I hate how true this is


Cast iron is so stupid. The only thing i never wash with soap is my dick 😎


Just don't buy MSG. Buy Ve-Tsin from HK and proudly portray the can in your kitchen.


In all things, moderation.


Its useful in certain dishes where it’s hard to get savoriness from the rest of ingredients without introducing unwanted flavors. It’s essentially pure umami. Good for vegetarian stuff. Also people claiming to headaches from it are wrong. Is no worse for you than salt. If you feel sick after eating it, it’s probably from eating to much sodium


As long as I can remember, Chinese food menus said NO MSG. Has it made a comeback, like Catholicism and cigarettes?


YouTube cooking shows are rehabbing its image


From the folks that gave us the flat earth revival


I went to a ramen restaurant that advertised "No MSG" on their menu but made their soup base with miso. Any food with glutamates in it (cheese, tomato, mushrooms) is going to form MSG when combined with salt so there's really no reason to work yourself up over it


hating on MSG is just an another avenue for ypipo to be xenophobic since they banned racism, same as hating on circumcision


rsp in the 80s: "it's a chinese psyop to give us headaches!"


MSG is a salt it's good but in moderation and fat people should be afraid of it as too much salt and fats are killing people. Hating on circumcision is not racist. Jews and Levantine muslims are white.




All Muslims sans the West African ones consider themselves white. Talk to a Moroccan or an Egyptian. The same goes for the Saudis I know. But I find the people from the continent of Africa that claim they are in fact white hilarious. Levantines are kind of white like Southern Europeans are as the Greeks, Italians, French, and Germans had a presence there for a combined few thousand years.


It's racist to be pro circumcision actually


MSG is the thing that makes shit like doritos taste like anything. It's a good seasoning to quickly satisfy your cravings when your drunk or stoned or something. Just get rice seasoning which has it in it and add that to rice and you're golden. I don't need every burger to be covered in chicken bullion like people are now proposing.


It makes shit taste good but it gives my grandma migraines. It’s very similar in molecular structure to glutamate which is a neurotransmitter and my family has a history of Blood-Brain-Barrier dysfunction so I believe her. Maddening that certain circles are obsessed with proving that it’s actually fine for everyone and wanting to avoid it is racist.


It's just triggering your gramma's racism lobe 🥵


Hiyaaahhhh grandma too weak




People who say it bothers them will abstain from Chinese food then go scarf down Doritos, wine, Parmesan, and beef jerky without batting an eye… It’s naturally occurring in many foods and in all salty processed snacks. It’s like any other seasoning and totally fine to use. I’m staunchly anti fake sweetener unless you’re a type one diabetic.


Very cool, it's delicious and it kills you, like cigs


Msg is glutamate. Glutamate is a principal neurotransmitter in the brain. An excess of glutamate produces psychiatric symptoms and is responsible in part for the effects of a hangover. Adding more glutamate to the body, especially if you have a weak blood-brain barrier which is something that happens, can cause weird symptoms.




Regulatory mechanisms are imperfect, and it would seem that a lot of people have naturally dysregulated glutamate. NMDA dysregulation is implicated in all mental illnesses, which are increasingly common, and it would seem likely that less-than-an-illness dysregulation must also be common. So you could have people whose glutamate isn’t stably regulated enough to contain high glutamate in the diet. But many people probably can contain it just fine.


Why does a Chinese takeaway hit right when I'm hungover then? I'm asking genuinely lol


That’s beyond me. It’s probably addressing the other things you need when you’re hungover: salt and calories. Plus it can be kinda greasy, which soothes the stomach. And maybe your brain doesn’t get that glutamate effect too badly. We’re all complex beings.


Yeah, I crave salt, spice and fat when I'm hungover so Chinese seems like the go to haha


My friend keeps a container of MSG like one would with salt, sugar, or flour


My parents use it as one of the dips when they make meat fondue. Just a little pile of MSG on the plate along with the other condiments. I always liked it.




It's great, I love it.


Its fucking delicious but treat it like salt and don't another your food in it