X-Ray Records owner Dave Kuzenko has passed away.

Store confirms in an Instagram post. Long live the Queen City’s King of Vinyl. RIP.


This is sad news.


No shit. That's some truly sad news. I've been going to X-ray since it was on Scarth St. I used to go hang out there while I was waiting for the bus. I loved hearing them talk music. Rest in peace.


Was always so helpful when it came to finding a record and always willing to order one in if he didn’t have it. Rest in peace.


[Here’s what he told Wayne Mantyka](https://regina.ctvnews.ca/regina-music-community-mourns-x-ray-records-owner-1.6415373) a couple years ago on what set vinyl apart from other formats: “It just has a very sort of warm feeling to it, when you’re listening to records, that CDs just won’t give you.” RIP Dave


Damn, I had just met him for the first time a few weeks back and he was super nice and helpful. RIP Dave


Harry from Harry's Hi-fi last year and now Dave from X-Ray. This city's record/gear stores have taken a huge blow.


Very sad… I haven’t lived in Regina for almost two decades, but the guy helped shape my music taste as a teenager. <3


My sister just told me of Dave's passing. I was just back in Regina for a visit and made a point of going down to the store. I don't know how many hours I spent at Records On Wheels or how many bands Dave introduced me to. He was one of the nicest people of all time. RIP Dave.


He would often give me comp tickets to shows back in the RoW days. I didn't even browse i would just walk in and let him curate my record collection


Very sad news. RIP Dave.


This is heart wrenching. A wonderful guy who was really excited and knowledgeable about so much music.


That's so damn sad! Dave was such a kind person to me when I started getting into heavy music and began visiting his store. Always enjoyed having a visit with him.


I hate this


Heartbreaking. Two weeks ago Dave told me he’s planning to retire next year when the lease is up. This is way too soon. Rest easy Dave.


Oh man, that's so sad. Ugh, breaks my heart.


Especially he seemed excited about retirement that he can just do nothing. I was at x ray last week to order another record and he seemed ok to me at that time. This is way too sudden and I still can’t believe.


Damn. I missed out on my favourite singer’s album on Record Day. He special ordered another copy for me. He was a great guy.


RIP, Dave. I hope you understood the impact you made on the music scene in Regina.


Bought my first few records off him. Nice guy.


RIP to a legend. X-Ray was my go-to place for vinyls, especially if I wanted something specific. The man special ordered me two copies of At Long Last A$AP when I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Super personable guy, very sad


The last record I got off of him was one of his choice picks. Tonight I will play it in his honour. RIP!


Man Dave could find almost anything for you, and would always help you find your next gem. Such a huge loss. His contribution to Regina music won’t be forgotten


Really sad to hear about this, bought so many awesome records from his store over the years and Dave ran a truly incredible shop.


My dealer. This man sold me into a life with a criminal record (possession with intent to listen). He KNEW what I would buy upon 1st listen. The bugger. The bastard. My credit card still whimpers at the mention of his name. Long long time buyer from him. Will miss him. Thanks Dave, so long and happy trails.


Man this is so sad - I moved away a few years ago but still got his email stock updates every week. RIP


Shit, this sucks. I was a regular back in the Scarth St. days. Dave invited me on his radio show a couple times to play music from my collection. We once went to a Gordon Lightfoot show together, too. Because of things going on in my life, my visits to the store became less frequent, and I hadn't been there in years. I was recently thinking I should make a point of stopping in, if only to see him. Then I read this...


Only recently came into contact with Dave but MAN anytime I stopped into Xray he was the nicest, friendliest guy.


Dave was always going out of his way to bring in all the special orders I asked him to bring in. He ran such a wonderful shop and was always a pleasure to deal with as well as his recommendations. Reading other comments on here it's amazing to see what an impact he had on his customers.I'm going to really miss my visits to Xray.


Back when I was first into vinyl (and could only afford one album a month) I put my blind faith in Dave to recommend what to buy. Passover is still one of my favourite albums and I am forever in debt to Dave for telling me to buy it! Legendary man, may he rest in peace!


I went to his store once and met him just one time. I’ll remember everything about my experience from now on. His store was small yet less organized than I wanted. He had everything I wanted. But the things that were missing he would order. He was everything a record store should be. He was too kind for words. RIP Dave.


The man was a legend.


At a loss for words....a truly tragic loss .


So sad to hear about this today. Rest In Peace Dave, you will me missed.


Wasn't he on radio with Records On Wheels? Great guy!


terrible news about a terrific man!


Dave was music. RIP my friend. Miss ya




What was records on wheels? Was it like a traveling distro or did it have a store front?


It was a shop in the Scarth Street mall downtown.


That's terrible news




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