Take off your watch. Leave your phone/device at home. Run what you feel like, when you feel like it. It’ll come back. I did this for about 2 yrs and it changed my relationship with running significantly.


Have you tried trail running? That’s my favorite way to keep things fresh. Trying a new trail on the weekends makes my weekday neighborhood runs much more palatable. Or, maybe join a running club? Or find a friend to run with? One “fun” run a week is my goal. Either a trail, or a long run with a buddy. Keeps the spark alive between me and running.


I like the idea of one “fun” run a week, I think that’d drastically improve the other runs because I’d be looking forward to that one and want to make sure I was at least able to do it!


Get a cheap rowing machine. Use it for a month, after that the scenery will be refreshing as hell, and the activity will feel new again.


I’ve thought about getting a cheap membership to a local gym to switch it up for like a month and see if it makes me miss what I had haha!


My rower was only $250, nothing special but no real complaints. Stores in a coat closet. I can't stand treadmill running so this works as a great alternative for me.


I ride my bike and go hiking when I feel that way. But the love always comes back