punk scene in regina?

hi guyssss. i’m moving to regina in about a monthish and i’m coming from vancouver where there was a huge underground punk scene and i know i’ll definitely be missing it when i move and i’m wondering if there are any punk/metal venues in regina?


You'll find that the Exchange is where you belong. Excellent touring bands come through and the local bands are fantastic as well. All ages all the time with local beers available. We came from a thriving scene in Ontario and have been quite pleased. Sadly, sometimes the sound is downright awful but what's more punk rock than shit sound? Ha. Hope to see you at some shows!


y’all are life savers. just checked it out and looks dope asf!! will definitely be there for some shows


Awesome. Welcome to Regina!


Welcome! I work at the Exchange and would like to add that The Club is another venue inside the building that normally has punk, grind, hard-core shows too. You'll find all event info on the FB page! The Mercury, The German Club, The Cure (make sure you come out for their Halloween show, literally the best event of the year, lots of punks come out for that one.) And if you have wheels, tons of great bands and shows in Saskatoon too. The Black Cat on Broadway is the punk/metal venue, Amigo's, Louis Pub, The Bassment, etc. Best of luck in your move!


The Exchange and the Cure regularly host punk shows!! It's a pretty welcoming scene! Just don't lick the walls.


Sometime there are decent gigs at the German Club


www.theexchangelive.ca is the website for a venue in the warehouse district that regularly hosts punk, hardcore and metal shows.


Regina’s punk scene ebs and flows it’s also a very welcoming community, I haven’t been able to go to many shows the last couple years with a new little one at home but there’s a pretty decent core group who makes it out to most shows! Hopefully I’ll get to see you at one! As people have said the cure and exchange are the primary venues (the exchange is a gem and has been a staple for as long as I can remember), there are a couple other venues that occasionally put on shows as well


We used to have a pretty solid punk scene but it's kinda died down. Ten foot pole is playing the exchange and local punk band, Gut Balloon will be preforming. Lagwagon is also playing a show in December in Saskatoon.


Agreed! 13 ish years ago was great. Now my husband and I just get funny looks from our kids and the whole ewww what are you listening too hah


They've had some punk shows at the Mercury cafe. Dayglo Abortions and the Ripcordz both came down in the last year or so.


[Plug for my buddies show later this month. It's going to be a good time.](https://i.imgur.com/dvZZeYC.jpg)




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Ah, you missed the good scene. I'm in my mid 30s and spent my early 20s at alot of shows. I don't think they do it like they use too. You don't see many punk rockers around these days.


Well you missed *the* good scene in the 80s. But I digress. Regina, weirdly, has always had a not-so-bad scene. There always seems to be punk and hardcore shows going on.


Haha. I guess I don't keep up with it anymore. Last show I went to was the interuptters with my 7 year old haha! Amazing though.