Your toilet doesn’t miss the fire sauce.


When I was in high school and university in the US, you could get 5 tacos for a couple dollars (IIRC, regular tacos were first .49 and then they upped the price to .59 each but if you bought them in the 5 or 10 pack you saved even more) I still can remember sharing with my ex. I'd have 2 and him 3 and we lived on it all the time. There was also a combo that was 2 Taco Bell Grande Supremes, a regular soft shell taco and a large drink. After taxes it was 3.15. The reason why I stopped eating there is when I was pregnant with our son, the smell of it would make me so sick that I would beg him to not bring it around me. You mentioned the sodium content and I forgot about that but I remember the heart palpitations too. We just ate there a lot because it was so cheap (and open after 2am bar close when not much else was but Taco Bell and [Webb's](https://georgewebb.com/)). It's a wonder that we made it past middle aged.


There’s a documentary called Super Size Me that tells the warning of eating fast food most days.


It’s about time we got more chain restaurants in Regina.


At least this one’s not Tim Hortons




Regina sewer system will take a beating


Is there a difference between the sewer system and the water supply? Summer time my water was horrible.


In Saskatoon we opened 3 in the past few years, one is closed now only after a couple years (due to lack of business). The other 2 are barely busy at all. When the first one on 8th St opened, police were directing traffic as there was major traffic congestion. People were mad they couldn’t get down 8th, because of the “grand opening”… Now it’s almost like the fad wore off…. 🤷‍♂️


The problem with attracting a big rush to a grand taco bell opening is that a lot of those people are probably going to end up inadvertently tasting the food while they're there. It's difficult to keep the hype going once that starts to happen.


The Saskatoon locations I've gone to have been garbage. Giving one spoonful of filling in a burrito or taco at $3-5 a pop. I'm not surprised that people aren't going.


I had one of their Crunchwraps, and was super underwhelmed. It was a TON of tortilla with very little in the way of fillings. Turned me off of the place.


At one point this was highly sought after for Regina. Is it still the case?


I've been wanting Taco Bell to come back ever since they pulled out of Regina what seems like 20 or so years ago. I used to go once or twice every month before then and feel like we've really been shafted on Mexican fast food here in Regina since then, because Taco Time has always been mediocre at best IMO and the only other places that serve decent Mexican food were restaurants. Even now years later the only *GOOD* Mexican fast food place we have is BarBurrito and *sometimes* MuchoBurrito but they seem to be really hit and miss, besides that you're SOL.


Taco Bell is OK. I prefer making my own Mexican food though.


Cool. Mexican food is totally different than Taco bell.


You don't go to Tacobell with the intent to eat Mexican food. It's fast food. Weird you'd compare it to fancy Mexican food.


Who said anything about fancy? I don’t get this place.


So you make shitty non-Mexican Mexican food then...?


You literally just described Taco Bell


Yes, and? The person I replied to was confused as to why the person they replied to assumed fancy Mexican food when talking about making it at home. Who makes terrible non-Mexican Mexican food at home?


I’m pretty sure they mean they like to make their own Tex Mex food. It’s one if the easiest and cheapest foods to make at home and at home you’d make much better quality than disgusting Taco Bell.


Humour me. Taco Bell is disgusting because why? What are you comparing it to?


Taco Time. Taco Bell "Meat" is mostly liquid. Taco Time has actual meat. Way better. Taco Bell slaps their goop in a fancy outer layer and gives more options for how to wrap a tortilla but thats about it.


I have not been to Taco Time in years specifically because the meat they use was always mediocre flavourless slop or downright terrible. I went to Taco Bell in the states recently and the food I got there was 10x better than anything I've had at Taco Time. If you say the meat is good there now it must be a recent thing because it sure as hell wasn't the last time I had it, again I concede that was around 2018 so things may have changed since then.


That hasn't been my experience. Taco Time does have great shells... that's for sure. The fries are better (and actual fries, too) at Taco Bell. I'll stop by Taco Bell on my next drive through and see how it is.


I'm going solely by my tastebuds. If you have never tasted good Tex Mex, I'm not sure what to tell you. It's easy to make, it's easy to find recipes. Any of that is much tastier than taco bell. Bushwakker's is pretty good. But you don't have to pay that much, like I said, it's so cheap and easy to make at home.


Says sonething about Regina and or for some people in general. Honestly getting excited about a fast food chain restaurant. Mediocre food, not healthy... Sure it's convenient but people could seriously cook at home more.


The only times I wish we had a Taco Bell is when I realize Taco Time just sold me tater tots as ‘mexi fries’.


Okay, but those are really yummy tater tots.


Yes and Taco Bell gives you regular fries, which just feels wrong.


*Redberry currently owns and operates 14 Taco Bell locations across Ontario. Redberry’s partnership with Taco Bell to build an additional 200 locations across Canada within the next 8 years is a strategic precedent.* ​ Wow


It's basically bad dog food




My toilet just cried out in fear


Oh have the [Franchise Wars](https://tacobell.fandom.com/wiki/Franchise_Wars) begun?


race to the bottom!


My favourite part if this thread are the people griping. It's so simple. If you don't like it, don't go. Let me give an example. I despise the Riders. I don't bitch about them when there are Riders threads on here, I just carry on and i dont support them. See? Simple.


Yea more junk food places, just what the world needs




Some of us like to smoke weed and make poor dietary decisions.


bring - it - on!


I would go to Agave over taco bell, but I think the average person would go to taco bell over agave🤷‍♀️


If you can't fly to Mexico, bring Mexico to you!


Problem with Canadian Taco Bell is it’s expensive. In The US it’s a cheap fast food option. Here it’s comparable to McDonald’s and other fast food prices.


Imodium please!


💩💩💩💩💩💩💩. I would just make your own and save your health.


I'm reminded now of that old meme of where the sour cream comes from for taco bell burritos.


We had Taco Bell in Regina in the late 90's....Very Briefly. Since Taco Time had way better food, Taco Bell shut down since very few people wanted it. My old coworker at the bar was assistant manager at one of the Taco Bell locations. He said that the meat comes dehydrated in bags and they mix it with hot water to reconstitute it. Sounds like something they feed to troops when they are fighting overseas in the Mess Hall.