If there only where a letter, that looks like a gun, like a „t“ or something.


A p90 could look like a B


A generic pump shotgun with no stock and some grip on the bottom


Cosmetic-only skins. Even though in a previous reply you said PvE, don't give advantages for skins. Maybe some where you can customize the color of the skin, or make parts of the gun recolorable


What's the idea for gameplay?


The game is a **PVE first-person shooter** Kill bots, earn XP/currency, and unlock/purchase new weapons. But what are some of your recommendations/suggestions for the game? Customization, in-game shop, etc.


two different game modes, defending point waves, and constant, The first game mode basically is you have waves of enemies attacking a point of interest with health (im thinking a gate to a walled town) and in between these rounds the players can go into the town where they can then restock on munitions and upgrade weapons and such. once the time is up they are put back out, the gate closed and a new wave. the game ends either by surviving all waves, or the gate is destroyed (can be a lose condition or the game could have infinite waves) Constant is a gamemode where enemies spawn constantly and the players again have a shop where they are able to upgrade/restock but this shop is always open to use. the shop itself is invincible and the game ends when all players have died. a little disorganized. but i hope the ideas get across


Maybe add storyline like missions and difficulties


Blackhawk rescue mission 5:


mm well maybe it should have a multiplayer option based on what ur saying here


Just don't make it a zombie game. There are too many of those on roblox. Make it more like the pve in rust. That's a really good one!




oh nice a game which doesnt put my incompetence in fps games on a podium for all to see ​ though somehow i think it will still happen


As for gameplay before anything cosmetic wise or even good models just make the gun play feel REALLY GOOD. Snappy and solid gunplay even in a pve setting will absolutely have people coming back. Then I'd suggest having difficulty curves,, a reason for people to keep trying / going. With a selection of your difficulties for higher rewards etc even while underlevelled can feel and be pretty rewarding for players. And this is just something I love that has to do with cosmetics - have some special cosmetics set in place for achievements like finishing specific mission sets on cranked difficulties etc or have a running streak playing the game. I hope that isn't too much as an ask however I must say if you were to implement these features you'd have people (ie me and many others) playing and consistently coming back not just visiting and leaving


Here's what I'd like to see in a PVE FPS game \- for starters, definitely **no pay-to-win** mechanics (it's something that drives me off a lot as a new player), \- cosmetic items like character clothing and/or weapon skins/reskins (also emotes/taunts) are welcome, \- gameplay customization in form of, for example, weapon modifiers or different weapons with new mechanics (like in tf2), \- a good gameplay loop idea such as moderate amount of grinding (like having a chance to drop rare cosmetic items after completing missions), \- enemies that are unique and fun to fight against because just a boring old zombie won't suffice, \- guns that are fun to use AKA satisfying first person animations, \- gameplay that can be fully experienced without having to hit a certain level, for example nothing like special abilities that you can unlock at level X although different gameplay modifiers can require some (but preferably not a lot of) grinding.




happy cake day


Thank you


Make some easter egg stuff. Like guns and cosmetics you can get by triggering easter eggs, in an example you could have a backrooms easter egg where you can find a chair thats glitching out and if you touch it, you get sent to the backrooms where you can find a dead desync guy and unlock a hazmat suit, or find level fun and get a party hat. Would be fun to reward players for exploring your maps a little!


Or maybe some TF2 mvm Easter eggs???


maybe some drg Easter eggs, the current DRG season is about rockpox (a plague that infects rock) so maybe make some rocks covered in rockpox boils


Have nice animations for reloading, as It is something seen a lot in gameplay. No flick off screen and back on and have it magically reload, even if it is basic, anything but the flicks


Add a joke gun


if you want a good pve, add some really unique moving like wall-hopping, b-hopping, sliding, etc. if this were added, id totally play it!




PF-like customization?


Personally I have to say good gunplay and gun choice. I really enjoy having a lot of different options for guns to use & having it feel good to use them. Customization is also nice, but I feel like having more weapons is better than having like, 4 customizable ones. Also games that have a lot of guns but require thousands of hours to get all of them (like Phantom Forces) aren't great either.


yeah, you should unlock 4+ guns that all have a different use per rank-up instead of the “oh here have this carbine you’ll never use and another glock” in PF


Free or easy to get cosmetics


This gun legit looks like you found the barrel on the marketplace and retextured it then put it on your own model of the grip and the rest of the gun


are you looking for realism or gameplay, and is this going to be fast paced or slow paced


No loot boxes 💀


Try to make the bots smart, too many pve games have non responsive bots that just stand around and shoot when you are visible, even great games like entry point I think that a game that does this well is the new blackhawk rescue mission updates, those bots are smart and responsive, but not particullarly op. The bots job is to entertain the player, not kill him.


Dolphin dives. That’s it


What is the title supposed to be


Banana gun which does 69420 damage


Xbox access


add a parkour system, make it so that you can use objects around you as an advantage other than blocking shots.


Please make a good movement system or just make moving around fun. Moving around to dodge bullets, parkouring on obstacles and going fast is just so much fun. I would suggest making the movement system easy to do but hard to master so casual players can have fun and tryhard players can refine their skills. You should let players customize their abilities and stats, like maybe I want to not die easily so I get armors or abilities that increase my tankiness. I have many, many more ideas but it depends on how you develop the game from the ideas of others. And also, by any chance, is there a Discord server for this? This sounds really interesting and fun and would love to give more ideas and feedback!


Add the raygun


CoD killstreaks? (A-10 Air support go wheeBRRRRRRRRRRT


1. Add the ability to turn invisible 2. Add a disguise kit to make you disguise as any enemy for stealth 3. Add a balisong to backstab people 4. Realize this is a certain reference to something


Gunplay, probably either Tarkov-like gunplay or INS:S gunplay. make the TTK fast for every gun, but make the reloads slow. Dont make the spread horrendous like pf. OPTIONAL: gun jamming / misfiring


Suggestion for character customization: BRM5 customization is really good you could base the customization around it and plsss add a gasmask atleast 1 pls pls im begging you


add capture the flag mode


It would be fun if you give some love to more unknown guns like the gyrojet (also im obligated to ask for optimization)


I agree with most everyone is saying. Me personally when it comes to games in general, you just gotta make the movement either really clean and smooth or you gotta make the movement really fun to use. Like sliding, bunny hopping. It may not be competitive but nothing makes a game better than a clean movement system. Thats part of the reason titanfall was so popular in my opinion


Having a large variety of maps would be a very good thing to add and each map gets a different bot skin


give it a source engine kind of movement


add references to other similar pve games, maybe in the form of guns? ie some ultrakill guns, maybe destiny 2 guns, or even some other classic Roblox games?


Please make it able to mess around with controls just in case some ppl are uncomfy with them


You should add a russian roulette game mode, if you win you get coins or something. Also yeah pls dont make a pay to win game thanks


Projectile bullets if possible.


A rare reload animation [like this](https://youtu.be/vi85BY37Y0c)


I understand this is super hard to avoid , no meta, allow each unique build and play style to be generally equal. I again say that this can be difficult, pistols will almost always be worse than any sort of primary. This would 100% require tweaking because players would find metas and always use it, in which case you thought it was balanced.


make the ai smart, make them flank you and throw grenades


Maybe good storyline or something not super repetitive gameplay wise


Make funny weapons/skins. Banana gun, other ones I can’t think of right now


A can a beans.


Almost every fps never does this but please show the settings first when its your first time playing


having multiple ways to play and to mess around with. people always just add different weapons to choose from, but that kind of thing doesn’t really make how you play the game much differently. gun customization, maybe optional perks that give you abilities or passive buffs at the cost of downsides? pve ai that try to out smart you is always fun to fight against instead of the typical enemies that rush forward forever. quality over quantity. different enemies to watch out for. maybe they could counter one playstyle harshly but are super vulnerable to another. don’t make a meta. balance. assuming there’s multiplayer, make the difficulty scale on the amount of players. make it a game you would play.


Barrett 50 cal and a browning m2


Ithica 37, sawed down. also a garfield red dot would be nice.


give everybody cowboy hats it is a requirements


Please have more optimization options for players on low end devices, such a little amount of games do this now.


Add the ability to put a scope on a knife.


Ability to goof around like grapeling around and if pvp is a thing there remove grapeling Edit disable grapeling during pvp i meant to say


Killmoves. When you melee an enemy from the front they defend themselves, and you have to do qte's. If you do them, they die. (quick time events) This also applies to them. If they melee you from the front gte's show up. If you fail them, you die.


Co-op and replayability


Add the FN fal


Add a laser gun that yeets players


Maybe add a cosmetic skin for an AK-47 thats literally just an image of Tic-Tacs that you found off Google, sell it for 550 currency, and call it ATTR-47 (A Tic-Tac Rifle)


add different classes


Try to use a better version of ACS 2.0


CoD style kill streaks could be good if it's a game that's meant to make you feel powerful


Not pay to win PLEASE.


banana gun damage:inf found in: the milk Isle in the store


Customizations on mobility; İ do not see many games focus on mobility. Skills that improve your mobility, 1 or 2 equipped at same time, like Dual Jumps, Wallrunning as Passives and Charging forward, shoulder bash or airdashes as actives, İ’d LOVE to see the skills thing in an FPS game. Think of it like SBS, Passives as Perks and Actives as Skills. Oh and add lore please.


I would say make enemies a bit varied. That would work to spice up the dangers. The usual big slow juggernaut-type enemy ,someone with a knife and fast or commander that keeps buffing (Idk) enemies?


Add a pvz reference as a cosmetic


Maybe similar to Phantom Forces. Customize guns by adding gadgets. My favorite thing for FPS games.


Dunno what else to say but machine guns. I would love to be able to just get prone and pump ‘em full of lead.


rick grimes hat


Try finding lesser known weapons


Have some less common guns, attachments. And have the enemies to have a random accuracy (like 70% of bullets hit a target)


If you’re gonna make it available on mobile Customizable button layouts, more games need this for God’s sake


This is going to be cool game and fun cuz i love fps and pvp and sometime pve


Is it supposed to be sakotage?


Finally! A PVE instead of a PVP!!


I can't wait for sakotage


a teleporter that teleports u to mugen's game


Cosmetics should be old pf style (blocky but still resembles the gun) Gameplay should be something like titanfall but the zombies are faster than your running speed and can jump the same height as the player but they cant wallrun / do parkour Skins are a must so skin customization should be like phantom forces but you can customize every individual part of the gun (like furniture, reciever, barrel, etc.


Recently i started playing ravenfield, which fits the exact same description. go look at it for a bit of inspiration


Idea: Different sights for different objective points and gamemodes There could be a heat reader for say a winter level. There could be night vision for a night situation Also other sights for convenience and you can unlock new levels after buying different sights. Just a idea sorry if its bad


tf2 reference ong


most likely more guns and animations together with some remodels to that revolver


A bat that has a 0.00001 chance to spawn in one of the player's slots that will 1 hit any enemy that's not a boss and sends the corpse flying but when the player dies the bat goes away


Could it be a co-op type game, where you can play with up to four people, to play with friends.


A clown pack. Includes a clown skin for your avatar, a clown decoration for your weapons, and a sound pack that changes the gun fire sound to a clown horn.


Goofy reloads. Like spinning the revolver chamber 3 times instead of actually reloading, throwing the shotgun away and taking out a new one instead of reloading and eating the M4 mag and then taking it out and reloading it


If you improve your developing skills then you could go from PVE to PVP


Add a type of enemy that act like sweaty tryhards. Make them be able to drop shot, dodge bullets, bunny hopping, sliding, etc


a FAT BFG 50 please i beg. id play for the noscopes and trick shots


Make sure it’s playable on mobile, the majority of roblox players are on mobile.


This would suit r/crappydesign


Banana gun


It is absolutely critical that you get decent AI for the bots. There are far too many games where the enemy just runs in a straight line and punches/stabs/whatever. It just isn't fun. The player should also have some way of dodging out of the way of or parrying attacks. It raises the skill ceiling and can make the player feel more badass.


Have a variety of unique melee weapons, instead of just one retextured knife


My idea is that you are a backrooms survivor and tey to escape, there will be entities like partygoers that are very fast but weak


Please for the love of god make things stylish too, I would love a game to play with style so I can feel good about demolishing robots with punchy godlike feeling


The option to become the enemy


ordinary, realistic movement. i fucking hate how all the shooters I play besides TWR have level 100+ players zooming around using movement combos and shit like that while hipfiring an AKM.


PF customization would be nice, though skins should only be mono/bi/tri colored and toned down so there aren’t any bright neon pink anime waifu hk416s. again, realism.


a slightly-hidden storyline told through radios, character chatter, etcetera would be great too, with daily missions giving you tid-bits of lore once you finish them.


I would honestly like to see physics similar to ghost recon


Make it juicy. Game feel is important!




RPG style rewards, for example accessories for your weapon or that increase different stats to your character (in this last one it would be good if your character has stats like agility, strength, aiming and a long etcetera, these stats would help you to be better with certain weapons or as a requirement to equip them.