What type?


False death head I think?


Just wondering because what your explaining happened to my domino roaches as well. My whole colony is dead now. I have no idea what went wrong.


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Hi, I'm not really sure what the issue could be for certain. But I do know that insects can get infections by viruses/bacteria just like us. They do have a rudimentary immune system, but... I don't think they can fight many infections well. So it's possible one of your roaches got sick and passed the infection onto others. I never had any young roaches just suddenly die on me so I'm not sure what other cause it could be. (If it was an insect pathogen that caused this, do not worry, they're not able to infect people. Though I would remove your living roach from the area for now) It's possible that leaves/fruit/vegetable that you might have died them had a pesticide that could have caused this. That's a stretch, but a small possibility.