Hi! I’m new to the riotgrrrl scene!

Hi! I’m new to the riotgrrrl scene!


Hi! Got some bands to recommend: Hole The Raincoats Babes In Toyland The Slits Dirt The Breeders Penetration X-Ray Spex Petrol Girls (current/recent) The genre doesn't have a huge emphasis on fashion, but certainly in the 90s there was some fun juxtaposition of feminine and punk elements. Pretty floral dresses with grotty Doc Martens boots, red lipstick with unbrushed hair, etc.


Oh cool I love The Breeders! Thank you so much!! I’m currently making a playlist this helped out a lot with that.


can't forget Kathleen Hanna, style icon, and her big t shirt covered in beefcake pictures of male body builders.


In addition to what u/bobisagirl said, Bratmobile is an awesome band!


I just did a album play through of Pottymouth and omg I love them they’re so awesome!!! My favorite song so far is Fuck Yr. Fans.


This is a really dope playlist on Spotify curated by Sleater-Kinney, which includes some newer bands too. [Riot Grrrl ](https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DXadlZCyb9AB3?si=Pt-ZPNeiSMCl-dnpRJrj4A&dl_branch=1)


Lol they put three songs from their *new* album on it and only one older one. Bold. OP, do listen to SK but start with the classics! Also add Fox Face to the list, they rock.


Bratmobile and DESTROY BOYS :)


Sleater Kinney is my all time favorite (I’m seeing them soon and I’m so pumped) also check out the breeders Team dersch heavens to betsey excuse 17 and babes in toy land


In terms of fashion, here's what I've kind of figured out. The early riot grrrl looks are essentially early 90s looks, but worn for self instead of society. Take a look at concert pictures - they could be any college students from that time, but there's a certain confidence and maybe brattyness to the choices they made. So that's what I do - I wear contemporaryish (often sexy) clothes, but because it's aggressively me. I'm not afraid to wear something weird because if somebody doesn't like it, f*** 'em. Riot Grrrl is punk at its roots, so do your thing. Also, black boots, combat boots, and doc martens go with everything.


I’m kinda new like I’ve been apart of the Reddit for a few days but in the general community like a few months maybe bratmobile,hole,babes in toyland


https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2fKDeAcJJEK2uTplWX8hVK?si=yt1hPhMASUebFS7soSx4Dw&dl_branch=1 here’s a playlist I made that has lots of riot grrrl bands and some other just girl rock bands aswell


This is awesome! Thank you for posting


Slant 6!


Heavens to Betsy I’m late, sorry.


I would recomend cheap perfume


hello! riot grrl is great. if you like riot grrl you'll probably like other punk as well, although it might not suit you if you don't like loud/aggressive music. old riot grrl bands I like are huggy bear and bratmobile. newer bands i like are the Tuts and Big Joanie. there are also older punk bands which have songs that speak about feminism and gender roles and what life is like for women - i should make a playlist and post it here...


Im new too, i rec the runaways. Hmu maybe :)