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No I genuinely believe in hate the belief, love the believer. There are lots of good, loving people who also happen to suffer from religion. I don't agree with their beliefs or their lifestyle, but I still love them as people. My favorite cousin suffers from religion, i still love him.


“Suffers from religion” is truly is best way to put it. I was a believer once, not by choice, but once you break out of it you cannot look back. Everything is different. It was a suffering that I’m free of now


Nooo! You can come back to the faith!! You just have to keep believing hard enough!! Lol.


Thoughts & prayers✌🏽


i.e. tumbleweeds and indifference?


I know people, really kind and friendly people that has been taught really terrible stuff. You can really tell that they're really cool but just the fact they would have anti lgbt beliefs and shit


I remember this stupid phrase from my youth in southern Indiana. It drove me nuts when people would say it because they always also hated the “sinner”. I would bring up other Bible verses to them that they weren’t following like not judging or women being obedient to men. It was always a “woosh” moment for them. It’s almost like these people pick Bible verses that enable their prejudices. When I think of those hateful morons I’m reminded of this scene from the West Wing: https://youtu.be/DSXJzybEeJM


Respond with "I hate the bigotry but love the bigot. So, give us a hug!"


I’d just cut the RFC out of my life altogether


I tried to look up this username, but no results showed up. What does that mean?


Some of my best friends are stone cold stupid.. i still like them.. but man they are wrong SO OFTEN!


Gonna use this the next time my mom brings up religious shit


its irrelevant if they or the god says that.... sin is a concept.... its still the person themself that gets trussed up and condemned to a hell.


May I Interest you kind Sirs and Madams in this fine clip. https://youtu.be/SUnobHHAKxo?t=31m30s Just found this community tonight. Think I’m going to like it here


Ragefire Chasm? :D