Is that them hissing, or is that their breathing???


He's hissing and huffing and puffing. 100% sass


Omg hahah I thought it was his regular breathing I was like omg that doesn’t sound normal. 4 hisses in a row is wild 😂 did you just get him?


Yeah he was a drop off at the fish store I work at, he either wasn't handled as a juvenile or was wild caught I think


The Eastern BTS are mostly wild caught or farm bred. Unfortunately, they are often more sassy than Westerns. I've had one for three years now and he is still NOT a fan of me, lol. It will take some time, patience and a lot of handling to get him to calm down, but I wouldn't expect him to get as tame as a Western, at least not for a while. Good luck! They are still awesome taters, that I can confirm!


That’s not a skink, that’s an angry cat.


For real it looks like its bouta leap at the camera


I think YouTube might be your friend


Check out Lori Torrini's YouTube. She deals with snakes, but all of the information is applicable to any reptile.


The more you handle or simply hang out with your skink the more it will relax and get used to you.


everything i've read says to put them in their new home/terrarium and leave them alone for around 10 days. then slowly start trying to handle them, start with luring them out with food. handle them for only a few minutes, and increase over time.


That’s the conventional wisdom. I’m not sure if that’s really optimal for taming but is probably very good for initial health and survivability.


Big mad!


Be sassier


No clue lol some skinks act like dogs and are super laid back others are like that one and are absolute menaces, there’s a chance he was wild caught and that’s where the behavior comes from, that’s what happened with my Schneider’s skink, bought without asking too many questions at an expo and am paying for it, I work with mine dont take him out of enclosure unless he wants to go is a good start they get grumpy when you do


Handle him a lot, so he’s used to you and doesn’t see you as a threat. Judging by my own BTS, they’re always sassy but they won’t bite you if they’re used to you, lol