How???? Furthest I've got to is the 3rd level.


it felt impossible at first, but once i knew where to go and remembered the little tricks, it became a lot easier


There are YouTube walkthroughs. It’s honestly not as difficult as I thought after watching a walkthrough.


[Did you get the scroll weapon?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrDQDiwMEU4)


That game is ROUGH


Technodrome itself is pretty rough. Shredder himself...well...


If you're stored up on scrolls, both battles are pretty easy.


Sorry, I meant the level inside the Technodrome. Fighting the Technodrome isn't too bad. Those flying Rock Soldiers hit for two full health. Running past them is the best strategy but sometimes you need pixel-perfect accuracy to sneak by.


Crappy ending for the game, but Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ


Back when games basically were like "yup, you reached the end of the game". If a game did have a little cut scene, it was a huge deal (at least to me). Now end credits alone are like 20 minutes long, but you don't want to skip out in case there's a little bonus at the end.


Pizza is in the building.


The final corridor in this game is absolutely nutty. I literally had one hit left on my last turtle when I scrapped my way through. Congrats!


Played through it recently for a podcast, using the Cowabunga collection I was using the rewind feature a lot. Got to that hallway with almost full life on all 4 turtles. Decided to just charge through...killed all four turtles. Eventually learned that if you moved forward very slowly, an enemy would come out, and then retreat back off screen, and you could get through that hallway without giving or taking a single hit. I didn't mind abusing the game mechanics, god knows the game abused me.


Yeah I dunno how the fuck you're supposed to beat that part legitimately. I had to use save states, which I typically do anyway with old games and fairly-liberally, but with TMNT I had to do it so much that it actually felt cheap for the first time ever. I'm talking save, walk a few inches forward, save, etc. I had the game as a kid but never got past the Technodrome.


Congrats on making splinter turn human again




Congratulations. That is definitely an achievement. You also reminded me that when I was 12 years old, A friend of mine borrowed the game and never returned it. So now that chip is going to be on my shoulder for the rest of the morning.


Hah, you mean you actually got past the seaweed level? Hats off to you.


Played this game all the time as a kid, I could always get past that level. Replayed the game recently as an adult, was able to get through it on the first try, mainly muscle memory, even after like 2 decades. But I could never beat the third level as a kid. There was one jump in the first building that I could never do, which forced me to repeat the building over and over again, always failing the jump, until I died. Then I watched an Angry Video Game Nerd episode, and it turned out the secret was to just walk across that jump. The jump was a troll from the developers. That game was mean on purpose.


Once you get past the 3rd level, everything is much easier, even the Technodrome and Shredder


People my age know how big of a deal this is. In school, we would be talking about this for WEEKS! Congrats.


My hats off to you. Congrats!


Thats no small task, GG!


The game is brutal if you don't know where to go, which is how I played it and most of us remember it. With the internet, it is still tough, but a quarter hard as it was as a kid.


It is your birthday.


It is your Birthday


No small feat!


Dude... I will beat this game. Before I die... I will beat this game. I could never beat the 3rd level as a kid. I tried again in college and I could make it inside the technodrome, but died immediately. Now that I know the trick to save up scrolls... maybe I could do it now. I must finish the game before I die.


Rad dude! Now, take multiple pictures of your score/end screen, make sure to finish the other 20 pictures in the roll of film. Now, get your parents to drive down to the Walgreens with your photos for processing. Wait a couple of days ("You know we can't afford the 2-hour photo"), get your parents to drive you to pick up the photos, drive home. Next, pick out the best photo, get an envelope, stamp, pencil, and paper. Fill out all the required information and send it to Nintendo Power Magazine. Now you wait a month or two, and IF they pick your name, everyone who subscribed (and read that section of the magazine) would get to see your achievement. -Reddit 1990-


Welcome to the club!!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š


I always die on the underwater dam level.


I bow to you. I played that game many times over the years since it first came out, and I have never been able to beat it.


that sensor bar photo bombing