Idk if i should laugh or feel sad

Idk if i should laugh or feel sad


"I was the most feared student"


He thinks they shunned him because they feared him and not because he was a stinky weirdo.


*with sharp fangs, like a wolf*


"On all levels, even physical, I am a wolf."


Do… do you think he has two wolves inside him?


No, he mentioned he’s still a virgin, remember?


iM aN aDuLT vIRgiN




One is gay, the other is also gay.


Both are named Toby


I hate so much about the things you choose to be.


Where do I sign up?


To be gay?


Yeah is there like a roster sheet or is it more of an audition process


Yeah, an audition, just like for a musical. In fact, it literally is an audition for a musical.


You can audition. I just need to show a valid ID and sign some paperwork. Just take a seat on that black leather casting couch over there.


We all have two wolves in us. One. Is addicted to crack. The other wolf, is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.


Everyone is addicted to crack. Some just don't know it yet


Four. Four wolves


I had two wolves inside me once. That’s why I’m no longer allowed to visit the zoo.










*eyes turn red* dont make fun of me every again


A lot of people develop personalities like this as a coping mechanism for rejection. They would rather believe that they are too intimidating, too badass and too edgy for their peers rather than confront the possibility that they're simply too ugly or socially inept.


I thought this was comedy gold until I read this, now it's just sad. Thanks Reminds me of this kid I went to primary school with who was always a bit weird. I seen him years later when we were about 19. He was telling me that he was doing some sort of drama course at Uni and I asked him how it was going. He tells me he likes the course but, he doesn't have any friends because... "everyone is jealous of me because I can do cartwheels and high kicks". And then he cartwheeled away never to be seen again. Poor bloke


Sounds like someone was just jealous of my awesome cartwheels


No. I've got cartwheels for days but, to be honest, them high kicks were something else. Could kick the hat of Shaquille O'Neals head. Truly impressive


>And then he cartwheeled away never to be seen again. Probably cartwheeled into a ravine somewhere.


Some say he's still out there, still cartwheeling.


If someone cartwheeled away from me, I would be impressed on some level.


Haha that last part was a joke. He did however show me a high kick, and it was honestly quit impressive for a big lad such as himself.


There ya go. Although I find it unsettling when someone suddenly decides to start doing unsolicited air Kung fu in front of me.


Not to mention his awesome ninja skills, bo staff skills, etc.


Don't forget computer hacking skills. Girls only want guys who have great skills.


Hilarious levels of copium


There was a kid in our class that thought he could control the clock with his mind. He never did it in front of anyone because "he doesn't like to show off."


I think he might have confused falling asleep for a super power.


That's a super power I'd like to have.


The power to enter and exit REM sleep would be top tier


I used to think it was a hysterical bit to tell people I could time travel, but only forward in time and only at a rate of 1 second per second


Hey, they might have been afraid of him. Thought he might shoot up the school or something. I knew a kid like that in highschool.


Other kids thought I was gonna shoot up the school or something because I kept to myself. Dude, I wanted to talk but no one wanted to talk to me. I was probably annoying but being told they thought I was going to kill people was pretty upsetting. Maybe that's what he meant by fear? It's a rough time because you can't even try to clear your name because no one wants anything to do with you.


I caught the same shit bro. Never even bothered anyone.


My wolf persona wouldn’t bathe so neither will I!


They weren’t scared of him, he smelled like a dead rat.


Yeah probably that not that he had sharp teeth. I went to school with a kid like him he wouldn’t shower for weeks at a time and was generally weird. He thought no one would would talk to him because he was taking karate and thought the other kids were somehow scared of that.


Bet you a dollar he constantly whined and talked about losing his virginity, expected sexual favors from any girl that tried to be decent to him, wouldn’t consider being attracted to anyone that wasn’t a virgin and movie star beautiful. It’s a mental disorder.


I think it was the teeth.


I think he means feared like he'll shootup the school


It's the sharp canine teeth for me


I bet he still wore that canine teeth mask thing since middle school judging from the profile picture. I really hope its satire.


My favorite part is the toy gun he's holding in the pfp


Wow I didn't even notice till now haha


He has a livestream video on his YouTube channel wearing them. Something tells me he wears them often and to everywhere he goes…


You can tell he’s a weeb


Hes a gamer that username says it all


Ahhh yes, thee ol' "blame it on anything else" technique


Felt sad til this point


He has a YouTube channel with 3 videos. You can really tell he is to be feared.


Holding an airsoft gun in the profile pic probably doesn't help either.


Shit ngl didn't even notice the airsoft lmao


All my sexy airsoft homies keep it under wraps. Can't be letting that shit go public.


Unless she also has sexy airsoft, but alas tis a rare sight


Nevermind his handle being Dovahkiin.


Fake gun .. check Black hood ... check Mouth covered... check Something skull shaped ... check I'm not in a country that has school shootings but if I have to bet on someone, it's him.


Actually it's a common theme for school shooters fr fr. If you look at past physchos they almost all were recording themselves previously with hoodies n fake guns.


Idk man, seems pretty real to me, I'd probably be shivering my timbers if I saw him on the street.


Yeah, if you're not careful, you might get a light bruise.


Everyone was terrified that he was going to say *fus, ro, dah,* and DESTROY EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE




You there. I need to ask you to stop. That... shouting is making people nervous.


Sharp canine teeth????????


Almost all humans have four sharp canine teeth


Mine are moderately pronounced. My youngest son has straight fangs. In an odd way I’m kind of jealous as they do look cool. I assume it varies from person to person?.


He might be a vampire, sorry to break it to you.


All 8 year olds are Energy vampires


Underrated comment, thanks for the giggle


Where did energy vampires originate from though?


Didn't Freddie mercury have extra?


I dunno for sure, but sure looked like he did


"Alas, I am still a virgin, for who could love a beast as fearsome as I?"


Definitely a troll from that line alone


i thought so too but i just went on his profile and he wasnt lying lmao


He has an hour long live stream of him wearing that mask and then mumbling into the camera.


What lol?


Nah man... I've met a few dudes like this in college. Completely lacking all social skills.


Usually really funny deep down you just have to wade through a million incel/iamverybadass cringe moments to find it. Source: one of my best friends was exactly like this in high school, along with all of his other friends


Hol up


Why does he think that by 19, he should have gotten some action? I had my first kiss and fuck session at 22, and I didn't feel it was late at all. Teenagers should feel comfortable to not have fucked tens of people.


I think it's normal for teenagers to exaggerate how big of a deal these types of things. There are also tons of teenagers that think that their parent picking them up right outside of the school is the most embarrassing thing in the world. It's safe to say they don't have as good of a grasp of the world as they will in even just a few years. I don't mean to sound demeaning, it's just that perspectives change so much around that age.


tbf, teenagers are terrible and can and will make fun of you for being picked up by your mom


I know it's harder to deal with when they're your peers but they're also literal children with only partially developed brains, so a lot of they're opinions are dumb as shit


I know, im almost 30. But I have vivid memories of my peers finding literally any little thing to hold over me.


You’re not alone, that shit can be and is traumatizing. I’m sorry you went through that but I’m glad you made it out!


It's also a peer pressure thing, even if your friends don't put it on you directly. When I think of my group of friends, we were these grungy looking guys who played in our shitty alternative band, all of us pretty nerdy too. So in general we had a bit of a harder time with girls but some of us more than others. So when more and more of us lost their virginity, it caused those that haven't to put more pressure on themselves. At the end it was two guys who didn't lose their virginity until they were 20 and it really fucked with them mentally. Like there's something wrong with them because why are they the only ones who didn't get to do it? I guess for them it was that we were already a group of misfits but then they felt like more of an outsider within our group as well. When it finally happened for them you really noticed how the pressure was suddenly off.


Am a teen,can confirm


When I was nineteen, admitting that I was a virgin raised some eyebrows. Even when people were nice about it, the response was more along the lines of "oh, I'm sure you will find someone" rather than "that's not a big deal". One time I was making out with a girl and we were about to have sex. I revealed it was my first time and she scrunched her face up in disgust and called the whole thing off. So yeah, it can be a pretty big deal.


Ooof that’s tough. I tend to speak up about such things as I get to know a woman more intimately. It does make things a bit more awkward - and may place an undue importance on the act - but it’s better to be honest than risk fumbling the thing and have to admit inexperience in the middle of stuff


Funny cuz you hear dudes always flexing that they took a girls virginity but girls always want the other way around


I think its not really the age at which someone makes those milestones that matter, its the milestones relative to interest. People like the one in the post probably developed this sort of lust/desire for affection at the average age and the gap is just that more noticeable.


Also there's a fair bit of mocking of virgins around, which is worth noting


Yeah that's a shame. I always tell people to take their time, never rush into things because they're pressured by the "anti virgin" culture


it’s weird how people prioritize relationships so much that it affects other people. it’s unfortunate that people become unhappy because they don’t meet the “expectations”


as someone who was like that but managed to get sex while still in the mindset, sex wont actually solve it. i just ended up making excuses for how it doesnt count or why it wasn’t enough, and while i havent really figured out how to get over these feelings, im very glad i didnt get stuck in that hole of feeling sorry for myself being a virgin. that being said its fucking annoying to see how many men in that situation will take the most toxic approaches to dealing with it (blaming women, inceldom, being aggressive etc). i can guarantee their actions make things much more difficult for guys who actually care


This is what I used to tell incels all the time, but they never believed me. Sex will not magically fix all your problems no matter how high of a pedestal you put it on. I wish some incels could see your comment here so they could finally understand that there is more to life than getting laid


And the way we (as a population) romanticize teenagers and young love.


We live in a society


I personally never mocked anyone for virginity, or really ever witnessed it. (Besides bullies who mocked everyone for everything.) But I definitely have mocked the mindset of feeling like they are owed something. Just because you do something good for someone does not mean they are responsible for returning any kind of favor.


It used to be very popular in movies and tv shows, and that can be a big influence on people's perception. I don't watch as many coming of age shows anymore, but in a lot of shows from the 80s and 90s, virgin was definitely an insult.


“Fuck session” tf is that bruh, you said like it’s something you paid for 💀


I was also 22. No age is "too late"


Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.


I'm throwing it out there that my extraordinarily good husband, 46, was a virgin until last year when we met in person after meeting online in a game and chatting nonstop for eight months. He lived in the middle of nowhere with his mom, did not work, and had given up on life and love decades ago after not returning for his second semester at college; he says he just never fit in. I was done with dating and partners but he quickly became my best friend then that grew even more. I guess I helped him realize that he has a lot to offer and figure out who he is and what he likes, thinks, and wants. And he is truly the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful person I've ever met, a real treasure!


Damn you, now he'll never become a grand wizard


Nah, Grand Wizardry is achieved at 30. If anything its worse because she stripped him of his title and achievement. Shame.


Alright, then I’m on the right track


Just 20 years to go!


Did he get a job


He certainly did, not long after we started talking he started doing construction work for his brother-in-law, then a month after he moved in here he walked into a grocery store and got hired on the spot. He's an excellent worker, very considerate of his co-workers, conscientious...they love him - never been late, takes up others' slack, will always take overtime. It isn't the greatest pay but we're moving across country, home to Oregon for me, where minimum is $5.50 higher and he can get a union job with great benefits that isn't back-breaking like, say, Amazon would be at his age. I'm so proud of him! We also each lost about 40 pounds together by accounting online in the months before meeting in public.


What game?


Words With Friends. We're both really good and it was a great match. One day I played "Hedgerow" on a triple then messaged him the relevant lyric from "Stairway To Heaven." He replied with the next couple lines, and we started talking about music. My username was NoHereToMeetMen because of all the scammers and creeps, and because I was DONE with trying. He says I was the bustle in his hedgerow. Recently he also said "If I hadn't met you I would have stayed stupid and hurt people by voting." The greatest compliment ever! I appreciate him so much; I want him to be happy and comfortable and to feel good!




Honestly this is beautiful, thank you for showing him he was worth something in the end ❤️ it's something I'm still struggling with to this day.


Nowadays seems like everything has a score and a point system, you are competing with everybody for everything...


It's really shit. Kids get all fucked in the head with prioritising this shit that doesn't really matter.


Lost my virginity at 23, after I graduated college. It's not a race, and it's not something you have total control over; it takes at least two people to consent. Live you life, be the best version of yourself, and you will be more attractive to others as a result.


“Fuck session” Lmfao


I'm midway thru 22 and never got either 💀


I wouldn't worry about it. My first fuck was a Grindr hookup in the back of his car. Never even learned his name. Not exactly a magical experience :P


I never tried online dating tho. This may sound weird but I don't think I'd want to bang ppl without learning about them first, no matter how attractive they are.


That’s not what online dating is really like (mostly), there’s always people who just want to get laid, but most people are looking for some kind of relationship


Can still go on a few dates, just make sure to invite them put for dinner or something (ie meeting in a public place). I'm a super socially inept man, had my first fuck at 23, but now I'm a little bit better at these things, and that is probably thanks to online dating. I was always afraid of asking women out, but the thing with apps like tinder is that you know the other one is looking for something AND is interested! Tinder has actually helped me a lot


Lol true. You always compare yourself to the peers who do get some action, but the peers who don't are invisible to you or lie about it.


Ohh, look at Mr Fancypants here having sex. /s


I was 25 when I had sex for the first time, though I was aware that it was later than most and was a little embarrassed about it. My partner wasn’t bothered. I’m 28 now and still very inexperienced though, that’s the big caveat, and I still feel kinda sexually immature. I had my first kiss as a teen though, and had a handful of non-penetrative sexual experiences between 16 and 18 but boy were they *bad* because teenagers don’t know shit, and even if they do (like I did, I was pretty knowledgable) they don’t know how to actually put it into practice (again, me). I was also seriously assaulted at 16 by the boy I was with and I suspect a big driving force behind him doing what he did was the idea that teen boys need to be the reincarnation of Casanova in order to be ‘cool’ or whatever. Between 18 and 25 I was totally single, and whilst I’m happy I did wait to be with someone I trusted, I’m sad I missed out on the young adult casual sex/dating scene.


The casual sex scene is always going to be there. If that's what you want to do, then you still can.


Kids want it all these days. I thought I was king when got to give a girl a finger behind the bins. That was my last day as janitor.


Everyone is different, and has different needs of affection from different sources too. Me and a friend of mine are in the same situation : 23 years old that haven t experienced a romantic relationship at all, tho we react to this situation very differently from each other, he doesn t feel the need to get in a relation because he is happy as it is with his dog and friends (that s what i can gather by hanging out with him often and knowing him well, but ofc i m not inside his mind so i can t be sure) , while I instead have this constant feeling of being alone even when i m having fun with friends . Also i feel like having a pet helps a lot with this kind of situation , because when i m around my friend's cats or dogs i m very happy, and sadly i can t get a pet until i graduate, get a job and can move out , because sadly hypoallergenic cats or dogs aren t really a thing for someone like my mother that literally suffocates if she approaches an animal with fur. Edit : i guess i went a little off topic because i wasn t talking about wanting to have sex, but just fulfilling the need of loving someone and being loved back


As a guy who had my first relationship and all the action at the age of 15: 100% this. Not a day passes that I don’t regret it. Teenagers are not the best critical thinkers and the choices stick with you for the rest of your life. I’ve been married for years now and I STILL have insecurities from that trainwreck of a relationship


im 18 and i feel fucking horrible for not having this stuff yet. beat myself up over it every day :((


I'm 24 and have yet to date or kiss or fuck or whatever and at this point I'm okay with it never happening


Yeah same here, wanna do it?


And then post gif or it didn't happen




I was 24 when i had my first real kiss and got laid. Thought i was gonna die a virgin tbh and i was ok with that. I finally made my peace being ugly and rolled with it. Then turns out someone *is* attracted to me, so i rolled with that too. So, uh, moral of the story is just roll with it.


Dude I believe that the key to making women attracted to you is to get married. Before I got married, I got little to no attention. After I got married, I got hit on all the time. It makes no fucking sense to me. Lol.


It's because you are happy and it can be noticed and women are attracted to positive attitudes. On top of that you don't pay attention to them, so it all adds up.


This right here


Yeah when I finally went to therapy for my depression and started to gain more confidence and self esteem all the sudden I was a hot commodity when I used to be invisible.


Women and men are so simple sometimes its laughable how we really are.


Also go outside and interact with people. No woman is going inside random homes and dating whoevers inside.


Do you have sharp canine teeth tho?


Become gay, double your chances. Its simple math.


if you become gay you don't double your chances though. your chances remain the same, if not lower, but the gender you are attracted to just swaps. becoming bi is the ultimate solution.


Getting laid with a man is so much easier though, just download grinder and get a match in 2 minutes


thats probably fair actually. im straight so I wouldnt know.


Yeah they’re wilding on that app lol


Yeah if you just want to bang one out, your chances are way more than doubled


way more. women may have a similar spectrum of horniness to men but men have a WAY higher spectrum of eagerness


Men are more initiative. Even if you aren’t the type to approach others/try to flirt actively, you could still get men. Weird that I know that.


Me too. I am very selfish about my alone time, so I can't imagine spending time with another person.


33, same. I'd lie if I said I've never felt bad or insecure about it, but I've reached a point where I no longer long for it or feel like anything's missing. It's my normal and I'm alright with it.


Yeah me, a kissless virgin who gonna turn 30 next spring, feel the same. When you are fine by yourself, acceptance of how your life is gonna be, it’s peaceful and free. My relatives keep asking about it is still a little bit annoying though.


Your teenage relationships and drama really don’t hold any weight when you find a healthy relationship anyway. In hindsight all of my previous relationships had huge red flags that I ignored instead of being alone. I would have been better off if I had the sense of self worth you do.


Oh dovahkiin how has the dragon race fallen so far


What happened to your canine teeth since high school, dohvakiin?


Time makes fools of us all...


Aside from the end(whatever the fuck is that about), it's the same for me. And you know what? I don't mind and I am genuinely happy.


Personally it's the intimacy that I miss. Yeah sex is great but what I really want is some intimacy with someone.


It started sad, then it became pathetic, then it went right back to sad….like his first time will be


It started sad, then scary, then foreshadowing with that airsoft gun in his profile picture.


The thing is no one would realise he had sharp canine teeth if he didn't go around growling or hissing at people /s


It sucks that people are so wrapped up in whether or not they’ve lost their virginity.


omg he was the most feared student 😨😨😨😨😨 that is so badass 👌👌👌👌👌 and cool 👍😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍


I got laid at seventeen and it was a bad experience that ruined my sexual life for many years to come. Having sex earlier doesn't always mean better.


I've never kissed anyone and I'm 29. Calm down dude. You've got time.


See you must still have your sharp canines. Gotta get those plucked so you can get laid.


For real. I hate how people treat it like a “right of passage” to do it by a certain age. Just like a lot of stuff like drivers licenses, houses, friends, etc. people make up standards based on their own experiences with others in their life, but have no idea that everyone is there own unique person.


LMAO Allinity really knows how to play losers like fiddles


He forgot to finish his sentence with a "WOOF! WOOF!"




Please for the love of god look at his YT channel. After watching a couple of his vids I still genuinely don't know if he's serious or doing it ironically. Like he literally has a my little pony pic and wears a weird-ass teeth mask.


They feared him because of his airsoft arsenal


'sharp canine teeth' Some girls would simp over that 😂😭


I actually knew loads of prepubescent girls* (even pre vampire mania) who had a real thing for sharp canines. So I doubt that would have been an unattractive thing were he not an unattractive person *when I was one too —- to be clear!


I don’t get why teens are getting like suicidally depressed about not having sex by the time they’re like 20. This dude will probably get laid within the next few years. Instead of fretting over it, he should just let go of his negativity towards himself about it. Even if you don’t lose your virginity til your 20s, there’s still decades upon decades of your life left to fuck. These guys put so much weight and pressure on themselves about sex that they’re probably going to struggle to perform when the moment does come. Also, they’re going to realize that the lack of sex wasn’t the biggest issue in their life. The depression, anxiety, and self-hatred are still going to be there.


He was a werewolf.


I read it like the sharp canine teeth was the thing that scared the other students lmao


Cool, cool cool cool cool cool...


He 'Had' sharp teeth. Like its something you can just opt out of?


You can pinpoint the exact moment that their tweet goes from sad to cringe


His YouTube channel profile picture is My Little Pony fanart. I believe everyone avoided him, but it's not because he was scary...


Both of these dipshits should be deleted from existence.


Clearly satire


His pfp screams “future mass shooter”.


Damn, someone plays too much skyrim


Haven't had my first kiss yet either, and I'm 19. Not a big deal