Why doesn’t my voice chat work anymore? It has a red triangle w a exclamation point. I tried all the methods & it still doesn’t work. Am I shadow banned or something ?


How can I get an old hacked account back. My old account got hacked back in early 2016 and I really want it back. I was a kid back then so I didn’t have an email to link or a phone to use


Too many games give me only the 🚫 on the play buttons and no matter what I do it wont stop giving me 524 errors on PUBLIC GAMES


roblox said i had an item but i got deleted and im supposed to get my robux back but its been almost a year and i still havent gotten my robux. why. i did the agreement and whatnot


Roblox wants me to reset my password. Everytime I enter my email or phone number it either goes through verification and doesn't send the code/link or an error message occurs. Tried multiple times on both PC and phone. Does anyone know what to do?


My mouse isn’t bound to my Roblox window on pc. When I play roblox fps games or just go first person in general, my mouse will(when looking up or down too fast or too much) either show the top bar (the one that has the big X, minimization button, and full screen button), or the taskbar. It really gets in the way, is there a way to fix this?


there is a new roblox engine that breaks VR and roblox wont let me turn it off, i can go to an alt i have and it will let me turn it off there, but when i go back to my main, it turns itself back on, how can i keep it off across all of my accounts to i can play in VR?


Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have my email and phone # verified, but I've heard that all you need is those two verified to use voice chat. It clearly shows the option, but I can't click on it. When I look up other people doing it, it doesn't even show the option. heres the link to the picture cus apparently u cant add images to comments [https://pasteboard.co/mGBQirYwkFVR.png](https://pasteboard.co/mGBQirYwkFVR.png)


You need to verify your age by id.


yeah but most ppl can do it without an id, i've seen someone do it just by verifying their phone & email




Mine is 277 idk what the hell to do about it.


Me neither but almost all games give me a 524 error and won’t even let me try to join. It’s just 🚫everywhere aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA-


How am I supposed to verify my age. I'm 13 but don't have a ID (obviously) and i don't have a passport. :/


you have to have an id


Hey, Mining Sim 2 and other games aren't working in Belgium? Does anyone have any more information? It says they are banned in the country.


I believe it’s due to the 2018 ban on loot boxes in Belgium. Mining Simulator 2 is supposedly banned as they contain ‘lootboxes’, or in this case eggs. These eggs act ‘in which it is decided at random what item or upgrade a player recieves’, in this case pets. So put two and two together and you have a fragmented definition of ‘loot boxes’.


Weird that the game was only banned today though, after Robux had already been spent lol. Also a bunch of others have been banned now as well. I'm asking on behalf of one of my Viewers anyway. So thanks and I'll try to let them know.


Hello. since a around a week, everytime i lunch roblox, it shows up twice on task manager. it uses up around 50% of the performance that the actuall roblox uses. i already check if its a mallicuious application or something, but it looks legit to me can anyone help me?


I have this exact same issue, and it's only become apparent today. I pray its an update issue that Roblox will fix soon.


This is extremely odd, as this issue seems to have surfaced right after this Age Restriction update. It's almost as if Roblox is playing at forced max graphics (it's not). I pan my camera any which way and it's slow motion, just... extremely laggy. Is the new update causing this? My graphics are on the lowest setting and Roblox is set as a high priority. I'm playing on a brand new PC that has been effortlessly running Roblox games all this week. This weird lag has only begun happening today, and I know it's not anything I did. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Bloxburg used to be free, why has it now changed to 25 robux to enter the game? I’m confused.


In my opinion, I think it’s that the creator realised that people are still willing to pay robux for entry since it’s a popular game, and considering that he can make a profit off of it, he chooses to do so.


i paid for it previously, would it still be free for me?


yes it will - don’t worry. if you’ve already paid for it then you will have access


my account got terminated and im trying to appeal it so ive sent a requst and the response was they are working on verifying that the account is mine because i never verified email so is there anything i need to do to verify


you have to wait for your account to be un-terminated, so you can’t verify/link your email right now


Anyone having their clothes not load past a certain point? Happens on mobile and I've tried on PC aswell and it doesn't load tried using a extension to search for it but nada. I can see in my inventory that I own it and it most definitely isn't a WiFi problem should I just contact Roblox or is there a fix I can do?


im looking for a very specific game i dont know its name its an exploration game with a sword based combat system where you can find different places with merchants that will sell you swords each sword had a different moveset and you could block and parry there was also magic spells which you found around the map and they where like these 3x3 pattern sigils you made money by killing other players or by delivering parcels around the map, there where also potions with sepcial effects i think the last time i played them game was in 2017.


i think my robux have been stolen, please help Today when I entered in my account, I saw that I only have 17 robux ,when yesterday I had like 600 something robux, when I go to my purchases, I see a gamepass that I didn't buy called: *trtty* that costed 616 robux, made by: @Robloxian838379999 , I never bought this, can someone help me how to get my robux back and report that guy to Roblox?


only thing i can think of is to contact roblox support, but getting them to reply is very hard. the name of the account looks like a throwaway account so it’s most likely a large operation. best thing you can do now is change your password and look out for any suspicious links that don’t contain web.roblox or roblox.com


Thank you! I already changed my password and contacted Roblox, let's hope it works :D


So no one who works at Roblox is mods here, but I have nowhere else to go with this. I want to be able to speak again. I don't have a PC, or a phone capable of running Roblox. I have Xbox. And they've disabled all chat on Xbox. I understand they want to keep an E rating, (even though E10 is basically no different) yet they refuse to do so. So many other games allow chat systems on all platforms but Roblox, the stubborn idiots they are, refuse to allow this massive player base communicate with anyone.


I verified my age, my email, and my phone number but I still haven't got an option to enable voice chat in the settings. So can you please help me?


i got banned on roblox and i have some games saved in that account. is there any way for me to get the .rbxl file of those games?


what will happen to groups where the owner's account got terminated? let's say my account got terminated, and i own a group, what will happen to the group? will the group be deleted? will the group be open for ownership? what will happen?


if i remember correctly, the group isn’t deleted and stays in the terminated owner’s possession, so the group is in limbo unless there’s a co-owner of some sort who can still manage group funds, publish games etc before termination


when the owner's account gets permanently deleted, what will happen?


the group still stays in the owner’s permission, so same thing


Oh I have a secret.. the secret is if u are ban from the house.. u can come in with some things?.. right?...


For some reason, when I scroll down to the bottom of my costumes every costume I've made disappears and the page says "You don't have any costumes. Try creating some!". This has been a problem for a while now. When I try to make a new costume it just says "You have reached the maximum amount of costumes".


i need help, i cant add any ids to my advanced editor, it always says, “sweaters are not supported in advanced editor” when im trying to add a hat accessory, cant seem to find any vids online solving the issue, any help?


I’m trying to replicate a bicorne hat with a feather cockade for my avatar. Finding a bicorne was easy (Grand Admiral Bicorne), however the feathers are proving to be difficult to replicate. If anyone could possibly help find a good hat that works, that’d be great!


i don’t know the exact bicorne hat, but i do recommend looking at a few listed below - white feathered earing left or right - premium white feathers - feathers in your hair now that i think ab it, there aren’t many feather-related hats on roblox, sorry if i couldn’t be of any help


Yeah the earring is too low, Feathers in your hair is on the sides. Can’t find the premium white feathers


No no, it’s fine, this has been a thing me and some friends have been trying to figure out for a while. I’ll take a look at the hats.


A whole bunch of sound ids in the marketplace disappeared, weeks ago the old spice sound was still up and when I searched it again today it's gone, same for a bunch of other things. Why are have they disappeared/they being removed?


So i forgot about the name of a game a used to play; So you wake up in a place and you have like an owl mask glued on to your face. You will have trashed clothes and log dark hair and the fist thing you will need to do is find a key so you can access to a second floor that looks like a hospital, and u get jumpscared by something with a white mask, yo stop him you will need 5 crucifix to kill the monster, and when u complete it i thing he began to chase after me to get into a room,and that was the end of the chapter and u will also find someone else who is a traped in the facility, i don't remember the name but i thing the girl was named stella and the guy henry that what i know about the game and thank you for helping me


Ive been having trouble getting voice chat to work. ive verified my age and have enabled voice chat in the settings, but when i get into a game i cant use the voice chat and there isnt even anything in the ingame settings for input and output devices


You know the thing in settings where you can record a video or take a screenshot for some reason it only shows up on my laptop but not my actual computer is there any reason this is happening or any solutions thanks!


Every time I go to "Costumes" that I made in my avatar creator and scroll down, THE WHOLE THING VANISHES, and then I have to reload. I can't scroll to the bottom of my outfits without the whole thing vanishing!! Please help!


So I have a problem. Whenever I try to join servers that have less than 4 people, or have friends that have being on my list for a really long time, it says I don\`t have permission to join. Why?


A few years ago, maybe around 2017-2019 but I really can't remember, I remember playing this game on Roblox that I have now forgotten the name of. The game went like this: you join the game and you're put in a lobby with other people to talk and run around. You kind of just sit there for a bit, but every few minutes a UI would appear in the top left of your screen, showing a random hat from the Roblox catalogue, a quantity of how many there are, and a purchase button. The objective of the game was to make money (I don't remember exactly how you made money, I think it came in passively every few minutes or by selling your hats to other players) and buying the hats that appeared in the top left. Like I said, there was a limited amount of each hat when it showed up, so if it was one you wanted you had to click purchase before other players did. If there was only, say, 3 of a hat that showed up the first 3 people who bought it would have it and no one else, until it showed up again. There were some that were more rare than others, for example if a Dominus showed up you would want to buy that more than something random. When you bought a hat it went to your inventory and you could sell it or trade it to other players. There may have been more to the game, but that's about all I remembered. And of course this was all only happening in the game, it didn't have anything to do with the real trading mechanics of Roblox and didn't effect your player's inventory on the website. I didn't mean for this post to be this long, I just wanted to be thorough lol. Thank you if you can help!


Hey I recently forgot my password on Roblox, so I changed it on the desktop browser of my android phone. But when I went to log in into my account on the mobile app, it kept telling me my new password was wrong? But it would let me sign into Roblox desktop and on the iPhone mobile app, but not the android mobile app??


Please help me my roblox studio has been giving an error its failed to load settings with 403.


if you’re working on a workspace with multiple people then double check permissions to see if you can access it, other than that try and reinstall the roblox studio application


My avatar is always leaning toward the right slightly and i dont know how to fix it.


Looking for a game. Played a few hours of it. It's like the elevator games but it takes place in a room. Weird stuff happens in it e.g. A floating head talks about needing water while floating in space and drinks it. One level you're a muffin with muffin time song. One level transports you to Italy and a guy drops a pan on you. There were 3 bosses at random after 10 or 13 floors, a big noob robot, a pirate battle and a dragon ball z noob fight. Also, there's an attic you can buy into that has a puzzle inside that you slowly unlock I thought it was called The Room or The Attic but have spent about 40 minuts looking for it. Anyone know what this game is?


I wanted to try roblox so i downloaded and after two of playing i checked my internet and roblox consumed 4.5 GB. Is there is a way to consume less data cuz i don't want to delete the game.thx


Did you mean two hours? Roblox takes a lot of storage to run.


I keep getting put into servers that are in a completely different region than where I am, which results in high ping (200-300ms). Is there a way to manually select servers, so I can get a server with playable ping? (My location is the UK, if thats important).


i don’t think it’s possible to change or filter server regions unless it’s specified within a games ui or settings, only thing i can think of is a roblox plugin or a vpn


I dont have a VPN and I only have the RoPro chrome extension. The extension only chances the Roblox website to my knowledge.


then i’m pretty sure you can’t know for sure, however you can manipulate the server region by being the first person to join a server to slightly prevent lag


i have problem that if i join game i get kicked after 3 or 5 minutes and i get info that says that i have bad wifi even when i have no lag i still get kicked


Was looking through the avatar items of one of my old accounts, and found a content-deleted item which I thought was a T-shirt, but apparently it wasn't because I could equip it with another T-shirt anyways. I can't find it anywhere on the accessories list, and it completely blanks out my character and forces it to load continuously, and it doesn't appear on my profile if I equip it. Anyone have any idea what it is? [images](https://imgur.com/a/ykaWaMY)


Been having problems with the tilt controls in Roblox. In a few games I play (particularly racing games), they sometimes give you an option for tilt controls, but trying to use them does nothing (i.e. tilting my phone will not steer my car like it should). I don't really understand this at all, since in other racing games I have on my phone that involve tilt controls work absolutely fine with the latter. Is anyone able to help here? [Device: Motorola Moto E32]


I have a problem with Roblox groups. I have a name that is available to use, I have an image, and a good description, and have enough Robux. But every time I try to make a Roblox Group, it says 'Unknown Error' Can somebody please help me?


My Roblox avatar won't load on: * My profile * The editor * The playerlist in game ​ It appears in my profile as a piece of paper with a circle backslash symbol. The avatar editor won't even load, and is stuck in the three dots loading screen.


how safe is Roblox? I've hear stories of people getting Ddosed, does that happen often? Can players gain your personal info even if you don't say anything in chat?


Just don’t click on any links and don’t associate with game developers


Completely safe in my case, but with anything, common sense is the best antivirus. Don't go clicking on links in chat, don't reply to shady chats, etc.


When I join a game I get stuck in shiftlock and I'm on mobile


may be set by default by a developer but it can be usually disabled by an icon


Press shift, and if it's not working, disable it in settings (click the Roblox icon at top-left/press Escape) and try a rejoin if it still didn't fix.


Ello,I live in Sweden by the way. I know a guy in the UK, and if he were to buy a roblox giftcard from the british amazon (amazon.co.uk) or the US amazon (amazon.com), would I still be able to redeem it?


Can't equip that block head thingy. on the mobile app and PC roblox says I own that one block head but when I go to the avatar customization screen it isn't there. Any ideas on how to fix this.


Why did you just delete my post about something I genuinely need help with. It doesn't violate any rules.


It did violate the rules.


I've been warned numerous times and banned about twice, will my next punishment be a guaranteed account deletion, no matter the severity of my actions?


Is Robux ever going to be free? As in, obtained directly from Roblox, free of charge


unfortunately not, roblox is turning corporate so i highly doubt they’ll do stuff like giveaways, daily robux logins or through playing games for a long time, they use to do this with tix (old currency) but it got discontinued in 2016


Does anyone else get random trade requests? are these legit?


Is audio EVER going to be able to become public? It's been 5 months. 5.


Ive recently got a glitch that kicks me from a game after playing for a couple minutes saying my internet disconnected. Only problem is my internet is working perfectly and isnt having any issues.


Hey so if I have premium and I buy a roblox gift card for myself. Will I get the same amount of robux I’d get if I bought it online? So if I buy a $20 card that would give 1.7k robux and I have premium, will it give me the extra 170 robux you get as a bonus if you purchase online?


Ok, so, I can't join servers. Whenever I try to join a server with 4 or less players, it doesn't let me, saying I have no permission to enter. Why is that?


rules for who can join a server are set by the developer(s), so if you aren’t allowed permission then you’re most likely not on the whitelist


It lets me join bigger servers, tho.


what game is it? i’ll check it out for myself, since i’m pretty sure it’s just a whitelist-related issue


pretty much any game. The last that it happened in was OMORI Sandbox


ohh, i’ve just tried joining a low player omori sandbox and the reason is cause of vip servers. the error code that comes up is error 524, which corresponds to not being whitelisted on vip servers. vip servers are listed with actual, legit servers in the server tab and you can’t tell the difference between them, so you must’ve joined a vip server by mistake


do VIP servers still show if I'm not friended with the owner?


yes, they do


Aaaaah, that really explains it. Thanks a lot.


Ok so people keep saying that “all you have to do is certify an email and phone number" but | already have and it's been a little over a week since and the feature still hasn't popped up, I’m 16 so like- I'm just getting My permit so | don’t have a license yet and I've seen people get it without age verification, my account is old but it should still work, what should | do? Does it take longer? Please help I'd really like it.


I was playing apeirophobia and trying to make a password but it kept saying inappropriate password. What password can I use to make a lobby for my friends


How Do I Change My Birthdate? I put it too 2018 as a joke. I’m 14 Btw


You can try contacting Roblox support.


Can't see with my flashlight in The Rake


turn brightness up, the rake is a really dark game for no reason lol


My brightness was all the way up. This is also my second time playing and everything worked fine even without the flashlight I could kind of see. It is some type of glitch that I though others were experiencing.


i’ve just played a game and everything seems fine to me, must be a client-related issue, what device are you on?


A chromebook


hm, i honestly don’t know, i guess it’s something to do with the game itself, might be a bug.


I can’t change my sensitivity for xbox roblox, like I can move the bar wherever I want but the actual sens stays the same, how do I fix this?


If you know what Im talking about please help. I used to play a game where you would fight off people, not sure if it was noobs or not, in waves. you could be a couple classes, i remember there was recon and i think medic. you gathered points and would buy items at the end of every wave. you could revive people i think and there were mechs.


how do i post something without it being auto removed by automod? seriously


Well if you read the subreddit rules and/or the automod message it's clear that general help questions aren't allowed outside this thread.


Very high ping on Roblox nothing else pls help I’ve been getting high ping on Roblox across every device I own. Average 200-300 ping. It usually goes down to 100 then spikes back up to 300 and then goes back down and repeats the process I tried reinstalling using a vpn ,deleting every thing on my pc, going on my moms phone, switching accounts, nothing. It’s very weird since I have 36 ping in fortnite, someone pls help.


Whenever I try to enable push notifications it looks like it works, but when I go back into settings it is disabled. Does anybody know why?


Can anyone help me figure out how to find games for my six year old? We have his account restricted for various reasons, including his sensitivity to scary images. Anytime we do a search we get pages of results for games that he’s restricted from. Is there a way to search so that we only get results for games that he is allowed to play?


I don't know how the restrictions work exactly, but wouldn't it be easier to just disable restrictions and have a talk about which games are ok and which ones are not?


I think this is one of those things that I have to help him with as a parent. He’s six and more impulsive than the average six-year-old, and before a parental controls he saw scary images that got stuck in his head and upset him. I don’t think there’s a way to tell always that a game is going to have frightening images, and sadly there are people out there creating content that looks like it’s for children but contains graphic shit. So I really like the fact that Roblox has a an approved list of games for children, but the fact that you can still see every game in your search results is incredibly frustrating. I went through pages of SpongeBob games and not a single one was available to him 😕. For what it’s worth, my almost 9-year-old, who is naturally much more cautious, does not have parental controls and we’ve just talked about the game and how to avoid the ones that might be inappropriate.


For some reason i keep lagging alot in uk servers only even though im in the uk and i have really good wifi. this only happens in roblox uk servers for some reason cuz i tried joining a germany server one and it was fine.


When Roblox go to be on then Nintendo switch? And do you know


Why does my game can't lauch, when I try to lauch a game an error message appear and tells "tls verification fail" how to fix it


Why do some people cancel Premium subscription 1 day before it ends?


I downloaded the Roblox Statistics browser extension a long time ago. The problem is: I can't see how many sells any item have. It's just showing me "0" in "Sales" everywhere i go. Also, i have tried [https://api.roblox.com/Marketplace/ProductInfo](https://api.roblox.com/Marketplace/ProductInfo) site, and it's showing the same results. qwq Please can someone explain to me what could be causing this and how can I fix it (if it's not global problem tho)? I would be highly grateful. :)


They removed the ability to see sales on assets that you don't own. UGC creators didn't want their earnings to be public.


Ohh so that what's the deal. Thanks for the answer!) Now I will be more comfortable knowing that the problem has nothing to do with my settings.


In the avatar page, when I go to classic clothing, I usually can only scroll down a little and it will only show a small fraction of my clothing (Average of about 90 being shown). Sometimes it only shows less, and sometimes it shows more. I believe it never shows every single piece of clothing I've got, though. This means that it's a struggle to get to an older piece of clothing that I desire to put on (to the point where I even consider buying something new that's similar to it so I can actually wear it). I just hope to get lucky, or try doing it at another time to try to better load the clothing items (too much strain on the trashy servers at that moment or smth, as usual). Of course, Roblox hasn't (and probably won't ever) fix the issue, so I'll need some assistance in any way possible. Are there any special ways I can make it so the avatar loads all the clothing? Maybe an extension that allows me to equip these items (i.e. allowing me to equip from the individual clothing item's page, or maybe helps with loading in the avatar page)? New to this subreddit (only here to get my question/issue resolved), so don't know if I'm doing this right or not.


Is it a good idea to force roblox to use all cores?


ive been lagging a lot on evade for the past few days and i have no idea why... at first i was fine with it bcs it didnt rlly mess up my gameplay but now its getting worse, my screen freezes n the audio becomes weird n glitchy at times. i check my ping n it ranges from 200-1000ms, that isnt normal for me? idk why this has been happening... is it bcs of the servers im in? i usually get ppl from where im at(asia) but now im in servers where everyone is from the west(i hv vc so i can tell) ... is there a way to fix this?


My gpu is at 0ms on Android, how do I fix this?


Anyone know the game that gives your user a smash bros type intro thing


Does the roblox age verification not work? I'm using my drivers license and all that with a selfie, I have maybe 3-4 attempts on it now and its never working. Is the verification down or driver's license just doesn't work right now???


Roblox won’t let me change my account age. I made my account a while ago and when I first made it I accidentally set my birthday as 1/23/2015, when my real birthday is 1/23/2008.


Roblox won't let me post emojis in roblox pc. Instead of "🌸🍓", this "<8


My Roblox games aren’t appearing even the shop I dont know whats causing this


So I've been trying to find this game for years now as it was one of the first ones I've played on Roblox, back when my English (second language) wasn't that good. I remember it being amazing, it was like a detective story-driven game where you had like a small city with different cases and it has this purple-ish aesthetic in the UI/Hints (I think?) but the city looked like very self-contained and consistent. It gave the same vibe as the first adventure forward town, but way more dark, and it was nighttime. I think there was even a dock with like a fair? Or something? Idk scratch that part. I might be confusing it with AF1. One scene I remember is you entering a building that looked like a small Roblox HQ but was a single tower/pillar where you had a convo with a guy and you had to jump off the building for some reason. Now that I do localization work and am fluent in English, I want to replay it, but despite having a good memory, I can't seem to remember the name! The game probably is broken as hell now, but I still want to at least take a look at it. I loved it sooo much But yeah, if anyone has a memory of it, PLEASE let me know at least what you remember. It's fine if you don't remember the name of the game. Thanks in advance.


i believe the game you’re on about, if i recall, is a game called mystery city.




no problem :)


Aaa you joined my game and I was AFK :'( Thanks for passing by and helping me find the game!!


it’s all good, i hope you get to relive your nostalgia for a great game


hi everybody. this dude says he's going to beam me, and im extremely scared. ive had my roblox account for almost 6 years and it has some decent items. i have both security settings on, and i have a good password. he actually is a beamer- as he invited me to a discord server which contained many people 's passwords. not wantong to get involved, i left immediately but i was scared. now he's saying that for him not to beam me, i need to give him adopt me items. i have no clue what to do, if someone could help i would appreciate it.


Well I have Roblox voice chat enabled but when I load into a game specific to test it out, I cant hear or talk, as well as not having the little microphone above my head and the sound icon above other peoples head, Anyone know a fix to this or am I doing something wrong P.S. it work on my phone no problem but my pc doesn't let me use it


The app won't let me access my avatar? Up until a few minutes ago it was fine, but now it just buffers indefinitely until I tap into another tab. This is happening on multiple devices.


**Im getting put into European servers causing my game to lag even though I live in Asia. How do I fix this?**


Game where you play as a bunch of white ghosts hunting down a black ghost with red eyes, with baseball bats and pistols.


My account’s password is incorrect even though I’m using the correct password, I tried to use gmail to reset it but my account didn’t show up on the reset list and then when I tried again it said “Error Occured Try again later”


No card I enter goes through??? For weeks I’ve been trying to buy the 10,000 robux and everytime it says my payment was cancelled. My mom tried helping me and entering her card and it got declined as well. She called Xsolla and her bank and they said it should work but when we tried to buy the gift card it still didn’t work. WHY?


Can anyone help me find this game so I’ve been searching for it for a very long time and it’s been bugging me very much The game’s point is to drive a hyper-speed “train” that’s in a glass tube around the map. It was very fun when I played it and I need to know the name




Thank you so much lmao


I just suddenly have 1000 ping when i play roblox, can i fix it somehow?


Xbox 360 usb controller not working on mobile.


Can anyone help me with removing the parent PIN? I tried all the solutions but it did not work sadly.


Contact Roblox support, there is no other way to remove it if you have forgotten the pin


For some reason, I can't go to the bottom of my costumes. If I do, all of my outfits disappear and say "You don't have any costumes. Try creating some!". I get them back when I refresh the page though


Roblox why just why I had brought a 5 dollar robux card I thought I would wait till next day for the outfit I was going to decide on when I checked my robux it was all gone was I hacked or something I changed my password but why I'm disappointed I was about to delete my game because of that I hope you can help my user is wolfie_idke


Usually robux gift cards redeemed give credit. Like a $30 gives $20 credit and you have to buy robux with that credit. So maybe going to robux and buy something with under robux gift card? (srry for the bad explanation)


Does just moving your camera around allow you to be AFK and not be kicked from a game, or do you have to move/click on GUI?


Any scripting advise?


Is Roblox as a whole experiencing issues? My son and I have tried to play numerous games and they all freeze in less than 2 mins and then both accounts show “no connection” message at the same time. I don’t get it.


hey everyone im trying to find a game that I have forgotten the name ofI will describe the game a little bit the game is similar to flee the facility your mission is to hack servers and computers while escaping from the person who is chasing you. when the person catches you, you will turn into an orb and the person can put you in the room side note: the game also has a mini tic tac toe game while in the waiting room


Where do I find this crosshair in the game files? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1657846863217741947/BD576B08A2E9F0338904FE9660606D02057C55F6/?imw=637&imh=358&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=true


Is giving a friend an account to play on against roblox rules?


It is not against the rules to share accounts, but Roblox doesn't recommend it.


does anyone know how to sighn in to your account when you don't have the password or something cause I'm on xbox and I don't remember it and when it got made I didn't add an email but now I'm stumped since you can't see that stuff on the console versions


if you can’t find a device/console you logged in with the account and have not linked it with an email/phone number, then there isn’t anything you can do i’m afraid unless you know the password


Roblox support may be able to help since you didn't add an email to it and you've forgotten the password it may work. (worked for me once)


Questions about Improving Performance. Will setting priority to high improve anything? If so, on what program should I apply it? There are 2 roblox programs running, one uses more memory, the other one uses more cpu. Will setting affinity to all cores improve it? Or should I disable a specific core?




You could try contacting them again, but their decision not to lift a ban is usually final.


I keep getting the “same account launched from a different device” error message and getting kicked out of games. I’ve logged out all other sessions in the settings, changed my password, and logged out all other sessions once more just to be sure. It still keeps kicking me out and displaying error message 264 though, what’s the issue and how do I fix it?


Wait a moment before re-entering or joining a game


What is Right of Access? I was filling out a form for Roblox Support and under "Data Privacy Requests" it says ''Right of Access (ROA)". I'm not 100% sure what that is but it sounds like the help category I'm looking for. Does anyone know what it means?


I actually did request this once; Roblox basically sends you a couple of files with all the personal data they have on you (IP addresses, moderation logs, purchases, etc). You do need to provide them with an ID if you request this. ~~They also terminated my account for 30 minutes because they thought I was requesting the Right to be forgotten~~


Are there any jrpg/visual novel groups on roblox? I've searched and I don't see any


I keep getting error code 267 when playing Jenga, this happens to all accounts and only happens when Playing Jenga. Why did this happen? I did not exploit, is this a bug?


I wasn't even on roblox when this happened. Someone seems to have bought a private server that costs 284 robux (weird number) on a game called "GOOD OBBY YEE" and I don't understand how it happened. I reported it to roblox but I don't know if there's anything they can do about it. I have 2FA on at all times so I don't know how this could've happened, and nobody has access to my account but me. Help?


Try log out of all sessions


hey! my roblox is broken. im on windows 11 and ive already tried to get it deleted it and reinstalled and it still gives me "error 208: rblx browser needs updating" how do i fix thsi??