Someone commented on their Facebook page that they start with the local applicants, then move their way to the rest of the US, then the rest of the field. So hopefully I get a charge midday today since I’m not in NY! I was supposed to run this in 2020 then it got canceled, and then again in 2021. I had entry to the 2022 race but had to withdraw since I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Fingers crossed I finally get to run this time!


I don’t think that’s true. I was charged around 5 pm last year, and I’m local.


Dang I’m from NY and I haven’t seen anything yet, should I start searching for alternate ways to run?


Okay now my dashboard on the NYRR page says “not accepted” where it used to say “pending drawing”


Good info. I’ve been refreshing my credit card account page like crazy 🤣 - I’m in Texas so there’s hope.


Ohhh that’s really good info since I’m not in NY!


Agreed! I’ve already refreshed my bank statement so many times this morning. Now I know I can chill out for a couple more hours haha


I didn't get Taylor Swift tickets so the universe could AT LEAST get me a lottery spot here!


Are you in VA? (going off your username haha). Just saw on Facebook someone in Michigan was charged so maybe they’re moving to the rest of the US now!


Yes! Fingers crossed…


Same here! I’m a wahoo though haha


Oh man - hahah hey, love the friendly rivalry. ALSO - just got my charge so I'm in! Fingers crossed for you too! #HokiesforHoos


Congratulations! My husband & I both entered and we’ve got one charge on our card, so one of us is in. Hopefully a second one comes through!


Guys. My card got charged!! I’m pretty excited. I pretty much never win things hahaha. I’m not local though, so running means a hotel, flight, etc etc. Not sure if I can realistically afford it right now. Does anyone know what the chances of getting a spot this way are??? Like, if I pass on this opportunity, am I ever going to get it again?? Cause I REALLY want to run this race. It sounds really awesome.


I live in NYC and have been trying for 3 years (minus covid times) to get in and have not gotten picked. Still hoping for a charge to come through today!


Just got my 4th not accepted. CONGRATS to all that got in! I can't wait to cheer for you. :)


If you cancel you have a guaranteed non complimentary entry for 2024.


I just saw that! Thanks! Hoping to make this year work but it definitely helps to know there’s this option


If I'm looking at a pending charge on my credit card does that mean I am in? Or is that standard?


I think if the charge is from today, you're in! Congrats! I know they did some small deposits of $1 or so a few weeks ago to confirm your payment method was valid, but if you see a full charge, I would assume that means you'll see confirmation here soon.


Woo got accepted!! Will be my first ever half marathon!


I got a (pending) $130 credit card charge today, but i just received an email that I was not selected. In my dashboard it also says I have not been accepted. Has this happened to anyone? Edit: found out my wife entered my cc info. She got in and i didn't... 😑


Ahhh what a tease. Congrats to your wife!!


Just got a charge on my credit card, first half for me! Moved to NYC in august, so I think I count as a "local" in their drawing scheme.


I ran it last year as my 1st half. I told myself if I didn’t get in this year, I’m hoping my spot goes to someone running it as their first half. I didn’t get in but I’m glad so many people are doing it for their first


You do 😂


Likewise, really wanting this to be my first half! If I don’t get it I’ve got a backup plan though(either the Rock n Roll Half in DC or the Philly Love Running Half). Haven’t delved much into how the charity spots work. Not too keen on the idea of begg..er..I mean asking people to donate, lol Update: didn’t get in as via the NYRR website. Oh well. I’ll enter the Brooklyn Half lotto in a few weeks and try my luck there. EDIT #2: Apparently completing the NYC Half virtual race next year will guarantee one entry for 2024? If so this might be an option worth exploring.


Just got my charge! Fingers crossed for you too! If not, Rock n Roll DC is great. I lived in DC for 6 years, and it's a fun route and great vibes.




Entry to the Brooklyn Half isn't via lottery. You just got to be fast-ish to register.


That used to be the case. Not anymore, according to the NYRR website. [https://www.nyrr.org/races/rbcbrooklynhalf](https://www.nyrr.org/races/rbcbrooklynhalf)


Oh wow, I did not know, my bad!


I just commented below but saw someone on TikTok using [this](https://www.anthonytravel.com/united-airlines-nyc-half/) as a guaranteed entry option! Not sure how it works but if you’re really committed could be an option?


I looked at it yesterday, its like $400ish for the hotel and $250ish to get into the race. I'll pass this time but that's still les painful than raising a grand for charity lol


If you want to run the NYC Half through charity, send me a DM! The charity I work for has bibs available.


Another out-of-stater checking in with their pending charge! I ran the race last year for the first time. I thought it was extremely well organized for the quantity of runners. Congrats to all the first-timers. My one piece of advice....give yourself plenty of time to get to the starting area. There can be long lines at the security check and the port-a-jons!


Just got the charge. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to get in or not 🙃. Need a training plan for an intermediate (I think?) runner if anyone has! For reference, I run 4-6 miles on average nowadays, cross-train with spin and weights, and would like to finish the half under 2 hours. GL to everyone who entered the lottery!


Congrats! I’ve liked the BAA Half level 2 plan!




Thank you! Hope you get in too!


Check out the book 80/20 running. It'll be more helpful in understanding how to build a plan vs some of the more nebulous 'do this at this pace' plans where there is no feedback or understanding why. This book will help you find the right ranges. It contains training plans for 3 levels of half marathon too.


Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for books like this, so I’ll definitely check it out.


didn't get picked. ah well. eventually I'll run this race - was supposed to do it in 2020 since I did the 4/6 races in 2019, but we all know how that turned out (though I did get my medal and shirt right before the lockdown started that weekend, and ran my own half that weekend to mentally justify the training). good luck everyone - I'll be out there cheering for you on race day.


NYRR didn’t give you guys a deferred guaranteed entry for 2021 or 2022? I mean you did get in, after all.


we had the option of deferring to 2021 or getting a full refund. I picked the refund - this was right when everything started getting cancelled, and I figured I'd rather have the money.


Ah yea that makes sense.


Just got a charge on my card! I’m in WA, so they’re definitely drawing for the out of state pool.


I'm from Georgia and just got charged $145 at 1:44 PM EST


Good luck everyone! So excited to see a few “first half’s”, this is my first half as well! Looking forward to running alongside you all this upcoming March!


Got accepted! My first half too, super pumped!


Just got the pending charge - this will be my first half since the pandemic so I’m stoked!


Just got my credit card charge and I’m in Northern New Jersey. This will be my first half. I am super nervous and excited to join you all. Best of Luck to all who are awaiting today.


Just got my email confirming and the website also updated if anyone is curious.


No charge yet!! Cmon lottery luck!


I’m in!Any locals or veterans have advice on where to stay for a first timer from MI? I’d prefer midtown but I worry about getting to the starting line.


After the New Year, the travel agency that partners with NYRR will secure blocks of rooms - dine in Midtown, some in Brooklyn. Lots to choose from. Getting to the starts is suuuuuuper easy on the train and there are so many people riding with you. It’s a great pre-race bonding experience


Thanks so much, that’s exactly what I was hoping for!


We stayed in midtown last year and took the subway down to the starting line. No problems at all. Just expect to stand for the journey as the train was already filling up by the time it got to midtown area.


Just looked and my email from last year didn’t come in until 8 pm, so I think I’ll ease up on the constant refreshing. Hoping I get lucky again this year!


Boo - my dashboard says not accepted. Try again next year...


Dashboard just updated to indicate not accepted, sad trombone.


I wouldn't worry. They changed the course and everything about it is awful. Logistics getting to the start, boring parts, net uphill. It used to be my favorite. Fred Lebow, Greta's Gallop, Shape Half are all much better.


Nertz, also not accepted. Time to figure out a new spring plan. Congrats to everyone who got in!


I’m also in the ‘need a spring plan’ boat.


“Not accepted.” Guess I’m doing the New Bedford Half again in 2023!


I got in from SC! This won't be my first half but it will be my first time running NYC!


I didn't get in. Oh well, hopefully I get into Chicago!


I’m really hoping for next Thursday with Chicago as well—8 days! Fingers crossed for us both!


Really excited, got in as a local. Haven’t ran a race since I did the marathon in NYC in 2016.


Made it!!


Didn't get in. Anyone ever use Anthony's Travel to pay their way in?


Looking into this now out of FOMO lol. I'm a local so wouldn't even need the hotel room - could split that cost with a few folks and save $


Woot! I got my notification that I'm in! I guess the timing works out pretty well. This looks like it will be a nice tune-up to a full marathon in April! Cheers, ya'll!


I am probably in the lonely quadrant of "Barely Remembered I Applied and Got Accepted". I ran the old course many years ago so will be my first time on the current route.


I never get picked for any lottery drawing races. Starting to think NYRR has something against me.


I'm in! I live in NJ, maybe I'm in the catchment area for locals.


I think it's something like 60 miles from NYC.


I'm about 75 miles from Manhattan -- I probably just got lucky.


They should have stuck with the 2018 course. Piling on those climbs in the last three miles made it fun, Cat Hill, Harlem Hill and the Three Bitches (if you know you know) a good tough finish.


Did you get emails ?


No just charged


I put myself in the lottery for the united airlines half marathon in nyc. My friend already got charged for the half marathon but I didn’t. Is there any chance I’ll get picked from the lottery? I’m in the NYC area


I think so. On a thread from last year people local were still getting pick at 5-7PM and it seemed random location wise (not state by state or E to W). Good luck!!


Got the email around 4 today! Did it last year and had a blast. Looking to beat my 2:30 in 2022 and get a sub 2 in 2023!


When did the sign up for this lottery open?


Back in October


Feeling super bummed about not getting in. Considering one of the charity spots - has anyone in this sub done this before? How hard is it to raise a thousand bucks for this?


No clue how this works but saw someone on TikTok who didn’t get in and said they were going to use this as an option? https://www.anthonytravel.com/united-airlines-nyc-half/


Hi! You asked about charity teams. Most charities you apply, interview, get approved and work with their team from there. With the American Liver Foundation, you get benefits including a fundraising coach and team gear.


If anyone is interested in running for a charity NYC Medics has spots available. Fundraising minimum is $1500. Here’s the link if you’re interested. https://nycmedics.org/get-involved/unitedairlinesnychalf/