Seems a good opportunity to add an accessible/covered bus stop, and some nice bike storage at the same time. Treat it as a true transport to a hospital infrastructure project.


I drive by Pioneer Village everyday and look at a brand new parking lot with maybe 15 cars and ~60 empty spots. Keep in mind that they shut down half of the building. The province dropped a couple of million on this project. They waited another 5 years to think about planning the RGH parking lot. It demonstrates this government's abilities to set priorities.




That makes it worse! A parking lot built for 4 events/year. Cost per lt. Govenor levee $200;000.(approx 2 hours) What a freaking waste.


They needed a parkade when my mom worked there in the 80's.


Who’s making the first joke ….


>Who’s making the first joke …. Oh man... there's so many good ones too. Right around the corner.


Quite often I would have to go with her because she was on call in IT. There where always questionable people hanging around that parking lot with no security. yes I get your "joke".


It will be privately owned and leased to the hospital? But we are paying for it to be built? Is this actually a good deal?


Yeah, it sounds like a P3 without saying it's a P3.


That’s so idiotic. It allows the government to keep it off the debt line on the ledger while costing us more since there’s a profit motive plus private investors pay higher interest than the government does for loans.


And the operating company to skimp on maintenance, because it's not going to be their asset.


And it’s not like the SHA is going to just end their lease if things become unfavorable for them and go with another parkade and operator. This is all so stupid and a gift to the wealthy on the taxpayer’s dime.


It only took 40 years to "hear the concerns" they should have built it on the corner coming into the main entrance instead of that building that is 3/4's vacant. I hope they have good security cause it'll be extra shady not knowing who's lurking there.


To be completed in 2034


They need time to dig a hole and have us drive past it for awhile. Regina isn’t just lacking a parkade but it’s lacking a hole


I legit can't tell if this is satire or not.


Gotta spend a few years looking for out of province/country builders first. SP needs to make sure they donate enough, have enough staff to not hire local, and of course, can drag it out as long as possible to jack the price up little by little.


Also make sure to pick the one business with the slowest workers possible, and then folds half way through construction, so then the whole area becomes "That half built slab of concrete" for a couple of years.


Don’t forget the entrance at the most inconvenient place with the requisite attached Timmies and the inevitable roundabout double-diamond exchanges on each level because our province is full of drivers who barely know how to use a four-way stop, doncha know.


If they’re looking out of country, i bet a bechtel/obayashi tie up will give us an earthquake-proof 5-story 100% efficiency parkade in max 2 months! Still half the price of a build that’ll take till 2034 imo


r/saskatchewan is leaking. The other guys had 16 years to do it as well. Maybe they could have taken some of that money that they saved closing down the Plains Hospital and built it back then.


You weren't even able to stay on topic for one sentence. My goodness. But, I'm on break, so I'll bite. You mean the money they used to prevent the province going bankrupt? Undoing the damage of some of the dumbest, most irresponsible possible financial decisions from "the fiscally responsible right"? How many hospitals and health centres have the SP closed since they've been in? Did they ever replace the Plains? How many hospitals DID they replace? How many were actually fully functional when "completed"?


Yeah the province was broke and things had to be done. I never envied what they had to do back then to get us through the 90s. Anyway, you brought the fucking politics into this fucking discussion. Not me. My point was just as valid as your fucking useless drivel that preceded it. As soon as politics enters discussions here it's so easy to tell the average age of a redditor.


I "brought politics in", because this is a SP venture. You tried to get a "gotcha" moment and a snide remark in before I set you straight. Don't try crying victim when you initiated.


Oh good one year before my retirement lol!!!


So, yay??


As long as the govt doesn’t screw it up and or charge a ridiculous day rate it’s a yay. Staff and patients having to walk for blocks in that area is where alot of the safety issues arise.


Not the government, the private company operating it.


it's a private company, I bet they have a profit margin factored in and will use the rates that other private lots charge downtown as a basis for their rate


Wouldn't be shocked if it's bad. The private company that provides "TV service" at the hospital charges almost $15/day for a 7" 480p TV with 10 English channels. Absolute abusive scam to sick people in need of something to pass the long days.


At last. though I should live long enough... One teeny point, on the CBC reporting of this ie not this CTV report, it says the parkade would be connected to the hospital by an outdoor, uncovered walking path. In this climate, no cover from the elements? Come on.. at least a roof.


Why are y’all so negative about it? At least one of the numerous problems of the area is getting solved. I know, I’ve experienced first hand the problems there and it’s not only parking. Driveways are too tight, no proper drop-off zone for the staff entrance without blocking the driveways, etc. Also, if you read the article and the SaskTenders listing, you’ll be able to see the target completion of 2024. How about we stop being Negative Nancies for the moment and support the province’s projects?


I'm not sure I would say it's negativity but more skepticism and either way, I don't blame folks. This city is bad at keeping their promises and only seems to really care about profits and business.


SHA being what they are it'll be built at the old railyard.


Then we can build the Monorail to connect them!!


I hear those things are awfully loud.


They glide as softly as a cloud!


Didn’t you hear Saskatoon was thinking about getting one??


Lol accurate


So what happens to the lot while they spend 5 years ‘capital point’-ing? Pretty sure it’s gonna eat up some space to build it.


But didn’t they just tell us this was impossible and never going to happen I’m confused


This isn't going to end well.