>acceptance/rejection times omg, wait do they stagger this out through the day? Last year I was accepted and got the email at 8:30AM EST. I don't know if I can handle waiting later in the day 😂 Edit: Rejected at 11:04 EST. I'm okay with this--ran it this year, loved it, happy that others will get to experience the same joy :) On to focusing my efforts on NYC I guess!


Iirc people were getting emails all morning the last few years


Oh man. The suspense is gonna kill me too.


not sure about them staggered but if accepted, I’d expect a credit card charge before an email


Well I guess I saved $243.23


Same 🤪


Same, again… 😔


Got in after applying for the first time! I’m riding the high of just finishing my first marathon, so I’m very happy. Got my notification that they took my money & the email at the same time around 7:20 CST.


Chicago was my first marathon and it’s very flat and fast. Congratulations!!


Let's hope the 3rd time is the charm 🤞


The most recent charge on my credit card is for MARATHON…gas station Ope.


How many people out there are still waiting/ haven't heard anything? Trying to gauge my chances :/




I’m hoping the emails are going out in alphabetical order at this point, I have a last name that starts with a T🤣


I love this. I’m a W. Hahaha


Ohhhhh! Good theory... I'm R 🤣


Fellow T here and nothing yet! Praying no one comes along to bust this theory so we can hold on to hope, lol.


I’m sorry I’m a T and got it at 8:15 am est


I hope your theory is true. My wife got accepted, last name M; I'm still waiting, last name R.


I’m at the end and got my acceptance email this morning, sorry friends 😔


I haven't heard anything either way yet.


Accepted! First marathon. I’m full of regret and excitement


Just got the rejection email. Better me than all of you. Truly am relieved and so happy for all you who were successful!


I got selected! 8:25 AM EST


Looking like this will be my 4th year in a row that I'm not selected. The times I have been selected my credit card was charged by now. Hope I'm wrong but starting to get pretty bummed Edit: 9:05 central: No email one way or another but I have just about lost all hope. For the last 4 years I have only needed 1 more to become a legacy runner, and the last 4 years declines. I feel like my day has been ruined. Edit 2: 10:05 central: No email one way or another but my level of rage is intensifying. Last 4 years all declines for Chicago, and 3 declines for Tokyo. feelsbadman.jpg **Final Edit: 10:16 central:** Just received my rejection email. I'm rage quitting on the day. Cheers to the lucky folks that got in.


Just got my rejection email. 🥺


First time entering and would be my first marathon. I decided since this could be my only marathon, it is Chicago or bust! And y'all, a marathon is DAUNTING, so I've spent the last month thinking I'd feel fine about either result...but in the last couple days I've realized I WANT IN! Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!


I’m in! Just got the email


Nothing for me yet and a little disappointed. I'm doing a fall marathon either way, but I was hoping to make it Chicago! I've had the worst luck with the lottery and it's starting to feel like unfinished business, ha.


Same here (minus the worst luck part). I’ve been counting down to this and am bummed nothing’s rolled out to me yet. I guess I’ll get to pick a different fall race if push comes to shove…but I wanted Chicago!


I will be obsessively checking my credit card all morning


Best of luck all! Chicago was my first marathon ever last year and it was such an amazing experience.


I decided last night I’d rather do NYC (if I get in via neither lottery, I’ll do charity entry for NYC) since lodging will be cheaper due to having family there. That means I’m pretty confident I’ll get in today.. Murphy’s law or whatever.


I half expect to not being selected as I want to run the Minneapolis Marathon a week earlier and stay with my relatives there though I do want that Major Marathon star. I searched for hotel in Chicago and man they're pricey! Updated: Just got the email that I'm selected 😂. Chicago, here I come!👊


This is kind of how I'm feeling too. I did CHI in October and would *like* to do another world major, I assume since this year's NYC was such shitty weather, surely next year's will be amazing right, right?


It WILL be amazing next year.


We had such good weather this year. I'm very sad that I won't be going next year as a plan vacation conflicts with it.


I need revenge for running it in such bad weather last year!


I'm so excited!!!! Good luck every one ☺️


Nothing for me :( would be my first marathon. Have tried for NYC 0/8 times


I'm 1/17 in lotteries. I feel your pain


Haven’t heard anything but not feeling great Based on this recent run of rejections I expect to be rejected 😕


It's my first time entering the lottery and I'm hoping first time is the charm! Good luck everyone!


I got in on first try so sending you all the good vibes!


When I submitted my application, I accidentally selected Apple Pay out of force of habit (it’s how I pay for registration to Atlanta Track Club events, which uses the same platform as the Chicago Marathon). At 9:00, I got a push notification that the payment was declined; my entry was selected, but I needed to update my card info. Cue me searching the house for my wallet, which was ultimately still in the back pocket of the jeans I wore yesterday. The second payment attempt just went through, and I am in!


Good to know that if Payment is declined they don't just move on, was always curious how that worked.


I’m in! First time applying and this will be my first marathon. Literally tearing up.


I’m still waiting and I’m so scareeeddd


I’m in! Email around 8:15 EST. My first major. Good luck all!


I really didn’t think I cared if I got selected but seeing all these comments of people getting in and having no acceptance email of my own is really bumming me out. I got rejected for Berlin last week too. Must not be my year. 💔


Chicago seems like the easiest Major Marathon to get into in term lottery. If you don't get it this year, try again. I didn't get it last year but got in this year.


I guess I’m spoiled because I got in nyc on my first try. There will be other opportunities!


I think Berlin is equally easy form experience.


Really? Maybe you're just lucky? I'm 2/2 in Chicago and 0/6 for Berlin lol


I feel the same way! This was my first time trying a lottery though. ETA: nevermind, just got my acceptance!


Good luck everyone! My first time signing up for Chicago. Fingers crossed! Edit: Not selected :( Oh well. We just try again next year.


Anyone else constantly refreshing their email 🤣?


Yup 😂 I got my acceptance email much earlier in years’ past so I’m definitely on edge. Great username btw


Patiently still waiting/hoping to get an acceptance 🫡 10:18 - still waiting UPDATE: Rejected 10:21 😔


Must have been the first rejection email they sent out. 932 CST.


I just got the email—I was accepted!!! I’m so excited I had post about it to all the strangers on the internet!!! Let’s go!!!!


Just got a no :(


Just got a rejection :(


Just received my rejection email at 9:40am CT.


Still waiting on an email. Someone said to check spam, so I did, and an indicator popped up that a new spam message was downloading, but it was taking forever. 2 minutes later, I see the weekly Mariano’s ad… fml


I got rejected too. Not gonna lie, after getting rejected from the London/Berlin/Chicago marathons and being unable to run a half-marathon race after testing positive for COVID on the day before it, I'm feeling pretty discouraged.


Keep at it!


After getting excited for and then disappointed by the Berlin draw last week, I'm taking a more stoic approach today... or at least trying to. Edit: I'm in!!


I got in after five years of rejection!


Looks like the acceptance rate is 100% based off this thread 🤣


as someone that hasn't gotten accepted yet, this comment stings.


I was rejected


Let me bring it down a notch too. Not selected. :-(


Let me be the first to take it below 100%! I’m honestly happy with this outcome lol. I have a marathon in a month and I think I need some time before I go through the build up again. Would prefer to stick to halfs the rest of 2023 :)


Just got the email and charge on my card at the same time! It will be my second marathon ever! My first is coming up in January in Houston. I'm excited EDIT: Any tips on good hotels that won't cost a fortune?


Seems like the marathon has blocks at most of the hotels in the vicinity. Don't be afraid to stay a little farther away (but still walking distance) from the entry. Last year, and again this year I booked about a mile away but it is a newer/updated room and cheaper than the Hilton for example which is right across the street. Loads of people walking to Grant Park even from farther out.


Best of luck! The first marathon is gonna be a treat for you. My first was Kansas City 2021. I’m hooked now. 😁


Thank you! I'm really looking forward to it. I feel the same way. After running my first three half marathons these last three months, it got me super hyped to do a full marathon lol


Got the email before I got the charge! First time trying for the lottery!! Anyone got any tips for doing Chicago and NYC a month apart?


I am in! Email received 8:46 Eastern


Don’t give up - I just got my charge and email at the same time. 8:21 CT.


Just got in! First year applying. First marathon. 8:42am CST email. This is going to be a very emotional day!


I got in! This will be my first star!!


What time do they usually announce the lottery results? My first time entering for my first marathon!


Last year I got my rejection email right before 10:30 AM central!


3rd time trying for the lottery! Good luck everyone!


Do they tell you if you didn’t get in or is no news bad news?


They tell you either way.


Nothing for me yet, I assume they roll out throughout the day?


Last year the acceptances were all sent out between 8-9AM EST. The rejections came out around 10:30 EST (when I got mine) I still haven’t heard anything, looking like another year missing out😕


Got in first time! This will be my 2nd marathon and first world major!


I got in!! 8:03 CST time stamp. I’ve been living in a Chicago for ~6 years so im excited to run around my fave city!!


Got my email at 8:19 CST! I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get in based on the times everyone else on here got their emails this morning. I got in for 2017, got injured, deferred to 2018, got injured again, and had to just let my entry go to waste (you can only defer one year)😭. 2023 is the year I finally run the damn thing!💪🏻


no email for me yet.... :(


First time’s the charm!! Running my first marathon in Ventura in Feb and ideally this would be my 2nd


I'm in!! First marathon since 2016. See you all there!


I got in to Berlin and really can't foresee wanting to run Chicago so soon after... but also feeling devastated to not have gotten my acceptance/rejection email yet anyway :)


I'm in too! As a native Chicagoan long since moved away, excited to try for my first sub-3:00:00 in my hometown.


got accepted got it at 9:40 EST!!


10:20 am EST at the time of writing and nothing yet. Still pending selection in my portal. Also waiting to hear about an interview for a job. Why do I do this 😭 Edit: got rejection email at 10:43 am EST 🥺🥺🥺


Still seeing “Pending Selection” but have to assume it’s game over.


just got my acceptance at 08:04 CST!! I’m so excited!!! It’s my first marathon and I’m doing it in the city I was born in!


CONGRATS! You are giving me hope that acceptances are still being rolled out!!


theyll be coming out for 3-4 more hours


Fingers crossed for you!! 🤞🏻


Got selected- email 8:24 et


[Me](https://hungarytoday.hu/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/18ps27.jpg), opening my email this morning to see I got accepted and realizing I have to go through another marathon training cycle


Just got the email @ 7:24 CST!


I’m in!!! This was my first try I can’t believe it! Marathon #2 here we come!


Email at 8:23 EST and I’m in! First-time entry and first marathon!




I'm in! I'm shaking right now!!!


I got in at 8:47! First marathon since Boston in 2016! Super excited to get back to the Art Institute of Chicago too. This will be a tune up race for me for the JFK 50 Miler in November.


Ugh nothing for me yet I’m sad :( just ran NY and wanted this to me my second major


Same! I have never wanted to see my card charged more than I do right now lol. Its gonna be a long morning of refreshing my email 😆


Didn’t realize the lottery was today. Went from worried by a random bank large-purchase alert to thrilled when I realized. Charged/email at 9:05 eastern. Will likely be punting my NYC guaranteed entry to 2024 now!


Card just got charged!!! I’m in!!!


Got selected. Got the email at 6:04 PST. edit: I dont see the charge yet, but I have the email and my online account reflects that I am in :)


I got in! 9:01am email, credit card got charged at the same time. Coming from Mooresville, NC. I have only ran the Charlotte marathon, I am really looking forward to this!


In! Going to be 4th Chicago for me. Got the email at 9:18 EST.


I’m in! Got the email at 5:23 AM PT. This will be my first marathon and I’m beyond excited!


Just got my acceptance email!


2nd times the charm!! I got in!!!!! (but turns out I have to attend a wedding that day so maybe will have to try and defer it 🙄)


I call dibs on your entry!


Got in with a “sorry we had an error charging your card” note at 6:19 Pacific, so emails are definitely still rolling.


I'm in! 8:18am CST :D


No email yet.. But this will be my first marathon in Chicago, so hopefully I get the chance to run it while I'm living here. I'm in uptown, a mile north of the route. Where's a good place to watch it, if I don't get in?


I got in just after 9:00 AM EST!


In at 6:42 PST! First marathon with my partner who also got selected :)


I got in! This will be my first full!


I’m in! Got my email at 9:20 ET!


Oop I got in! 🥹😬😅🥳


Good luck to everyone. I've run Chicago 3 times, and that last mile coming down Michigan ave is truly amazing.


If we don’t get into Chicago, do we try for the NYC lottery? What are everyone’s backup plans for next fall?


I'll probably just do Detroit again since it's right down the road from me.


Got my rejection email, 9:48am CST. Good luck to all runners!


Rejected — after I ran it this year for the first time. Major bummer. I was so excited to run again and so sure I would get in.


I'm so excited! I got in! This will be my first road marathon outside of my home city and I'm thrilled! :)


Fiance & future father in law got accepted and I got rejected. Time to raise some money for charity! My first marathon so that makes it even more cool.


Didn’t get in either, but now I can go to Oktoberfest with my friends! Prost!


My daughter and I applied for the first time. We were both selected. It will be both of ours first full marathon. I am so happy and excited.


Go ahead and book your hotel now since most offer free cancellation. Lock in that rate!


No email or charge here yet! Edit: got in at 8:57 CST!


Acceptance email at 9:20! I had given up hope!


I just got my acceptance email around 9:50 EST. Glad to be running it.


Still giving me hope!


Accepted at 7:48am cst. First marathon :)


Glad you made this! Really hoping to get in—had a baby four months ago and would just love to be able to spend the next 10 months in training. No email yet… ETA: got in at 6:19 Pacific.


Finally got in! 3rd time lucky 🙂🙂 Also 3rd time lucky after getting rejected in the London and Berlin lotteries


Just got the email, I am in! Hoping to get a new PR this time. All the best to all my fellow applicants!


I'm in as of 9:01! First marathon here I come! Email and chase alert hit at the same time.


A week or two after I entered the lottery I signed up to run Pittsburgh. Was half hoping not to get it since I’ll have 2 marathons in 2023 but…. I’m in! See y’all in October! edit: email came in at 8:46am EST


I'm in too! I've had the worst luck with race lotteries (NYC 👀) and it's been over a decade since I last ran Chicago. Woo!


Im in!!!! First marathon! Got the email at 9:19 EST


Got in on my 2nd lottery. Here come that 2nd Major Marathon star 🤩. Time to book a place to stay


I'm in via time, good luck all lotto peeps! I will see you there!! First time @ Chicago, any advice? How does this compare to the other majors?


For those who have been selected: if you sign in to your participant account on the official website, does your registrations page show “selected” or still “pending selection”? Trying everything I can to find out ASAP!


Still waiting 😬


Got selected at around 9:45 am!




Just from youtube videos I have watched but not personal experience, I think it helps get people hyped for the event even more and also helps with a nice warm up/ loosen up the legs before the big day. Seems like it would enhance the experience more than sitting around with all that nervous excitement in a more isolated way!


Anyone get in on the west coast? I see all CST and ESTs. Maybe it comes later 🤞🏼😆


I got in west coast, got the email at 525 AM PST, good luck to you :)


Has anyone gotten an actual denial email?


They start sending those out after the acceptances have gone out based on what they’ve done in years past


Here's hoping 4th time is the charm!


Juuuust kidding — I received the rejection email and here's hoping to 2024.


Booked my hotel room last night and I haven't gotten an email yet. Did I jinx myself? Edit: I did, got my rejection email.


Got in baybay


I just got my rejection email - 9:39am CST


Just got my rejection email. 9:43 am CST


I just got my rejection email :(


Checked portal under my registrations and it still says pending Edit 10:10 am cst email received that I was not selected


rejection came at 10:57am EST :( got rejected for berlin last week too :( i'm running boston for my second time this spring, but was really hoping to secure another major for the fall.. maybe next year!!


If you got into Boston wouldn’t that mean you time qualified for Chicago?


Rejected. But I have some friends who got in that I'm excited to show around Chicago. Welp.. Time to find another race to make my first full.


Womp, Womp - Got rejected. Oh well, there's always the Freep (Detroit) Marathon this year and try again next year for Chicago.


I have been trying for five years and just got another rejection email. I'll will try again next year lol


Thank you for entering the Bank of America Chicago Marathon non-guaranteed entry drawing. We regret to inform you that your application was not selected. (sad face)


I’m in! My first marathon😅 I am so scared


Rejected at 9:35am CST. 0-2 for Chicago. Last year I ran Detroit instead. This year I was already eyeing Twin Cities.


Rejected as well. Thinking Twin Cities also, my brother lives in Minneapolis and haven't seen him in a really long time, so would be a worthwhile trip.


Didn’t get in :(. Will be there to cheer on my wife though. Congrats to everyone else who got in and is running it! If you didn’t, let’s hear some alternative plans!


Kinda sad that I didn't get in because I really wanted my first marathon to be in Chicago since I live here, but maybe I'll go and try the Milwaukee marathon next year instead


Congrats to everyone who got in! 👏 I unfortunately wasn’t selected, but that’s alright - onto the next. I was curious: do any of you have a plan B for another fall marathon you’d be interested in? I’m keeping all options open throughout the US or Canada. Would love to hear your favourites or ones you’re looking at!


Holy crap, I got in! First time applying, and it'll be my second marathon ever. I'm equal parts thrilled and terrified.


I got in! First time applying for Chicago! I've applied for New York and London multiple times, Berlin once, never had any luck. Needless to say, this was unexpected. The email arrived at 8:12 am


Lotteries are a joke. I’m 0-17 in them and now 0-6 with Chicago. Yet I know people accepted 9+ times in a row or even never NOT being selected for one. And half of them are people that have never ran in their lives. I’m over this nonsense.


Denied for Berlin, London, Chicago AND Taylor swift tickets! Lol. Terrible


Does anyone know approximately what the odds of getting selected are


I’ve read online it’s basically a coin flip. 50/50


Can confirm ;) Source - applied twice got in once. This is ample data.


Second time entering a lottery - NYC last year, Chicago this year. Hoping for the best!


Just finished CIM and waiting if I get in Chicago! Good luck everyone!


Just saw my email and I’m so happy! I tried to get in last year, but finally I’m in. This will be marathon #2!


I'm in! Email came at 9:20. My first major!


Does the timing of the email make a difference? If I haven't received anything yet does it mean I'm less likely to have gotten in?


do we know what time acceptances stop? still haven’t heard anything :/


Traditionally, I want to say Chicago has stopped the drawings around 1PMish Eastern in the past years I have tried (2019 and 2021)