Looks like someone who's playing with confidence.


Looks like someone's been learning from Eriksen.


I came here to post that too, I noticed Scotty did that little flick-vertical pass that Eriksen does all the time. Would be great to add to his repertoire


Can also see some of EtH’s words being drilled into his head. Always looking to play forwards or horizontally across the park instead of backwards. Good progress.


Looks like someone who’s playing against Ireland


The team that beat them 3-0 in June and were the better team last night?


We were the better team for the first half, but Scotland always looked like scoring in the second. We gassed out.


I think we looked the more likely to score in the second half. They didn't create much aside from the goal, which we were sloppy for. We cut them open and Parrott should have scored when he was put through one on one with the keeper.


I’m still in disbelief about that finish from Parrott.


lol fair enough






It helps a lot when you’re playing on a side where you know your place is secure though, like Scott with Scotland. Allows you to relax and just play your game, rather than worry about making mistakes.


His place has been secure for like 3 years.


He’s been a starter for like 4 managers in a row 😂


This ETH juju wow


So many players improving at once. Jadon, Scott, Diogo, Marcus. Not to mention Bruno getting back to his best. The only players struggling right now are Luke, Harry M and Ronnie.


Harry actually didn't look too bad against Italy to be fair. Poor performance overall, but I don't think it was his fault. Not that I think he should be starting again anytime soon, but still.


Wish there's more comments like this about him


He was fine against Sociedad, nothing to write home about, but had a decent performance. Think he just needs a break to regain some form.


Loool. Thé last part of this statement lol


Well we know that we can't play Varane and Martinez every game across 4 competitions. It bodes well if our back up players are in form and getting game time at the international level.


oh what do we have here


Fred is also struggling I think, he was a standout with RR but seems like a Deer in headlights whenever he's played under EtH


Cant fully blame him when he got to play as AM, Fred is not creative in passing like Bruno or Eriksen, but he does have some qualities we can benefit from, he can sub in to control a match when we are leading, he actually can play as LM and spam crosses if needed.


Fred used different under ETH. RR used him more as an 8. He broke up play higher up for quick counters.


Needs more game time


He honestly just isn't that great. There's games when he puts it all together and looks top class, but they are few and far between. I think his just too erratic mentally tbh


Fred isn't really competing with McTominay, he's competing with Eriksen. having McTominay or Casimero in the DM spot gives us extra physicality and helps us compete aerially which is needed with Malaica and Martinez being on the smaller side. He may fair better playing along side Casimero which he does for Brazil regularly


It's all about confidence and momentum Ofcourse proper coaching helps but you need players willing to listen and follow coaches instructions


The dalot one blows my mind. The others I expected to get better but dalot looked like steaming shit before and now he looks pretty solid


We haven't seen Luke since the losses tbf, hasn't had a chance yet to show if he's improved or not.


Scott has definitely been looking solid so far this season. Between ETH and competition from Case, he seems to have taken this opportunity to step up his game. Hope it continues!


I wouldn't mind Case+Mct in some games like city to get more chances of counter because both of them are good at interception plus both are very good at Tactical fouls infact Casemiro might be best itw at that..those fouls will interrupt City's momentum


that would just be asking for a beating, you need Eriksen's quality to get the ball from defence to attack, that Antony goal against Arsenal doesn't happen if Eriksen isn't on the pitch


That's why I suggested 442 diamond in other comment play both Eriksen Nd Bruno with Rash+Sancho/Antony as CF with case+mct as 2 holding midfielders


I had mentioned a bit back that I wonder which we'd start for City, and I think both would be a really good option. McT to match the physicality of Haaland would be huge, and Case would allow us to have a second center mid that can focus on disruption of De Bruyne and City's midfield. I would love to see them start together, but it does bring up the question of if we'd be able to fit Bruno and Eriksen into the attack somewhere, because we are going to need them. Maybe drop one of the wings and put Bruno outside and Eriksen in the hole? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Kind of 442Diamond and having Wingers as CF Rashford+Sancho/Antony


The Juju is strong!


Best case scenario is Scott goes up a level and Casemiro starts playing like we all know he can and we have two very capable DMs who we can rotate in case of injuries or fixture congestion.


basically what's happening rn this is good, no need to rush casemiro into the side


Yeah I feel we've landed in a good place with Case and Scott's upturn in form, no case has enough time to get used to the squad and manager without needing to be in the team, Liverpool done it with Fabinhio and even though I fucking hate them they done well bringing in players into the team when they started out under klopp


Casemiro is already playing like how he plays. He never dropped his level. That’s exactly how he played at Madrid. His main job was to clean up not create. For Scott, he definitely playing with confidence. He’s actually coming for the ball now vs hiding. I think he still needs to work on his long passes but seems like the mini passing drills that ten had been having them do is paying off


> Casemiro is already playing like how he plays. He never dropped his level. That’s exactly how he played at Madrid. His main job was to clean up not create. Stylistically? Sure, but he's absolutely not playing as well as he was for RM so far. He's never been a great passer or anything like that, you're right in that his role has always been to just win the ball back, but he *can* still make better passes than he has been doing for us so far, and he *can* be a lot more involved in general. Also, I'm not shitting on him, quite the opposite. The guy is fucking elite. At the moment I find he's having pacing issues but that's absolutely to be expected when changing teams, leagues, and *especially* for someone playing in the DM role where being in sync with the rest of the midfield and the defence is so important. Once it becomes second nature for him to know when to push forward and when to stay back etc. he'll be brilliant. I've watched a fair bit of RM games over the last decade (I get LaLiga free with my phone plan) and he's definitely not playing at *that* level for us so far. McTominay right now starts over Casemiro on merit, and I've barely seen anyone think otherwise. McTominay doesn't start over RM Casemiro though, so I respectfully disagree man. IMO he's (completely understandably) not playing as well as he is capable of playing yet.


As someone who follows Madrid and watch all their games. I’m telling you that’s casemiro lol. His main job was a destroyer role. If he did get the ball , modric or kros was near by to lay it off. His best traits are reading the game, tackling snd positioning. He can operate solo as a DM. He also has a wicked shot and goo with headers. While his passing did improved under Zidane (zidane made him receive the ball more) his passing was always short passes for the most part. I think Mctominay is starting more game because he is better on the ball than casemiro (in terms of dribbling and turning with the ball- even tho he isn’t the best) , mc tominay passing is improving also which is more important to ten Hag this moment that a destroyer. I’ll say one thing, after watching Tchouaméni play For Madrid, he’s an upgrade to casemiro for sure. Overall my point is while casemiro does need to get up to speed with the pace of the epl and ten’s system, don’t expect him to become Rodri at man city in terms of passing. Everything else defensively he has been playing like he plays already in the man utd colors.


>Sure, but he's absolutely not playing as well as he was for RM so far. I feel like we've barely seen him play and when he came on he was good ?


My thoughts too but this sub would have you think he has flopped. Guy has been solid.


Am I crazy or has ETH completely changed his game up and turned him into a decent breaker of play


He was always a decent breaker of play and decent at driblling with the ball. One thing that looks very new are the first time passes, particularly the ones on the half turn round the corner. They are crucial types of passes to break the press and I'm here for it


Exactly, his passing has improved a lot, he looks like a completely different player than he was last season. Perhaps because he is not playing next to Fred who was always out of position?


I also think that Eriksen's presence has been instrumental. Like in this clip also he has the composure & is actually scanning areas before passing not like earlier ...get the ball kick it up & get off the hook. I think if he keeps up he'll be our own Eirksen 2.0 you can see he's getting there getting his composure & positioning, using the time to collect his thoughts & make play. Wayyy to goooo Scottt 🤌🏼👍🏽


Yeah I agree with what's been added to his game, before he'd tackle if not foul and the ball would go to whoever, he now takes the ball and moves it quickly and simply and has made him look a different player


Always had a good shot too


> first time passes, oh this is so real.. previously we have McFred that didn't know how to pass, mostly just half heart pass or failed sidepass. now McT improved so much, very fast on making decision, and put himself in good position to receive pass.


McTominay was always decent at [passing](https://youtu.be/TmjhULVheo4?t=301). He improved but not by that much.


Watches this twice through without realising, was blowing my beans 😂




He had a solid game, seems to be improving by the day. If he learns to use his left foot more for passing or maybe even the outside of the right(a la modric) he will be on his way to becoming a top midfielder.


That left foot passing is what he needs to take his game to the next level. Opens up a lot of options and reduces extra touches if he can start doing it


Jadon in one of the interviews told ETH is making them do wrong foot training, perhaps he could benefit from it.


Yes its very evident at 23 secs.. He received the ball took 4-5 touches and then passed it out to the left back using his right instep..this delays the attack a bit and can sometimes take away the momentum of the attack. He has shut us all with his performances this season so let's hope he continues doing so.


He picked up a yellow card so will miss Scotland’s Tuesday game against Ukraine. Massive miss for Scotland but it means he’ll have a week’s rest for our game against Citeh. 💪


Refreshing seeing him look up and pass forward looks like he played really well


He’s always wanted to pass forward. Our forward players have just been so lazy or told not to come back for the ball so he had no passing options.


I don’t think his range of passing is good enough for it all the time tbh, rashford the last few years has made so many good runs in behind and the ball would just go sideways


Agreed, our forward players have been fucking rotten for too long. Our defence was also fucking rotten so as a midfielder what chance have you got lol I always thought technically Mctominay was good, his fault for me has always been his positioning and hiding behind opposition players. He has made a huge improvement though.


That's not true at all.


Seeing the development of our players under Ten Hag is crazy. So exciting that we’ve got a top tier coach for the first time since Sir Alex.


So happy he’s making people eat their words about him. Always backed him cos he’s proven he can be a solid player and the fact that every single manager since jose has trusted him and played him consistently says a lot, even if we did struggle for midfield depth


I wasn't sure he's going to make it, but I've always been a fan. He seems like a top lad who could be a real leader in the dressing room, he's also someone who's able to speak more than 2 sentences when it comes to post match interviews and stuff like that. He looks like a hard working fella, doing the dirty work if that's what the team needs. If his passing can be okay on the long run we've got a proper player here, I'm really rooting for him. edit: the annoying thing is that even after the games he had recently some people still call him a clown and want to remove him from the first eleven.


Eat their words? Come on. He's doing well now but the criticisms of the last 3 years were justified. The only distinctly good games he had were against Leeds and the Europa final. Nobody can fault his work rate and passion, but his passing and reading of play was simply non existent. He hasn't proved anyone wrong yet, rather he's put in the work under proper coaching.


Lol he has one good month of play and folks are going bananas. He's been in excellent form for sure, but let's see it continue or regress to an improvement over his play over the past few seasons before heralding in anything lol


Doing the same role he's doing for Ten Hag


Other than maybe some shaky issues in the first half as well as being at fault for Irelands goal he played decent enough. Was given freedom to go forward and had some decent link up play in the final third. Although Casemiro is the obvious choice for possession based play in the long term, where Mctomminay seems to have the edge is making those last minute runs into space that are really effective when countering.


**Breaking**: Pogba accuses Ten Hag of calling a shaman to do voodoo-joojoo on Man Utd players, so that they perform well.


Don’t do this to me.


Played well last night but was caught out for their goal which is conspicuously missing from this montage lol.


Goal came from a corner? The sequence prior to it he was outnumbered when mopping up a loose ball. Also it's called highlights for a reason


No hate. Big fan of Scotty, just thought it was an every touch video as a lot of standard passes, (as well as his impressive progressive passes) and noticed that was missing.


Haha fair. Twitter has 2 min 20 sec limit so had to leave out some things


Pesky Twitter! Thanks for posting here.


4 seconds into the game and he already intercepted. I'm sold


Scott and Dalot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


I’m still not all the way convinced but I have to admit he looks a far better player under ETH. He’s scanning the pitch. Making his decision before receiving the ball. Playing into the space instead of trying to drive through players like a battering ram. Keep it up Scotty


A couple months ago I never wanted to see this man play for United again but fair play to him and ETH seems a different player


I was at the match last night, and to be honest I thought he was generally quiet and didn’t contribute much to the game. Josh Cullen and Calum McGregor we’re the best midfielders on the pitch last night.


With he could use his left foot too. Would switch the play way faster.


His body position receiving the ball looks different, more open which gives him turning options.


This #4 fella looks good. Can he play CDM?


He looks enormous here


what having eth does to a mf


Who is this guy?


Francis McJong


Future United Captain. Heard it here first.


I swear this sub only works in hyperboles smh


All the damn time. Ole were seen as a hidden world class gem when we had the amazing patch of games in the 2nd place season. And seen as the biggest overachieving fraud not worthy more than Sunday league. Harry went from our solid rock in defense to bomb threats at his home. Rangnick went from the professor able to make any team world class, to the worst manager United ever had. Rashford went from our future hope. Our future. To a bottom tier winger not giving a fuck about anything else than PR. Even Bruno. Went from our maestro. People here called him arguably the world's best 10. To being a whiny and childish one season wonder that only shined do to all other teams being shit under the pandemic. I'm not saying criticism isn't cool. All our players has both been good and bad. But I'm honestly seeing it as a huge red flag, when a person can't comprehend nothing else than a dichotomy.






Is is just me or does he look undroppable this season?


He looks so so good, there’s a reason Casemiro hasn’t even started a game yet, big McSauce! Would be completely unjustified to drop him while in this form, the longer he can keep it going will just keep building more and more confidence. Also worth mentioning that I see them as two different kind of CDMs. Casemiro is patient, very good at reading the game, makes great interceptions. Mctominay offers the more energised approach, chases everything down, gets stuck into everything, doesn’t give any opponent a second to think in the midfield.


He's not hiding from teammates anymore. He's proactively showing for ball to make the pass.


This is the biggest difference on his game☝🏼


Maybe now the Fred stans will stop trying to throw him under the bus to protect Fred.




I think it was pretty obvious Scott was supremely limited next to Fred. Between the two, the performances weren't at all similar. But he wasn't playing in a role that suited him - no one should disagree there. A new role has made a new Scotty, so lets hope that continues.


I'm Irish. Didn't know if I wanted a good McTominay so he's still good for Man U or last season's McTominay so we could win.


As an Irish Man United supported I am highly conflicted 😐 I also forgot how huge he is. Casemiro purchase has really lit a fire under him this season and long may it continue


Scott plus ok against poor teams. His head is his worst enemy. When he plays a big team he hides.


Some of his best games have come against top teams




Leeds Mctominay is becoming the default mctominay


He’s getting there


It's like he's being coached now


KISS.. Keeping it simple Scotty


I'll be honest. Did not see this coming from McT. I fully expected Fred to be the mainstay with his running and pressing. But this is much better from McT, compared to his previous and to Fred. He is still not as tight with his technique as I like a CM, but clearly good enough for ETH.


ETH absolute transformed him. Either that or the fear of casa coming in has his playing like it’s his last life 🤣


Good play


Played okay


Some players mature very late, there's no reason McTominay can't continue playing like this for a few years still.


He really is a mountain of a man isn’t he


The witch doctor Pogba bough accidentally made Scott world class


Scott McTominiesta


Scenes when the Antony signing unlocks Rashford


I’m glad he’s keeping Casemiro out of the team on merit. Shit, I wish Elanga could keep Antony out of the team, same for VDB and Fernandes etc. we need real competition in all positions


I think Elanga has a place every possible game for now. I do believe that Antony is getting game time so he can get used to the PL. Im confident rotation will be a very normal thing soon, as it’s very much needed to have a strong season.


Mctominay on fire this season. Now we just need forwards to score goals.


I know it's Ireland.. But I see a Scotty Busquets here.


he looks so muchmore at home in midfield for scotland than defence.


the reason i think mctominay has gotten more confidence is that united's players are helping each other a lot more now. When scotty makes an error, varane or dalot or even licha are there to covr for them. SImilarly, he's made himself a lot more available for passes, helping in taking the pressure off defenders. That kind of confidence goes a LONG way for a player like mctominay




He’s seems like a good kid but week in week out he’s had time to prove himself and he continues to underwhelm. Same goes for Fred. I just hope Casemiro gets into a groove when the season starts back up and McFred battle it out for second or back up depending on formation. Ultimately, I think he’d better off at a mid to lower table club.


Much faster at releasing the ball and more progressive from past seasons. Don't see him trying to power through like before and simply just do his job which is progressing the ball and breaking up play. If he can keep up this attitude and progress this way he can be a really good player for us.


Professional performance, but nothing less than what should be expected from a Scotland starting midfielder in an international against Ireland. Simple stuff done properly.it was good, but nothing really special. Maguire had a similar performance for England even though they lost while Scotland didnt


Is it just me or does everyone see that Scott is playing a lot more and better forward passes than ever? It’s absolutely refreshing!


Had a good game but look who he is playing against!


Always glad to see improvement and an upward trajectory, but as a fundamental level do we really think he's United quality? Would you put him in the same bracket as Rodri, Jorginho, or Fabinho?


Fun fact: look at the top left corner in the video. The "SCO" in "SCO vs IRL" stands for Scott Mctominay.


Looks like he’s found his level.




Translation: you've been trashing McTominay for months and now he's playing consistently well for club & country you cannot admit that maybe, just maybe, you were wrong about him.


Why is it, that you won't applaud when our own player has a very good performance? Isn't it a bit weird trash talking that?


we glad you can type this comment too, very impressive it blows my mind




I’ve just realised how little this lad uses his left foot. Big flaw


Whenever he got the I expected him to play sideways passes like he always do. But it seems he is trying to make some line breaking passes. I think Scotland's player should drop a bit so that Mcsauce can make those passes