'Main' issue.

'Main' issue.


The relative path that you've defined in run.rb that is described in the console output, is that actually the path to the environment.rb file? Your error is that it cannot load the file, not that it has an issue when the contents of the file.


Yup, it's on the left pane in the same `First Project` directory as the `run.rb` file so the path to the environment file is likely incorrectly defined in `run.rb`. On this note OP, I recommend not using spacing and capitalization in your directory names, use `snake_case` instead for ruby projects.


Edit: Whoops, sorry, you are not OP. Its in the 'First Project' directory, yet the path the require is looking for appears to be '/Users/jason/Development/code/config/...', completely ignoring the 'First Project' directory. What's the content of your run.rb file?


what i have on run.rb file: 'require\_relative '../config/environment.rb' CLI.new binding.pry'


Ahh, you need to replace `require_relative '../config/environment.rb'` with `require_relative 'config/environment.rb'` As '../' means, walk up to the parent directory (in this case, '/Users/jason/Development/code') and then go from there.


The error message seems to be saying that the `require_relative` in `run.rb` is not finding `environment.rb` where it is being told to look.