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This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below. --- I was over at a friend’s house earlier tonight. Long story short, she asked me if I was ever curious in trying breast milk. I laughed and said honestly, yeah. We’re pretty open with each other, but even this was surprising. She got her breast out and poured some of her breast milk in a cup for me to try, and I tried it. That was it. I saw her take her breast out and I tasted her breast milk. I did get hard from it, but we didn’t do anything else.


What a terrible day to have eyes


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What. The. Fuck.


just a casual friends thing


The One Where Joey Drinks Breast Milk?




More like a made up thing.


This is a oddly hilarious post, coupled with this comment its gold


This is the most appropriate response




Why the hell would she bring something like that up all of a sudden? What kind of relationship do you guys have. Is she lactating for no reason or is she a mom? So many questions. Not sure cheating is the biggest issue here.....


Maybe she is a good friend, lactating for him to get harder bone density. But instead, it’s not the bone density that went hard.


A bone did get more dense though.


Wel this is cheating because of the part that she took her booby out in front of him. If I was there and she didn’t take her boob out in front of me, I would’ve just lied about the drinking breast milk part and not felt guilty at all. But this whole boob situation is what makes me feel afraid for op cause I personally think he should tell his girlfriend. Unless he’s saying that it’s the girl who was seeing someone. In which case maybe just forget about it and make sure to set boundaries lol. You can’t be letting someone’s wife whip out their breast’s around you. Also maybe it was kinky for her. She’s a first time mom or something and she feels like it’s nice to be able to whip your boob out cause ‘it’s a natural thing’. And maybe she doesn’t even think it’s ok to do in public but she thought it should be ok to do with a close friend in private? Idk but I’m suspicious this was a turn on for her(I mean it was a turn on for you right?)


I'm sorry, but if you think seeing another person's boob is cheating. Never go to a beach when it's super hot.... OP didn't suckle her breast. He just tasted it. I think he is more worried because he got hard. Edit: to confirm. Seeing the boob is not something I considered cheating. Getting aroused by his friends boob is the bad part


Breasts are just body parts. I bet you think breast feeding should be done in a bathroom. Grow up, stop calling them boobies.


WTF are you homlander or what


I honestly thought this was a The Boys joke/reference/whatever when I first read this lmao


Lol that’s exactly what I thought about when I read this


Lmfao Jesus


If I was your gf, I would immediately be sus at your friend too. Why is she pulling her breast out in front of you and offering you milk? And why did you say yes?? Were you really that curious to try breast milk?


Tbf, if a friend asked me that I would expect they would at least say "brb then" and milk it out of my vision, or go get some breast milk she already had on hand in a bottle. But then again, I would also say "What the actual fuck" if my friend proceeded to do this in front of me, and tell them to not do it again (and turn around the second I catch up with what she is doing). And then tell my bf wtf she did.


Yes lets body shame the mothers out there /s


Popping up a beast to randomly produce milk is wildly different from someone feeding their baby in front of you. Feeding baby, do it wherever and whenever with whoever you want (we'll I guess while giving a presentation is woeird, but you get my point). Asking someone if they they want to taste your milk and milking their breast without any warning and without the purpose of her needing to do it now for her baby, that's a no.


This is fake. Nobody does this.


This is so far off and not how i would think reddit at 6am would go for me


Try 3:30 am


8am, great start to my day /s


Fr. 8am and what the duck


Idk man that’s pretty weird. Maybe not cheating I guess cause you didn’t milk the breast yourself? But I think your gf might rather you had just cheated normally than you watch your friend pump her milk out and then give it to you to drink.


Idk about cheating, but if my bf told me he got hard from drinking his friend’s breast milk I would run away so fast.


Cheating is not just physical. As soon as you cross the boundaries you know your partner might not want you to, it's cheating.


Yep. Why don’t people get this? I think maybe people don’t care.


This. If you wouldn't tell your partner about it, you're crossing a line and probably shouldn't be doing that thing.


This has to be a troll


I 100% agree. This reads like a teenager typing out a fantasy.


Of course it is my guy, no one who isn’t up to no good does that for a “friend” with a partner. She could have given you a bottle from the fridge and she didn’t have to show her tit to get you hard, she could have draped out of respect to the intimacy of the situation. You clearly have sexual feelings towards your “friend” (this is not a friend), should confess to your gf and if your gf doesn’t immediately dump you you should never be alone with this friend again bc AGAIN she is up to no good. Seriously I’ve known a lot of breastfeeding people and this ain’t normal, that was definitely a come on to get you excited and you absolutely know that. Breastfeeding isn’t sexual but THAT absolutely most definitely was. She would not have done that in front of your gf and you know it. You’re just not sure if you wanna get caught so maybe you can do both, you totally know it’s cheating by how you carefully chose to describe it.


I don’t think trying breast milk is bad as long as it’s already out. But I would NEVER pop out a boob in front of a guy friend. It’s inappropriate. My husband would be pissed. Same goes to him, if another women did this. Even if it was in front of me, I’d be pissed.


I feel the same. It’s about the context. If she was already breastfeeding and asked during, then hand him a bottle. If it’s them alone and she brings it up out of nowhere and then gets her breast out, I’d be suspicious of her reasons.


To all the people saying you have a fetish, it is also very likely you were aroused simply because you saw her tit and maybe you already fancied her, sounds like you have a sus relationship with her tbh


I agree. Honestly the breast milk part wouldn’t bother me had she gone and gotten some from the fridge or gone into the other room to get it. It’s the face she got her boobs out and he didn’t say or do anything to stop it, and then got hard. The relationship is weird af and the fact he doesn’t want to tell his girlfriend kinda proves he knows he’s a least somewhat in the wrong


I would consider that cheating like why couldn't she have gone in another room to milk herself plus if it's something your even questioning bringing up to your partner I would say it's definitely some sort of cheating


Real simple. Will your gf think it’s cheating? Cos thats the only benchmark. Id be straight up with her. ‘Baby, this thing happened, and in hindsight, I’m not 100% comfortable. What do you think of it’


I would be livid if my boyfriend did this, especially if he didn't tell me.


You need to have some boundaries, a normal friendship doesn't involve her pulling out her breath and giving your breast milk? That's a weird dynamic you two have and if I were your gf it would cross a big line. It would make me wonder what other things have happened where you use the "we're just close" excuse. Very inappropriate. Also if you don't think it's cheating or wrong go ahead and tell your gf, if you find that you can't then you shouldn't have done it.


Have you yourself ever been or been even semi-close friends with a mom who breastfeeds? In my experience, more often than not the act of whipping out a tit to either feed the baby or pump quickly becomes something so casual it's done without a second thought. Due to the context of the situation, it loses the sense of being "inappropriate". While OP's situation certainly seems strange to us when completely devoid of context, I can certainly see how it could have occurred casually & without any sexual intent or undertone; without any boundaries being crossed. I think it's a bit more of a stretch to say that because this situation occurred, other more scandalous situations have also probably occurred than it is to say she's probably just desensitized when it comes to pulling out her breasts around other people when the purpose is for breast milk


Homie literally said he got a boner. So, there was some sexual element to it for him. I don’t know. If he’s questioning it, he probably realizes there some wrong to it.


Bro it loses the context of being inappropriate if she's feeding her own kid, not her grown ass fucking adult male best friend.


Just because someone is a mom and does it frequently doesn't mean they lose any sense of not showing their breast to everyone. There is a wild difference between some tit showing while feeding your baby in front of people or even when you need to pump now to feed your baby and just randomly doing it as in OP's situation that didn't have any intention of feeding her child.


She wasn't feeding a baby, she was feeding a grown ass man with a hard on. You have no sense of nuance. If you think this would occur casual, theres something wrong with you and your friends


Bruh wtf


This is what I was thinking. Women have been so shamed about breast feeding and breast feeding in public that those who don't care will just whip it out. I've tried my friend's breast milk straight from her boob, but she shot it into my mouth lol.. HOWEVER, we were drunk and we are both females. I think the difference here is his GF wasn't there. Would he have done this if she was? I know had my BF been there when it happened in my instance, he would have just laughed. Same thing if the situation was reversed and one of his friends was like 'yeah I wanna try it' - he wouldn't have cared, but this is our relationship, our boundaries, and again both of us being there.


Again, what the fuck


>She got her breast out and poured some of her breast milk in a cup for me to try Fake fetish post. That's not how boobs work.


Breast feeding troll alert.


What the actual fuck. Not only did you get hard from it, but you drank it after seeing it physically come from her tit. Normally, I wouldn't judge this so much as cheating, but just as a curiosity ( a fucking weird one), if it was breast milk out of the fridge. But with those facts included... Yeah, that was cheating. And bro, you have either have a fetish, or need some help. Likely both.


If you feel guilty enough to want to hide this from a parter, then whatever happened crossed a boundary you don't feel comfortable with. Erections are involuntary, so I don't think that part is relevant. Question is, were you like, "Awwww, yeah!" or were you -- like so many of us are -- stunned into inaction because you didn't expect her to do that? A breastfeeding mom is gonna be a lot more comfortable with the process than you are, fair enough, and maybe nothing wrong from her. On the other hand, did she do this as an "acceptable" way to push your comfort level and see how you felt about her breast being out? Did you cheat here? I don't think so. Did she? Probably not? If it's worth asking about here it's worth telling your partner, in the interest of full disclosure. In the end, though, your partner's opinion is the only one that really matters. Expressing a natural curiosity about breast milk -- which you didn't even bring up -- is not cheating. Tasting it is odd, maybe, but I don't consider it cheating either because how is that sexual? But hiding this from your partner would be exactly the kind of trust-destroying moment that, cheating or not, may as well have been.


Every day I wonder if I've already seen what's at the bottom of the barrel but here's OP, proving me wrong.


In a way no. In a way yes. Nothing sexual was done. She essentially pulled out a carton of milk and gave you a drink . But you're now going to keep it from your gf because you know she wouldn't be happy with that behaviour. So in that form yes. Not directly cheating because there was no contact. You can't count getting hard cos damn that means some blokes would have cheated with a juicy peach that looked like a nice round ass. You need to tell your GF what happened and take the ear bashing I'm afraid.


I mean good he didn't drink directly from the carton at least.


Would that be considered cheating or just cutting out the middle man?


Taking a drink from the carton is deffo a closer step to cheating. If you sexualise boobs. Which his partner would know if he does. I'm female and personally don't sexualise boobs. They're a source of food for a child to me. So personally if my partner wanted a taste of his mate's breast milk as long as he told me beforehand he could crack on, but he wouldn't be allowed to drink direct as he does sexualise them.


We know he sexualised them- he got a boner


I don’t think the no contact is a good rule to go by. If the friend gave him a strip tease but not a lap dance and he got a boner we’d call that cheating. The tricky thing here is he got aroused from something generally non sexual but pretty intimate still. No we can’t always control what arouses us, but if op had any inkling that Breast milk would be a turn on he shouldn’t have done it


I'd have to disagree because I don't think visiting strip clubs are cheating. My partner can look where he wants to get him in the mood as long as he's coming back to have sex with me and it's me he's in the moment with, mostly, obviously I understand the mind wonders and if you've seen a gorgeous woman strip in front of you your gunna think of her. But if he's looking into my eyes as he's ejaculating that's good enough for me.


Whatever helps you sleep at night




Lactation is a kink I’ve known quite a few to have. It can be taken as cheating but the only one who will know in this situation is your girlfriend.


Did you tell your girl? The fact you're having to ask strangers instead of just tell her means something.


It is. You watched another woman whip her breast out, you got turned on by another woman right in front of you as she whipped her breast out, and you tried her bodily fluid. Might not be the cheating we're accustomed to, but I'd dump your fucked-up ass.


Exactly. What a weird pos.


What is or is not cheating is entirely down to what you and your partner agree to. If I did this, my current girlfriend would find it funny and ask me what it tasted like. Some of my ex girlfriends would have dumped me on the spot. It's entirely up to you and your partner. But you should absolutely talk to her about it. It sounds a bit like you were caught by surprise by the situation rather than you went out looking for it, so hopefully she can be a bit understanding, even if she's not happy with it. You have to figure it out between you.


And in today's episode of "Things that never happened" ...


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Um ofc that’s cheating?




100% cheating in my eyes


This was the FIRST THING I READ TODAY…. Thanks Reddit rofl


If you are in a relationship of any kind, Sure, You cheated. This is inappropriate.


Yuuuuuuuuup yup good morning Reddit!


This is, by far, the weirdest fucking thing I have seen on Reddit. Not necessarily cheating, but still your mate got her tits out in front of you. That will cross a lot of boundaries. I don’t even know how you’re going to be able to explain this to your partner, but you should tell her.


If this happened to my boyfriend (which, I can promise his answer to trying a girls breast milk would be “wtf? Fuck no!” And not to sit there and watch her whip out her boob and milk herself) and he told me about it, or I found out about it later… I’d be pissed. 1. You saw your friends breasts. It’s not even some random girl in tv or that you don’t know. Your FRIEND who you’ll likely see again, took her breasts out in front of you. This ALONE would not be ok with me. 2. As disgusting as that is, you drank her breast milk. There is something somewhat intimate about that to me. I don’t think people would just drink anyones breastmilk straight from the tit… 3. Her breasts and breastmilk somehow made you hard. If you got an erection near your friend for whatever reason, that’s enough to upset me. I would not be ok with whatever act causes my bf to have an erection near a friend of his… it means this is not an ok act. Personally, I’d not feel comfortable with this scenario and while I would never control who my bf hangs out with, I’d be extremely uncomfortable with him hanging out with this friend. Especially alone.


OP listen to this chick. It is not normal for a friend to pull her tits out and not ok for you to look and get horny. Lowkey I understand wanting to try breast milk, hear it tastes like cantaloupe. But it is a little intimate, your girl wasn't there, and bottom line you knew this was wrong or you wouldn't be asking.


You saw a titty. Your drank the titty milk. You got hard. You cheated. 🤢 gross to sexualize breast milk tho


Yes this is cheating


If a guy came in a cup and asked your gf to try it and she did would you consider that cheating?


Imagine your gf tasting something coming out from some male friend of hers without touching.😶🤔


OP majorly overstepped here, but please stop comparing breast milk to semen. An adult tasting breastmilk isn't inherently sexual, OP and his "friend" sexualised the situation. Someone pumping breast milk for their child or feeding their child openly in front of friends wouldn't be the same as someone masturbating to ejaculation in front of friends for example? It also wouldn't be weird if you drank a friends breastmilk from the fridge, would you drink a friends refrigerated cum? Not the same


This is one troll post that made me laugh.


this is fake, right?


That was really unexpected... idk i would say it's 50/50 and try to have some limits with this friend


Milk is milk


No? Just fucking weird and inappropriate


Jebus you had to do it. Why didn't you do something normal like getting a BJ or railing her in the ass. Not only is this cheating but it is super fucking weird. No way back from this homie time to move on.


What a horrible day to know how to read.


Tell it to your partner. If she feels cheated on, its cheating...


My mom used to say if you have to ask if it’s wrong it probably is…


You got hard. Of course it’s cheating lol, is that even a question?


IMO this is ok. It doesn’t seem sexual at all. I don’t think my partner would be mad, she’d just tell me that I’m a weirdo.


Cheating? No. Weird? Jesus Christ all mighty what the fuck were you thinking? (Also, was it good?)


I don't see this so weird. It's just breastmilk and if it's a close friend why not? 🤷🏻 There is norhing sexual about breast milk (if it's not some kind of fetish to you).






uh bruh


I'd really like to see her "pour" milk out of her breadts !


Everyone is saying how incredibly weird this is when we drink milk from COWS which isn’t even intended for us. It’s funny that it’s so weird to drink the milk from your same species.


For me, sampling someone else's bodily fluids would fall under cheating. Also, wtf....??


This has to be a troll right? Right?


She just... poured milk out of her boob.


IF this is real, which I doubt, if I was your SO, I would see it as a betrayal. Maybe not exactly cheating but your relationship with this girl crosses a lot of lines. If I was just your gf, I’d dump you over it bc clearly your judgement is fucked up.


Yeah this isn't what I was expecting to read when I opened this...no advice I'm out 😂


Hey everyone. I just did a thing. Then I thought about it afterwards. Do you think I should have thought about it before hand? I feel like I don’t know what the wrong thing is and what the right thing is.


Jesus fucking Christ


I would say it’s not cheating as long as u tell ur gf


Is ur friend available for parties??


The main question is will you tell your partner about it. One of the main components of cheating is dishonesty and lying. I dont know your partner and they might get annoyed at you but you didn't ask to see your friends body, and it was a completely non-sexual act. Would you be angry at one another for seeing a naked person at the beach?


imagine if your girlfriend would like to try the cum of sb else........not really a good idea man


You disgust me


She needed attention and was trying to tempt you. Mission accomplished. She knows she can continue on taking things further since you were willing drank the milk with no problem.


Something I haven’t seen mentioned is the fact that you’ve now potentially exposed yourself to the few but serious breast milk borne diseases like Hep B and C and HIV. Some medications can also be passed via breastmilk. Now if your friend is actively breastfeeding an infant it’s not likely to be the case. But beyond the cheating aspect I would be disappointed in a partner who on a whim did something like this without thinking of repercussions.


Why are you at another woman’s house without your gf or wife present?


I mean, it's kinda strange but I wouldn't consider it cheating. It's pretty hilarious.




That is completely different. Jerking off is literally a sexual act. Breast milk and breast feeding is not


I cant even describe the look of horror on my face when I read this.




I think u are sexualizing it if you think its worth breaking up for? The act from OPs friend was not sexual at all. It is probably the most normal thing for her to pull out her breast and milk it. Why are people freaking out aboiut OP seeing a god damn boob 😂 like cmon.




Wouldn’t call that cheating, but theres a lot of things that aren’t cheating that are a no-brainer fuck no in relationships. This is up there 😭.


Find God


Okay? And how is this cheating? People need to stop sexualizing breast milk🤦‍♀️ Edit: Okay I worded that wrong, I meant that breath milk shouldn't be sexualized


think OP was the one sexualising it when he got hard


Okay so, if your girl comes and telll you that she went to her friend's house and the guy asked you wanna try semen, and your girl says yes. He takes his dick out, wanks it and gives it to your girl to drink, and let's say she got *aroused* . What would you consider 😄


Dicks and breasts are not fucking comparable you uneducated numpty. Breasts are non sexual feeding tools for children, a dick is specifically for fucking. Anything involving breasts is a fetish. Dont have kids.


while i agree dicks and breasts are not comparable, the “non sexual” aspect of breasts goes out the window when OP got hard from watching it. The question was “is this cheating” and when OP viewed it as a sexually arousing situation, it’s completely fair for someone to bring up a sexual situation as a comparison.


Thank you, atleast someone gets it


Need not have to be rude to prove your point but i understand


Are you saying you or her? Either way the answer is, did you happily tell your partner about it and were they happy with it?


Id say no bit that is not the biggest issue here dude


idk but you have to tell your partner and apologize. Maybe take a break from seeing that friend, but weather or not it is cheating is up to your partner, imo it would be though.


Um... what? Tell your spouse you drank titty milk and got hard and see what they say. It's up to them, not you, if they consider that cheating or not, but yea. Having a woman whip a titty out for you is not cool... What if a guy friend whipped his dick out to show your wife? The questions people ask here, I have to wonder if at least half are fake.


Well that's me done with the internet today...


If i ever saw this, the last thing i would think of is if its cheating or not...


just tasting titty milk w the gang 😎


Now, she is your mom !


It’s really up to your girl if it’s okay or not…


This HAS to be a troll post😂


Nah lol we’d be done. Friendship is one thing but I would NEVER do this shit with a friend. Esp one that was in a relationship


personally if you think something could possibly cheating and you feel guilty in any way you shouldn’t do it. it’s weird, if i was in your wife’s shoes no matter how comfortable you are with your friend there has to be some sort of line or boundary.


I've seen it all now


Insert new boundaries here


Never did like the word cheating. I like the term boundaries, where something's have to be negotiated for the sake of our relationship. Those are different for everyone. To answer your question is you and partner. For me, so what, we have most likely skinnydip or somehow seen each other naked depending on your social circle. Wasn't like she pulled them out did a sexy dance let you breastfeed for a flirt. All sorts of relationships are fine with their spouses going to strip clubs, nudist or topless beaches and bars. The human body is beautiful. Me and spouse were career healthcare peeps, not everything is sexual. Even if there momentary standing moment. If you two are as close friends as it seems you are. Gf is as trusting of you....I would be honest with your girlfriend. This is a boundary that's not defined. You obviously are not wanting to pursue, which is usually the reason we have boundaries right? I wouldn't even be so nervous about it. Just this is something I thought you should know and I want to know your thoughts?


bro you got issues and that’s WEIRD AS FUCK


I think its worth discussing with your partner if this makes her uncomfortable


How do you know you friend wasn’t testing the boundaries of the ‘friendship’? Easy way to gaslight you, if you respond favourably theres an opportunity to push further but if you responded negatively, she can play it down like it was nothing. Honestly though I think you already know the answer to the question.


Personally, I’d be mad.




For me personally, when I’m having body image issues I never have any sex desire to have sex. You say she out on weight, so maybe just reinforcing how attractive you find her outside of the co text of sex would help. Also, if she has arthritis that young and it runs in her family, its likely shes ay risk for other autoimmune diseases. She could speak to an endocrinologist to get her thyroid checked because that can completely yank your sex drive. I think it’s important you give her some space and don’t force her into any sexual activity but make it clear to her that you need her to talk about it because it will hurt your relationship.


Lmfao Americans Also friends episode




Was who cheating? Are we talking about you or mom? Tbh it wreaks of pervy sexual tension so gonna go w yeah. Cheating for the both of you.


I got hard by trying a breast milk. AHAHAHAHAHSHAHAHAHAHAHS OMG. You made my day! No it’s not cheating lol! It’s a basic human curiosity, I wanted to try my wife’s milk too when she was pregnant but forgot about that idea somehow and missed the chance. But you sir, made me laugh, HARD. Made my day.


I don‘t think it is a weird thing unless it is not your partner. I think for most women this is a really big deal bc this is a very very Intimate thing. Maybe its not sexual cheating But definetly its trust cheating. You crossed the lines and boundaries.


Did Homelander write this lol. I think of you got hard that might be cheating. This is a grey weird area.


This is the weirdest shit ever xD


I think it depends, we’re you curious about the taste or did you find the idea/lactation ect sexual or sexually arousing? If you were just curious but didn’t find the thought hot until after it happened then that’s not cheating you just discovered a new kink that you should be careful about in future. If you agreed knowing you found the idea sexually appealing then you did cheat - you weren’t just curious but involving this person in your kinks.


I mean, I really don’t know how I’d feel about this if I was your partner. Also because of my sense of humour I’d be really trying to battle with laughing about it and also wondering wtf. You need to tell your partner but be prepared for this story to follow you around if you break up. I’d be straight in the group chat, YO GIRLS HE LIKES TIDDY MILK


You didn’t drink straight from the tit and you didn’t ask if she wanted to reciprocate with your cock milk. I think you’re fine. At least on the cheating front.


I wouldn't consider it cheating, but if I were your girlfriend I'd dump you for being strange and judge your friend for pulling the weirdest come on move ever. Being aroused by something isn't cheating, you don't die from the waist down because you're dating someone. Casually whipping body parts out and consuming bodily fluids? Yikes on bikes.


Not cheating. I do this with my guy friends all the time. (I'm also a guy).


No. But I’d never speak of it to anyone. Ever.


Dude you saw a titty and drank someone else’s bodily fluid…


Cheating? No. Weird AF?!?! Definitely.


Cheating? Depends. Crossing a line that the VAST majority of relationships would consider obvious? Absolutely. Imbibing the bodily fluids of others is generally not okay, especially if you have a thing for it. Just like if a foot fetishist gave a foot massage to someone aside from their partner, it would clearly have implications/connotations/gratification of a sex act that someone without that fetish would not. I think you know you crossed a line, but that should embolden you to fix the problem directly, while the situation is still salvageable with your partner.


No idea if it’s cheating, depends how you and your partner sees it really.. but you looked at her breast and drank liquids from her body… it’s definitely really really weird and if you were my partner I would NOT be okay with that lmao..


What the actual fuck😀


Breast milk is a bodily fluid and it can transmit pathogens. Just saying . . . 🤷 If it was my boyfriend I'd be alarmed.


Ayo this aint casual frnd thing


No words 😬


So? How did it taste...?


This is fake. 100000%


I had a friend who asked to try my breast milk because he wasn't sure if he would ever have the opportunity otherwise. I said yes, however I turned away so no one could see my breasts while expressing. I don't think the act in itself is weird, but the way you both went about it is was. Breast milk isnt inherently sexual, and there are ways this could have went down that wouldn't have made it a sexual situation at all.


You need to tell your partner and let them decide. Either way I think your partner deserves to know so they can process it. Or if she's the one in the relationship she needs to tell her partner. Keeping an interaction secret means you know that your partner may act adversely to it. Time to come clean bud.


This is a perfectly normal human adult thing to do . Nothing else to see here. Move along people


Lmao. I think my girlfriend would be very weirded out but probably not end the relationship over it.




Definitely not cheating xD Idk why people get so antsy around breast feeding or lactation. It's *not* innately sexual (though it can be if one tries to make it), and in this case it was just a curiousity thing. Maybe a little odd, but definitely not cheating. And the getting hard part is just a random reaction to seeing a boob, guys get hard all the time over random things. Ppl need to chill out a bit


How was it?


How did you get a boner from this ??