I would try to find a good time to sit with her and talk about it. And I mean really communicate. Ask what she needs. Does she want space? Does she need something else? Dont just assume. Whenever my bf is working hard I just send him texts here and there to check up on him but I totally understand if he can’t get back to me. He even brings his work home sometimes and is stressed. I just do whatever I can to help lighten the load whether it be giving him coffee or food or reminding him to not burn himself out and take a 5 minute break. They are little things but it helps


Well if she’s the one distancing herself, just let her. Chasing after someone is never a good idea. Let her do her thing, and choose to accept it or not.


You should really ask her about it. And of course give her some space but. Also really talk about it. I mean y’all in a relationship one of the reasons stuff doesn’t work out is because no one communicates. I just had a friend go through the same thing. And it got so bad they almost ended the relationship but then talking made it better. Remind her your still there for her. Help her out with things. Just be there. Trust me I know because me and fiancé get stressed. But hey y’all are unite y’all are one. So just talk to her about it.


I’m also here if you ever need to talk