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The month thing? So it goes. The issues you had while in the relationship? You deserve better


Some people handle breakups by spending more time with friends, taking on a new hobby, focusing on work or starting a fitness regimen. Others go out and try to bed everything that moves. Your ex is likely just on their first rebound "relationship" and will end up single again soon. You can't really take something that starts soon after a breakup as being anything real. Because in most cases it's not. If you can't shake this misplaced sense of guilt over the breakup don't hesitate to go talk to a therapist for a while. Breakups are almost always a team effort and it's rare that one party alone is the cause. Good luck.


Thank you<3


Buddy that’s called a rebound


Please do NOT blame yourself or think anything of this us your fault. I was married to my ex-husband for 2 1/2 long years and he was verbally and emotionally abusive. He threatened to hit me and if I have stayed I believe he would have. His family was as vile as he was as well. Please get some therapy and think of this as a blessing. Let his new girlfriend have your leftovers, it's a shit show and most likely will treat her the same. He isn't your problem anymore and not worth your time. I would encourage therapy, hobbies and focus on you now. This is your time to shine. You will meet someone that deserves you.


Thanks you🤍


I am sorry that happened to you. I think I will go to therapy because it was a very traumatic experience.


I think you should block your ex on social media so you can't see what they're up to.


Cheap sex doesn't bind a relationship. You were just a watering hole