The time Edgy Flower boy eat the campaign and shat it out on the floor.

The time Edgy Flower boy eat the campaign and shat it out on the floor.


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There's more than one Horror story going on here.


Don't let players make up their own rules....???


Just… don’t allow the homebrew?


Depends on your players, I guess... Some will need homebrewing, some will enjoy it, some will acknowledge it and some will even hate it. There are fine rules out there for exactly that, balancing your homebrew. Because if your players are very creative, it can enhance their investment in your game, can make it more unique and allow more fun. So I wouldn't ban it totally, but to a certain limit.


I disagree. There are situations where I would totally ban homebrew. For example in a few weeks my friends and I are planning to try out a new system. We still don't understand the system completely and homebrew abilities would just make everything too complicated and confusing and maybe completely contradict other rules.


So you would also ban reskins if one of your players would make their own race and would provide all the necessary info for said race if it would fit in your setting?


No, I even allowed a reskin but I don't see that as homebrew


He never said anything like that. Artificer spells being reskinned as inventions is completely normal and a lot of people do it. It isn’t Homebrew.


Two problems first off your decision as dm: why you may ask ? Well its the first rule of being a dungeon master 101 read the player’s character sheet through and carefully secondly: Jesus christ why did you let em have a quicksave spell ?!?!?! I mean yeah the players being a shit but seriously


This is a joke it's an undertale reference


Oh wait it is holy shit. Fuck me ive been played.


You should’ve used the “No” spell. I think it was called “Counter-bullshit” in previous editions. You’ll find it in your DM toolkit as an at will ability.


So, wannabe edgelord gets his kicks by screwing up the game for everyone else? It’s a good way to not to be asked into future games.


Why would you allow this homebrew?


I never allowed it but I said he could use homebrew to be a flower with some soul sucking related spells and his argument was that If he could use homebrew for that he could just kill all my plot hooks.


1. That's not the point. Why didn't you say "no" when he tried to use time travel powers? 2. If a player threatens to ruin everyones fun if they don't get whatever they want, just kick them from the group.


Wait what? Why is an Undertale character in D&D? That literally sounds like Flowey the Flower!


The OP confirmed it was indeed Flowey. Why he allowed such bullshit in his campaign is another matter.


This is why whenever someone asks for homebrew in my campain I sit with them for a good long time balancing


You let someone play Flowie from Undertale basically unchanged? Theres a hard ass lesson there.


Is... he playing a fucking Undertale character?


There's waaaaaaaaaayyyy more wrong here than you're letting on. Never approve something if you don't like it or know what it does, don't let people asspull spells, ***never*** do a "QuIcK sAvE" ability of any sort, this isn't Skyrim and they need to get that. There needs to be real consequences for the things they do. Talking to people is number one, use words, cause if you're letting them make up whatever, even if you kill the character he'll just make up more bullshit to "win." This entire thing made me so....I'm just fucking done.


was the edgy flower boy named Bob?


No he was named Flowie


So not a Bob the Angry Flower reference, but an Undertale reference... I'm not sure which would have been worse.


The “quick save” ability gave it away. Why was this guy allowed to play as a character that can rewrite time? Based on the two other players sounding off in the comments here, I take it you were the DM, OP? Did they not run their character by you before you guys started? (I’m not saying this is the DM’s fault, just looking for some more details)


The said can I have homebrew and I foolishly said fine as long as it's nothing too crazy he said there were no special abilities.


You're the GM. Your word is the law. You can always say "No.", "It doesn't happen." or "You do not do this.". Tools to be used wisely of course. But tools you can use nonetheless.


That is such a powerful tool. I am personally fond of : "And then your daydream comes to a screeching halt like the train-wreck you'd like to have made of this campaign."


Hope *my* DM doesn’t read this


You should probably look at the homebrew before agreeing next time. "Can I have homebrew" covers a *very wide swath*.


The description of the abilities is clearly exactly that, crazy and special. This is prime spot for you to own your game. Maybe you didn't check before hand, but the moment he tries this crazy stuff is when you step in and shut it down. Pause the game, review his sheet, and remove the crazy.


Lessons learned, I guess. Always review player homebrew.


Undertale They had us in the first half not gonna lie


I’m curious because there’s no mention of the DM, only the party, and the DM is just as much at fault as the edge lord for allowing this complete shitshow to even happen. May be inexperienced, but then this is at least a lesson repeated time and time again here: only allow home brew if you both CAN and WILL read it over and confirm it’s not OP. Personally I just don’t use homebrew unless the campaign isn’t serious and we’re just rolling through chaotic scenarios


That’s because this is a poorly written undertake joke likely made by an 11 yr old.


Ok thanks yes I was DM and I said he couldn't do that but he kept insisting tbh it was pretty funny and we all had a laugh afterwards.


Let me guess, Edgy Flower Boy is a big fan of Undertale?


Pog I was the fighter


I'm not sure if I want to call your Chara Frisk or Sans now. I will also see myself out.


The gnome is not epileptic his a just a 12 year old who has very very low con and passes out every time he wildshapes. I''m the gnome btw. but does have crippling ADHD


I consistently play three different time travelers and have never once made it problematic, and here's how: Multiverse theory, baby. Infinite number of successes, infinite number of failures. **Maybe you just bite the fucking dust this time, bud.** ***Deal with it.***


Honestly, I can’t believe you even finished the session. Gonzo DnD is cringey.


1: Look at his fucking Homebrew before playing the game. 2: Learn grammar and spelling before posting on Reddit. 3: Explain what makes him edgy. 4: ”Creepy“ campaign? Nothing happened other than seeing a destroyed town and a player with powerful Homebrew. 5: Edgy flower boy sounds like a child. Expect children to do dumb things. 6. Also, thanks to another comment, realized this is a fucking undertale joke. Fuck you.


1: I looked at his homebrew before playing and he failed to mention quicksave. 2: Can you tell me what is wrong with my grammar and spelling please (also it is ride to assume English is my first language) 3: He sucks out peoples souls and is a self proclaimed sadist 4: Maybe it would be easier to give a creepy astmostphere if flower boy wasn't breaking immersion. 5: He is 13 I would've trusted one of my friends to know better but you are right on this one. 6: Don't you like undertake? Also why are you angry at one of my friends makeing an undertake joke yeah it wasn't called for and would be better if he used the phb for his character but calm down Jesus fuck.


1: If he didn’t mention quicksave, then why did you allow it? 2: Sorry for my rude assumption. There is no excuse for that, I was just being a dickhead. 3: Ok. 4: Fair enough. 5: Ok. 6: It’s not that I don’t like undertale, I was mainly mad at myself for not realizing it was an undertale reference.


I didn't allow it but he kept on insisting so instead of saying no I say he can fight the gnome because there was a chance of the gnome winning and him shutting up.


That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but ok.


I get the feeling that 90% of the posts on this sub are "shit that never happened" just like this.


Ok lol


I was the flower boy XDDDDD


You know this entire thread is laughing at you not with you, right? That's not exactly an 'XD...' moment.


You should not play DnD anymore if you're going to be like this


You should not be a game ruining/breaking asshat, but your DM shouldn’t have let you do it either


Well you can go fuck yourself then. You are not a good player


i have a plan for every thing


It's easy to have a plan when you've been cheating since character creation. Any experienced DM would have blocked your character right off the bat. If it was me DMing you'd probably have been kicked from the group for even trying to bring that bullshit to my table. Bringing an overpowered homebrew is a big red flag indicating you're a problem player.


That's not how DND works. You need to run your plans by the DM if they involve very clearly destroying the game mechanics and vastly altering the theme and setting of the campaign. You also explicitly lied about not having any special powers, since apparently you can rewind time.


You quite literally made an account just to make this comment… alrighty than.


was it also your plan to get dragged on the internet?