She’s told you your options. Either break up with her or look the other way.


You are young, find someone else. There is nothing wrong with people using weed. However, if that is something you personally don't want in a gf, then move on. She sounds a bit snotty and annoying anyways.


Long-term pothead here (years of regular use)....I agree with this comment 1000% While I'm a big advocate for positive cannabis use, and I don't believe the whole "weed is a gateway drug" (smoking weed actually helped me quit abusing hard drugs)....I also don't believe that it's for everyone, and that everyone has a right to choose their lifestyle. So OP, if her weed use just isn't something that aligns with your lifestyle then it's an easy decision. Break up with her and invest your time into experiences with people who do align with your lifestyle decisions. Also, you're so young. People shouldn't be smoking weed at that age, and if she's as defiant as she sounds from your post, she's not going to stop smoking for you. If you don't cut the cord now, it'll just lead to unnecessary conflict and resentment between the two of you later down the road. This time of your life should be some of the best years, don't waste it on someone who isn't matching your vibe.


She did smoke before you got together, you shouldn’t have got with her if it was a stipulation that she would have to quit. So it’s more of a question to ask yourself if you can be with a smoker, not how to get her to quit


she’s not gonna stop for you nor should she have to , it’s not your say in it , it’s her life


You just grow up and get over it. There is no magical way to get over it. Or you break up.


So, as she suggested, just break up with her.