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I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (revanced builder redesign when pls)


[here you go](https://codepen.io/afnzmn/full/MWXgmbg)




i love afn


good old afn, never change.


Thanks alot this actually worked


will this replace the github/revanced-doc wiki? What's the URL?


It won't replace it, but we will point towards the website instead of GitHub when it is finished. [Preview link can be found here (very unfinished)](https://svelte.revanced-website.pages.dev/)


64-bit support incoming? The app doesn't seem to work on pixel 7 (Android 13).


It's working just fine on my Pixel 7 Pro. What are you using to build it?


How did you get the ReVanced app to detect the MicroG installation? Mine is left unable to recognize it being installed. That and it cannot load any patches at all for the recommended YouTube app version APK


Are you using the "Vanced microg" or the regular one? I never had any luck with the regular microg. If you aren't using it already, try using the Vanced microg, which is up on APKmirror. It is the one that was packaged with the original Youtube Vanced manager. I use the most recent one on APKmirror at this link: [https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/team-vanced/microg-youtube-vanced/microg-youtube-vanced-0-2-24-220220-release/](https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/team-vanced/microg-youtube-vanced/microg-youtube-vanced-0-2-24-220220-release/) I am building Revanced with their alpha manager linked in the sticky thread or [HERE](https://github.com/revanced/revanced-manager/releases/tag/v0.0.36) on github. Update the manager to the latest version. I have been downloading the APKs to patch (Youtube, Youtube Music, Reddit, Twitter, etc) from apkmirror to make sure I have the right version and to make sure that I get the normal APK builds rather than the bundled builds. Patching bundled builds will not work. After selecting the APK to patch, open the patches list and make sure that you enable the microg patch. Then patch it. You will need to uninstall some of the apps before installing the patched versions. Hope that helps.


Thanks I'll take a look when I get home!


I apologize in advance if this is a basic question. I still have a copy of the old vanced app that works. Do I use this manager to update it? Also the old copy I have the chrome cast works. I enjoyed vanced app but really have not followed what happened after they were halted. Thanks.


No worries. This manager /can/ update Vanced but only with one patch and I'm not sure what the deal is there. The manager's main use is to patch an installed YouTube app or a YouTube apk file in your local storage. The patcher will tell you which version the patches are officially suited for. You can then find that exact version of the app on apkmirror. For me, patching an installed version of YT didn't work. It wouldn't install. Only patching an apk file worked. And then I believe I had to uninstall ReVanced before installing an updated version of it. The currently targeted apk is here. I believe you need the non-bundle variant. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/youtube/youtube-17-36-37-release/


Having to uninstall it in order to update is really annoying. All my specific settings and downloads, all gone because you have to uninstall it first.


Thanks for the info. Likewise mine didn't work so I tried the apk mirror and it worked good and was able to patch. Chromecast is missing but overall appears to be identical to what I have right now. Will keep this in mind if my existing apk breaks. It is probably 2 years old now as their chromecast stopped working a while ago and was never fixed


Any upgrade will probably **result in broken Chromecast**. As long as Vanced works for you, keep using it if you like.


Just sampled and you are correct. Chromecast is broken.


Is this a website that lets you build patched APKs?


No, revanced.app will be a website to download ReVanced related tools (manager, CLI, etc), view documentation, and view available patches.


How does one go about installing patches for ReVanced?


use manager


Where can I download the manager?


So can i make a second Spotify application and change all of its colours??