Mayor Clears Henry Baker Hall - video

When council was considering the integrity commissioner report on Councillors Leblanc and Stevens, some members of the gallery became unruly and the Mayor cleared the room.

I wasn't there at the time but the live stream of the meeting did catch some of the incident.

This video also includes Councillor Zachidniak's challenge of the Mayor's ruling to keep the doors to Henry Baker Hall locked for the remainder of the meeting.



She is sadly blowing her term, miserably. It’s sad. I’d hoped for so much more from her. ……also wtf. Lol that was not a disruption. Wow


Thank you for sharing. This is so on-brand for the city leaders.


Over/under on the number of times Masters' does this again over the next two years?


My guess is three


There’s still two more years of masters? I thought the next election was 2024


November 2024. I really hope some good people step up to run for council.


Election is late 2024 but the new council wouldn't sit until the new year.


Depends if there are people that will disrupt council. Unfortunately it’s well within her powers to kick out people. I wouldn’t kick out everyone. Just the ones that are causing the disruption


She is a sensitive little thing, isn't she?


That’s 90% of public sector management these days. Don’t question, it hurts their ego. Follow blindly and get promoted.


Sadly yup. Ugh :(


Buddy questioned the provincial gov the other day on their numbers (they compile the reports) - he got an audit from them in return. Because *their* numbers are off.


Does this woman always get her way? Her attitude implies she has never been told no in her life.


She's a totalitarian. Ridiculously soft skinned here. We all know it's three strikes you're out. She barely made clear her first warning and then emptied the entire hall? It's undemocratic. She should have just removed the trouble makers, and she really should have given clearer warnings.


Viva la revolución


The first warning was to a man unaffiliated with the women who clapped for him… clearly she’s feeling some type of way


What they don't show you is how Bresciani comes back into the chambers with her phone out to film when her boys in blue show up. She was so giddy with excitement all while wearing a ribbon skirt.


This is ridiculous. I think the Mayor was a bit too quick to clear the gallery and the results of the vote don't surprise me. The councilors who don't listen to the public anyway voted with her.


Masters is worse then the mayor in Jaws..


Where there warnings given prior to this or was this the first interruption?


First time doing it that meeting and first warning is right before the kick out. I think it had happened once before this already this year.


Then ya it’s a little early Masters. I look at it as a hockey ref. First fan that chirps gets a warning, next chirp is the boot and crowd gets a warning, third chirp and everyone is gone!!!