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This doesn't sound silly. He just openly rejected you. That really sucks and it hurts when it happens. Unfortunately, life is filled with pain. Fortunately, it's also filled with a lot of highs that feel good because that pain is so bad. If you don't want to continue with this guy you don't have to. He just told you he isn't interested in long term; if you want an actual boyfriend, it's okay to move on. Don't beat yourself up. It's ok to be upset. We all have been there. Just remind yourself that things don't work out sometimes and you will eventually just move on.


So why would he ask me out next week in that case :( I don’t understand


He wants to have his cake and eat it too; keep you around until he decides he is done then suddenly snap it off. You can choose if you want to deal with that or not.


If someone said this to me, I would not see them again, no matter what they wanted from me.


Because it feels good to have someone show interest in him, possibly sleep with him. And if he can get that without having to commit to you —be that in the form of monogamy or in acting like an actual partner — he’ll take it. The real question is whether you’re prepared to accept these terms. And I mean, truly accept them, not accept them hoping he’ll eventually change his mind. If you had it on the highest authority that no matter how long you stuck around, no matter how well you treated him, or how attractive you were, that he would never commit to a real relation — would you still want this arrangement?


My friend said the exact same thing and I realized… I wouldn’t it sounds terrible to me tbh but honestly it helps that I’m very avoidant in situations like these so I emotionally disconnect very quickly