I have to admit, having a residence and a business within city limits, I'd actually prefer Richmond to stay Richmond and the counties to stay the counties. I wonder if there isn't another "pick city" that has used it's city limits to it's advantage? I'm sure there is, this is an enormous country. I *like* how the population isn't out of control, and how the City of Richmond remains relatively "small feeling". It's one of the charms of the city compared to a lot of other metro areas this size, and frankly it's also one of the charms compared to the counties themselves, which are now fairly densely populated. Also, if we're being realistic here the county councils and residents would never buy into paying for city resources and taxes because they're content being what they are--suburbanites, for better or worse--and frankly, I think a lot of city folks are content being city residents. I sure am! The problems within city limits are fairly substantial to be sure, but the potential the city has is also basically limitless. I don't think we *need* the counties, frankly. Instead, I'll just echo what others have said and agree that we just need leadership. The resources and people are here, the potential is here, it just all needs to be used correctly.


Ever since they changed their comment policy, there is basically no discussion in any of the RVAnews articles unless it's to praise the writer and/or business they are reviewing. Posting them to Reddit is a good idea.


I live in Henrico and would absolutely vote for specific projects that help the city, even if it meant a slight increase in my taxes. I would not vote for a general increase without specifying where the money is going - Richmond is too poorly run for that.


The money rarely goes where they claim it will.


Really? Can you give some examples?


I'm on mobile so more to come later, but: http://hamptonroads.com/2011/11/virginians-duped-about-lottery-funding-educators-say


This is about Hampton Roads. The lottery money stuff is ubiquitous. I want tangible examples of Richmond using money somewhere other than where they claim. Not just suburban suspicions of Richmond be run worse because...Richmond.


If you read the article, it's about the state of Virginia, not Hampton Roads. The lottery was implemented via STATE law, not Hampton Roads law. And it wasn't suburban suspicion, but rather fact. State funds generated by the lottery were to go to education. They do not go to education. I live in the city and love it. My point was that it is extremely common to implement a new tax and promise the additional revenue will specifically go to fund X, Y, or Z. That rarely happens. The additional revenue just gets directed to wherever they want it to go. The promises made to tax payers are rarely worried about. I'll see if I can find some city specific examples for you.


Richmond needs better leadership, but I'm not sold on Henrico or Chesterfield being better run. The suburbs simply have fewer issues because of history/patterns of development and more growth to compensate for their missteps.


The problem here is that this makes far too much sense.


I always forget that that is RVA's biggest hurdle.


We sure that people in the counties feel the same way? Henrico has gotten voted best ran county a few times, Chesterfield has giant tolls leading towards it, and Hanover can be a world unto itself. They seem like they are doing fine. Regional cooperation is passe. Time for Richmonders to cowboy up, change the city from the inside out, and let the counties come to them. I have seen too many of these "we need regionalism!" posts. Richnond needs a strong reform minded Mayor and allies on the council. Who even ran against Jones last time? What does he even stand for besides baseball?


The counties would not exist without the city, the city would not exist without the counties. The problem is that the city is run so ass backwards that no one wants to get in bed with them except developers who can turn a profit. This is what I have heard from various county employees and officials and previous Richmond city employees.


Richmond is just due in for some dynamic leadership that can shake up how things are ran to their core. We had a whole thread about things people would want a mayor to have, its time for someone like that to run.


Get enough people to care enough about a grassroots campaign and I'll be pleasantly surprised. It's almost funny how no one cares about local politics despite the fact that it's really the only type that truly affects their lives. cynicism aside, show me that "someone," and I'll throw some effort behind it.


lets put up a reddit candidate then


Oh god no


I cant speak for the whole county, but among my neighbors, there is little to no interest in 'regionalism'... which as the article states is code for 'counties send money to the city'. Given the city governments penchant for boondoggle spending and piss poor management, I dont see any upside to raising our taxes on the HOPE that they get their shit together in a way that helps everyone. Specific projects might get traction, but I dont see a general partnership going anywhere.


Did you read the article?