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*ALRIGHT CUNT!* Thanks for sharing this x


Loved that moment.


Same, that was one charismatic bitch


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The power of that bish done blessed me


“It’s funny, talking to the girls, I see myself in each one of them. Ya know they all wanna make a living, they all have the American dream.. and what’s wrong with that? You know? A lot of people put them down for trying to make a living, trying to make something out of themselves.” RuPaul talking about trans street workers in 1992 could just as easily be RuPaul talking about the queens in 2023. I fucking love Ru. Changed the world just by being herself.


I love her too. I know people like to clown on her sometimes in these subs but she really is a bad bitch and a trailblazer.


It saddens me to think that most of these women are probably no longer alive. Living like this must have been incredibly dangerous, especially back then.


Almost everyone who was in Paris is Burning is dead. Most of them were in their teens and twenties in 1990. They should be here. It’s heartbreaking.


This gets me every time I watch. So many young trailblazers gone too soon thanks to garbage conservatives who tried to sweep the AIDS epidemic under the rug.


It was more than just conservatives unfortunately.


This is still true for most sex workers doing that job today. It’s super high risk for everyone. Most of all of people of color who also do sex work.


This bitch. It do take nerve


So much gender affirming language I love it.


When she asked her “what did you want to be when you were a little girl” it made me smile.




This is amazing. As a non-american I hadn't really heard about RuPaul before I started watching the show, but even though she isn't perfect, you can't deny how magnetic and quick she is, and clearly has always been. It's pretty crazy how fast people are willing to turn on her.


"and now i'm a hooka"


Came here to say the same thing. She’s a new yawka alright


Ru is such an icon and a trailblazer and it's so sad to see lately the way people completely diminish all of the fight he had to do and all of his accomplishments.


Anyone who hasn’t seen Nelson Sullivans videos on youtube, you absolutely have to. Seeing that video of Rupaul in full drag on the street with an empty coffee cup asking for change to get a slice really puts it into perspective of how fucking hard this bitch worked and persevered to get where she is today.


I’m obsessed with Nelson Sullivan’s vids. What an amazing time capsule he gifted us all.


I am obsessed with his videos, he was such a visionary and artist, too bad he is no longer with us.


Yeah seeing a bunch of keyboard warriors calling RuPaul out because she won’t tweet something as if that’s the end all be all of activism is absolutely cringeworthy. Ru’s been fighting the good fight since before most of us were even born.


Amen. I can't with these keyboard warriors who lack any real world perspective and think activism is tweeting.


Oh please. The keyboard warriors are out to defend Rupaul and then the posts asking people to donate or that give resources on how to help get zero engagement. It’s not diminishing what Ru has done. It’s people being afraid she’s stopped now that she’s fracking famous.


It’s absolutely diminishing what Ru has done. She has made more of an impact than most of the people just posting donation links on their Twitter bios. If she wanted to stop, she has every right to. She’s done her part. When you do as much as she’s had and had an impact on the LGBT community like she’s had then you can talk about her not doing enough.


I really didn't appreciate Ru until I read his autobiography 'Letting It All Hang Out'. He really did start from nothing, and look where he is now.




Of course they are not the same person anymore 30 years have passed. People forget that that 30 years ago it was still all but unacceptable to be gay in mainstream society and AIDS was at its peak. Young people think it’s scary now, well it’s nothing like it was back then not even comparable. Rupaul is 62 years old, she’s done her bit, it’s time for young people to take over her activism.


Bernie is still out there doing it and will until he dies. Age doesn’t always factor in. So many people making excuses saying someone has done enough. When really they are at their most influential NOW.


Bernie is a white man who doesn’t have the same struggles a gay black drag queen would have and didn’t have to fight the same fights. They’re not the same.


How entitled are you? Rupaul (or anyone for that matter) literally owes you nothing. You don’t get to tell other people what they should or shouldn’t be doing.


Honestly I think expecting a Black queer man in his sixties to save America/ the world is entitled as fuck. Providing huge platforms to all these young queer people, particularly in this climate should be seen as activism enough even if he is handsomely rewarded. We have a million oligarchs let alone white tv personalities with way more money that do nothing and no one asks shit of them.


The sisters are doing it for themselves


That quick, pop culture reply from Ru was just like, so Ru. Obviously I don’t know her but just classic Rupaul. Something I could very easily hear her saying on the show present day.


why am i crying right now? street workers are seen by people as the lowest of the low in society but they’re just human beings like everyone else. there’s something so strangely wholesome but gut wrenching seeing these beautiful people and how they were/are treated but still managing to keep a positive attitude.


as well as Ru’s “I see myself in each of them” and you really do. I think people forget they’re also humans with goals, aspirations and dreams, born with a destiny like each of us. They’re just trying to live and anyone who has dealt with unemployment can say how hard it is to get a job/make a living, for whatever reason. It really touches me to see Ru speak to them in such a way of love and using gender affirming language while you can only imagine what they’ve been through.


Always has been and always will be an icon (period)


Thanks for sharing!


I love RuPaul so much


Fuckkkk. Ru is famous for a mothafuckin REASON


Really cool video! To give some context to the amounts they were mentioning, $100 in early 1992 would be worth about $210 today


You can see that RU’s drag persona is very much half Miss America, half lady of the night. When she gets turnt she shows the second half, you can feel shes had reverence and respect for these women well into today, especially when she uses her Kiki voice. It’s unfortunate that she and wow miscalculated at one time that people would turn away from drag race if it included anything other than cis gay males cause the audience wanted a “transformation,” to their point at that time, a LOT of viewers did then and do now have a problem with trans persons on the show, or really anywhere. Hopefully we’ll keep moving forward as the nation keeps trying to hold us back tho.




Oh gurl, how many hundreds of years back in time do you want to go to discuss the history of trans individuals in the arts? Whether we’re talking on theater, circuses, vaudeville, pageants, acting or cabarets, queer and trans artists who’ve explored gender through art have always existed to different contexts and outcomes. The “modern” drag scene has always had queer, gender nonconforming and trans individuals along with cis-gay identifying-men. For some, the performance of gender “here femininity” is a way to express their identity but not for everyone, some may be exploring the extremes over the top themes of femininity as a performance art as a commentary in society, for fun, because it combines all their artistic abilities, as a protest, tribute or all of the above. The easiest way to understand drag would be to see DRAG in general as a performance of gender regardless of the sexual or gender identity of the performer. Cis female pop stars are in drag on stage, Michelle used to do NJ trashy drag in her first seasons as a judge, and Sasha is on drag on the runway, off stage they are all women but aren’t going to the store made up in an extreme representation of gender. Profesional wrestlers are in drag on the ring, so are male action movie stars and drag kings of various gender identities, they are performing in an extreme expression of gender for entertainment. That’s why it never made any sense to exclude trans individuals from a drag tv show when historically the performance of gender is what makes it DRAG and it has always included trans persons. One of my favorite exhibits at the Princeton U museum are the 2000 year old statuettes of hermaphroditus who had male genitalia with women breast and curves, which were kept in every Roman home and worshipped; there are examples of this celebrated position of trans individuals across many cultures throughout the rest of the ancient world, the idea that trans individuals are in any way “new” to society or in the outside of the norm is a contemporary perverse invention.


Because you’re straight and presumably cisgender, going forward, you should know that trans is not a verb. Do not refer to people as transgendered. You’re looking to use the term trans or transgender as an adjective. To reword your sentences, “I questioned the inclusion of transgender individuals on drag race,” or “Some of the most prominent figures were trans.” Per your sentences, you likely didn’t realize this is really offensive and now you can go forward and use more respectful and accurate language to describe us as you learn more about our collective history.


“I got a 12 inch piece of meat” LMAOOOO I never caught that before 🤣


This is the side of RuPaul that people don't see and never consider. This is why Ru is such a trailblazer.


The blond woman with glasses sounds like Linda Belcher




This is remarkable honestly.


Thanks for sharing this was really interesting.


Is this from 5ninethavenueproject?


Looks like this is the source (tiktok vid cuts off the beginning and end), seems like it was on public access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv5NrI1ZNUw


But ... But .... The train flag , she's so transphobic right ? 😵🌝