Full Meta Jackrick sounds like it might be the best episode of all time


How tall are you, Jerry?!


I didn't know they piled shit that *buuuuuurp* that high


Aww jeez, Rick, that was, that’s cold ya know, you, you could’ve let him down, I dunno, easy or, you know, whatever. Like, come on Rick, he’s a steaming pyle of shit, you know? But he’s still, like somewhere in that mountain of shit, flies buzzing around, Rick he’s still my dad.


“I’m asking the *buurrrrpppp* fucking questions, Morty!”


*ooooooweeee did you seeeeee that ooooooooweeeee Jerry just mowed down a whole platoon from the bathroom ooooooweeee and couldn’t turn the gun on himself how sad, Jerry’s such a sad man oooooooo what’s gonna happen next oooooooweeee tune in folks it’s gonna be ooooooo speeeecial!*


Jerry: “.762 millimeter…full metal jacket” Rick: “Jerry, that’s a confetti gun.”


Maybe it is, Rick. Maybe it is. You think you’re sooo smart, but let me tell you, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. All that science, your little *inventions* and doohickies…they won’t save you. They won’t make Beth love you or Morty respect you or Summer think you’re *cool.* No, Rick. It takes a man. A provider. THAT’S WHAT I AM! A PROVIDER! [Jerry weeping] I’m a provider, Rick. You’ve got to stay hungry in this world…[Jerry soberly with pathetic tears in his eyes] so are you hungry, Rick? [Jerry puts barrel under his chin] ‘Cause I’m hungry…for apples [pulls trigger] oh god oh god I got confetti in my eye


What the fuck is your major mal*buurrrppp*function, dipass?! Did Leonard and Joyce not show you enough attention as a child?!”


You're really gonna say that with "Analyze Piss" right there?!?


That's definitely going to be everyone's least favorite in the show. Full Meta Jack either is going to be epic or another overly meta episode.


Why don’t we wait to watch it. Because I still think the vat of acid episode is the best and it had one of the worst titles compared to others.


Me so Morty


I'm getting anthology/interdimensional cable vibes from the name


Mark Zuckerberg cameo


That or the title has nothing to do with the plot


We know episode 4’s have a tendency of being straight ass for no reason


Good thing it’s the 3rd episode of the season (bullet points 2 and 3 in the photo are one episode)


Still no Summer titles.


Fuck You, Sum Sum. It's because you let us fall asleep during interdimensional cable, you stupid *bb-* bitch.


On the other hand Beth is up to 2 and gets her first portmanteau


Bc summer is the worst character


No, that's Bruce Chutback


Oh my God are you wearing the same jeans from YESTERDAY?


Are there any Jerry titles?


Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion?


So, why is this important?


She is the only main character who hasn’t had an episode title portmanteau.


Shut up meg- i mean summer


I don’t know why everyone thinks that the 2nd and 3rd bullet points will be 2 separate episodes, and not one episode titled “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation”. That would also mean there’s the standard 10 episodes in the season. Even then, I’m not sold on (at least all of) these being real, considering one’s just called “Final Destination”, and the fact we’ve already had a Jurassic Park parody in “Anatomy Park”.


Your first paragraph is correct. More competent sources do seem to list that as a single episode. I would be surprised if the confusion went the other way around and it turned out to be a two-parter; it's possible but very unlikely. Your second paragraph is not correct. Multiple semireliable sources seem to be reporting on this independently, and they have for some time. If it's a hoax it's a very elaborate one. The finale being titled after Jurassic Park (and the season blurb mentioning dinosaurs) also lines up with a statement from Nick Rutherford on an obscure podcast mentioning that his season six episode revolved around dinosaurs.


They've also already done the Terminator judgement day voice over twice. I think they'll parody the same thing more and more often as it goes. S1E2 - Lawnmower Dog (can't find scene simply enough) S4 E5 - [Rattlestar Ricklactica](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO67S0XasKA)


Did they have a “terminator” style voiceover in Lawnmower Dog? Or are you thinking of the news cast/montage of the dogs taking over “it would appear that the era of human superiority, is at an end.”


Yeah it was the newscast I always thought it was terminator style but I could definitely be wrong


Plus there's the visuals in that sequence of an army of dog/machines overtaking humanity.


I was *decently* sure but it has been a while.


I love Rattlestar Ricklactica


It's not a leak I don't think. I'm pretty sure it's official


> I'm pretty sure it's official Well where do you have it from?


final destination is Evil Morty episode.


I hope it's better than the last one


Is Solaricks a crossover episode maybe?!!!


That's my first reaction. I think it'd play well. Especially since the season is supposedly more serialized.


It should be the film Solaris


I mean, it definitely will be Solaris. A psychologist is sent to a space station orbiting a planet called Solaris to investigate the death of a doctor and the mental problems of cosmonauts on the station. He soon discovers that the water on the planet is a type of brain which brings out repressed memories and obsessions I'm surprised it took them this long to be honest 😁


Oh, good. I want to see more of the therapist. She’s probably the most competent character in the entire series.


I would love to see more Dr. Wong. She's one of my favorite characters in the series. I also hope to see Rick visit her too. He seemed like he was a bit more open to the idea of help in the crow episode.


I do have to clarify that this is simply the plot synopsis for Solaris, so there's no guarantee of Dr. Wong, but there is plenty for the writers to have borrowed and the fact that pschology, deep regressed memories, true desires, and madness are key themes is a good sign for the series as a whole, I think.


And also sentient water/planets is very Rick and Morty, dot dot dot 😁


Can it not be both?


or neither is also possible


I would expect it's a play on the film Solaris


The film is only an adaptation. The original was a book by polish writer Władysław Lem.


Not likely, Justin Roiland has said publically crossover will not happen any time soon due to different parent companies owning each show


If you’re talking about that interview he did he said he wasn’t sure how it would work. I mean they dropped season 3 without even telling anyone. It wouldn’t be out of character


I think it’s the return of solenya


Crossover with the Solar Opposites?


Is Rick: a mort well lived going to feature Rick’s past maybe? Or will we see more Roy?


if we get more roy its gonna be lit


More roy please!


Rick is old Morty Morty is young Rick


A whole episode at the carpet shop!?


Roy’s life off the grid


The way Harmon described it, I'm definitely expecting the piss episode to be an absolute disaster for Rick.


You can’t just drop a morsel of knowledge and then not enlighten us, man. SPEAK!!


He described this season as being either Rick's comeback or "an ocean of piss" for him. I'm thinking he's setting up said "ocean of piss" towards the end, in the episode named after piss.


How did Harmon describe it?


As possibly "an ocean of piss" for Rick.


The way harmon described it? In what source?


As possibly "an ocean of piss." I actually read it in the same article I got the episode titles from last night.


I was thinking that the ocean of piss was for the first episode.


Is that a Scott Aukerman’s Analyze Phish reference as well??


I'm really excited about Solaricks after reading up about the film the episode is based on. It might be a Diane episode. I'm also thinking Rick: a Mort well lived might be this seasons anthology episode. Either that or Night Family.


Solaricks!!! The crossover is happening!!!!’


If it doesn't include the wall i will riot


I really want an episode where jerry is the smartest person in that universe


Evil Jerry from the comics lol


There was an arc in the comic series about exactly that, which even got referenced in the television series — ‘A Tale of Two Jerries’ — I have a list of them compiled at *r/c132* as well.


Can’t wait for Juricksic Mort


Calling it now, analyze piss will be the best episode


Considering it has piss in the title, I highly doubt it. This could either be good like the fart episode or shit like most of the gross episodes in this show.


To me, it already is


How do you know? It could be another silly gross episode that tries to be shocking and daring for the sake of it like the slut dragon and sperm episodes.


Jeez dude i wasnt being serious. i was just trying to say i thought the title was funny


From the title, It feels like it will be a kind of episode like the vat of acid, where they just lean into one singular thing and beat it to death but in the way only R&M can in a good way. Edit: syntax and verb tense


>It feels like a kind of episode.. brother its not out yet are you sure you dont mean "im guessing" but why not just wait and see before getting up in arms??


My dude I’m literally guessing it will be a great episode


Sure i get that, thats just not what you wrote initally, since you edited it now. So dont get defensive with me, saying "literally" when you literally didnt


And I was worried that there won't be piss


The fact that the season 6 synopsis keeps saying piss has me worried.


Same. I really hope it's not gonna be another gross-out humor episode like Rickdependence Spray or Claw and Hoardor.


If it is going to be a gross episode, I hope it will be like the fart one and be well-written and emotionally compelling instead of trying to be silly and shocking for the sake of it like those episodes.


Finally, the sequel to anatomy park


Fake, no way final destination isn't final desti-rick-tion, Still excited for a new season though!


That just sounds like destruction. Rickstination seems more like it


Ooh that is better


Destiricktion sounds a little too like something else.


Just to be clear…Analyze Piss is gonna be a reference to Analyze This, right?


Most likely


I wonder if it'll be about Rick seeing Dr Wong for therapy.


That first one is a Tyson episode and you can’t convince me otherwise.


These things get leaked all the time, of course, but what’s the source for these?


Still no “Summer” titled episode.


asleep during interdimensional


Is "Analyse Piss" a play on "Analyze This", and its just gonna be Rick going to therapy with Dr Wong?


Probably. Maybe this is the compilation episode where Rick talks about things he's done and we see stuff about old Rick.


I hope he goes to therapy. The crow episode implied that he was on the brink of seeking help. Also I did have an idea about a possible episode where someone probes into Rick's mind. Will this be the one assuming it won't be just a silly gross one?


One of those titles is not like the others.


If episodes two and three are actually National Lampoon and Christmas Vacation then I’m expecting a Chevy Chase cameo.


Really hyped for "A Rick in King Mortur's Mort" which is a reference to Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," an early time travel/alternate history novel. I know the writers didn't want any time travel-themed episodes in the beginning. Then the snake planet episode came along and quickly became one of my absolute favorites, but I thought it would be a one-off thing and time travel wouldn't ever be mentioned in R&M again. Then they showed various Ricks manipulating Beths into a relationship with Jerries, in order to produce a Morty. This has to involve either time travel or a device that shows the future, and I'm still puzzled about it. Anyway, I love anything related to time travel and "A Rick in King Mortur's Mort" certainly sounds like it's going to feature time travel.


Is Jessica back?


I hope so. I would love to see more Time God Jessica.


Maybe they should publish a list of 10 hypothetical episode titles before starting production. Then they watch Reddit for jokes, references, and hypotheses what the episodes are about. Copy and paste a script together. Profit.




And a sneaky intergalactic cable thrown in mid-season


Final destination episode? Lit!


Wonder if I'm gonna have that moment again where I wanna watch the episode immediately, but also smoke, and get one episode I'll hate upon first seeing cu not in the mood, but like later. Like I had with the story train episode. God did I need a more straight forward storyline... damn. Sat thru it lol


Tbh I'm over the shoving rick and morty into classic movie titles. Some of them just sound too dumb


Same. Its way better when its the occasional jab at a classic title and it actually makes sense




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Ah yes Analyze Piss




Final Rickstination?


Analyze Piss sounds like an instant classic


Sounds more like an instant disaster... or decent depending on the execution.


I see Space Beth (or maybe clone beth cause the mobile game) will have an episode after her season 5 cameo


I haven't seen season 5 yet cause I'm a 🅱️roke




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Good because it's total shit. I really wish I hadn't seen anything of season 5.


Not even evil morty or the first episode?


The first episode had Morty being a selfish evil hormonal shit and a bunch of nonsensical happenings mostly from Morty but also the Narnia dimension and Evil Morty retcons some lore, had Morty a creepy disturbing stalker, Rick ditching his character arc of trying to heal himself, and a crow plot that didn't tie in well with the evil morty plot.


It's the worst season, sure, but there's still some good in there. "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort" is arguably a top 10 episode.


There's a few good jokes/scenes but no good episode. Rickternal Friendshine even reverts a conflict that is Birdperson's death and also like the Nimbus episode was way too convoluted with a bunch of nonsense happenings and goes way too fast. Or maybe I just don't remember the episode because I don't care for it. And I watched it twice too.


The hell is S6E9 going to be then???




More piss!!




I love how they’ve stuck with the shitty pun titles the entire series lol


Why is everyone hating Season 5? I dont get it


I feel like the main three reasons are these. 1. Everyone is VERY out of character, Summer is a complete bitch, Rick is very stupid(for Rick's standards) and the rest of the family just seems off 2. The "gross-out/shock" humor. Not to say I don't like this kind of humor, I think it could be incredibly funny if done right(i.e South Park)but in my opinion, and many others, they don't do it right at all in season 5. 3. The Mata humor. This one is a bit controversial because it can be funny when Rick acknowledges that he's in a TV show. However in season 5, and to some extent season 4, it's a bit too much. It's very frustrating when Rick blatantly ridicules the audience for being invested in the TV show. Some bits in season 5 just feel too Dan Harmon-y if you know what I mean. So I feel these are the main factors for season 5's backlash. Of course there are other contributing factors,like the new writing staff(Nick Ruthorford I'm looking at you) but these are the main reasons. Thanks for listening to my ted talk


Thanks for your time, that was very detailed. I think the first point isnt justified, I mean People change and Summer was going through some shit and the rest is recognizing it and I personaly havnt noticed that rick got dummer. I also liked the humor but I think the last season also wasnt ment to be as funny as previous seasons. I now get though why people dont like it as much as other seasons thanks, Im just happy that I like all seasons almost equally, season 3 was just the best


It's too melodramatic. A lot of the drama feels forced especially with the Planetina and Fake Breakup episodes. There's crying in about every episode especially from Morty. He even falls to his knees and cries over his mom being into Voltron instead of slapping the bitch and telling her off. Morty is still an evil piece of shit who will kill people just to get his classmate to drink underaged, dates and overaged woman, and is now stalking Rick like a creeper when he goes off to seek help. Rick doesn't really get any emotional moments, he is cold enough to brush off his whole family without properly saying goodbye or hugging. He is dumb enough to think a pair of birds will help out his mental problems. The Rickmurai Jack retcons some things like the fabricated backstory and Rick's anger at Beth and Jerry's marriage. I think the only time the drama felt natural was in the Birdperson episode but even that had a sappy ending where Rick somehow revives Birdperson because god forbid there's conflict and serious plots in this show. There were a lot of nonsensical happenings in this season. Especially in the Nimbus episode. Morty did a lot of nonsense and it's hard to remember the episode because so much things happened at once. The beginning of the episode starts off with Rick and Morty dying and then recovering. That scene could've been entirely cut out. Morty and Jessica also get kidnapped for whatever reason I don't remember. The crow arc also should've been cut out because not only was it dumb but it was pointless. The character development for Rick trying to learn empathy goes nowhere and it also doesn't tie in well with the evil morty plot at all. Not only is Rick less expressive but he also is way too forgiving of Morty's bullshit now.


I think you just hate the show, you should stop watching Rick and Morty content.


I don't hate the show as a whole. Season 1 was hit and miss and season 2 was mostly decent but the show started falling off with season 3. With season 3 and 4 being mostly mediocre or bad and season 5 being a complete dumpster fire. Season 5 though made me so mad I don't think I'll watch another episode of this shitshow.


Darn, even at the height of your enjoyment for the series, you thought season 2 was only "decent." I mean, different strokes and all.


This guy gets it ![img](emote|t5_2u4lp|5990)👉👉


Decent isn't a bad score.


You clearly hate the show if you call your mosr liked part mostly decent and dont think season 3 is a masterpiece


I hate the show now. I used to think it was okay. Decent doesn't mean "hate", it just means it's pretty good but not great. Plus, I very rarely call anything a masterpiece. Anything that's so-called perfect or near perfect hardly exists since nothing is perfect. Season 3 is more of a divisive season. I don't like it mainly because that was when the show started getting noticeably more edgy and mean-spirited and they reverted character plots like Rick being imprisoned and Beth and Jery's divorce. That being said, season 3 still had a couple of my favorite episodes (Rickshank Redemption and Tales from the Citadel) and not as bad as 4 and 5.


looking forward to analysing piss


I'm dreading it.


Still waiting for Amortican Rickstory X


Rick: a Mort well live sounds very intriguing


It’s a full episode about Roy I believe


Juruksic Mort🔥


are we getting a christmas special 😳


Analyze Piss my beloved


Love the nod to the futurama episode that made us all break down emotionally and never recover Jurassic bark


Both Family Guy and Rick and Morty use the same movie reference (Basic Instinct) for both of their newest season premieres. “LASIK Instinct” season 20 episode 1, and this one. Just thought that was kinda interesting


Full meta jackrick will either be an anime episode or just a shitshow


Full Metal Jacket was an American war drama.


Oh in that case we hopefully get lots of gore and awesome battles. Or is it the emotional drama kind.


Analyze piss seems the most interesting for some reason🤨🔥😈🤔


I'm curious to hear why. It's the least interesting out of these imo just because it sounds like another gross episode.


1. Piss - humans make it, VERY COOl 2. The title has the word AnAlYzE...


>Piss-humans make it, VERY COOl Well, the fart episode was good so it all depends on the execution. The fart episode had poignancy and a memorable song that made you look past the gross one off character. If they make it just a silly gross one like the Slut Dragon and Incest baby ones, I don't think this will win it any fans. Rick and Morty is rarely ever good with gross plots. And I don't think it will become the best episode of the series.


Maybe its a trick...🤷


Anybody else find the show more enjoyable without spoiling it ahead of time? I just like to enjoy the ride not knowing what's going to happen, fuck me right?


Bethic Twinstinct and Night Family sounds good


Night Family sounds dark and I'm curious about it.




Full Meta Jackrick 😎😎😎


11 episodes!?!?!?


I think Ricktional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation is 1 episode


i wonder who could be in bethic twinstict


Solaricks sounds pretty interesting after reading the synopsys of the movie it's based on


Final destination will be a fun watch


My favorite is gonna be analyze piss I know it


If you don't like the slut dragon, raising gazorpazorp and incest baby episodes, you probably won't like Analyze Piss.


Those are my favorites.


Why is final destination a movie title with no pun?


Solar Opposites/Rick and Morty Cross Over?


Analyze piss


Could we see Solar Opposites/ Rick & Morty mash on Solaricks?


Wow, this Rickandhatkid guy sure likes to tell people that he's worried Analyze Piss is not gonna be a good episode




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I feel like final destination is gonna be a pretty serious episode, no pun at all


Analyze Piss?? Why does every season now have to have a gross episode????


Why is everyone interested in Analyze Piss when many don't like the gross episodes of this series?


Because it looks like such an obvious bait name, that it may likely have nothing to do with literal piss. Similar to the fakeout that was "Vat of Acid."


The episode was about a Vat of Acid. That was the scene that kicked off the plot of the episode.


I hope I see morty get his dick wet