyway.


Viz is a better dub in terms of being aesthetically pleasing in sound. It’s also more accurate in translation. It plays out seriously. Dic is a better dub in terms of cheesy 90s dialogue where the voices are simultaneously obnoxious and hilarious. Like, giving a Japanese character a Boston accent for reasons. I will always prefer the Dic because it’s what I grew up with, and when I watch the Viz, I get nostalgically sad because I miss the Dic.


If you want it Uncensored- Viz Censored- Dic If you grew up watching the Dic dub,you'll have a good laugh,but if you want it uncensored, Viz is for you as Dic cut certain episodes such as one where the girls were in bathing suits and changed Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus from lovers to "cousins"