When people tell me they never run or hate running it doesn't bother me and I don't try to delve into why or to change their mind. If they ask me a running question and it evolves into constructive conversation I might explore it, but I don't have a desire to encourage others to run.


This. I genuinely hope everyone finds the activity they truly love. If it works for the situation, I'll say something to that effect and that's about it.


Yes!! This is usually my response! Something like "yeah i get it. Its not for everyone, you just gotta find your thing that keeps you healthy. Everyone has a thing!"


Yeah, I don’t see why it’s a big issue. People like different things. If someone said to me they hate running and don’t understand why I like it, my reply would be ‘it releases endorphins and makes me feel good’. It’s not really like someone is bashing the hobby as a personal attack, but more that they can’t see the fun in it. Kinda like how I can’t see the fun in base jumping or skydiving as a hobby


Just keep running!




Live and Let Run is my Paul McCartney themed running club on Strava.


I get it. I used to be a hater. Running always hurt and always felt horrible. Then one time I ran way beyond what I normally run, and at some point it stopped hurting and I became euphoric. The endorphins finally hit me and I experienced second wind for the first time. Even though I was so tired I thought I was going to drop a minute ago, I suddenly felt amazing. That's pretty much when I joined the sub and I'm trying to get back into running. Haven't felt it again, but I'm going to keep trying until I enjoy it somehow.


So like, that’s a real thing? Asking for….a friend. Who hates running. And for some unexplainable reason is willingly training for a marathon. Seriously, wtf am I getting myself into 🤣


It's a thing. I couldn't control when it happens. You run until you feel so bagged you have to stop. But instead of stopping you keep going.


Did that once during a hall. An ER visit and an IV later, turns out I SHOULD have stopped 😆 Seriously though, I now know what heat exhaustion feels like. Won’t make that mistake again. But I know you’re talking about a different kind of feeling so bad you have to stop. I’ve got some big miles in my future. I hope I find that mythical runners high because right now it’s spite that keeps me going so the haters can’t “told you so” me! Good luck in your running endeavors!!


The runner's high is very different than what I thought it would be, at least for me! I used to tell people I'd never felt a runners high BUT in compensation for never feeling the high my mind would get super active, problem solving, I could work my way through tangled emotional or workplaces/political mazes and come out with a reasonable solution, or the perfect wording for a tricky situation I was in, and that it was like I actually get smarter when I run because my mind relaxes and my body disappears and I'm just a pure, relaxed thinking machine. And then everyone I talked to was like "Yeah that's pretty much a runners high." I think in my case it just manifests as mental clarity and relaxation. But I didn't feel it until I had the conditioning to run 5 miles or so, because it takes a while to kick in and it doesn't work as well if things are actively hurting during the run.


For me when I run, I have ADHD and my mind goes completely quiet. I’ve never experienced feel good endorphins, but having started taking ADHD meds that also make my brain quiet, I can see that exercise basically releases chemicals to make me ‘normal’


This is exactly what I experienced! I kept waiting for an energy burst, but it was more a sense of clarity. And yes, it didn’t hit until I was running 4-6 miles in a session… I’m honestly thrilled to know it’s not just me!! I’ve been out of running for a bit due to scheduling and a knee injury, but I’m desperately trying to get back!


If your running 13 miles and don't get high, then I think one of us have different endorphin receptors. But since all neurochemistry is unique, that level of difference is "normal" For me, 30 minutes of activity at peak HR (80% max), and I'm high as a kite. I ran (and failed) a half marathon and was so upset I intended to drive straight home. Was still too high when I got to my car to drive so I had to wait for a bit to focus.


Music will help you get there. Get some songs you really like and listend to them during your run and you are pretty much guaranteed to feel it.


Second this. I literally spent the entire day before my marathon coming up with my playlist


Yeah I don't get it. I run for fitness and a challenge, but I've never once had a high from it including when running half marathons.


This needs more exploration. Do you consider being out of breath “high”, or am I fundamentally missing something? I hear “runner’s high” thrown around with abandon, and I’ve always assumed it’s just a subjective way of describing the mild feeling of well-being associated with exercise, but for it to compromise someone’s ability to drive makes me think it’s something else entirely.


Well I'd assume it happens differently for everyone. For me it doesn't impair my ability to drive but it does give me mental clarity. It also helps that I take a mental stimulant that seems to activate from physical activity. But even before I was taking the medicine running had the same affect, just not as strong.


> This needs more exploration Almost identical to a shot of whiskey or a drag of pot. The severity varies by degrees. The half wasn't the "highest" runner's high I've ever gotten. One time after a 400 IM (swimming) I took a hand out of the pool and promptly fainted on the deck. At max "high" there is ZERO pain, but there is enormous fatigue. I know if there is pain, feels more like pressure, but it doesn't hurt. Short high's only last minutes. Longer highs stick with me longer, sometimes a half-hour or so past the exertion. > Do you consider being out of breath “high” I'm a swimmer by trait, so "out of breath" is different for me. I've drown twice both times I showed classical hypoxia euphoria which ultimately caused poor cognition leading to me drowning. That usually takes 3+ minutes and the hypoxia only lasts for about the last 20 seconds of it. My O2 level's running NEVER get as low as my O2 levels swimming. But I am well aware of what hypoxia euphoria feels like. This is different. > but for it to compromise someone’s ability to drive makes me think it’s something else entirely. Lucky I guess. I probably "could" drive after my half, but since I was out of town and there were tons of people milling around I didn't want to plaster some kid on a crosswalk. I'm generally very conservative when it comes to driving impaired. But by the time I was in the car it felt like 1 or 2 shots of whiskey worth of "high". At peek high felt like I had run through a 6 pack.


Never ever did I experience that :( extremely jealous and happy for you! I’ll just go for discipline and being proud afterwards that I did it anyway.


Yeah, happened when I first started running. I noticed that I'd hit this patch where I felt like I couldn't go on anymore, but I'd just keep going, anyway. And then *after* that, I'd find this stride that was *slow* but comfortable. I wasn't breaking any records, but it was like my breath and steps finally found a comfortable rhythm. I call it my "trudge pace" because it isn't graceful or fast, but it strikes a balance that allows me to run for a long time. But like busdriverjoe said, I don't really find that pace anymore because my fitness is much better and I don't have to trudge now. If I increased my distance, I'm sure I'd find it again, but I don't have any desire to run more than 10K.


100%. I was running 5ks weekly for Parkrun in a really shitty time (33 minutes). I hated it. I tried getting faster. I slowly did, but I'm not a good runner. One weekend I missed Parkrun so I went for a slow jog on Sunday, just wherever. For 20 minutes I hated it. Then it was alright. I just ran, and started feeling things pumping just right. I started feeling tired and stopped. Looked at my Garmin, 10km and 65 minutes. I'd actually run 2 5ks in under my pb. And I felt awesome. Next week I was excited, did my 5k Parkrun. 34m, and hated it. You have to find what, how, when, and where you want to run and then it will click.


That sounds so bizarre to me that I feel like I have to barrage you with questions :P Were the surfaces you did you jogs and park runs on different from eachother? If I understand correctly, park runs are done on grass, right?


Same general area, 1/3 of it actually overlapped with the Parkrun course. We have like 7 organised in our city, two are gravel but the rest are fully paved running/biking paths. https://www.parkrun.com.au/gungahlin/ is the one I used to do https://www.parkrun.com.au/gungahlin/course/ has the map, it's a really nice one around a lake. But I hate it!


It’s better than drugs. And I fucking love drugs.


Go 5 days straight and run 2 miles, don’t stop and walk, go super fucking slow if you have to. Focus on your breath. I can get that high during every run by just being present in my runs and breathing.


Yep. It can last from a couple hundred meters to a full kilometer for me, pretty neat. After the endorphins run out tho, I'm basically done. Also, careful how fast you sprint during that time, because you can't feel pain anymore, and you get a LOT of energy. I went full monke once and got a calf sprain and almost fell because I wasn't accustomed to that speed :D


I don’t enjoy running like 98% of the time, yet here I am, training for my third and fourth half marathons happening in the next few months. I 100% understand why people hate running. Especially those who have never run before. It sucks! It can be hard and boring and tedious. You have to be really disciplined to keep it up. Buuuuut…I keep doing it because it’s free (well…besides shoes and races…), efficient, doesn’t require too much skill, and you can do it outside. Most of all, knowing I *can* run and being in great cardiovascular shape is super empowering for me, especially as a formerly obese and completely inactive person.


I used to hate running too. Now we have a love hate relationship lol. I hate it when I start but love it when I’m finished.


I used to hate running because I ran until i could taste blood. Then I got a pulse watch and realized that I was runnjng pretty much at interval pace and slowed down on most runs. I think many people hate running because they run at too high heart rate. Either because they have internalized this notion that you have push hard all the time, or because they are not in shape to run at a lower heart rate. Dont get me wrong, I push myself while running quite often, but the really nice runs are usually zone 1 and 2 running. I bread through my nose with long deep breaths and listen to music or "meditate". It feels amazing.


Same. I used to not be able to run to the end of the street as a young adult. I HATED how it made me feel and how hard it was and then I got talked into a half marathon…. So I went a bit further every time. Now (after many marathons and even ultras) it more annoys me how people assume it’s easy for me and I’m a natural runner! No I’m not, and it’s bloody hard work and sheer determination 😂


I've been running for years and still hate the first 10-15 minutes until I break a sweat. Then my body's just like "we got this, let's go!"


Running has been like a fountain of youth for me. 3 years ago I was 250 lbs type 2 diabetic and had hypertension. Started running when Covid hit. I’m now around 205 lbs diabetes is gone and blood pressure averages 115/70. I’m almost fifty but feel better than I did in my thirty’s. Could probably smoke my 20 year old self in anything 10k or under


>Running has been like a fountain of youth It really is, I had my first 5k recently, and I was amazed at all of the 50 year olds finishing in the top 10, an 80 year old finishing just in front of me, and lots of younger folks finishing in the back of the pack, too winded to complete a flat 5k course. A lot of the older folks look like they are still in their late 20's or early 30's, if you don't look too closely at their receding gray hairlines.


Is loose skin an issue? I'm worried about losing weight too quickly cuz I heard it can cause the skin to be more loose.


I’m almost 50 probably not gonna ever look like a statue but no haven’t noticed any major drooping


Getting into running is not fun. Being into running is very fun.


I genuinely think mostly everyone will hate running when they first start. And running does suck, especially when you first start. It takes a strong mind to get over those first months of running till you "fall in love" with running, but from there on out it's fantastic. Problem is, most people don't reach that point and give up before it because it sucks. The ones that keep running were the ones that literally "embraced the suck"


> get over those first months I think "months" may be optimistic. Still searching after year 3, but getting closer.


Feel like that myself. Not loving it, but always glad I did it after it's over. I am doing it to try to stay healthy.


Idk man, running is same like cycling. It will always suck you just get faster.


Cycling is a lot easier to get started with, though. It only starts to suck when you take your first challenging ride up some large hills, or try to keep up with the local bike club pace. With running, the first mile completely sucks if you haven't ran before. And you'll have horribly sore muscles for a few days And is still sucks a few times after that until your muscles start to adjust to it.


So true. And people often go out too fast/for too long at the start and make it suck extra!


As someone who professed hatred for running when I was a fat bastard, it was jealousy.


Not wrong, as someone who hated running when I didn’t know how I never got it. Once I was in shape and knew what way worked best for me it was relaxing almost.


Yep. And this was politely pointed out to me by a friend who put up with me and stayed long enough to watch me get hooked. She was classy. Mentioned it once. And I fessed up. I was jealous and fat. She said “love you babe” Mostly now I get eat a sandwich comments And that’s okay :) I see where it comes from. I really run from the Blerch


You gotta share a link for the uninitiated. https://theoatmeal.com/comics/running


Thank you! I had every intention of finding better cell service and doing that…… and then I went for a run…. And then Thanks


I was a fat bastard too, but I hated running because it used to make me feel like I was dying. People think running is the same as breathing, but FUCK YOU. It's NOT EVEN CLOSE. Running, you gotta learn it. Comes naturally to some, but to many, they gotta go slow. Most people I know and have helped, they always went in too hot and hated running forever. Don't blame them! I ran too hard for six months and used to be in a constant state of rage. And then one day, I joined this sub. Everything changed.


As someone who used to run 3min/km and now is lucky to run 3km without stopping... God getting back on the horse is rough. That extra 15kg man, I just keep telling myself it's a build in weight jacket.


I started C25K in September 2020 32kg heavier than I am now. I’m about 8kg from where I want to be for my half marathon in November. I’m on a gentle decent towards my target weight. I eat pretty close to my estimated TDEE because I hate being hungry.


Hell i couldnt even walk without bleeding thighs or extrem tiredness...


Fuck em


Exactly. You speak my language.


Like literally?


If the opportunity presents itself...


Like George Clooney's character in "Burn After Reading", maybe plan a 2 mile run beforehand and incorporate it into a workout.


Remember you're much slower with pants/shorts down


I am one of them. I still run. Still hate it. But mostly what I hear is, "I couldn't do it." which makes me hear, "You have discipline because I know how painful it can be." So... That's it. When they bash it I take it as a compliment.


This right here. I see running as a way to embrace suffering which in turn reduces suffering in other aspects of your life. (better physical and mental health) Self discipline is hard for many.


> I suppose one way to look at it... we are each allotted a certain amount of pain and suffering in our lives. We can take it in frequent small measure, or we can just try to do it all at once. I think the small dose approach is better. \- *An Oncologist I knew* A week or so after hearing this, I started C25K


Having a lot of trouble with this personally, wondering if you have any thoughts. Had a rough breakup 3 years ago and was running 6-10 miles every other day at speeds I consider solid - 8-830 per mile. Used it as the most basic coping tool of “I feel bad about myself so I’m going to hurt through running” and was proud of that progress. In the evenings I’d start missing her and channeled that impulse into basically finding myself at the start of my route and almost in a daze running until it didn’t feel bad anymore, then turning around and heading home. 3 years of a happy relationship later I lift 3-4x /week but am struggling with cardio and even pushing myself when lifting like I did when I was hurting. I’ve been trying to re-find that ritual without having to be in a bad headspace but it really doesn’t feel the same. I think part of it could be reinventing my relationship with fitness into a hobby rather than a coping tool, or not asking for some of the emotional support my partner gives me and instead running through that pain. I’m not a super disciplined person but constantly get sucked into interests and obsessively try to perfect them, and am usually successful when I do. Any thoughts on actionable steps to do this?


I generally wouldn’t give this advice to someone, but based on how you have described yourself, my recommendation is to gear up (if you haven’t already). To me 99% of running is about routine. The “thing” that motivated your routine is no longer around (thankfully). If you focus on gear and what you can do to equal or beat your old speeds, maybe you can re-establish a routine.


Hol up. By gear do you mean gadgets or steroids ?


I mean gear. Good pairs of shoes, socks, shorts, a gps watch that can break down split times, etc. Is there some universe where “gear up” is code for taking roids?


I completely understand how you’re feeling. I went down the fitness rabbit hole a few years ago as a sort of escape from the stress of life and relationships. I sunk a lot of money and time into exercise. Now life is … good? I don’t really have much I need to escape from and I guess that makes exercise a lot harder in comparison. Fitness seems to take a lot more discipline when everything is going well! I realised that exercise was a coping mechanism, as if to fulfil a person’s need for autonomy when it feels like you’re being swept up in the events that are out of your control. Now I am also trying to find a new relationship with exercise that is more mentally sustainable. So far it has helped to unfollow all social media influencers, it is to help me look for internal motivation and form my own goals.


I feel that. I also picked up running after a nasty breakup years ago and it definitely helped at the time. Only kept at it for maybe 6 months or so. Did a couple Spartan races last fall that caused me to get back into running. Been sticking to it and running way more than ever since January when my wife and I found out we're expecting. Don't feel like you have to be mentally suffering to make it a habit. Positive motivation will work too and the physical suffering from the actual running is enough to get the benefits! 😉 Just gotta find a goal or reason to get out there and better yourself. The biggest thing about running I've learned this year is take it easy 75-90% of the time. You don't need to push yourself too hard every time you go out to benefit. You'll likely get injured or burn yourself out if you're going all out all the time.


Thanks for your thoughts, you’ve helped me realize I think my self image is a bit out of whack with running and it may be the ultimate culprit here. I used to think every single time I ran or exercised if I wasn’t going down in time or up in weight I was failing, and I’d push myself to complete misery to try and keep that mentality in place. If I plateau’d I wasn’t trying hard enough and if I got hurt I wasn’t stretching/warming up/learning form properly. I made this original post after going to my gym to run for the first time in weeks and telling myself “we’re just going to be moving on the treadmill for 20 minutes, no matter what pace or distance that’s the only goal” to try to take it easier as you’re saying and actually enjoy the practice of running rather than the feeling of improving. I stopped to walk for a minute after mile one as I was cramping a bit and deemed the entire thing a failure because I couldn’t even do 20 mins of pure running anymore. I realized I’ve been attacking myself like this nonstop every time I run, and am pushing myself to meet a nonsensical standard because it doesn’t feel legitimate to me otherwise. Even now it’s so hard for me to accept that running a slow two miles with a break was a good run, and that it’s okay that I didn’t push myself harder. Thank you again, I’m realizing I have a lot of mental work to do in order to have a healthier relationship with exercise.


I used races to shift the mindset. Now the structure fills the "empty" or negative spaces mentally and the reward is the improvement in performance and health. Maybe it could even change your outlook on things. Ultras were particularly demanding. One thing I haven't gotten to doing is making it social. Most of the time (actually all of the time) I run alone because of time constraints.


I went through something similar: my best year of running was the year after my divorce. When things got stable, I found my motivation waning and while I was always active, I just wanted to play, not train. What saved me was finding a group of runners who also have become friends over time. Even when I don't want to run, I want to see them, so I go to the meetup spot and by the time I get there I usually am in the mindset to run and even if not, at least I have friend time and just slog through the workout. If you're into beer and running in the evenings, many breweries have a weekly 5k run with social time after. You can combine them across several or just use one as an anchor to keep you going. But also, it's ok to just work out for general fitness/health and it's ok to be a different person than you used to be. Use the lack of intensity to try some different sports since you have more energy. I now not only road and trail run, but also rock climb, cycle, swim, backpack, and am getting into whitewater kayaking because I'm not beat up from high mileage training. Gonna try some BJJ and maybe pole this winter when being outdoors sucks.


> Used it as the most basic coping tool of “I feel bad about myself so I’m going to hurt through running” This is currently the main reason that pushes me to run and I don't know that I would recommend it. It's probably not healthy to motivate one's self via pain.


At this point running could be very easy if I didn't care about improving. Easy runs are actually easy, making the time is far more challenging than doing the run.


Saw this recently and liked how it elaborates that attitude, which i share: https://youtu.be/1AqUYejDdmU


🔥 Thanks, I'm going to look into his books.


Same, fellow running hater here. I do it because discipline, how I feel accomplished after and for cardio vascular health


I just like doing things that I hate so it’s a great hobby for me.




I respond to that person "I don't know why you have so much fun picking things up and putting them back down. Just leave them there. They were happy there. What did you need to pick them up for?" That person is my sister. She has found great happiness and stress relief in lifting. As you can perhaps tell, I have not. This is a good response because eventually we piss each other off enough that both of us stop knocking the things that bring the other joy!


Nothing worse than the people who make fun of 5ks on holidays. Yeah keeping my body in shape what a dumbass tradition.


I always turn it into something overly macho. "My sport is what other sports punish their athletes with."


I always thought those shirts were kinda corny. Like everybody just do what they want/like, if people don’t like your hobby or “bash” it who cares lol I’m not into knitting and I think a lot of video games are fucking dumb, and I don’t mind if other people have similar thoughts about running.


"I eat 10ks for breakfast" 🤣


I eat 10ks with a 4k


Yeah, I’ll take marathon training over the suicides we had to do when I was on the basketball team and ROTC any day lol


When I was on my HS swim team, the swim team and the football team got into one of those arguments. We compromised by having the swim team doing a whole week of football "dry-land" work outs, and then had the football team do a week of swim-team workouts. Swim team went first and the dry-land drills weren't a big deal. Half the football team almost drown the when they came to the pool and we called off the challenge. Lots of stuff looks easy till you try it. And some stuff is easier than it looks. Never know.


Good one. 🤣


I don’t really have an issue with anyone hating running when they are an active person themselves, like you do what you like and I do what I like at least we are both fit and healthy. But when it’s when someone that is lazy unhealthy and don’t do physical exercises tells me how dumb running is and it’s bad for your knees and what ever else they come up with I can’t help myself I always say something back at them.


Good point. My brother is super active, doesn’t like running himself but he’s super supportive of me running.


That’s nice. My brother’s a personal trainer. He used to go on and on about runners and how no one actually likes running, and even people who say they like running are actually just lying to themselves. I would just stare at him with nothing to say, as me and my husband both love running, my husband’s run many marathons, and I’m a regular old non marathon runner. I haven’t spoken to that brother in years now, but I’ve recently heard that he runs now.


You know what else is bad for knees? Obesity.


That’s gonna be my next replay


Yeah, this. I genuinely enjoy running but understand that others don't. On the flip side, I haaaate HIIT cardio and other studio-type workouts, but I know people who really enjoy those types of workouts and have been able to consistently stick to them. Not my cup of tea, but whatever works for them... I'll be out there running!


Yeah, when unhealthy people tell me that running is bad for your knees, I'm tempted to tell them that being obese is bad for your knees... as well as your heart, liver, etc.


Yes, this! 💯


I love running because most people seem to hate it, so no one wants to come with me and I get alone time.


I think everybody hates running, until they learn how to run.


I feel like im a running hater from about the point I decide to go on a run until maybe 10 minutes in


I say “it makes me feel fantastic.” 🤷🏼‍♀️ Hard to argue with that. It doesn’t bother me if someone else hates it.


People bash everything -I’m over shit like that bothering me, especially when the one complaining does nothing worth bashing!


I approach it the same way I approach that same response to following a keto diet, “It’s not for everyone, but I love it and it makes me feel good. You don’t have to do it, or understand it.”


People like different things. It's easy for me to understand why some people don't like running. It's rather juvenile to go on and on about hating running. Fortunately I've never heard anyone do that.


They usually hate it cause they aint never tried to run more than 2 miles at a time


I’m a vegan so I’m very used to hearing people go on and on about how they don’t understand how I can do something and how they could never do it 😂 I usually just say that it’s my favorite form of exercise but I know it’s not for everyone and try to change the subject. It definitely feels weird to have someone talk so much about how they hate something you enjoy though. Like, what are they hoping to get out of this conversation? Where do they expect it to go?


Mathematician checking in to say I see you on being very experienced listening to other people talk about how much they hate things I'm into. My weirdest/worst running related one was when I mentioned I'd been for a run to my dental hygienist as I arrived for my appointment, and she proceeded to spend the entire time talking about how much she hated running and doesn't understand why anyone would do it. And because she was cleaning my teeth, I couldn't do anything to change the subject! Just had to sit there listening to her shit on my hobby the entire time. It was weirdly aggressive and thoroughly unenjoyable, would not recommend.


People always tell me "I'd rather exercise by playing a sport." Meanwhile these people aren't even in sports leagues and therefore just never exercise. I don't just run because it's enjoyable. It's a convenient and great way to exercise and I value my health. People don't seem to get that.


I hate when RUNNERS tell me they hate running. It’s great to talk about how hard it is, or what struggles you’re currently going through, but if you actually hate it there are lots of other ways to exercise.


I know, right? I’ve never understood why anyone would continue to do something they hate, when there are so many other ways to exercise and keep in shape. Boggles my mind!


I always tell them you probably hate running because your form is bad and you run too fast. Seriously, everybody can run but most newbies always start way too intense and then they complain.


Running is not really something they teach in school, which is a problem. Most people just remember the 1 or 2 days out of the year where the teacher told them to run a mile, or up and down the bleachers, and of course they are dead tired and in pain because they were never taught proper running and have never practiced. It carriers into adult life, most people don't seek out a trainer for running, so they find it impossible to find proper form and running technique with a good beginner plan.


Usually it's them feeling bad they don't exercise more. I tell them I just like it and encourage them to do what they enjoy.


To each their own. Shrug and smile.


People who hate physical activity have issues.


I tell them to run slower. Most people who hate it try to run too fast for their fitness level. If you can’t run at the pace for 20 minutes it’s not your pace


I hate them.


I agree with them. Running is stupid and I hate it. But it’s the only exercise I have ever been able to stick with so it works for me. Plus, I have some great race photos. And I can say I ran a marathon.


Sometimes I wonder if I live in the same world as some people in this subreddit. I never had, not once in my lifetime, someone "bash my hobby". People not enjoying it, sure. People actively "bashing" it? Never. You don't like running? Who fucking cares.


Haters are going to hate. If the mental, physical and physiological benefits from running came in a pill, they would be taking it daily. Keep moving forward....


I can’t imagine caring what others think.


Couldn't care less


I just say “it’s not for everyone” and leave it at that. They can feel bad about themselves.


Sometimes it can feel discouraging, especially when you’re training for a race because it’s something that it’s important to you and it sucks when someone is trying to make it feel small. I’m careful with who I share it with, if I know it’s someone unsupportive then I don’t bother. Otherwise I’ll just say that it’s something that’s been helpful to me and I get how it’s not for everyone.


If they don't support it, I don't care, because on Saturday morning I'll be together with hundreds to thousands of healthy, good-looking people, young and old, together to run.


I hate hearing “oh, I could never do that.” Yes you could, you choose not to do it. I didn’t wake up one more and decide to run as much as I do, it took time to get there and just about anyone else can do it too


“Oh you run? I could NEVER do that!” “Oh I see, what can you do then?”


I hate running and I do it every single day.


They need to cardi-go


“Aight, stay in the couch.”


I don’t care about them. They’re not worth the time and energy. I have friends who moan that I like to exercise. I run/train every day. For such a small issue, I sometimes wonder if I should just cut them out of my life altogether


I hate the “eurgh why?” When they find out I run


To each their own. I’m more annoyed with people that say they can’t run and make up 1000 excuses why they can’t. Usually involves their knees. No, you can run, you just don’t, because you haven’t. You can’t go from being fat and on the couch to running 3 miles. There’s an app for that.


I know what you mean -- it's not like I walk up to people and introduce myself like "Hi, my name is \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ and I'm a runner", or walk around in nothing but running gear and old race t-shirts, but if the topic comes up, there's always one of those loud, snarky types who starts mocking runners, or one of those people who goes on and on and on about how running will ruin your knees, or -- the newest thing -- about how they heard running makes you die younger. Last time some guy said the thing about how he heard we runners were all going to drop dead of heart attacks while running, I just said, well, cool, because I'd rather drop dead in seconds while doing something I love than rot away in a home with my mind going as mushy as the Depends I've been left lying in. Shut him up pretty fast.


They hate on it because they can't/don't do it and it's a way to feel better about themselves. Haters will do this on literally any subject.


People decide they hate or love something then make it a core identity marker. Running can be hard though…anyway, plenty of things to do. No biggy


I generally just shrug and say something like "good for you, I love it". One obnoxious prick wouldn't let it go, wittering on about x, y and z being better, how it'll ruin my joints, it's boring, etc. Lot my cool after a while when he got quite personal and nearly started a fight with "at least I'm not a fat c\*\*t who'd get outrun by his nose". /sigh I need to chill more


They hate us cuz they ain't us


I hate running. I mean, I run 30-35mpw, with a few 5K, at least one 10K, some longer. But the first 2 miles of every run are "This is stupid. I am stupid. My genes are stupid. Why tf do I have to run/bike in order to have a flat-ish stomach and stay off diabetes meds?" But when others tell me about how much they hate running, I put on my biggest inner arrogant persona and point out how i'm mid 50s, on zero meds despite being diabetic, and look great. The sheer audacity usually shuts them up. On an entirely different note, I wonder why I have so few friends.... :-) (Sarcasm but only a little...)


When I started running my sister-in-law told me she hates runners because all they ever talk about is running. So I made a point to never talk about it to her. I didn't even bother telling her when I ran a marathon


I work in cardiology and basically people who hate running is not because they hate exercise. As a kid or as an adult they developed heart problems where it was difficult to run so they just don't. There's a difference between the challenge of running versus literally feeling miserable and hating it. Because I know what I know, I usually assume most haters have some unknown problem. And if it isn't a physical or cardiac problem, then it's some other psychological problem or just simply society norms preventing us from naturally being healthier. My point is exercise should make us feel good and if it doesn't, get checked out.


"what do you do?"


I used to be one of those. I never judged anyone for running, but I knew it wasn't for me. I've been running for two years now, still hate it, but I do it.


I’m currently a hater :) gotta get back on track but it’s hot As for them , don’t sweat it - let have their laugh and walk on (run on )


I think most people who make that comment feel that they can't run and say they hate running because it is something that is out of their perceived ability. For many years I was overweight and the idea of running was as foreign to me as anything could be. I mourn those years because I was much younger. Who knows what I could have accomplished. When people say they hate it or couldn't imaging running a 5k through a marathon I just smile and go on my way. No real need to engage with someone on it. They don't share your passion. Move on to the next point of conversation.


I just give ‘em the 🤷‍♂️


I love running, but I used to hate it. I would bike trails once in a while, cruise past the runners, and see the grimace of effort on their faces. I could only imagine the agony these poor people were putting themselves through. Fast forward a couple years, and I started running as a way to improve my sleep and general mental health. I had no intention of doing it for pleasure. And even now, the runs I enjoy the most only become fun and pleasurable after a significant amount of effort and discomfort. All of this is just to say, that its definitely an aquired taste, and the reason I didn't like it before was that I was unable or unwilling to deal with the discomfort in the beginning, and only willing to do so after experiencing the exhilaration that comes later a couple times. The difference is that now that I know things will feel good later, so I'm willing to put up with the beginning of the run where things initially just feel like effort. Plus, I'm in better shape, so the initial effort is much less, and also less discomfort generally.


I never feel the need to convince others that what I do is worthwhile.


I completely understand them because I used to hate running. It was a thing we did in school and it was always so painful for me because we were taught wrong... So if this comes up in conversation that's cool, I have something to share about my experience if the convo goes that way, and whether it does or not, I completely respect the fact that all their experiences with running have been horrendeous.


Honestly, I don’t love it but I always hope that one day it’ll just click for me.


I don’t think this actually happens unless you go out of your way to tell everyone about your hobby. Trying to imagine a parallel of someone asking why everyone gives them shit for playing with miniatures, like, how is it such a common occurrence that you felt compelled to make a topic about it?


If it were easy, everyone would do it. And move on.


I have a love hate relationship with running so see both sides,😂. As for haters I don't care what they say.


Not for them. If you feel the need to tell the world how much you despise runners and running in general? Yeah. You gotta tone that hate down.


Hell, I don't really like it much myself, but sure do love the benefits.


I don't think about them at all.


> What do you think about them? I don't even think about them.


Eh- people hate what they hate. Is it really worth our time and a thread?😂😋


they look like they hate running


People hate things I like? Okay. I don't have to do anything about this information


I don’t think runners tend to be keen to convince others into running because it is a solo sport. sure you can run as a group, but what I and I think a lot of others like about running is that the only organising it takes is a pair of trainers and your own ass out the door! I never try and convince others coz when they tell me I’m mad or they hate it it makes me a little proud inside coz I used to think that too! Yogies on the other hand! 🙄😒 I personally have a mental block with yoga and hate it, I’ve never met someone into yoga that didn’t make it their mission to change my mind!


I don’t waste brain cells by putting them to work thinking about someone hating something I like. Oh, you hate running? Cool story, bro. Guess we won’t be going for a run together. Anyway…


Just agree "Yeah it is tough to get used to" It's a compliment. This is them making an excuse for not being able to do it when they know they can.... barring injury of course


Don't care.


I like to train both weightlifting and running and I’ve had so many people bash my love of exercise in general. I don’t really love running all that much at the moment but the benefits outweigh the hatred, lol. It honestly doesn’t bother me too much, it can just be uncomfortable at times.


> It is a bit annoying sometimes that it’s so acceptable to bash my hobby. They don't hate that you do it. They hate they don't enjoy it.


I mostly ignore it. Different strokes, different folks. I did however see someone suggest that anyone who liked running was "faking it" and that angered me. I wouldn't run 5 times a week if I didn't like it!!!


I used to hate running because I ran until i could taste blood. Then I got a pulse watch and realized that I was running pretty much at interval pace and slowed down on most runs. I think many people hate running because they run at too high heart rate. Either because they have internalized this notion that you have push hard all the time, or because they are not in shape to run at a lower heart rate. Dont get me wrong, I push myself while running quite often, but the really nice runs are usually zone 1 and 2 running. I bread through my nose with long deep breaths and listen to music or "meditate". It feels amazing.


Why would anyone even care if someone hates your hobby?


Everyone is a bit different; our bodies don’t all respond the same way to the stimulus of exercise. Some have underlying issues that running will exacerbate. Others seem to be gifted to run long distances without issues or injury. Continue to have mercy and Grace for the hater’s. It is an interesting thought you bring to mind however; running is one of the only exercises some feel obligated to bash freely. Sad


my family thinks i am immature for rollerblading at my age. well, i never asked for their opinion on that particular topic.


The only real qualm I have with it is how it makes my joints feel, and the impact of running makes my head hurt real bad. But I do like the elliptical, since it doesn't give me that same pain.


I always just say, "Yeah, running can be difficult, and kind of unpleasant, especially when you first start. If you stick with it for a while and build fitness, it can get really fun and addictive though." Then I leave it. I don't care to convince someone they are wrong about it. To each their own.


I just read this excellent overview about the initial "running suffering" that happens when you first get started. Everyone experiences this the first few weeks, and most people quit before they get past it, concluding that running just sucks. The truth is, after you get past that agonizing pain throughout your entire body, it feels good and can bring you tremendous joy. It's such a simple explanation. [https://dynomight.net/2021/01/25/how-to-run-without-all-the-agonizing-pain/](https://dynomight.net/2021/01/25/how-to-run-without-all-the-agonizing-pain/)


I don't really try to convince anyone, or feel the need to. I do get annoyed with the "running is bad for your knees that's why I don't run" type of haters.


Pinch their nipples and run away. They’ll never catch you. Then several hours later they’ll think “shit…if I could run faste…oh shit. I get it now”.


I'm a cyclist, or I was, maybe I sort of still am.. But I once read a study about bone denisty and people cycle as their only form of training, aparently bones got brittle and it was good todo running for impact training. At this point I had maybe ran 2km in high school, and hated it. Took me a full year to go from hate to acceptance to mostly enjoying it. As for the question I mostly ignore haters, but I can relate. Each to their own.


Haters gonna hate. I just run past them.


I like to show them how I really feel and make a run past their house and leave them a surprise on their lawn.


I just say I like running, I like to race, etc. why do you like X Hobby? Or give them a genuine answer “I like running because it makes me feel confident and provides a dopamine (or is it endorphin? Idk) boost so I’m generally in a better mood afterwards. I like being able to push my boundaries by running faster, further each time. It keeps me active” and leave it at that.


I used to run until I started lifting, now it’s just not enjoyable at all because I gained about 30 pounds in muscle and that extra weight doesn’t feel too light when I run long distances


I used to really enjoy running until I hurt my shoulder. Now I can't run much without pain due to a shoulder impingement. 😢


I understand how people can hate running… it not always “fun”… but I hate when people say “I’m not a distance runner, I can sprint real fast” It’s a bold face lie…


I legit don’t care. People bash CrossFit too and I love CrossFit. I only get bummed out that it seems to be difficult to find running partners, or if I talk about my workout / run to others, I am met with a response of “If I tried to do that… I’d (die or insert injury here).” Instead of a response of “That’s awesome!” Or getting asked anything about my runs or workouts. I think people bash on it because they see it as a flaw that they can’t or don’t want to do it, and get defensive.


I had a neighbor who used to routinely tell me how running is BAD for your health. I just ignored him, like I do everyone who is a hater. To each their own.


I used to hate running. I thought it was boring and dull and the worst form of exercise. Now I can’t go a day without running even if I’m exhausted. People are people.


If they are spending that much time hating on someone else's hobby they probably aren't interested in logic. I'd just avoid engaging with them, they aren't likely to change their mind.


“The only reason you’ll see me running is if someone is chasing me!” Is a really weird one that usually comes with a condescending tone. And that’s how I know I’m stronger than you, you lazy fuck.


I've heard that as part of a compliment to me when someone is using that phrase to be self-deprecating. I let that go. But the few times someone has said it in a mean way, its also been obvious that they're very out of shape. A quick "yeah I can tell" usually shuts them up.


I think many (most?) runners dislike or hate running, but they love all the benefits that come from it. I guess when someone says they hate running I need to ask what they mean exactly. I don’t always like work either, but I do it because I enjoy having all my needs met with money to spare. Running is kind of like work to me.


I’d find it surprising if *most* runners disliked running.


I don’t like it… but I love how I feel when I’m done and I dont usually regret a run (idiot injury exceptions apply). It’s the feeling after that makes me go back.


You shouldn't run, it's bad for your knees


These are the ones that annoy me. The "experts" who don't know wtf they are talking about. 🙄


The ones that half heartedly use the stationary bike as "cardio"


I pity the fool… Everybody has their own jam. I personally don’t respect people that are sedimentary. We all have abilities and disabilities, not trying because you ‘have an excuse’, is a choice.


“Running is so bad for your knees, don’t you know that??” “Being fat is bad for your heart, but maybe you’ll beat the odds.”