Queer Hangout

Does anyone know a place where queer young people hangout, other than the q. Ive been trying to make some friends and the regina social scene is so dead I'm close to giving up and dying alone in my apartment.

Places where non queer people hangout is also appreciated. Thank you.




How could we have missed such a nice spot while we were in town? Looks great!


My kid used to hang out at the yqr pride space on 2100 block of Albert. I’m not sure if the place is there anymore but they made some good friends. Contact yqr pride? I think it was run by the u of r pride.


As an addendum, I’m sure U of R Pride would be welcoming, or at least know where to point you.


Yeah, the downtown location closed. UR Pride has a lounge at the University of Regina that it runs groups out of now.


Queer person here- wondering the same haha. To be honest, in general Regina doesn’t really have a whole lot of things to do. I know the cure has drag brunches from time to time but I don’t know of a place that it’s just a queer hangout. There is the Q club but I haven’t heard the greatest and only ever been once. Queer ppl unite? Haha


If you find somewhere lmk, I've already given up lol


I will let u know!!


As a young queer person cathedral is a go to, and i tend to see others there plus there are some really cool shops and good food. Specifically 13th ave cafe and awarehouse


Ok thank u


I wish I knew. Heard Malty National can be good, but I’ve never been.




How old are you and what're your interests?


Malty National!! Also Hampton Hub across the street. I also recommend using Tinder to meet fellow queers. When I was single I used it for dating but also to find queer friends. I’d swipe right on anyone who seemed like a person I’d want to be friends with. More than once I met people for a drink, realized we were not in fact dating compatible, then remained friends.




What time/day and where?


You are always welcome at any of the local breweries - Rebellion, Malty and Pile O Bones. 🥰 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


Wascana lake. That’s were i would meet gay friends.