"Ow, something hurts... more running will work it out!"


Yep. My knee hurts but can't get myself to turn around and go home


"It will go away once I warm up!"


Famous last words 😂


Who are you and how is it you can read my thoughts?


If I stopped running once my knees hurt, I'd never run.


I felt this comment in my knee.


A brisk 3 miler should clear that right up.


Just pop 3 ibuprofen and keep running




Me for the past two months about my hip flexor 👍🏻


I don't warm up, I don't stretch, and I have shit pacing.


I warm up by running and I stretch afterwards. Who needs to pace when I my pace is slow


People are warming up and stretching?? ;)


I'm you in the future. STRETCH! https://i.redd.it/jwpx3z1bxhi71.jpg


Warming up and proper pacing is for cowards


And people who get up when their alarm goes rather than 20 minutes later


Strong agree. And people who have the time and planning skills to meal prep an entire week in advance


I never warm up. Never have. Never will. Fight me.


First mile is warmup


Until it's run a 5k day. Then god help you.


As someone who runs 5k a day but never warms up, I agree that the first K is the warmup Edit: I just want to say that everyone should do what works for them, and work towards whatever goal they think is important. I don't stretch and warm up because I want to maximise my time, and don't want to spend an extra 5 or 10mins doing that when I could just be back home 5 or 10 mins earlier, but that might not work for everyone. You do you!


Fight you? That sounds strenuous. Should we warm up first?


That breaks the first rule of no warm up fight club.


I'm in this comment and I don't like it.


Warmup is kinda unnecessary if you're just doing an easy run (which should be most runs), and stretching isn't really proven to do anything, so nothing wrong with either of those. And the pacing...to hell with it lol


Where are your cameras?


Are you me? I'm pretty sure you're me.


They can’t be you cuz they are me. I know me. And this is me.




Using earbuds at a volume louder than I should.


... While crossing streets...


Without looking. 👀


I did this a few weeks ago and there was a car I didn't check for waiting for me while I crossed. Really thought I checked... whoops!


My exact thoughts lately. It has recently crossed my mind that perhaps I am doing hearing damage having the volume up so loud all the time lol


It’s gotta be loud so I don’t hear my own breathing


Yeah shit, I ended up with over sensitive ear after doing this, everytime I heard noise my ear would make a vibrating buzzing sound, consultant told me it was due to having music to loud


Oh god, this is me


As someone with tinnitus, I encourage you to take that more seriously. It's not fun once the damage is done. Ask William Shatner.


Skip the pre-run dump


Found the real risk-taker in the thread


That is living dangerously. Try something less risky - like meth


This guy just doesn't give a shit


Unhinged behaviour


You are literally terrifying. If I had to do this I'd never run again.


I had to use the park bathroom for the first time in my life during an irregularly early long run last week. Thank jeebus it was open.


Sometimes it’s just not ready beforehand! I’ve gotten to the point that I will hop off the treadmill in the middle of my run and go to the bathroom, but I will leave my towel and water on the machine while I drop a fast one, and then come back and resume my run. YOLO!


I go somewhere on the trail as needed, happens often and it’s not always real private but Im not gonna shat myself.


I can’t stick to a pace for the life of me. Supposed to be an easy run? No I want to break my PR. Supposed to be intervals? Nah, not feeling it. Intending to hit a new PR? Slowest day ever. Supposed to stay in zone 2? Oops, accidentally in zone 4. I swear it’s the same trait that makes me a terrible dancer and an even worse drummer. I’ve really got no rhythm. I know what pace I should be at, but unless I set my watch to yell at me, I am wildly inconsistent.


Same here. Literally my best mile time ever was part of a 2.7 mile sprint to get somewhere when I was late. Old shoes, carrying a bag, no streching, had no idea where I was. I was just trying to get there in time and had no idea how far it was until I checked later so just went for it at max speed. Meanwhile my perfectly prepped runs never approach that time.


Definitely. The recovery run cum PR attempt is my specialty. 😆


Recovery run cum? 🤨🤔


The proper way to experience the euphoria of the runner's high. Actually added 0.7 miles to my running route as I'm no longer allowed within 800 yards of the school so need to take the long way round.


I am known to do 500m at 3:10 then walk and stop for my inhaler (and sometimes a diet coke).


Hahaha, that’s me, checking my watch and it’s absurdly fast (by accident) and I think “well I am doing it, let’s do it for the entire kilometer and call it an interval!”, then 10 seconds later, ive got my hands on my knees and about to be attacked by the swans I just spooked. My favorite line from the Simpsons is “don’t beat me, I can’t run, my tummy is full of chocolate” and that’s pretty much how I feel after I do that.


Same for me. Today I was assigned 45 minutes easy. I did 1:20 including 15 repeats of 2 minute 5k pace intervals because friends. I'm just waiting for my coach's "WTF IS THIS" text


Honest question - if you pay money for a coach, why do you ignore their workouts. I see a lot of people do this and it baffles me


I normally don't ignore her workouts, but every once in a while I want to do what I want to do. They're providing a service for optimal performance, but life is life and sometimes I just want to have fun. I mean, I'm sure you've been to the doctor and they've told you to do X, Y, and Z and you don't do those perfectly 100% of the time. So why do you pay your doctor?


That's a pretty good reply!


Good way to check if your coach is paying attention


Calling my personal bests on local routes "new world records", on the basis that no one else starts and finishes at my house.


Not true, I also start and finish at your house


And his wife is very appreciative I’m sure.


Nah she never finishes


This is greatness. TIL I’ve set multiple world records this week!


This is brilliant, and I'm going to set a world record tomorrow!


The people who lived in my apartment before me seemed to be in much better shape than I so I don't think I can claim that title


FKTs for days!


Are you kidding?? This is should be under GOOD running traits! I’m going to start doing it so I can do a victory lap around my house, arms raised in glory each time I break my own WR. Maybe I’ll have my spouse toss me an American flag too. God I love this sub..


Being in a constant state of low key dehydration.


Brought about by a constant state of low key alcoholism.. Or maybe that's just me.


Team low key alcoholic!


Isn't beer like 95% water?


That's some weak ass beer, you need to take your drinking more seriously otherwise it will never evolve in to fullblown alcoholism


"Alcoholics with a minor running problem" was incidentally the name of running club at my university


What is coffee but water I drip through a bean?


I feel seen. 70% of my fluid intake is via the bean.


I have the problem of doing a 10k with no water and then chugging 2 litres on a day where I don't run. I do it in normal life too, I'll go the day with nothing to drink and get home and drink loads.


How is this? I don't feel right if I'm not drinking a ton of water a day. Maybe just because I'm in Texas and running in this steamy, arid hot mess saps life from me if I dont.


I know it’s bad for me. I just can’t do it. I don’t really drink water during the day. Not when I’m running. Not when I’m nursing a baby. I know it’s terrible. When I make a conscious effort, I probably drink half the volume I’m supposed to. When I don’t make any effort, I drink 2 big coffees and wine with dinner. I’m the worst.


Should change that or you could cause serious problems. Just consciously drink a glass first thing in the morning, with every meal, after a run, etc.


Cadence is too slow (155 spm). Cannot work out how to increase it, yet I am sure I am not heel striking. Should be >170 spm apparently. Edit: heel striking or over striding


I tried to increase my cadence a while back. Started using a metronome and pushed it up to 170. My *natural* cadence is 162, and it's eerily consistent. After months of 170, I *still* didn't like it. So I started to investigate. I found something that looked at the Top 25 male runners and broke down their cadence by height. The correlation is *very* obvious: **Taller runners have a lower cadence.** So, I simply matched up the runners in my height range (180cm) and--Surprise!--their cadences were all between 160 and 165. I quit worrying about it immediately. If you're tall, your cadence will be below 170. If you're 180 or so, 160-165 is normal. If you're taller than 180, maybe 155 makes perfect sense.


This makes me feel better. I'm 6'4", and I have difficulty getting 160's or more at a manageable pace (given my current fitness), and I'm currently averaging 150's.


I found [this article](https://sweatscience.com/the-problem-with-180-strides-per-minute-some-personal-data/) and [this article](https://sweatscience.com/how-limb-length-affects-running-cadence/) and [this one](https://www.outsideonline.com/health/running/stop-overthinking-your-running-cadence/) and [another](https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20831485/kenyans-cadence-and-ground-contact-time/) that seem to back up what you say. tldr: height, limb length and pace strongly affect your cadence and focusing too much on running at a high cadence is probably not worth it.


I'm 180cm and naturally run around 180spm. At the end of the day everyone is different and you're probably best going with whatever works for you.


Interesting. I'm 6'1 (185cm) and run 180+ (easy pace, between 8 and 9 min/mile). If I'm pushing my pace a bit (not maxing out, just tempo, between 7 and 8 min/mile) I'm at 190 to 195. On a sprint I can hit 210. But then, I'm a forefoot striker. I learned to run in zero drop Altras, though now I most use Hoka, which are 4-5mm drop. I don't focus on having such a high cadence. It just happens naturally.


I am convinced that cadence is more of an indicator than a target in itself. Like when other things are clicking, cadence comes along too. When I'm running consistently, and especially if I include strides and strength work, my cadence creeps up without me controlling it.


I heel strike at 180spm


Here I am sitting w/ my normal run cadence at 180 thinking it's too damn high. I'm not that short, 5"10, but apparently, I run like a rabbit and make a bunch of small steps. If I try and get a bigger stride I feel like I'm overstriding.


I also run at 155 spm and also can’t figure out how to increase cadence. Increasing to 160 feels like baby steps, much less 170+.


Skipping strength training and cross training way too often until injuries pop up


In the cold months, dressing for the first 100 feet and then peeling off layer after layer as I go like a human onion... On the plus side, I can always find my way home again by following the trail of hats, gloves, jackets, and balaclavas I've left on the side of the road.


I definitely am guilty of this, but I don't know that it's a bad thing! I have an easier time getting out the door when I'm bundled up even when I know it'll be too much later. One thing I have enjoyed is doing a short warm-up loop from my house with all my warm clothes on, and then when I get to the point where I'm wanting to shed layers, I just leave them at home and continue my run.


I'm guilty of this too. Being cold is my least favorite thing.


I try to hit a pace/power/etc on regular runs when I should just run easy by feel.


In my head I know the best practice is 'if you use it at all, only to avoid going too fast' with tech on easy runs, and yet there I am trying to 'make up time for that hill' all the same!


Running during the heat of the day in SE Texas. I know I shouldn't and I hate myself afterward, but sometimes that's the only time I can get my run in. I just go really slow and bring plenty of water.


For me in eastern Scotland it’s the exact opposite, running along the coast in ice cold winter winds from the North Sea


I live in coastal California and we often get strong winds off the ocean and sometimes it evens drops to 60 degrees Fahrenheit so I understand your struggle ✊


60 degrees F is summer here


The sarcasm is dripping here


I also should have mentioned the extra time requirment to put on sunscreen.


You poor thing, my heart bleeds for you


Dude I do the same thing at 11-1pm in Florida. It’s the only time I can sneak out of work.


I drink tons of water but it’s seems like it’s basically impossible to recover afterwards. I thought I fried my brain the first day I ran in the mid 90s for 2 hours this summer…


You also managing electrolytes ?


Nope, that can go on my list of bad running decisions.


With you there. I prefer it over the early morning humidity. Bring salt and water.


Not doing anything to engage glutes before I run, knowing this is an issue for me, then stopping randomly to do glute squeezes midrun, which frustrates the heck out of me, but somehow never convinces me to spend three minutes up front instead of desperately midrun.


Pushing too hard even on "easy" runs. I just can't seem to slow myself down.


My legs like a certain pace even if HR doesn’t agree. Zone 2 run - oops I’m in 4. Zone 3 run - oops that’s a 4 again. Zone 4 run - nailed it!! But now I need to walk a bit.


Focus 100% on your breathing. Make sure you can control your breath throughout the run, if you can’t control it, dial it back until you have control again. Should be able to take deep breaths, lasting 3-4 steps per inhale, and 4-5 exhale. Great way to ease off the pace on easier run days.


Ha, I don’t think I could walk down the street at 3-4:4-5. 2:2 all day.


I always do really well with my pace up until I get to a few kms in and the dumb monkey in my brain goes "Hey, you're feeling really fresh, you could totally beat your PR in this segment"


This is me exactly. Wish I could figure it out so I could fix it.


Give your body a reason to slow down, don't make your willpower hold you back. Embark on a serious program of increasing your mileage, and you'll hit a point where you have to slow down to absorb the volume. Or add a couple of weekly workouts, and you'll be sore on your easy runs, and recovery pace will find you. The key with both of those approaches is to respond to the feedback your body is delivering, or you'll just get injured. super delayed edit: I wanted to add that this is all a function of the available time you have to train. For example if you only have a few hours a week to run, "easy days easy" kind of loses its meaning, and you'd be served pretty well by pushing the pace on most of your runs if you feel up for it.


A friend of mine recently told me that he talks to himself while he runs, or tries to sing along with his music. He said that was the only way he could keep himself from doing the same thing. I wanna give it a try, but I run on a track since the summer bugs invaded my waterside trail and I imagine people will think I'm a loon if I'm running in circles while singing to myself.


I have no consistency. Running too many miles at the end of the week when I "feel good", it might add 5-10 more over the weekend, but this ***always*** tanks my next week.


I don't do any structured training runs. Tempo? Intervals? Bah. Every run is a fartlek. It's just either a slow fartlek or fast fartlek. My nutrition is kind of the worst. I run so I can eat, rather than the other way around.


Running requires calories -> burgers and beers contain lots of calories -> they make me a better runner


This is also me. I don't drink enough water either lol


> I don't do any structured training runs. Tempo? Intervals? Bah. Yeah, this is me. I really don't enjoy that stuff. Best I can manage is ocasionally challenging myself to sprint up a hill during an otherwise normal run. I like improving, but I like enjoying my runs more.


I’m a heel striker and supposedly that’s bad.


unless you're such a pronounced heel striker than you're jarring your entire body it's not as big a deal as some people claim.


Yeah, it’s not a bad thing at all. It gets conflated with overstriding which _is_ bad.


What is overstriding?


Extending your stride beyond your center of gravity. It puts extra stress on your joints and muscles and leads to a lot of injuries.


too many miles in that grey area that neither helps with speed or endurance


This is actually a misnomer that comes from folks overtraining with "grey area" miles. They absolutely do help with endurance, it's just that you can get *close to* the same endurance benefits with slower running (note: not quite as much though. More stimulus = more adaptations) and significantly less impact. As a result, running slower minimizes the risk of injury, so the risk vs reward is what makes "grey area" miles considered junk miles. Running slower also lowers the risk of overtraining (though overtraining is still possible with slow running too. There's no such thing as a recovery run - you recover between runs). But if you're running such low mileage that it doesn't harm recovery, then there's nothing wrong with them. You're still getting performance gains even if they're not in "zone 2" (and in fact, slightly more performance gains compared to the same amount of activity running slower).


No such thing as junk miles🙂


please say more about this. What is a grey area? I just go out and run and ty to push myself on each run. Is this wrong?


There are more effective ways to train if your goal is to be as fast as possible, ie interval work, track days etc. Nothing wrong with running for personal enjoyment and pushing yourself as you feel like it and over time this will improve your running ability, but a training plan with scheduled hard days, easy days, fast days, slow days, is more efficient.


Grey miles are when you consistently do runs that have no purpose for training, short but neither slow enough to help recover nor fast enough to help build speed. There's nothing wrong with these runs but if you do them all the time you're just contributing to fatigue and greater risk of injury. For me these tend to be 6 to 8 mile runs in the heat of the summer just for the sake of running 6 to 8 miles


Running through pain. I've got pain in both ankles(posterior tibialis) related to increasing mileage too quickly. Physiotherapist has been suggesting rest along with my exercises for my posterior tibialis, but I feel like crap when I take time off.


\^ This. I took two days off in a row this week and this afternoon that my feet don't hurt with every step for the first time in IDK how long. (The pain wasn't normally excruciating, stress-fracture-level but just a nagging ache.)


I'm glad so many of us are the same haha. I have physio tonight and am heading there tail between my legs to tell her I upped my mileage and now I'm hurting even worse, haha. I'm sure they're used to it though.


Pre-thinking that the hill that crushes me is going to crush me again today.


I only run, no other form on cross training. I have a weak core and soft flabby arms which catch the wind all the time.


I run with no plan what so ever. I put on my gear and put feet to pavement. On my way out the door the wife will always ask "How far are you going?" And I respond with a shrug and maybe a "I dunno." Then I run. No warm up, stretching...I don't keep an eye on my pace and I may have or haven't had enough water for the run prior to going and I'm surely not going to take any with me. Don't be like me.


I do my long run on Saturday morning. Sometimes it happens that I'll go out drinking the night before and I always regret it during my run. Doesn't seem to stop me going out the next weekend though :(


I love running the day after drinking. Exorcises the (minor) hangover . I feel like it’s my superpower


Not balancing with strength conditioning and other forms of exercise. If I have energy I want to run.


My doctor told me I should be strength training more often than running. But it's not as much fun, so I run instead.


Run hills! It's basically strength training in disguise.


I ran 10 + miles today therefore entitled to smash that entire pizza.


For me, today especially, it’s beer.


You chugged 10+ beers today and therefore feel entitled to smash an entire pizza?


I absolutely *cannot* stop myself from tensing my shoulders. It always leads to a painful knot in my traps towards the end of long runs


Me too! A runner friend passed me in her car while I was on a run. I got a text a few minutes later from the friend in the car. 3 words. “Relax your shoulders. “


Tell myself that “hydration is important” as I drink lots of beer.


Use shoes way way past there lifetime, like falling apart, but my favourites are my favourites




Not wanting to stop for water then feeling real bad after Jumping up enormously in volume week to week (this has never bitten me, though) Not enough knee lift on easy runs


Flipping people off in their cars. I really gotta stop before I get shot


Are these the people who, when stopped at a sign, see you coming half a block away and wait for you to cross?


I push too hard. I've run myself into prolonged bouts of knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and a heel spur in my right foot. I was military, and I only knew one way to do things. Worked just fine when I was 20 years old, but not so much at 40. It's been a long road back to running (I went about 2 years with only a handful of test runs to work through the plantar fasciitis) and I'm trying to take it slower this time. I got the breathing and upper-body relaxation down pretty well the first time. When I first tried rehabbing the foot pain, I switched to ball-off-foot running (no more heel impact) and that went okay. So now it's just learning to "listen" to my body when it's telling me to take a day or two off, or to not go that extra half-mile.


Continually running the same 9.5 mile route at around the same time. I know I should add in speed work and I know I should vary my distances, but I really just don't want to. Only when a marathon is coming up do I increase one of my runs per week to 12.5 and then throw in a couple of long runs. Other than that, same 9.5 miles, no matter where I am in the world.


Posture…..I look like Quasimodo when I run


Not warming up…or even stretching 🙆🏻‍♂️


That’s what the first mile is for.


I do whatever workout my garmin watch tells me to do. They usually have a warm up period and apparently my warm up speed is too slow and the robot lady voice just yells at me the whole time 🤷‍♂️


WTF how can a warm up be too slow?


And my warmup pace is pretty much the same as my easy run pace. Which is oddly very close to my 5k pace and my mile pace. Yeah, I don’t vary things up much. But I’ll walk a cool down!! Hell yeah I’ll walk that


Glad I’m not the only one. Whenever I tell my non runner friends I don’t do this, their jaws drop to the floor


I also do this. Why do I hurt? It's a mystery. No one will ever know.


I did this until my first injury. Now I do dynamics, easy first mile and stretches at the end. Now cool down runs on the otherhand..


going race pace in the last mile when it’s an easy day


I have a chronic habit of signing up for races and then not really training for them. Every time I swear that *this* time will be different, but I never learn. Apparently I like to suffer.


Run despite minor injury. I know I should stop when runners knee or itbs flares up but I can't take more than a week off.


Running in the dark without a light. Also, without a phone.


Post on r/running


Or Taking advice from random people with no known credentials.


I can't manage my pace, my pace is mostly depends on what music comes on. Also when I get tired I tend to land on my heels.


- Wake up at 5AM somehow don’t make it out the door til 7AM. - Staying up too fucking late to wake up at 5AM but waking up at 5AM anyways - The occasional lie to my physical therapist about my mileage 🥴


I drink two cups of coffee before I run. I get dehydrated as a result.


I wear all pitch black clothes when I run in the dark, and I run on dark fast country roads with no sidewalks or street lights. When cars see me they turn on their high beams and swerve violently around me. Scares the shit out of me, if they don’t see me they continue to drive safely.


I could never do easy days so now I just run three days a week, but each run either interval or tempo work.


Wanting to add speed to every run


trying to come back from injury too fast.


Not me personally but too many people don't understand what easy running means. And I get it, you like to see a pace, etc. But slow down!! My marathon pace is, say, 6:25. I run mostly 8:45-9. Heart rate is a decent indicator, but recovery is more. I'm able to get out there at big miles each day because the easy running is truly easy.


How many miles/kilos do you run each day and week at pace 8:45-9? If you are in the high miles, it means long time. How do you find the time? Mine wasted on Reddit


5:30am - 7:15.. (10-12 miles), then another 6 at lunch or evening. Weekends I’ll do a longer run. Avg about 100 a week


Run out of fuel/water on the long run.


This is not while running but eating too much and/or too soon before I run. Then feeling gross for the first 5k and sometimes even needing to run home to do the number 2 then resuming the run lol


Going on rocky moderate trails and tripping and hurting myself.


I run the same distance every run (10k, 4x/wk). I have no interest in running longer, and can’t bring myself to turn back early when I’m already out there. Even though I’m in it for cardio health only, I can’t imagine that that’s optimal for improving anything.


I had this habit too but then decided if I was going to turn back early I would just gun it knowing I didn’t have to make it as far. Now I’m pretty evenly split between 4mile speed work and 8-10mile distance work and enjoy both equally. Just different mindsets, cruise control vs try to push it.


Not cooling down after a run. I finish and straight into the house for something to eat.


I run virtually all of my runs at an easy pace.


I tend to run/walk through my easy days rather than staying consistent at a lower steady pace throughout. Been managing PRs and lower injury since allowing myself this, but I’m told it’s not optimal?


Having 10 beers on Friday and missing my long runs


Never. Ever. Stretching.


Race in new gear. And eat the stuff that’s handed out on the route even if I’ve no idea what it is.


Running the same time,distance,pace,day after day. No variety.