How do you know that you miss him and your relationship, and not the attention and affection (as you put it)? I would suggest considering the alternatives before initiating contact. Perhaps he’s in a new relationship, perhaps you’re just feeling lonely cause work/school sucks, perhaps you just need ‘somebody’, or perhaps it’s true love. If it’s the latter, would it work this time? Or would things be the same, with the distance and everything? Cause then it obviously won’t work this time either..? If you initiate contact, write him a long sincere letter in an email or something, where he can read it when’s he’s comfortable, taking his time without you asking for a reply, etc. Also, doing it in chat format is bad. Since you broke it off, you need to let him take his time and decide if he wants to reply or not. Good luck!


First of all, 3 years is a long time. You should really take the time you need to assess your feelings, because how can you be sure that it is him that you miss, and not just being in a relationship? Be sure to know what you want. Then, if you are absolutely sure, you should try to establish contact again. Don't start it with the sole intention of getting back together, but try to see how things are between you. See if you still feel that way for the person he is, because it may feel different than what you feel in your nostalgia. If he wants to connect, you can try to get closer to each other again. But if he doesn't, you have to respect that too.


Maybe the key is don’t try to “grab” him, just get in touch with him and tell him that you miss what you had and wonder if he is open to re-establishing contact.