Different gamemodes of lava so it won't make it boring like the others.


looks like flood escape


Usually lava rising games look moneygrabbing and are boring. Perhaps a way to make it a sort of battle royale, something like running from the internet. Interactive objects that give buffs, or give an event.


I love giving reccomendations so here we go • Add unique gamemodes that still have to do with lava and MANY more maps to keep things interesting, for example... - A mode where lava rains from the sky, players must stay inside and the map will burn from the top down - A volcano mode, similar to natural disaster survival, and a harder volcano mode with volcanic ash, making it harder for players to see their surroundings • Minimize the UI or add an option to hide it • Change the lava to be a semi-transparent red color so players can see what happens underneath the lava • Consider forced R6 so all players are the same height which will prevent players from not being able to fit through doors or making jumps that could give them an unfair advantage. Some more advanced fun ideas: • The ability to grab edges if you cant make the jump, and other players can pull you up • A sprinting and long jump mechanic that can work well with larger maps • A shop that isnt like every other game ever. Trails are fun and should be included, but have something unique instead of pets. Honestly, I would scrap the crates, it would be nicer to choose what you get rather than it being a mystery box • Powerups that you get for winning a round, one can be used per game. Speed shoes for speed, Spring shoes for increased jump height, and Sticky shoes to walk to walls for a short time come to mind • A change to emotes that makes them more than dances. A callout emote that plays a sound everyone can hear if they're close and shows players where you are for a short time could be very useful for large maps. Keep all emotes free


controllee support, and options to shrink/hide the menu/shops


merge crates with shop


The ui looks too much like a Simulator game


first person with parkour movement (sliding and stuff) i think that will be cool




Put crates in the shop and put emotes on the left side of the screen with the other two buttons. If crates are lootboxes I suggest not including them because gambling is cringe.


Vr support


May sound stupid, but why not make it so that when you die, you turn into some sort of lava creature? Maybe when you are one, you will move slower. I feel like that would draw in players.


a better gfx/logo. (i make GFX so if you'd want to hire me, lmk, lol.) also a better map, or at least lobby. (I make them too, lol.)