Now that we have Rick's backstory, can anybody explain how does this scene of rick memories from season 1 fit into it?

Now that we have Rick's backstory, can anybody explain how does this scene of rick memories from season 1 fit into it?


He probably visited Morty as a baby in secret


In the commentary for episode 8 season 3, Dan Harmon said there was gonna be a memory of new born Morty in the hospital, and Rick coming out of a portal, to cradle baby Morty in his arms, and leaving before younger beth and Jerry could see, but the idea was scrapped due to messed up production or smthn, you can see it on YouTube, just type in Rick and morty commentary.


WOW okay we need to give you a flair so I can find your informative, fact based speculations in a sea of ass pulling


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Nothing. But when there's a sea of it it's hard to find other stuff in the mix.


I see Mister Nimbus visited you recently




> episode 8 season 3 This must be how Europeans feel when they read dates written in the style of Freedom.


Glory to ISO8601! O7 /r/ISO8601


There really is a sub for *everything* isn't there


I wrote my birthdate in that standard when I had to recently get a Covid test for work, and the lady needed to clarify what my birthdate was and then said in kind of a snippy voice "ok, just a second, I need to fix this". Oh, I'm sorry that I'm using the Gold Standard and not some arbitrary bullshit that is completely different depending on which region of the world you happen to be in.


Least quantity to greatest quantity. 12 months, 28 to 31 days in a month, an infinity (or may as well be) of years.


It's the exact feeling, but now the metric in me is freaking out over the fact that episode number normally comes after season number, it should be in order of ascending scale!


I am so disappointed we didn’t see this


That makes sense, actually. They wanted to show it, there wasn’t enough time in the episode so it was scrapped.


At least this debunked it. I'm tired of reading crazy speculations that aren't even true.


Nothing is set in stone dawg let's drop the "realistic" pretense for the cartoon that's known for its infinite possibilities


There's still a line. There's still theories you see and KNOW are just plain stupid.


Being scraped for now does not remove the possiblity of the team revisiting this idea again.


It’s a shame that was cut, that’s adorable (and probably would have made me tear up ‘cause I’m a sap)


That's awesome info, but this pic is taken in the Smith home. So it doesn't explain this. It COULD be the same situation. But it's a separate incident either way.


Which Morty though? “Our Rick” never had a Morty because his daughter died.


One of the countless Mortys that came from the countless abandoned Beths. He could have gone to a universe where Beth and Jerry had just recently had Morty, or where Morty was born later, etc, etc.


Maybe it’s just me but something about his appearing in “our Morty’s” life gave me the impression that was the first time he’d done that.


I think he just got to the point where he decided to not aimlessly jump around anymore


I mean this is pretty much the only option right, he visited another universe to see what he misses out on.


Another option is he did have other Mortys, or just one other Morty, before reality jumping to our current Morty we know and love.


Nah he prolly found a morty in another dimension


Thats kinda cute, I would love to see a baby morty and granpa rick episode. I imagine Rick taking him out the crib, go on an adventure and bring him back before beth and jerry sees.


I'd just assume that when we see Rick crash into the garage in the Cry-baby backstory that it wasn't the first time he visited that Beth. He could have done so secretly or openly and abandoned her a second time. Or it was a different family that got Morty later which Rick visited because he felt he missed out on Morty's childhood. It just doesn't seem like that big of a deal. It can be both unexplained and not a continuity problem at the same time.


isn't ricks daughter and wife were killed?


In dimension c-137, yes


Isn't C-137 where Morty came from that got cronenberged? I mean it makes more sense to me thinking that Rick didn't have a universe so to speak until the citadel was formed and then the universes were labeled. He could have been like "I'm going to C-137 where that Rick isn't coming back to spend time with my family there.". Just my 2 cents.


It's like there are 2 types of Rick: "victim" Ricks who's wife and daughter were killed, and "exploiter" Ricks who are in on the plot to cultivate and breed more Mortys, like farmers. It seems C137 was one of the few Victim Ricks who broke through the Central Finite Curve (CFC) to seek revenge on the Ricks who killed his family, but once in the CFC he realized the pointlessness of it all, receeded into alcoholism, and in a stupor ended up living with one of the Mortys being cultivated by the group of Exploiter Ricks, and perhaps unwittingly and ironically ended up exploiting the Morty he now lives with.


Close but not exactly. Because C137 Rick is the one who CREATED the citadel and created the central finite curve to stay only in universes where he's the alpha intelligent being. So he was not someone who broke through the CFC since it didn't exist before him.


> C137 Rick is the one who CREATED the citadel and created the central finite curve to stay only in universes where he's the alpha intelligent being this right here. also that raises more questions about the *creation* of the CFC, including how and why it would be done in the first place. if you have a portal gun that can transcend all universes, why limit it to just smart rick universes? battling supremacy between "smart" entities? is rick really not that smart so he made himself a crib to insulate him from other smart entities? find out next time on interdimensional cable.


Infinite universes mean that there are infinite number of beings infinitely smarter than Rick. That's dangerous.


right, in a multiverse of infinite capabilities, a bipedal primate probably isn't super high on the intelligence list.


This is the answer. I see so many posts and discussions on this topic that want to make excuses. The reality is that "the Rickest Rick" created a universe behind the Central FC so that do matter where he went he'd always be on top. That means that by the end of Season 5, we are now in a universe where Rick is NOT godlike. He'll make a new portal gun or create new portal juice, but now the show resides in a less Finite universe. Our Rick just might not be the best, so he can be challenged and have real boundaries and negative attributes. We don't know that there isn't another being (or another Rick) in charge of a greater Finite Curve that needs to be addressed. Or maybe they're now just out in the real infinite multiverse now. All this adds up, and it tells us that 5 seasons of the show were in a universe where all Ricks were Supreme (almost) and Rick c137 (or at least "our Rick") is always the top Rick. Now the universe has been expanded INFINITELY. Now there can be real stakes. C137 isn't the boss anymore.


The idea of a greater finite curve is pretty interesting to me. Kind of turtles all the way down, as we keep exploring the multiverse do we see that really it's just cages in cages in cages? Just different god-level beings making the cage? Or is it now truly open?


I'm 100% on board with that. It may be cages all the way down. And that kinda makes the most sense. If it's an infinite multiverse, there is always a more powerful being there to create the cage. I def don't think they're out in the "open multiverse". Hell we may now find Beth's, Jerry's, Summer's, Mortys, Bird Person's, etc in charge of other cages. And even more exciting, new characters that are superior to c137 Rick. It creates new and higher stakes, which is vital to good storytelling.


It's possible that's why he never found the murderous rick, that dude could be travelling outside the CFC. Though his portal is green...


that's surely a possibility. C137 rick knows the way to bypass the CFC, but chooses not to leave the isolated infinite universe cluster. maybe it was to keep murderous rick inside?


I don't *think* there's any evidence that C-137 Rick himself made the CFC. The Rick who murdered his family seems to describe what sounds like the CFC to C-137 Rick, to try to get him to join. I think it had already been conceived before by other Ricks. Correct me if you have evidence against though.


That's Kyle


Kyle is a small, white skinned blob type creature who lived inside a battery, inside a battery. Rick created a few Micro-verse universes and liked this little dude who would exist in every version of his Micro-verse. He used him as an assistant in a few different universes, and has the ability to create an unlimited amount of them. Unfortunately Kyle was very dramatic and would often commit suicide when he failed, so Rick needed a more stable companion, hence building a ton of Mortys.


Why would kyle be morty


u/StuntGunman The idea is that in a universe where Rick was around when Morty was born, he would have input in naming him, so his name could end up something different.


But Mr. Nimbus doesn’t recognize Morty so it can’t be him with a different name


Well thats obviously because Kyle got facial reconstruction surgery after "the incident"


Who says mr.nimbus ever met morty or that Rick stuck around a baby morty at all? He could’ve just popped in whenever he wanted to see him throughout the years


Dunno why you're being down voted you are right. There is no reason to believe just because Rick visited baby Morty that Nimbus was around for some reason. That leap of logic actually hurts my brain






If he helped construct a whole system for hooking up beths and jerrys to make mortys then aren't there a thousand different contexts for him interacting with a baby morty that are all somewhat commonplace? I know it wasn't their original plan for this shot but it's not like the show canon is broken because he has a baby morty memory, the citadel bred and raised a bunch of them and even before that he would've had to make the discovery that there's a grandson out there in the multiverse whose brain waves camouflage his.


One of the countless ways he can create sentient life.


You say this so matter of fact. Him creating a new baby Morty would be very unexpected, it doesn't make sense for us to have to assume that. That would also imply he killed his own realistic experimental human child


He could have been in one of the cloning centers on the Citadel inspecting one of the many Mortys they've created


Thats Plot hole Morty. He died on the Citadel


"I'm gonna miss plot hole world, because everyone was plot holes all along like us from the beginning, you know?"


"Don't you worry about that plot hole mortyyyy, let's go make ourselves at home!"


I made it up but here's the story: Dianne and Beth died therefore Rick didn't get to experience his family time. So he used a mind blower on the og Rick of that Morty(or any Rick who's Beth dint die). And put the memory on him. So Beth wouldn't throw him out thinking he's just an asshole


The only hole i see here is Beths daddy issues extend past her caring if he was HER rick. She would take any rick IMO. She's already shown she cares more about her relationship with her father than anything else.


Basing off of season 1, Beth was worried about Morty more.


That's actually a really good theory


Am I missing something? I see a lot of confusion about this but what was stopping Rick from finding a Rick-less Beth who hadn't had Morty yet? Or when Morty was younger? I don't think it was directly stated in season 5 that Rick came into Beth's life when Morty was his current age, it just flashed forward to them having adventures. He could have come back when Morty was a baby, or wasn't born yet.


Rick did say something in Forgetting Rickshall Mortshall about 6 years into 6 minutes which could mean he returned Morty's life when he was at least 8 years old (though they could be just being meta talking about the show's run)


Rick had a moment of weakness and visited a Morty? If Rick did help create the Citadel and the Rick/Morty system then Rick would have needed to be familiar and interacted with Morties before crashing into the C-137 house.


You can not show every second in Ricks life duri a 20 min episode. There are many important things that have not been shown, that kitty might have seen but not us. Everything important will be revealed at some point.


This isn't just an issue with this season, it actually doesn't change anything, could be interpreted as an explanation. If Rick abandoned Beth for 20 years, how would he have this memory? This could be a different universe Morty.


Yeah I think the contradicitkn of Rick being absent for 20 years but Rick also having a memory of watching baby morty back in season 1 is what sparked the classic ‘evil morty is Ricks original morty theory’. So either the writers fucked up back then (which I doubt considering there was also the photo of Rick holding baby morty in season 2) or they did have some explanation in mind


When did we find out about Rick abandoning Beth for 20 years? From the information given the only logical conclusion is that the memory is of a different Morty than the current one. Just wondering if it was a mistake. If we find out that he abandoned Beth for 20 years in season one it confirms the writers planned for the Morty in the memory to be different.


I’m pretty sure it was in season 1 but at the latest it was in season 2. I tried to find the episode it was mentioned but I couldn’t find anything.


episode 1 of season 1


I just rewatched, nope, unless you can provide a time stamp. I did some of my own research and it looks like it came from the bio of their FB page, lol.


Weird, but it's been the premise/description of the show since the beginning. "After having been missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at daughter Beth’s doorstep to move in with her and her family." Episode 1's description is "Rick moves in with his daughter's family and becomes a bad influence on his grandson, Morty." Guess I conflated the two.


He could’ve popped in on an infinite number of Beth’s to briefly hold a Morty for some momentary consolation before chucking the little guy into a wood chipper.


How dare you question the writers who came up with incest baby. They know what they are doing.


Pretty sure Justin Roiland commented and said that they were gonna add a segment where Rick teleports to new born morty and holds him before Beth and Jerry see him then he teleports away.


He cloned mortys so seems kinda obvious


Leave Rick and Morty fans to wonder how the man that can do anything can possibly hold a baby version of his grandson. Same man who has been shown on screen to be able to have a de aging serum 🙄. Half the questions on this sub piss me off


This memory was shown before the clones were written into the show. They didn't intend that reading at all, the fact that you're so arrogant pisses me off. edit: not arrogant and not pissed!


Plus, me saying the de aging thing wasn’t meant as a clever rebuttal or reasoning for the reason why he’s holding a baby morty, it’s an example of how Rick can do the impossible easily and the uselessness of asking a question like this that can be easily answered if thought about a bit. He could have portaled to a dimension where morty was still a baby and held it up. There’s so many answers to this question


for sure I see where you're coming from. but some people are legit arrogant about their interpretation, sorry that I lumped you in with them


Nah it’s cool, I could see how it came across that way with the way I worded my original reply, all good here!


So you think Rick only has access to inventions once they’re shown on screen? That’s a close minded opinion


I think it's stupid to show a memory with no context and expect the audience to get anything out of it. But someone else clarified that there was a scene meant to cover this memory that didn't get finished in time.


Imagine being pissed off on a rick and morty subreddit you choose to follow.


Meh wrong choice of words from me to say pissed off. More that I just find it tedious/slightly annoying tbh.


Plus what does me following it have to do with anything? I agree it’s a trivial thing for me to use the words pissed off about, but I don’t get why u mentioned me choosing to follow it as if I spend every second on the sub spewing hate😂.


A wizard did it


Since the episode didn't explain this my theory is after rick came back he wanted to hold baby morty so he just de aged him and had fun playing around till Rick got bored and then aged him up again. Baby morty just has the same tshirt so that can be hit to something.


It has been shown that our Rick is able to transfer his consciousness into other Ricks and take over their bodies. Perhaps some of these other Ricks memories bled over into Rick's mind and got blended together with his memories, hence Rick having conflicting memories to the point that he doesn't even know his true past. Now add to that' some of Ricks he took over probably also transfered there consciousness into other Ricks so that you have a large soup of different memories from similar time period.


maybe that's the first morty he ever saw


He can travel between realities, its probably a different Morty.


Another oversight. They really are not that clever. It's a fun show but it's meant as one-off comedy sci-fi episodes. They keep expanding a loosely overhanging arc because a portion of the fans demand it. They even blatantly state it in the finale of season 5 "You wanna know my stupid cry-baby backstory? Knock yourself out" this was of course said to morty but meant for the fans that have come up with ridiculous theories about rick since season 1. On the other hand, including tiny (meanless) clues for those zealous fans to speculate over (like yellow shirt rick) is a brilliant way to stay relevant between seasons.


They are not even using the same writers and these fans are expecting every single thing to line up. It is beyond tiring.


Wow, I’m sorry people having fun and getting joy out of a TV show is so tiring to you. Maybe you should leave this sub and take a nap. Poor guy.


The problem is that the people you say are getting joy out of a TV show aren't. They're the ones that are all "I want more evil morty, I want to see what happens to the citadel, I want to know more about past rick." The rest of us were getting joy out of one off episodic adventures.


> The rest of us were getting joy out of one off episodic adventures. so what is the problem then?


In my opinion, the problem is now that they got their backstory and got their questions answered, they now have more questions and want the writers to continue with the lore. Then they get upset when they find plot holes in the lore.


but how does this affect your enjoyment?


Same way it affects the enjoyment of the people who want nothing but lore episodes but don't get them.


Yikes man. Shit is annoying at this point. Quit being a Jerry


>The truth is, you [watch] 'em because you like 'em. They have value to you. That's what matters. People are allowed to like things, stop making the world a worse place.


Different episodes of breaking bad had different writers, they were still familiar with the plot...


That a completely different style of show , bro


This is a cartoon that never intended to have a plot. Do you watch the simpsons or family guy for a story arc? Southpark? Why do you feel you are owed something? This was not an issue until Rick went to jail which I thought they did just fir fun not knowing internet losers were then going to start connecting dots that dont exist.


To be fair, in the last few seasons of South Park they've been following story arcs. I haven't enjoyed those seasons as much as the rest, but it's still a great show.


I did love imagination land if that counts.


I like the plot of the show. If you don't thats okay, but don't act like I'm some sort of dumb dumb smoothbrain because I enjoy a different aspect of the show than you do.


you're not a dumb dumb smoothbrain because you enjoy the show, you're a dumb dumb smoothbrain for saying this: >Different episodes of breaking bad had different writers, they were still familiar with the plot...


If you or many of these fanbois liked the plot you’d stfu about it and not try to nitpick it apart tbh.


>fanbois Are you not also a fan of the show? Is it too much to ask for the show to have a coherent plot? If they dont want plotlines, they should get rid of them. Don't half ass it with constant digs at how insufferable the fanbase is because they actually like the show.


If it was not their original intention then yes it is too much to ask.


I'd never heard that this story was not intended to have a plot. Do you have a source for that claim? You seem to have a lot of intimate knowledge about why the creators do what they do.


Do you have a source that says there should be a plot? They didn’t even know if there was going to be a season 3 lol


i think the source for having a plot is the show...which has a plot


So you’re saying is your assumption is based on what you see. Can you provide a count of plot episodes vs non-plot episodes. I can imagine there are more of the latter.


There are way more non plot. It has a Futurama vibe


Another oversight?




I mean, he raised a Beth until she died.




He could use the mind blower to pull all her memories of "her rick" and then implant them in himself so she thinks its her rick returning.


I gotta go back and watch that episode and see how old tommy was when he got stranded there vs how old he is in that episode. could help set up what the timeline is.


Who knows


I would imagine the majority of Ricks raise their Beths similarly. The discrepancies between how C-137 *assumes* he would raise a Beth and how our Beth's Rick *actually* raised her could be explained by his alcoholism, if he was ever called out.


He means that unlike, say, Futurama, with R&M you shouldn't expect all the details to line up, it's just not a priority for the writers/show runners There are a bunch of little things that don't line up between plot points


Rick probably just visited Morty randomly when he was drunk and emotional, it’s not a stretch especially seeing as how in the commentary for episode 8 season 3, Dan Harmon said there was gonna be a memory of new born Morty in the hospital, and Rick coming out of a portal, to cradle baby Morty in his arms, and leaving before younger beth and Jerry could see, but the idea was scrapped due to messed up production


He actually says "You want to jump the shark" right before the quote you reference. Pretty on the nose and 4th wall breaking.


Or he could have planted the memories there himself. Maybe he got them from the rick who's place he took


Not sure why you are getting down-voted, there are plenty of ways to explain this away, and yours is perfectly fine.


It's probably the person I responded to from all their alt accounts


What better way to get a Morty to love a Rick than to be a physically present part of his formative years as a loving grandfather?


Well, maybe by the time, Rick came to the reality where Beth was an adult, she could've probably still have been pregnant, or maybe Morty was a baby by then? Who knows...


Rick probably crashed into beths garage after summer was born but before morty was


A wizard did it.


Evil morty before he was abandoned


It obviously was not his entire back story or it would've took days to watch


There is no telling what universe that memory is from. And we already know that Rick dedicated his life to hunting down and killing other Ricks. It's likely he encountered a baby Morty at some point and took the opportunity to see what having a grandson would feel like.


What is it your kind's always saying? "Don't think about it."


Y’all just can’t accept plot holes huh?


alternate timeline


Season 6 Episode 1 Cold Open: "...and *that's* why I [burrp] made a fake memory record, Morty, so you'd shut up about it. Now let's get back to Blips & Chiiiitz! Blips & Chitz episoooode!!!"


It's called making it up as we go along. Nothing fits, nothing matters, everybody dies, anything can be fixed with bullshit. Stop obsessing over details and enjoy the ride.


Ah, the Toriyama approach. Love it.


Plot holes it happens Morty. Just shut the fudge up and enjoy the 100 years of Rick and Morty!!!


Uh because Justin Roiland never wanted Rick to have a backstory but then he left the writers team and new writers wanted him to have a backstory


none of it matters - infinite ricks in infinite universes means the writers have infinite choices on where to take the story and none of it has to link to previously-shown backstory


Maybe this was an experience that Rick had during a visit to an alternate universe. Perhaps he wanted to see what could have been, had he not lost everything.


It’s a memory of Rick stealing a Morty. Because he isn’t willing to pay for his own grandson from the Citadel.


Maybe this is the first or the one reality that hit him the most/most convenient? He's a very sad individual so he probably kept scoping out the other versions... Or it was still while he was trying to Kill Evasive Rick. Maybe it's Evasive Rick's family so it's the one he went after? Like everything, doesn't matter, the show only exists in cartoon form, let's just go watch T.V.


Implanted or maybe our Rick needed a morty for a period of time and secretly took one from a a dead Rick


It could be he took the place of one of the dead Ricks. Maybe he even replaced the murderer Rick and got to live with his family. He raises Morty and tries his best to teach him everything but that morty dies. Or turns evil.


Probably kidnapped this morty to start making all the clones


It doesn’t They didn’t think of all of this at once lol, I’d just forget about this moment


Man they should've stood behind their word in not giving away Rick's backstory, backstories take responsibility away from writers


This is exactly the shit Dan and Justin are trying to avoid. Literally this exact post. They keep putting in blatant dialogue asking the fans not to read in to things.


Yet all these troglodites still try to pry open whats not there


It's a cartoon.


The episode doesn't explicitly say that's it's Rick C-137's memories being played on the screen. He's such a softie as far as Rick's go he could've seen another Rick's memory of picking up Morty and regretted not being able to be there in his own dimension


Y’all look so into obvious things in this page. It’s a grandpa holding his baby grandkid. You realize Dan and Justin are total trolls right? Like even the backstory is a troll because they don’t solely want a linear story


Thank you for asking this!! Been thinking about it since the final episode premiered!!


That’s Evil Morty, ~~aka, Morty C137.~~


but our Rick didn't have a Morty since his original Beth and Diane died. And they even transported to another multiverse where R&M died because the original Universe in S1E1 got infested by monsters cause of Morty's love perfume.


Still think it makes sense that it was evil Morty considering he knew everything and the cocky Morty thing still applies


I think that's evil morty as a baby.




When he came back for beth, we don't even know beth already have Morty or not. Probably that's when he is still a baby.


I was under the impression that he had just came back into Beth's life shortly before the first episode.


He seemed to travel between different dimensions a few times before settling properly from a comment said, maybe one of those realities morty was a baby and he stayed there until that baby became evil morty maybe (that’s right I’m still with that theory) and then after he noticed morty was evil he jumped reality to the world he crononberged, I can’t remember if they fully debunked the theory of evil morty having been c137s morty but idk


20 years ago he came back so for 6 morty baby


i think the best thing this show does is just throw a random 2 second clip of rick holding baby morty out there.... ​ this was just prolly 'what does baby morty look like' kinda like how we actually got old fat morty ya know. They do this, then read our comments online and formulate an idea and give us an episode perhaps.


Rick eventually came back to another Rick's Beth, but there's nothing saying that she's the first Beth he came back to. He could have been involved in another Beth's life at some point and been present for the birth of that Morty, only to leave later.


Could be a different Morty, another universe he went to at a different time


That or he went to another universe during his killing spree that we never saw. We know he is anti-time travel so unlikely.


He can travel in the mutiverse within the curve, he obviusly went to a reality where beth didn't dieand saw baby morty of that reality.


this is from Half Baby Universe, where half of all the people stay babies forever


Rick could have visited some other Rick's Morty.


its a test morty for the mass produced morties project.


I interpreted it as Rick having visited another universe's Smith family and that's how he met baby Morty. This could also be the first Morty he encountered, could even be our Morty. Either way, I don't believe it contradicts anything we've seen because, like others have said, we haven't seen everything anyway.


Perhaps he found a universe where he stalked his daughter waiting for the Rick to die. He recorded moments so he would know exactly he needed to be in order to assimilate that Rick's role.


Kidnapping a Morty.


How does the guy that can go anywhere have a random memory of him being someplace? Is that the question?


I think that Rick may have fucked with his own memory’s and I think some of the next season will dive into that


Same as Morties baby picture on Birdpersons wall, I assume we still just do not know everything about Rick and his (current) Morty.


I think it is about him cloning his daughter and letting her experience life and just seeing her life but at the same time he realised that all of these mundane things happening are not, well, real and as such they have no value because his real family is dead and gone and having just another version of the satisfied his curiosity but not his need for love


Infinite univereses. I would love it if turned out that there isn't a single episode with the same Rick and Morty. Like every episode is from a different branch that's just microcopically different from the previous one.


Might be a baby clone of morty


I don't get how the entire froopyland episode makes any sense now